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Loving daughter takes up her mother’s role My Father, My Husband

I stood outside my college waiting for my dad to pick me up. I am Latha, only daughter of my father. My mom passed away 3 years back when I was 16. Since then my dad had been everything to me. He took utmost care for me and I could say I never missed my mom much. He didn’t get married again for my sake cause he wasn’t sure about how my step mother may behave with me. Things were going smooth or it was what I thought until that night came.

My dad got married at an young age of 24 and my mom was 19. I was born in an year as a token to appreciate their unconditional love. Life was going smooth and steady until one day when my mother fell ill and died. My dad was left alone and I thought he was happy until the day came when I realized he is still young and in need of some intimacy which he missed for quite sometime now without my mother with us.

My dad parked his bike near me as I hopped onto it. I clung tightly to him which I am used to quite often.

“How was the day, Latha?” he enquired me.

“Fine as usual, dad,” I replied back while my fingers were busy unwrapping the chocolate he bought for me.

We reached our home and I moved inside with him following me behind. I moved to my bedroom and slipped off into nighty. I walked into the kitchen to make coffee for both of us while my dad relaxed watching TV. I handed him the coffee and sat near him.

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