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Lata enjoying sex with office colleague Jairaj

Hi, I am Jairaj from Mumbai. This story is about my friend Lata. She has brown complexion, her height was about 5’6 ft her figure was 34 30 36, her ass was awesome I just loved it. It happen last 4 years back, I met her through my 1st girlfriend as Lata was her office colleague. Initially me and Lata was used to just know each other, but after break up with my 1st girl friend,

I met Lata again and it was coincidence. We exchange our number, then after few days later she called me and then we used to talk daily for hours. After six month she proposed me but don’t know y first I reject her said that I dont have feelings for her more than friend. Days passed and again Lata called me and asked me to meet at coffee shop and their I accepted her proposal.

In between I got a friendship with her younger sister Harsha also as sometym she used to pick her phone. Me & lata we met several time at Juhu, or garden near In orbit mall or at Aarey Garden but I didnt do anything only used to hug each other. Then the day came where we got intimate in sex, Me and my family went to Vasai for family function & I left early from there on my bike.

I already confirmed that my mom,dad & brother will be coming late in night so when I was reaching home I called Lata & asked her to meet me. I picked her & took her to my place. I made her comfortable at sofa & closed the door. Then I came closed to her and kissed her on cheek, I kept kissing her cheek one by one and then I kissed her lips it was small kiss

but yes her lips was tasty and then I took a long french kiss & slowly came to her neck, ears, and everywhere on her face, almost 15 minutes I was kissing and my hand goes to her shirt 1st button and slowly slowly while kissing I removed all the button of her shirt.

Then I came down kissing her front part of boobs over her bra, she was in black bra, I was squeezing her boobs and also trying to remove her bra strap but she was stopping me and calling my name no plssssss nooooooo I was kissing hard and the I take out her left boob out from her bra and put her nipple in mouth and kept on sucking.

She was shouting like hell as it was first time that someone is sucking her nipple and then one by one I sucked her both nipples for about 20/30 minutes just to make her hot. After then I came to her belly sucked her & I was rolling my tongue around her belly also deeping my tongue inside her belly, while doing this I removed the button of her jeans & slowly put it down and touched her pussy over the panty.

Wow what a great feeling it was, her panty was wet and it hairy. I came down and kissed her pussy and smelled it. I was in heaven, slowly removed her panty and then started sucking her pussy she was like in hell shouting my name and snatching my back pushing my head back but I was not listening & then after 5/10 minutes she has the big climax.

Then I removed my hard cock and slowly slowly tried to insert in her wet pussy, it was difficult but yes it went inside and I felt so hot in their, then I started my pace from slow to fast she was yelling my name and her moans was so louder that I have to increase the volume my TV. Yes but after 10 minutes of we again had climax.

Then we washed ourselves & I asked to stay nude as I like to watch her naked at home her boobs were dangling here and there her ass was moving like 61/62. Then I took her to bed and asked her to suck my dick but she said she wont like it and then I closed her eyes with blind fold & applied the honey on my dick & also on my lips and kissed her deeply,

slowly slowly took her mouth to my dick and touched her lips with tip of my dick, ohhh god what the hell the feeling was I couldn’t control myself & slowly slowly pushed my dick inside her mouth, I was like in heaven whenever her lips touched the tip of my dick I go crazy and just keep on pushing inside her mouth, & also kissed her two three times wow what a kiss that was,

after then I took the 69 position as I also want to take her pussy lips in my mouth, then after some hard sucking I cummed in her mouth and outside also. Then we took rest for half n hour we had some snacks, then after rest again I took her in missionary position and started pushing my dick to and fro.

It was all hard again inside her pussy so I used oil to insert this time as it was paining her, then I sucked her nipple hard and also again I suck her juicy pussy to make wet & then started stroking her slowly & increased my paced faster as she was also making noise to go me faster more faster her moans was making me crazy I just keep on humping her faster as there was no end

after about 5/10 minutes we both got exhausted and we fell in each other arms for some time. Then she changed herself and id roped her to her place for the day. After then we had sex many time at my place and sometimes at Lodge. Also I Had sex with her younger sister…that I will narrate some other time…

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