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Lonely Indian Housewife sex ki dastan

I was sitting aimlessly with nothing to do. Life w…

I was sitting aimlessly with nothing to do. Life was getting dull each passing day and I just don’t know why. I switched off the TV and walked inside the bedroom. I switched the fan on and eased myself onto the bed. My name is Lakshmi. I am 5’4 tall with a mediocre weight of 54 kg and my sizes are 34-28-36. I have a brownish complexion with an attractive figure. I am a happily married house wife. I mean I am quite happy with my husband and the married life with him. But being alone all the day inside the house gets boring after a year of married life. I have done my MBA but as my husband prefers me to stay home, I agreed.

His name is Akash. He works in a software firm and he is a nice, caring person. I am quite fortunate to have him in my life. The house gets quite empty when he leaves for office in the morning and then the maid helps me in cooking the lunch, cleaning the house. She would leave in the afternoon and my husband’s returns around 7 in the night which leaves me no choice but to remain alone for a long time. The ceiling fan was hummed slowly which made me drowsy. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep for awhile. When I woke up it was already 3 o’clock. I tied my hair up and got off the bed. After refreshing myself, I logged in to check the mails. Soon I accidentally clicked upon a folder and it opened a huge collection of porn movies. I knew it was my hubby’s and thought of closing. But I got an urge to check it out as I don’t see porn often. I opened the folder and browsed the clips one by one. Soon felt I wet between my legs. I switched off the PC and moved inside the bedroom.

“Oh my god,” I exclaimed.

“Gosh, these clips really turned me on,” I said to myself and lay back on the bed. Slowly my urge got over my mind and my hands trailed itself over my saree. I held the hem of my saree and raised it up slowly. I raised it till it reached my thighs. I caught the waistband of my panties rolling it to my feet and left it on the bed. It was already soaking wet with my juices. I moved my legs apart to give space for my fingers to slip into my throbbing wet pussy.

“Ahhh…” I groaned in pleasure and cupped my legs together. My finger was caught in between my fleshy thighs as it moved in and out of my pussy. My hands grabbed the blanket unable to control my passion. I moved my fingers rapidly making slurping noises due to my juice.

“Hmmm…It feels good.”


I closed my eyes to elevate the pleasure, making soft whimpers and moans. My body responded positively as my 2 fingers slipped themselves deeper inside my pussy. I felt my breath quicken. Soon I heard myself groan loudly as the orgasm splashed through my body onto the bed making it wet. My hands gripped the blanket tightly as waves of pleasure ripped through me. I arched my back upwards to meet my thrusting fingers to give deeper penetration. My breathing became hoarse due to the passionate orgasm. My fingers slowed down and slipped out of my wet pussy. The bed was all wet with my pussy juice as I lay silently. I was on my back with my saree raised up to my thighs, my pussy still dripping making the bed wet. I felt my body relax visibly. Soon my breathing slowed down. Suddenly the door bell ring bringing me back to my senses. I adjusted my saree and rushed to open the door.

“Hi” I said as I saw Rahul standing outside the door. He is my husband’s best friend and quite a handsome, gentle man. I smiled as I greeted him and invited him inside the house.

“I was surprised to see you.”

“I just came to get a book from Akash.”

“Oh, yes. He gave me a book this morning and asked me to hand it over to you when you drop by. I forgot it completely,” I replied him back with a sheepish grin.

“It’s ok.”

“Here sit in the couch. Would you like some tea or coffee Rahul?” I enquired him.

“No thanks. I should be leaving soon.”

“Ok,” I smiled back and walked into the bedroom to fetch the book. I opened the shelf fumbled for the book but couldn’t find it anywhere. Suddenly, I heard a sound and saw Rahul standing at the door with a smile on his face.

“Sorry I couldn’t find it. Can you come some other time?” I asked him. When he turned to leave his eyes feel on my wet panties on the bed. I felt embarrassed and looked back at him. I knew he is a good guy yet situation could do anything to a man. Slowly he took a step and walked towards me. I stood still my mind racing of what to react next. But surprisingly I didn’t protest when his hands touched my waist. He held my hips and lifted me up in one swift motion. I clung to his neck tightly for my dear life as he made his way towards the bed. He laid me on my back on the bed and stood up. My eyes felt heavy due to the low hum of the fan and the erotic scene that is going to take place. My nipples were already erect inside my bra. My heart pounded heavily which made my breasts heave up and down. He slipped his shirt off and joined me. My mind shouted loud trying to stop this stranger from feasting on my orthodox body. But my body needed the attention of a man. My skin has never been touched by a man in my life apart from my husband. The thought of a stranger going to taste my forbidden fruit gave me an erotic feeling.

“Rahul…I think we should stop,” I told him with the last of my strength to stop this from happening. But he didn’t listen to my words and I didn’t care much about it. He slipped my saree off my body making me semi-naked. I lay breathlessly letting him unhook my petticoat and unzip my skirt. Minutes passed by like hours when I felt warm air on my nude skin. My breasts heaved up and down feeling tensed yet horny. I lay still showing my naked body for his lustful eyes. I was nude head to toe wearing only my mangal sutra which rested in between my cleavage. I closed my eyes submitting myself to the pleasure my husband’s friend is providing me. His hands trailed all over my body playing my erect nipples and my throbbing clitoris. He parted my legs and darted his tongue into my already wet pussy. His tongue found my clit which made me yelp loud.

“Ahhh… don’t stop.”

I screamed at the top of my lungs my hand clutched his hair tightly, trying to push his head deeper in between my legs. The bangles I wore made rattling noise when my hands clutched his head. My second orgasm ripped through my body. I tried to catch my breath as I felt his cock head nudging to push itself inside at the entrance of my pussy. He slipped it inside with a steady push. His cock lodged itself fully inside me. I felt my pelvic muscles grab his cock each time he moved in and out of me. I felt the bed creak due to our furious copulation. He made hard love with me pouring his cum inside me. I lost count of my orgasms as waves of pleasure went on me often.

I opened my eyes slowly to see him getting dressed up and leave. We didn’t speak anything to each other. Soon he left the room and I could hear the door slam itself close. I felt my body ache cause of our hard core love making and his weight on my body. I could still remember the images vividly. I was on my back with my legs spread wide…his cock thrusting in and out of me…my loud moans and gasps…his hands gripping mine tightly above my head…the bed creaking to and fro…his occasional grunts…the scene whizzed itself past through my mind rapidly. I felt a bit guilty for my action and consoled myself as I drifted off to a deep slumber.

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