Thursday , March 23 2023

Laide’s Surprise Visit

The noise from my phone woke me up, i immediately glanced at the wall clock; 8:13Pm it was; I must have been sleepng for about 2hours or so as i left work around 5pm. My attention went back to the phone trying to guess which of my friends could be calling for for a Friday drink up.

I glanced at the Called ID,i must have thought i saw wrong as i wiped my face and looked again: it was Laide calling me!

Laide was a co-worker at my office before she got married and moved to another state. I always wanted to fuck her but she was a pretty laid back girl then and always reminded me of her hushand to be then.

I picked up and say “hello”

Her Tiny Voice came from the other side of the phone “Big Dick o ga o”

Me: “What”

Laide : “where are you joor, i am stuck in ibadan and its going to rain. My car broke down”

Me: “I am home oo Aunty Big ass that wont do”

i tried to return the flirting favour….

Laide: Okay, coming over now.

And then she hung up.

I couldn’t quite figure what had happened but i instantly got up and started putting my house in good shape and spraying air freshener like i was expecting my girlfriend. I cant say why i did all that but i did(maybe it was that evil thing that always talks in my head”

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