Sunday , November 27 2022

Lonely wife gets taken at the club

My husband was going to be late at work, and the kid was with his grandparents for the weekend. Quite bored at home, I was fantasizing about the taste of old monk in my mouth – a large one.

Dressed in my red tank top and black micromini, I headed towards the local ale house. As expected, it was packed, over flowing with rich men from all over the town – rich college kids, rich bachelors, rich and bored husbands, rich consultants, and my favorite – men-in-uniforms. But I was in no mood to flirt, just needed to gulp my drink down and get outta the place.

But the door-monkey wouldn’t lemme in – I had forgotten my ID at home. Gratifying as it was, I’d have preferred to have had it on me. Of course, he had seen me quite a few times before, so he willingly made a deal. I flashed. The door-monkey was happy.

While I was sucking hard on the delicate piece of lime, these two men came from nowhere and started talking to me…dirty stuff…said I looked untaken and ready for a lay. My indifference towards their blather made them even more pushy. One of them even tried to cup my tits from behind. Quite outraged, I tossed my drink on his face and got up to go to the ladies room.

Inside I looked at the mirror and pondered whether I was really giving out the impression of ‘user- friendliness’, when suddenly I realized my nipples were erect and were fairly visible through my bra. I tried to rub them with water, but they stood rigid and upright. May be that’s what made those men get the wrong idea. May be they thought I was hungry for some whipped cream myself!!

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