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Living with the dreadful memories of past – Lost Innocence Continue

After the public ordeal through which we gone through last night I caught high fever and so Bushra. Today we left for our home by noon, but this trip had cost us our pride our innocence our dignity and most importantly our virginity which we had saved by then to be given to someone very special but never we thought about what we had gone through if we had a slight intuition about all this we would never came to this place.

“Are you two prepared we have to leave by two?” asked Zain.

Me and Bushra were packing our bags while lost in the memories of yesterday torture, suddenly there was a knock on the door we looked at the direction and wonder who could it be?

“Can I come in?” it was Aliya as we recognise by her voice.

Yeah! but are you alone? We asked fearing that Zuhair might also came to torture us more while we were leaving never to came again.

“I am all alone” she said almost in a whisper.

Okay you may come in. We were sitting on our bed when she secretly came in and closed the door after ensuring that no one had seen her while entering our room.

I came here to apologise for my silence and for what I did to both of you forcefully though. But you two would be happy to hear that I had managed to delete your videos from his phone memory this morning when I went to wake him up for breakfast.

What! Are you serious! We both asked shockingly.

Yeah! you can count on that and now you don’t need to follow his commands as he had nothing against you both to blackmail you further. She said while looking down searching for something. It was evident that she was hiding something as she looked concerned and somewhat terrified.

We asked her again that whatever she was saying is true or is this some kind of another trap for us.

She move her head in confirmation. Bushra asked her how she managed to seek his phone without his knowledge as he was very protective towards it.

She said she went for to wake him up it was when she noticed his phone on the stool besides his bed she had picked it up and searched for gallery and deleted all the videos from there and before he wake up she quickly left the room. But…

But! But what? We asked in unison. Though we know what she was afraid of.

If he found what I did for you he would surely take revenge from me for my betrayal.

But how would he come to know about all this when no one from us would tell him so. I said while assuring her. Instead what you have done for us shows that we were wrong about you and now if you need any assistance from us don’t hesitate to ask.

She got a bit relaxed and said though I know it’s hard to forgot what happened to you both but for to have a better future please try to forgot about this place it’s people and the things you two had gone through with. Okay I must leave before he finds me here with two of you.

She left even waiting for our response we looked at each other and with a sigh of relief hugged each other as if to say that finally God has shown some mercy on us.

“It was a great time kids the three days went by so easily, I already started missing you guys” said Faizan uncle out of dwelling emotions which was evident from the tears appearing in his eyes.

We board our car and took our respective seats but this time I was sitting in the middle having Bushra on my left and Amir on my right. I looked at everyone bidding good bye to us among them I saw Zuhair with a irritating face I know why he was irritated and to myself I felt relieved that now we are free to our will. Aliya was standing besides him staring at us as if to say happy independence to you both.

With that we set off for our way back to home. I was holding the arm of Bushra o one side and leaned on her shoulder for more comfort and closed my eyes to feel secure among my friends.

It was five when we reached home and out of no where I ran towards my mom to hug her as if I was desperate for her delicate touch which shows love and care.

Hey we need to go school early tomorrow as we have to cope up with the assignments given by our beloved teachers while we were on our trip to Lakhimpur said Zain.

Just by hearing the name itself all the memories flashed back before my eyes as if I was watching a reverse video and out of reflex I got tears in my eyes luckily Zain was standing behind me otherwise he surely asked series of questions over my unexpected tears.

I called Bushra to know how she was feeling and whether she would come school tomorrow or not?

Hey! How are you? Are you coming tomorrow as we need to cover up our syllabus left while we were away.

Yeah but I am not feeling well Rimshu as my pussy lips were sore and there are many scratches at my boobs and waist. I am not feeling well as every time I closed my eyes all those horrible moments came right before my eyes and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

You are right I also had many biting marks on my boobs and scratches at my nether region my pussy lips are also sore and red from the last night torture and my ass is still paining like hell.

What’s your decision are you going tomorrow? She asked me instead.

Yeah I thought to give a try at least otherwise it will raise many quarries from mom and Zain particularly.

Yeah you are right okay I will come but stay with me all time please I don’t want to be alone for a while after all this you know.

Sure my love take care and have a good sleep. I was wondering how long it will take for us to forgot all those horrible things which we had faced while being on our worst vacations.

I was lying on my bed recalling the past events and while thinking those torments I don’t know when I drifted to sleep.

It was complete dark inside as I wouldn’t be able to see anything except the iron rod standing erect before me it looked like a poll as I was staring at it someone caught me from behind I was terrified and my eyes went wide in response.

As I started struggling against my intruder a tall figure came forward and held my waist with one hand and with other he started unzipping the front of my top and before I could realise my top went open down my front and in a moment it was pulled away leaving me naked above waist.

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