Saturday , June 3 2023

Lickety Split

I arrived at the beauty academy at mid-afternoon. It
was exclusive and very private-my mother had paid a
fortune to have her sweet little, sixteen-year-old,
future cover girl get a week’s worth of training in
professional modeling, fashion and makeup. The academy
was located in a sprawling mansion in the hills of
L.A., and once through the guarded gates, I was
escorted into the office of the director, a woman
named Tia. As I waited for her, I looked out a large
picture window down onto a huge swimming pool. A
handful of girls lay soaking up the sun or swimming in
the blue water-all beautiful, all nude.

“Hello, Angela. Welcome. I’m Tia.”

I turned at the sound and gasped at her beauty. She
walked toward me wearing a long, transparent open
robe. It was baby blue and flowed around her like
smoke. On her elegant feet were high-heeled sandals,
her toenails painted midnight black. Other than that,
she was naked. Her breasts were perfect melon-shaped
globes with small, pink nipples-her pussy was shaved,
leaving only a trace of close-trimmed pubic hair
extending in a thin line up from the top of her slit.
The mons was puffy and bulged out to form a classic
coffee bean oval with a delicate slit marking the
entrance. Her legs were long and slim, and she moved
with the grace of a dancer. I stood with my moth open
at the sight.

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