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little violence with sara Sex stories

It all began on a warm September Friday night in a seedy bar called The Lagoon, located somewhere near Hollywood boulevard. It wasn’t my usual hang out, no not after working my way up from the bottom to becoming a wealthy owner of several retail clothing stores in the L.A area I had stopped going to such dives as this inappropriately named establishment. But on this night after signing my name to divorce papers then watching my wife, or should I say ex-wife Celia take the hand of her handsome younger lover then sit in the passenger seat of his red Porsche and leave me behind without even the courtesy of saying goodbye I needed a good stiff drink or two before heading out to my beach house in Malibu, where I planned on taking time off to unwind before going back the grind of managing my stores.

After downing my second shot of whiskey I paid my tab then walked out. The parking lot was located behind the bar in an alley, stepping next to my car I pushed the remote unlock button attached to my key-chain. I was just about to get in and drive away when I heard a woman scream out.“No…let me go….Please! Just let me go.” It was total fear in her voice that made me turn to see what was going on I was overcome with anger seeing a tall dark haired man dressed in a black leather jacket punching a slender chestnut-brown haired teenage girl he was struggling with hard on her right cheek, her body went limp then fell half conscious into his arms.

Having been robbed and beaten at gunpoint in one of my stores a few years ago, not wanting to ever become a victim again I obtained a concealed weapons permit and started carrying my late fathers Colt forty-five, of which on this night I had left it stuffed in my cars glove compartment. Fearing I would be too late if I didn’t react fast enough I flung my body in across the seats ignoring my stick shift lever as it almost tore my gut open. I quickly opened my glove box and yanked the gun out. Sliding back out I heard the man yell out.

“Hey Issac, help me put her in the trunk,” he spoke with a thick possibly eastern European accent. Standing up I saw the silver Cadillac’s trunk pop open and the other man appeared from the drivers seat, he too wore a black leather jacket. Not thinking just reacting I flung the guns holster to the ground then began sprinting across the parking lot towards the slightly dark end of of the alley where an abduction was about to occur if didn’t do something to stop it. Coming closer I saw the young women was awake and struggling once more, this gave me an advantage because her abductors attention was on her not me as I stepped in.

My heartbeat increased as I came closer aiming my gun towards the tall dark haired man struggling with the scantly dressed teenage girl holding her with his hands under her armpits: I say scantly dressed because she was wearing a white cotton school girl blouse, of which its shirt tails were tied in a bow beneath her breast. The other man held her legs up attempting to help place her body in the trunk, this caused her short black gold and green tartan plaid skirt to hike up exposing red bikini panties.

“Hey assholes, put the girl down gently and let her go now….Or I’ll shoot.”

This took them by surprise, the man holding her legs looked at me and quickly dropped his end, but the other man defied me keeping his arms wrapped around her upper chest.

“Who the fuck are you, asshole,” he snarled viciously.

I chuckled fighting my own fear, before replying. “I’m the man aiming my gun at your head, that’s who the fuck I am….Now let her go, or I will shoot you.”

I couldn’t believe what I said, or how I said it. It was anger finally being unleashed after the painful events of my day, and now seeing this young women being beaten and about to be thrown into a trunk as if her body were merely trash to be disposed of. The girl spoke the mans name. “Alex, do what the man said….Let me go damn you.” I was having a difficult time of keeping an eye on both men, the slightly shorter man on the left seemed to appear fearful. But his taller slightly older partner didn’t seem the leased bit afraid. Through all of this I did my best to stay calm, but the trouble was before now I had never actually aimed my gun at living targets before, having only shot paper targets cut out in human shapes at the range once a month. To say the least, staying calm was a very difficult task. The taller man spoke.

“You are not a policemen, my friend….You have never killed a man before. I am right about this….So please put your gun away, before you hurt someone with that thing.”

The way he looked at me was completely unnerving, he was smiling, his dark eyes looked me over, as if sizing my personality up to his. And he obviously knew what he was doing, as if he’s been in worse situations then this, with a much tougher experienced opponents than me. Suddenly the girl in his clutches took on her own defensive while he stared me down, lifting her foot up high then planting the spiked heel of her shoe hard into the mans right foot. As he yelled out in pain she quickly twisted away then stepped in behind me. As this took place my eyes caught a glimpse of the man named Issac reaching for a gun concealed under his jacket.

Without thinking I quickly aimed and fired one round off, hitting Issac in the upper chest. The bullets impact sent his body tumbling into the open trunk. He was dead, his lifeless legs dangled over the rear bumper. The girl screamed. “Look out mister.” Turning my attention to Alex I caught him drawing his weapon, my finger rapidly pulled my guns trigger. I wasn’t thinking at all, just reacting.

Everything seemed to go blank. I heard no sound, but three rounds tore through the mans chest. My guns report echoed over the brick walls of buildings surrounding the alleyway parking lot. The tall mans body didn’t fall right away, instead of simply dying like his partner did he staggered back then slowly fell to his knees, looked up at me in disbelief of what I had just done. Looking at the girl who now stood beside me he gasped his last words coughing up blood as he spoke.

“Ivan will find you Sara…cough…And when he does, you will be sorry….” He gave out one last gasping breath then fell over face down dead on the parking lots asphalt.

As I turned to face her, looking into her bright blue eyes I noticed even with black mascara running down her face caused by tears of her ordeal and a bruised cheek, she was a beautiful young woman. Her nose was slender centered perfectly between high cheek bones. Her red glossed lips were completely enticing to say the least. Just as I was about to ask if she was all right and why these men tried to abduct her police sirens cut my questions off short. A patrol officer shouted.

“Drop your gun, kick it back to me. Place your hands behind your back…Do it now mister.”

Of course I did what I was told, but as I did Sara spoke in my defense as the officer stepped in behind, pulled my hands behind my back and began cuffing my wrist.

“Hey be cool officer, this man was only helping me out. These men were trying to kidnap me. They wanted to Molestation me, maybe even murder me. Please don’t arrest him, he saved my life.”

Even though we both told the officer I acted in self defense, he read me my rights then placed me in the backseat of his cruiser. For the next hour or so I watched the officer and others who came upon the scene question her, and although I couldn’t hear her reply, through her body language it seemed she was sticking to her story of an attempted kidnapping.

Looking out the window I noticed an old friend of mine appear on the scene to talk with her. I met homicide detective Mason after my store was robbed, and worst of all beside me taking good beating one of my sales clerks had been murdered as well. This ordeal haunts me to this day, but detective Mason has helped me through it the best he can. Through time he and I have became good friends. We play golf together, he’s a divorcee with a two kids a son and daughter. I’ve met them both, they’re good kids.

After speaking with Sara, Alan Mason came over to the patrol car carrying my wallet and what appeared to be handcuff keys. The smile on my old friends face helped to let know I was off the hook, at least for now anyway. He opened the door exclaiming.

“Well hello Jack, what do ya think this is the old west or something.” He joked looking in on me. “I’ve known you for a while now old buddy, don’t go taking this wrong or anything but your no Wyatt Earp or even Doc Holiday for that mater…Come on step out of there let me get those cuffs off of you.” Taking my cuffs off he explained. “Your young friend over there told me what you did, and I’ve just gotta say Jack. Although it was a brave and chivalrous thing you did, it was also pretty stupid….I mean shit, you could have gotten yourself killed then who the hell would I have to play golf with. Hell you let me cheat, no one else I know lets me do that.”

“Hey Al…Who is she?” I asked, ignoring his friendly chatter.

“Here name’s Sara Anderson, and she’s barely nineteen years old…Said she was down here seeing the sights. But in my opinion although she has no wants or warrants, she’s just an everyday whore Jack.”

“How do you know that detective…Maybe she’s not that at all?” I replied

“Well for one thing Jack, any cop who’s been on the force as long as I have can spot a working girl from a mile away. She’s wearing a slutty school girl outfit. Knee length white lace stockings and patent leather spiked heeled pumps. If she’s not a whore then I’ll eat my shorts.”

We both looked up to find her gone. Alan yelled over to patrol officer who had just been talking with her. “Hey where’s that girl at sergeant Morgan?”

“Don’t know boss, after I told her there were no charges against her she just up an walked off. But I do have her name and address if you need it.”

Chapter two. Free to go

And for me, after detective Mason took my statement I left the scene as well. But as I drove away the image of Sara’s pretty face was still burned into my memory. Turning the next corner I found her walking down the sidewalk, hearing my car approaching she turned around and began walking backward holding her arm out with a thumb up wanting a ride, before this she had never seen my car just me. After what had just happened to her I just couldn’t let her walk home alone. The last words of the man she called Alex came to mind. Ivan will find you Sara, and when he does you will be sorry. I quickly pulled up beside the curve and stopped, rolling my passenger side window down I spoke in a scolding voice.

“Get in here now Sara, after what happened back there you shouldn’t be walking all alone like this.”

Hearing my voice she leaned down and looked in, smiling when she saw it was me.

“I’m so glad it’s you, and you’re right it is pretty foolish of me to be walking like this,” she climbed in admiring my car as she sat down. “Wow, what a nice car….It’s one of those new Corvettes isn’t it. I’m going to buy a ride like this someday.”

I couldn’t believe how calm she was. “Sara,” I exclaimed. “How in the hell can you be so calm, after what just happened back there. All you can ask is what kind of car am I driving.” I pulled back on the road almost shouting. “Why in the hell were those men trying to throw you into their fucking trunk.”

Yelling my question like this jarred her senses, tears suddenly ran down her cheeks. She wiped them away telling me.

“I don’t wanna talk about it okay, whatever your name is….It’s just best for both of us if I don’t tell you anything. Now my apartment’s just around the next block, just drop me off and everything will be fine…At least for you anyway.”

“No,” I replied. “I cant do that. Dammit Sara I fucking know those guys I shot back there aren’t alone in this. That guy you called Alex, just before he died he told you about someone named Ivan. Who is he, come on girl tell me?”

“I work for him…He’s my pimp. I’ve known him since I was sixteen. He thinks we’re lovers, but we’re not I can’t stand the son of a bitch, and I told him that in almost the same words a few hours ago. In our last conversation I made the mistake of telling him I’m not going to work for him anymore,” she took a breath and wiped tears from her eye’s.

“Just before what happened back in that alley I had just came home from a date with one of my own johns, a guy Ivan doesn’t know about, that’s why I’m still dressed in my work cloths. I took the date because the guy pays well, and I needed a little traveling money because I intended to leave town tonight. I was about to change into regular street cloths when Alex and Issac arrived at my door, they knocked and like the fool I am I opened up and let them in.

Next thing I know Alex sticks his gun barrel into my gut telling me Ivan wants to see me, and he gave orders to kill me if I declined his invitation. Once in the car as Issac pulled away Alex told me Ivan had plans to punish me for running away from him like I was….Knowing how he’s punished other girls in the passed I decided that’s not going to happen to me so I began struggling with Alex….He told Issac to stop and help him tie me up, and that’s how we ended up in that alley parking lot where we met you.”

At the next stop light I held my hand out introducing myself. “By the way, my name’s Jack Thomson, and despite what happened tonight I’m pleased to meet you. Hey how’s this sound to you. I’m heading out to my beach house in Malibu, and being as I’m very recently divorced I would love the presence of your company. You’ll be safe at my place, knowing your old boss Ivan had you kidnapped once he’ll do it again if you don’t get out of town and lay low for a while.”

She flashed a kind smile then leaned over planting a kiss on my lips, her kiss made my forty-two year old heart beat a little faster. My cock grew hard feeling her soft warm fingers caressing my inner thigh. Speaking softly, she told me. “Thanks Jack, I’ll make this worth your while.” Her hand slid between my legs finding my stiffening manhood.

“Hey now !” I replied. “There’s no need for that…I just wanna help you, that’s all.”

She kissed me again and whispered softly. “No Jack, you’re wrong about that. I owe you big time for saving my ass tonight. When we get to your place I will be taking real good care of you.” she leaned back in her seat still fondling my crotch. “Now get us to your place baby, it’s been one hell of a fucked up day and from the way your dick is reacting to my touch I know it’s going to need a lot of my special attention.”

Her last statement made me chuckle. “Sara my dear….You’re so right about this being one fucked up day.”

Using her free hand she a lifted the hem of her tartan plaid mini skirt and began stroking her red panty clad crotch. Although I did enjoy her little flirtatious show, it dawned on me she is what some would call a nymphomaniac, this word basically meaning sex addict came to mind. Although I was thoroughly enjoying her attention and her show I could only wonder what could have caused her to be this way? After making a quick stop at her apartment where she grabbed a few of her belongings, we finally arrived at my home.

Chapter three. Passion

She fell asleep during the ride home. Coming to a stop inside my garage I leaned over and gave her a kiss, my kiss startled her awake.

“Hey what! where are we,” she said finding herself looking into my eyes.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you, but we’re at my house now.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back. Once inside my home passions were ignited. It all began with a simple hugging and kissing session just inside the garage entryway. My hands found their way to her firm ass, while her hands fondled my ass and crotch. Passion took over as if animal instincts were controlling our mind body and soul. Lifting her slender body I pinned her against the wall, she wrapped her strong legs around my hips. I began dry humping her, feeling the warmth of her sex flowing through my pants. My cock was so damned hard, she could feeling it.

“Mm, feels like your dick needs a little relief…Take me to your bedroom Mr. Thomson.”

“Please,” I whispered. “Call me Jack, like all friends do.”

Hearing her request I did just what she asked, carrying her through my house with her legs still wrapped around me. Kissing all the way to the stairway leading to the master bedroom. It must have been our sensual passion giving me strength to carry her up that flight of stairs, for I had never done something like this with my ex-wife Celia. Coming to the bedroom I finally put her down, where I began undressing her, and she undressed me. Untying the shirt tails of her white school girl blouse, she wore no bra I marveled at the sight of her perfect firm round medium breast while affectionately fondling each one.

She fumbled around undoing my belt then yanked my pants and underwear down in one swift motion. Just as my stiff cock sprung out, she sat on the bed and began pleasing me. Giving my erection licks and kisses up and down its shaft. These affectionate licks and kisses sent warm tingling sensations running through my forty-two year old body. My knees became weak, it took all of my strength and determination to remain standing. Looking down I watched her wrap those luscious lips of hers around my shaft then begin slowly sliding them up and down my ridged cock. She amazed me shoving the head of my cock down her warm throat, her blue eyes looking up at me, holding it there for what seemed an eternity then finally sliding her lips back only coming up for a short breath of air then doing it again.

“Oh fucking wow !” I cried out, not caring if I sounded like a high school boy loosing his virginity, doing my best to keep my knees from buckling. Seeing my reactions she began vigorously fucking my cock with her sweet lips, occasionally shoving as much of me down her throat as she possibly could. Marital separation before my divorce had taken its toll on me, unlike my wife who went to live with her young male model lover. I had no lover to go to, so I buried myself into running my business. In doing so I denied myself any sexual relief. But on this night Sara came to my rescue. She was young, yes I told myself nineteen is truly a young age, but legal just the same.

Oh god her lips felt so good that first night, she kept sliding them up and down my shaft. Licking and kissing it, making love to it, almost seeming to worship it as if it were some sort of god. After what seemed a life time of oral attention, heavy tingles of pleasure began deep within my groin. I was going to cum in her mouth. I tried stopping it, but I just couldn’t do it. All I could do in the end was groan out one gasping warning. “I’m coming Sara.”

Hearing my warning she began vigorously pumping my aching cock with her lips and one soft hand, fondling my nuts with the other. All the while looking up at me with her bright blue eyes. I came, she swallowed every last hot drop of my seed. Needing rest I fell down beside her on the bed. She stood up and finished undressing, while playfully laughing at me.

“Judging from the way you came Jack, it’s been a long time hasn’t it baby,” she said with a smile while stepping out of her dress and red panties. My eyes caught sight of her beautiful body, now fully exposed. Her breast, although not too large stood up firm and proud. Her stomach was perfectly flat, with a hint of washboard abs. Of course my eyes were drawn farther south towards her sex. She kept the treasure between her legs trimmed bare of pubic hair, but left a nicely shaped patch of soft brown hair trimmed to a point just above the top of her pussy lips. Catching me gawking she spoke while flirtatiously stroking her cunt lips.

“Do you like what you see Jack…Mm, sucking your cock made my pussy wet,”

Lying beside me on the bed she swiped her wet fingers over my lips. Her sweet musky sent quickly drove me wild with lust. Drawing her body to mine, I kissed her lips with unbridled passion. Breaking from the kiss I began kissing my way down her body. The taste of her soft white flesh aroused me. Moans of pleasure escaped her lips as I sucked and kissed her tits, giving each erect little tan nipple special attention. From there I worked my way down her flat tummy, she giggled as I kissed and sucked her belly button. Wanting a good taste of her sex I dropped to the floor on my knees, pulled her body down spreading her legs wide then began planting soft kisses along her pussy lips, while occasionally flicking my tongue over her clit.

“Oh yes baby, lick me right there.” she moaned, so that’s what I did. She tangled her fingers into my brown hair, pushing my face into her sweet sex. “Oh fuck yesss,” she moans out humping my lips and tongue feeling me licking and kissing her pink gash, flicking my tongue over her hard little clit. Wanting to give more pleasure I start vigorously finger fucking her tight pussy hole. Doing this brings her to an enormous climax, she goes wild moaning and bucking her hips trashing about all over my bed. Her girl cum drips down over her anus I licked her asshole, enjoying every bit of her flavor.

“Oh my god,” she professed out of breath. “That was fucking fantastic…Mmm…Oh yeah you did me so good….This is why I like older men. You licked my butt-hole, no younger men have ever down something like that to me before. Mmm yesss I liked that baby.”

Lying over her prone body I gave her a very wet kiss, she licked her lips confessing
“Mm….I taste good on you baby!” My cock was completely hard, but I couldn’t just shove it in.

“Can I fuck you Sara,” I said almost begging.

“He..he,” she giggled. “Well of course you can…Sorry about laughing, it’s just that I don’t think anyone has ever asked me like that, at least not lately….They just do it.”

“No harm done I replied,” before guiding my cock into the opening of her tight teenage cunt.

Feeling the warm inner walls of her sex clutching my erection felt so good, it was tight but not too tight. The last time I had been with a girl Sara’s age was way back in my teenage years. Making love to this girl brought the youth I had left behind back to me. But I didn’t want to fuck her like a teenage boy I wanted to make love to her as she deserved. She wrapped her long legs around my backside then as if reading my mind she whispered. “Make Love to me Jack.”

Wanting nothing more but to please her I began slowly thrusting my hard cock inside her, going deep then pulling back. We kissed, adding to our passion. I could feel her heart beating against my chest, it’s rate increasing with every thrust beating out the rhythm of my passion for her. All I wanted to do that night was give her complete pleasure. Shoving my hard cock deep then pulling back, going deep and pulling back. Slowly speeding up but not too fast, just enough to please her. Her tight cunt seemed to suck me back in with every stroke of my shaft

“Fuck me faster,” she gasped. “Do me faster, make me cum.”

I did as she begged, uttering “Cum for me Sara, cum for me baby.” And oh yes, she came. Her moans of pleasure echoed throughout the bedroom, her cum saturated my bedspread. Once again I felt my own hot seed churning deep within. I began fucking her harder, we came together. In the end of our passion we didn’t speak or move for quite a while we just laid together entangled in each others arms, her long legs wrapped around my backside, only hearing sounds of our hearts beating and heavy breathing between the two of us.

Chapter four. A new day dawns.

I woke up alone the next morning and sat up in bed looking about my bedroom for a clue of where she might be, asking myself. “Where the hell did she go?” Hearing top forties music playing from a small stereo system I keep in my kitchen down stairs, it dawned on me where she might be. Getting out of bed I went to my closet looking for a white terrycloth robe I usually leave hanging inside the door on a hook, but it wasn’t there. Looking down at my bedroom floor I saw her clothing and mine. I chuckled telling myself. “Guess I wasn’t dreaming of what happened last night with a pretty girl named Sara after all.” Digging through the closet I found an old navy blue robe of mine and slipped into it.

Walking down stairs I heard her voice, she was singing along to a Taylor Swift song, and although she was a little off key she didn’t sound half bad. At the bottom of the stairs I walked slowly towards the kitchen, coming closer I heard the sounds something sizzling in a frying pan. Just outside the white swinging doors of my kitchen I in-hailed the aroma of fried bacon and eggs, along with country style fried potatoes. The swinging doors were just low enough for me to peer over, thinking back I remember feeling a smiles curl my lips as I watched her swaying to the musics beat as she sang still unaware of me being there.

My white men’s size terrycloth robe looked good dMolestationd over her slender frame. Now barefoot she seemed a bit shorter than last night, but memories of her wearing black high-heeled pumps the night before came to mind. Looking on I gauged her actual height to be somewhere between five-four to five-three and weight to be at least ninety-eight to one hundred pounds. She had tied her shoulder length chestnut-brown hair into a ponytail, and I liked the way it looked. Stepping in a little too fast, exclaiming. “Good morning sunshine.” startled her. She gasped out a little scream and her robe fell open as she turned around revealing she was completely nude underneath.

“Oh shit Jack you scared the crap out of me,” she exclaimed in an almost angry tone.

“Oops I’m sorry about that…I honestly didn’t mean to do that.” I said walking towards her, looking into her now wide open blue eyes. She turned stoves burner off, slide the frying pan to the side then wrapped her arms around me, telling me.

“Hey no problem…It’s just that I was so into the music and cooking breakfast I had almost forgotten where I was, and you were here with me.” She kissed me, standing on her toes to do so then added. “Well I had planned on bringing you breakfast in bed, but now that you’re up just have a seat and I’ll serve you at the table.”

Suddenly a sly smile crossed her pink lips I didn’t realize she was untying my robe at least not until feeling cool air on my bare skin, and her soft warm fingers gently clutching my penis. Standing close like we were she discovered I had began growing hard feeling the warmth of her body against mine during our embrace.

“Mm, giggle. I see you’ve brought me a morning snack,” she declared looking up at me before slowly dropping to her knees, kissing my bare chest on the way down. I was just about to tell her. “No, don’t do that,” before she wrapped her lips around my growing shaft, but the feeling of her warm breath tongue and lips touching my sensitive cock flesh made me hold these words back. Once again just as she had done in my bedroom last night she began pleasing me, slowly stroking her soft lips up and down my cock shaft. Occasionally pulling away giving it soft little wet kisses while gently fondling my nuts with one soft hand, holding and stroking my cock with the other. All I could do now was watch, emitting soft moans of pleasure.

She stopped, stood up then quickly sat on the kitchen counter beside the stove. Spreading her legs she stroked her sex, begging me. “Come and fuck me right here in your kitchen!” Suddenly with my cock so hard, and seeing this sexy blue eyed girl sitting on the counter with legs spread wide begging me to fuck her. Blood rushed from my brain to my manhood I totally forgot about breakfast, wanting to please her and myself at the same time fulfilling our sexual appetites before feeding our stomachs. Not thinking just wanting to be inside her I pushed the thick head of my cock inside the hot wet walls of her cunt, it felt so damned good.

Sitting up like she was, she watched my entire shaft slowly disappear between her legs. Soft moans of pleasure escaped her lips as I forced every inch of my tool inside her velvet walls. I began fucking her in a steady pace, slowly at first building a quick rhythm as I went on. Looking into her eyes it seemed obvious she was enjoying me, her lips curled into a content smile, her breathing increased with every thrust of my hips. My hips slapped against the soft white flesh of her thighs as I fucked her a little harder, her juices began saturating my cock flesh. I felt her body shiver as small orgasms rushed through her body, she began begging me.

“Fuck me Jack !…Fuck me harder….I want you to cum inside me, ugh. I love feeling a mans hot sperm inside me….Don’t worry I’m on the pill….Now please just fuck me harder baby, make me cum again, please cum inside me’eeee…Come on baby I need it so bad!”

I began fucking her so hard, sounds my hips spanking her inner thighs echoed from the kitchen walls. I began panting and grunting like an animal, driving my shaft deep. My testicles slapped against the warm flesh of her lower ass cheeks. Feeling warning signals of my own impending orgasm rising up from deep within my body I kept banging her hard. She began thrusting back into me, screaming out. “I’m coming! Cum with me’ee baby!” Hearing her beg like this made me lose control I came hard flooding the walls of her sex with hot sperm.

My knees were weak but I kept thrusting hard into her sopping wet pussy, but after a short while of hard fucking my old body could only take so much. Finally completely warn-out I pulled out, staggered backwards and collapsed into a nearby dinner chair. Looking up at Sara from my seat, she seemed warn-out as well. Leaning her head against a kitchen cabinet with eyes closed and that beautiful content smile across her full pink lips. Finally coming out of her trance she looked down at me, smiled then spoke in a soft meek voice.

“Whew!!…now that’s a great way to work up an appetite, isn’t Jack.”

Chapter five. Getting to know Sara Anderson

After breakfast I asked Sara to join me for a walk on the beach. For one thing it was a gorgeous day outside, and on days like this I always take a long walk and sometimes a jog when I visit my beach house. But since meeting this girl I found myself needing to know more about her, things like where did she come from, and why in the hell would a girl like her make a living selling her body for sex. And not to mention, why would she work for a man like Ivan who might have murdered her last night in some wicked fashion had I not came to her rescue.

This morning I dressed into my usual beach attire, surfer style swim shorts, my favorite gray T-shirt with the words Salt Life stenciled on the chest and my old L.A Dodgers baseball cap covering my full head of salt’n pepper gray hair. She came down after showering wearing a Kansas Jayhawks T-shirt and a pair of snug fitting cut off denim shorts, at the bottom of the stairs she lifted her shirt showing me a sky blue bikini top.

“I made sure to wear my swim suit, just incase we decide to go in for a swim….But if we do you’ll need to stick by me, because it freaks me out knowing there’re sharks in the ocean.”

I took her hand guiding her towards the door thinking to myself. She hangs out with men like Ivan and his gang, they’re worse then any sharks swimming in the pacific ocean. Once on the beach I began asking questions while she walked beside me holding my hand.

“So miss Sara Anderson I’m curious to know, can you tell me where you’re from.”

She seemed hesitant to reply, a slight smile crossed her lips before she did.

“Oh come on now” she retorted.”don’t I look like a California girl !”

“No,” I replied looking her over. “there’s just something different about your looks…I’m betting your from someplace east of here.”

She chuckled considering my question. “Okay I’ll tell you. I was born in Wichita Kansas, my parents owned a small farm just about ten miles west of there.”

“So why did you leave Kansas, did you runaway or something. I remember you telling me last night, you met Ivan when you were sixteen.”

My question must’ve hit a nerve. Sadness washed over her face, she dropped my hand then turned away, placing fingertips to her cheeks wiping tears away. I felt awful for opening what seemed to be an old wound. I pulled her body to mine, and held her tight.

“Sorry sweetheart I didn’t mean to upset you, maybe I shouldn’t have asked.” I said, hoping to ease her pain with such simple words.

“No it’s okay to ask,” she replied. “its just that your question reminds me of what happened to my parents, and how I ended up here. So now I’ll tell you, because it’s time for me to open up to someone I can trust, and that someone is you.”

“My parents were killed in a car wreck, just about two months before my sixteenth birthday. I was an only child, and with no relatives to take me in the state wanted to place me with some local religious fanatic foster parents,” she threw her head back and laughed. “Oh! hell no I wasn’t into that, not with me being the independent girl I was back then and I still am. I wasn’t going to let them force me to live with some family I didn’t know….So one night just before being forced to live with those people I hopped into an old car my daddy fixed up for me and drove to L.A with the idea of fulfilling my dreams of becoming a glamorous movie star.”

She spun around and kicked the beach, sending a cloud of sand into the warm morning breeze.“Shit of course nothing worked out, it didn’t take too long for me to learn how tough L.A and Hollywood can be on dreamers like me. After traveling around following leads for casting calls from talent sections of news papers, some talent scouts did say I had talent, but the trouble was none of them wanted to hire a sixteen year old runaway like me.”

She kicked more sand showing frustrated anger.“Then one day, after about three weeks in town, some asshole stole my car. And the worse part of that wasn’t just my car being stolen, that car had ten thousand dollars of my parents money I had withdrawn from their bank account before leaving Wichita…Yes I know Jack, it was a stupid place to stash that much money. But anyway before that happened I had rented a cheap apartment in an upstairs room of an old ladies house, when the money ran out she threw my ass out on the street ,”

“Ha,” she laughed looking into my eyes. “But lucky for me I’m not one of those mid western virgins you’ve heard about,” she joked. “If you have heard of mid western virgins, don’t believe it Jack, they don’t exist. I had learned a few sexual skills back home, so I began selling my pussy and sucking a few dicks to make ends meet…And to make a long story short, that’s how I met good old Ivan Vanicheck.”

“He found me working late one night out on Hollywood Boulevard and asked me to come work for him. Saying if I did, he would help me get into a decent apartment and find me lots of good paying trustworthy johns, and he and his men would protect me from abusive clients,”

“What he told me that night sounded good, because the night before meeting him a guy I met slugged me in the face, Molestationd me, then stole what little money I had on me…I told Ivan what the guy did and looked like, then a few days later after agreeing to work for him he showed me a picture of the guy….His men found him and put a bullet through his fucked up brain.”

Hearing this part of her story sent chills down my spine…I noticed she seemed troubled by her last statement as well. There was fear showing in her blue eyes, but it seemed to fade as she went on. Needing to know what she’s been through I let her talk.

“Shit I was a mess a little over three years ago, always half starved, wearing dirty cloths and getting ripped off buy guys like that dead asshole. If my so called friends wouldn’t let me crash at their pad I would end up sleeping in homeless shelters, or sleeping in an alley If the shelter was too full when I got there. So I shrugged off seeing that dead asshole and let Ivan pimp me out.”

Her voice trembled, an uneasy gaze appeared in her eyes. “But Jack even-though Ivan watched over me and the other girls in his stable, it didn’t take much for me to realize he’s an evil man.”

The next tale she told made me hate this man to the core. “A couple years after I began working for him I began hearing rumors that he and his men started bringing young stuff up from Mexico, and when I say young….I mean like real young, at least two or three years younger then I was when I first started working for him,”

“Last weekend this rumor was confirmed when I met a couple of these girls, they were sitting in the back seat of Ivan’s car all dressed up in sexy working girl clothing. I had called him asking for a ride to a clients hotel. I sat in the front seat, and just out of curiosity I asked who they were,” her voice trembled as she spoke. “He told me he was taking Sophia and Adriana up north somewhere to meet their new daddies,”

Tears began streaming down her cheeks. “My god Jack….I knew what he was doing that day, and didn’t do one fucking thing to stop him….I just let him drive away with those girls, and after that I never met them again,” a flood of tears ran from her eyes, her entire body shook “Those poor girls are why I quit working for the sick bastard, he’s a god damned slave trader.”

She stopped talking and just stood there on the beach sobbing, not knowing what to say all I could do was hold her in my arms for as long as she needed my embrace.

“But sweetheart,” I cut in. “Last night after what happened, why didn’t you tell the police about Ivan and what he’s into?”

She sniffled and wiped tears from her eyes, before answering. “Because he has a few cops on his payroll Jack, that’s why….I’ve met a couple vice cops he pays off….Hell I’ve been sat up on dates with the guys on different occasions. Shit he has one of the mayors top staff members under his thumb I’ve fucked that guy too…And not to mention, he’s blackmailing a city councilmen with a video he’s taken of him with some of his girls….If one of his girls ever gets her ass arrested, he has his lawyer bail them out…I should know because he’s done it for me once or twice…And they find ways to wipe our records clean…I don’t know how he does it, or who does it, but it gets it done.”

Her detailed explanation of the mans operation made me feel a little queasy, realizing I had stepped into something way over my head. Now I knew for sure Ivan Vanicheck was no small time hood, no not at all. He’s more like a modern day version of Al Capone.


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