Sunday , May 28 2023

Letter to a Cuckold

So you are Mary’s husband, the loser, the wimp, the shrimpdick that I’ve heard about. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news for you, wimp. The good news is that until last week, Mary had been faithful to you. Faithful for five years of marriage. That’s almost a miracle. That such a drop dead, knock-down gorgeous babe like Mary could have remained faithful to a wimp like you for five minutes is hard to believe. It just shows how religious she really is. And to think that a girl like that was a virgin when she got married. By the way, she told me how with your limp dick, you tried and failed several times to break her cherry, and she finally had to do it for you with her own finger. Even with her religious devoutness, how could she have remained faithful to you? Of course, she really didn’t know any better. You couldn’t turn her on, so she figured just wasn’t highly sexed. Oh, brother!

Anyway, the good news for you is that until last week, your wife had been faithful to you. Until then, you were the only man who had ever fucked her. Which is to say, she had never been fucked by a MAN. The bad news, you can probably guess. Last week, I cuckolded you, wimp. That’s right, I gave your beautiful Mary the kind of fucking she deserves and couldn’t get in a million years from a wimp like you. Mary’s still your husband, but she’s my woman and I’m her man.

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