Saturday , June 3 2023

Lessons From A Mature Woman

Naked, young Benjamin Dryor strolled back into the
bedroom from the tiny bathroom of his efficiency
apartment. Although he could have easily grabbed a
washcloth to clean up after himself, he didn’t. He
decided to enjoy the wetness and the pungent odor of
clover and vinegar, of green tea and yeast which clung
to his saturated penis after love making. The cool,
breezy feeling blowing across his cock encouraged him
to savor the moist sticky sensation following a
wonderfully juicy fuck.

There on top of the bedclothes laid a naked older white
woman, still panting from sexual exertion and rolled up
in a loose ball suggesting the fetal position. As he
sat down on the edge of the bed, he let his hand rub
against her hip. His companion only curled up tighter.
Ben smiled at the irony. She’d borne six children in
her lifetime, but here she was curled up in the fetal
position because of an intense hour long fuck with
someone less than half her age.

Grinning, Ben felt pretty smug at the moment. Now that
he’d had the opportunity to bed her in his own place,
Benjamin felt as if in some way he’d continued a family
tradition of sorts, especially since his own African
American father sported the first black dick this woman
had ever consented to take into her Caucasian pussy.
She’d even conceived a child by his dad.

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