Saturday , June 3 2023

Licking a Mature Lady

I met Roger sometime in the sixties. We grew into the very interesting
seventies. When least expected, we were best buddies. Roger is some 3 years
older than myself, so besides being a great friend, he was some sort of

Roger and me shared the first woman, and of course, Roger was there when I met Ann Helen, the girl who ended up being my wife two years later.

He was already engaged to Sue, but their relation was always troubled.

Roger definitely loved Ann Helen’s looks and style, and we both knew
well and I jacked-off often thinking about that. Curiously, even with the mutual trust, we had never talked about it openly, but one afternoon over some drinks, I told Roger I had fucked Ann’s ass the night before in her house.

Roger’s face reflected envy and surprise. ‘We had been playing for some time Rog, a few weeks after we met’, I said. ‘Las night after some hot fondling, I asked her to sit in me. She lifted her skirt and dropped her panties. I had my cock out, and I swear that all I wanted was to feel her body in my cock, maybe even cum, but things didn’t go as planned. As she sat, her asshole trapped my cock and it went all the way in without any problem. I even lifed her a little to confirm if I had hit the ‘right’ hole, and yes, there it was…looked beautiful man’.

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