Thursday , June 1 2023

Kishanchanji takes Manisha as his wife – Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor

Manisha had reserved a restaurant that was quite some distance away from the place where we lived. She wanted to avoid any kind of attention. It was an upscale place that was sparsely occupied. The place itself had secluded islands as seating arrangement for folks who wanted privacy. The islands had fairly high walls ensuring it and even the opening of the island was fairly narrow allowing sufficient privacy. It wasn’t easy to overhear anyone around either. The waiters waited outside and only attended to guests upon requests.

We looked strange as a couple; Manisha was impeccably dressed while I showed up in an harried state. It seemed to be part of her plan, though. The booth had ample seating and could seat about eight people. She sat opposite to me, insisting that her new husband may show up any time. She had mischief in her eyes. She asked, “have you made up your choice?”

“I know the starting level,” she interjected.

It was my moment of truth. Either I honestly admitted or I chickened out. Contrary to my nature, I decided to be brave. I pulled out my cell phone and showed her a picture that I had been longing to show her for a while.

It showed a picture of a white couple engaged in a threesome with a black man. The lover was sitting on a sofa, with the wife straddling him, impaled on his monstrous penis. The husband, meanwhile, standing next to the sofa was kissing her deeply. However, the most important details of the picture were the gender symbols. There were three symbols at the top of the picture, with the two white symbols for the couple and the black one for the lover but the important aspect was the black one’s arrow pointing into the circle of woman’s symbol. If that weren’t enough, it showed a small black male gender symbol inside the female’s sign, symbolizing the act of impregnation by the lover.

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One comment

  1. 1) This is not any harmless fantasy & cuckolding.
    2) This is a pure slut & whore character story of Manisha, who is manipulating & lying to her
    husband , who loves her so much & tolerating her to the extent of mere sex with someone to becoming kishanji’s wife from 3yrs then five years. All the above shows Manisha is making big joke of her marriage & Vinit.
    3) If Vinit is a man & not worst than a enauch, he should immediately divorce & separate from Manisha & let her live with Kishanji for the rest of her life.

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