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Lara”s pride and arrogance is destroyed completely

David was lying in his bed, deep in thought. A sense of hate and revenge burning through him. He thought of Lara. He felt a deep need to destroy her. Destroy her completely.
Her arrogance, selfishness and pride made him so furious. He couldn’t stand it one bit. He thought of something. He smiled.

Lara came home around 7. Her boyfriend’s party was tonight and she decided on a stunning Red dress, stiletto’s and the necklace Eric (her boyfriend) gave her a month ago. She thought of wearing pearls, but decided against it, since David her Ex gave it to her a while ago. The thought of David made her smirk. Poor, poor David.

She lost her interest in him. As simple as that. She liked Eric. Eric came into her life when he was still seeing David. Eric and her had an affair. David had found out and he was furious. She was indifferent to his anger and dumped him through text the next day.yes, through text. They had been together for a year! she ignored him completely after that and laughed at him when she was with her girlfriends and he tried to talk to her. She also made remarks of him being poor and worthless.

Lara looked stunning in her knee length dress. She had spent more than an hour or so doing her hair alone. Her chestnut hair was extremely thick, and had grown up to her lower back. She was ready and walked out of her house into the lane. It was dark. Suddenly she heard her name. Before she could turn around a handkerchief was taken up to her nose and she fainted.

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