Wednesday , May 31 2023

Lucky Truckers

The first time we did something like this LuEllen walked to a truck on the freeway and they took off and I followed them to a truck stop in Missouri. The driver and LuEllen were alone though. I just went to the coffee shop and waited. Lu had a blast she said and hoped we could do it again.

Well it happened again. It was a cool April day and we had just left the adult book store in Council Bluffs Iowa. LuEllen had got quite hot looking at some Playgirl magazines and being watched by the other men as she wondered thru the store. We left there and headed over to the freeway where we took a short trip heading East on I-29. Soon as we entered the freeway LuEllen put her seat back and propped her leg up on the dash. She casually pulled her skirt up to reveal her beautiful wet pussy. She was so hot. She was massaging her clit and rubbing her wet slit. As she did this a truck pulled up alongside of us and got a great view of her frantic manipulations. She was moaning so loud and was interrupted by our CB radio we had installed just for these occasions. “Looking good baby, put your other leg up so we can get a better view”. “Oh yeah you’re a hot one”, was the response when she

complied with his request. He only had a cab with no sleeper though. He said he wished we could all stop at the next stop and she picked up the mic and told him we wished he had a sleeper or we would. He wished us happy hunting and pulled away from us. I was purposely driving slow so the drivers could catch us and see the show.

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