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Kishanchanji takes Manisha as his wife – Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor

Manisha had reserved a restaurant that was quite some distance away from the place where we lived. She wanted to avoid any kind of attention. It was an upscale place that was sparsely occupied. The place itself had secluded islands as seating arrangement for folks who wanted privacy. The islands had fairly high walls ensuring it and even the opening of the island was fairly narrow allowing sufficient privacy. It wasn’t easy to overhear anyone around either. The waiters waited outside and only attended to guests upon requests.

We looked strange as a couple; Manisha was impeccably dressed while I showed up in an harried state. It seemed to be part of her plan, though. The booth had ample seating and could seat about eight people. She sat opposite to me, insisting that her new husband may show up any time. She had mischief in her eyes. She asked, “have you made up your choice?”

“I know the starting level,” she interjected.

It was my moment of truth. Either I honestly admitted or I chickened out. Contrary to my nature, I decided to be brave. I pulled out my cell phone and showed her a picture that I had been longing to show her for a while.

It showed a picture of a white couple engaged in a threesome with a black man. The lover was sitting on a sofa, with the wife straddling him, impaled on his monstrous penis. The husband, meanwhile, standing next to the sofa was kissing her deeply. However, the most important details of the picture were the gender symbols. There were three symbols at the top of the picture, with the two white symbols for the couple and the black one for the lover but the important aspect was the black one’s arrow pointing into the circle of woman’s symbol. If that weren’t enough, it showed a small black male gender symbol inside the female’s sign, symbolizing the act of impregnation by the lover.

It took a while for Manisha to understand the subtle message. I suggested that she expand the picture and look at the details carefully. There was nothing she hadn’t seen earlier as we were aware of the main theme that excited us in porn. However, when it finally dawned on her – the real message that I wanted her to see – she was shocked.

“Am I reading it correctly?” she asked, stunned by my admission. Her lips quivered as she oggled at the picture, trying to contain her conflicting emotions.

“What changed?” she asked.

“You never confessed this until now,” she added. I thought for a few moments before answering, “It was always on my mind but I was ashamed of it.”

She had a faint smile; her eyes conveyed the warmth she felt for me. Perhaps it was her sympathy that showed the nervousness in her smile. There was silence. We started at each other lovingly, realizing, how naked we were in front of each other.

“It is not easy option,” she quipped.

“If you cross the bridge,” I croaked, gulping my saliva, “I won’t be far behind.”

“He desperately wants it,” she said gathering courage.

“He would have tried everything under his control,” she whispered.

“Do you really want it?” I managed to ask. She didn’t answer and thought about it. Her eyes wandered around, eyeing the entrance.

“It is a complicated question,” she seethed, “but the short answer is yes.”

“But let me clarify yet again,” she added, meticulously, “it has nothing to do with love.”

“It is a primal instinct,” she exhaled. We looked at each other; lost in thought. Our passions for each other knew no bounds now. It just seemed as if both of us wouldn’t hesitate from fulfilling the deepest desires the other harbored. It was not only her desire to mate and conceive from him but also my latent desire to see her impregnated with his virile semen.

“But,” she said, interrupting my thought process, “I want it to be an intimate affair.”

“It should be just the way it is between a husband and wife!”

“Not just at the physical level but also at the emotional level,” she clarified.

“And I am aware that this is more than what you had imagined. But I want to share that bond with the father of my children.”

“Did you say children?” I asked, surprised by her boldness. She nodded, hesitantly. What was weighing on her mind was apparent – it was a mixture of pleasure and anxiety. We were again shrouded in silence.

“Are you sure?” she asked, breaking the silence, after a while, perhaps ascertaining my readiness.

“What is so attractive about him?” I asked, mildly irritated. It wasn’t warranted given everything that we had seen together. Yet, she didn’t react; carefully weighing her thoughts, she said, “He introduced me to the pleasures of being a woman.”

It was a smack on my manhood. While Kishanchanji may have been a gifted stud, I never felt that our sexual life was mundane by any standards. True, the intensity and frequency had reduced during the later years of marriage but nothing that couldn’t be explained.

“With you it is pleasurable,” she said assuring me, “but with him it is heavenly!”

“And if one were to use the animal kingdom metaphor,” she added, licking her lips, “the lioness would go into estrus spotting such a nomadic lion.”

“Is it purely physical pleasure?” I asked. She rolled her eyes but answered, “Psychologically, I love giving it to an elderly and not so good looking person.”

“What do you expect of me?” I asked, surprising her. There was a brief silence.

“You like the idea of me cuckolding you.”

“I love that notion.”

“And Kishanchanji definitely thrives on it.”

“What does it mean practically?” I asked.

“Practically, I would like to give him both physical and emotional pleasure for the next five years.”

“I would be first his wife then yours.”

“Whatever happens we live with it.”

Manisha was a little nervous after elaborating what she really wanted. It was quite far from what I had in my mind. Yet, I knew that it wasn’t something I never imagined. I had always wanted to watch Manisha mate with a well endowed person. And it was always a prolonged affair but I never thought that I would living in such an arrangement day-in-day-out. In fact, her suggestion implied that she really wanted to spend her nights with him; at least more often with him than with me. Even her reference to cuckoldry was one of its first. We had read several stories and knew the term but neither of us ever used in our day to day life. Manisha had certainly crossed the bridge, I thought. Her willingness to embrace him for five years stunned me. Irrespective of all that unnerved me, I held steadfast to my belief that Manisha only had the best interest of our family and if at all she was only adding spice to our sexual lives.

Her intended planned kicked in as I received a call from Amirchanji, who asked me to work an urgent proposal. I told Manisha about the issue – very well knowing that perhaps this was her ploy – that I would have to run to office. The timing was perfect as we saw Kishanchanji arriving. Looking at our harried faces, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

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  1. 1) This is not any harmless fantasy & cuckolding.
    2) This is a pure slut & whore character story of Manisha, who is manipulating & lying to her
    husband , who loves her so much & tolerating her to the extent of mere sex with someone to becoming kishanji’s wife from 3yrs then five years. All the above shows Manisha is making big joke of her marriage & Vinit.
    3) If Vinit is a man & not worst than a enauch, he should immediately divorce & separate from Manisha & let her live with Kishanji for the rest of her life.

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