Sunday , May 28 2023

Life from a Rocky’s point of view

My name is Pip I am a seven year old Alsatian/Collie
Rocky. My owner is a 30 year old girl called Trish. She
has beautiful long blonde hair and long shapely legs
and a figure that by the way men look at her must be
great as well, I have been with her since I was three
months old, I love her very much and would never hurt
her. We live in a rough neighbourhood and on a couple
of occasions I have to get nasty with a couple of men
to stop Trish getting hurt.

Most people treat Rockys as dumb animals, but we
understand everything you say, we are also very good at
understanding peoples moods, and I can tell when Trish
is feeling sick, upset or when she is happy.

My favourite time is when Trish gets my lead out and
takes me for a walk. Trish takes me in the local park
where she lets me off the lead to have a run. Tonight
when this happened I smelt in the air that lovely smell
of a bitch in heat. I followed my nose and sure enough
there was a beautiful collie, I ran up to greet her, we
met and I gave her a lick on the nose, she was
responsive to this and licked me back.

I ran round her sniffing as I went, when I got near her
tail that lovely smell was at its strongest, putting my
nose to her pussy I smelt her arousal, it was a
gorgeous aroma, and my cock twitched with desire. I
reached out with my tongue and licked the collie’s
cunt. She didn’t move so I carried on licking, pushing
my long tongue all the way in so I could taste this
lovely juice that was coming out of her hole. My cock
had come out of my sheath about three inches due to my

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