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Kishanchanji schemes to humiliate Vinit further – Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor

I couldn’t understand if that was a smile or smirk. However, I could sense that she was deriving great pleasure in feeding my insecurities. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind as my tongue ravished her vagina lapping up their mixed juices until she could no longer withstand and urged me to mount her. I was reluctant to do so as I knew that I was far too excited and would perhaps cum within a few strokes.

As luck would have it she almost pulled me on top of her and forced me to enter her. And within a few strokes I ejaculated in her. It wasn’t worth the trouble going through the pain of putting on the condom just for a few strokes. I again felt ashamed of myself. Manisha, however, wasn’t quite disappointed with my performance. She just joked, “Looks like talks about my session with Kishanchanji got you too excited!”

“I will make up for it tonight,” I pleaded.

Nothing much was said that afternoon as I soon moved to study room to attend to my office work. Manisha meanwhile prepared to visit her doctor to get a good fit for her diaphragm – she didn’t want to waste any time in letting Kishanchanji take her bareback, I guessed. Or was it that she wanted to play it safe?

Once I had drained my balls, the reality struck me that I was no match to Kishanchanji in the bedroom. It at least seemed so the way Manisha talked about it. With sanity restored, I wasn’t quite sure about exploring the topic of Manisha’s preferences in the bedroom. There was still this small voice somewhere lurking in my mind that told me that may be it is only my perception and the reality could be that she preferred me over Kishanchanji and it was only the novelty factor that made her enjoy her escapades with Kishanchanji. Anyway, I preferred to shelve this topic till I got a better idea.

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