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Lusting father takes advantage of his daughter’s situation

“So Keri, did you and Mark ever hook up?”

I looked over at Laurie, and tried to focus on her words. I was pretty sure I understood what she was saying, but couldn’t quite get answer out. Instead, I shrugged and giggled at her. I’d been doing a lot of giggling tonight as had Laurie and Krissy. Giggling would be a normal occurrence anytime eighteen and nineteen year old girls had a sleep over, but tonight there was a lot more than usual. The fact that the bottle of southern comfort Laurie had brought along was almost gone probably had something to do with our increased good spirits.

If the booze wasn’t enough to induce some extra laughs, the dime bag Krissy had pulled from her purse had ensured a fun filled night. Even as I watched Krissy take a hit from the third joint we had rolled since they’d gotten here, I still couldn’t believe I’d had the balls to do this in my parent’s house. Normally I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing something like this, but Mom was away on business and wouldn’t be home until tomorrow afternoon and dad worked a split night/morning shift for the city.

I still wouldn’t have taken the chance, but when Laurie and Krissy, who were sisters in the sorority I was hoping to pledge to when I started URI this fall asked if they could come party, I said screw it. A year older than me, they had both been popular cheerleaders on the squad with me last year and although they hadn’t been good friends of mine, they had been coming around a lot lately hoping to get me to join them rather another sisterhood.

“Well?” Laurie asked, leaning over and giving my shoulder a playful shake. “Cat got your tongue?”

“Or did Mark get your tongue?” Krissy laughed.

That made me laugh again, but this time I managed to speak, “I don’t talk about that stuff.”

“Oh come on Keri!” Laurie exclaimed, “We’re going to be sisters next semester and sisters tell each other everything!”

“Unless little Keri’s still cherry!” Krissy giggled. “Then she’s just got nothing to say!”

“No way, she’s cherry,” Laurie shook her head, “With those legs and that adorable little face!” she reached out and gave my cheek a pinch, “She’s way too hot not to have gotten herself some cock!”

“I…” I stopped and felt myself blushing.

My face was already flushed from the drinks and I hoped they hadn’t noticed, but Krissy smiled, “Aw, look how cute, she’s embarrassed”

“No,” I lied, “Sides, you guys are hot, I’m kind of cute, but that’s it.”

I meant what I said, the two of them may only be a year older than me, but seemed much more mature. Both were absolutely beautiful, Laurie had long auburn hair and green eyes that resembled cat’s eyes. Krissy was a striking blonde with big green eyes that she used to full effect on the boys. Where I was taller, with a slightly thin, athletic build, they were curvier, certainly not chunky, but with nice hips, and full round asses. The most notable difference and one I was painfully self conscious of, was the size of their tits. Both of them were wearing little tank tops and their more than ample tits were all but falling out of them.

We were sitting cross legged on my bed and the way they were leaning toward me had those tits on full display. I looked down at my own very small, but perky little tits, and sighed. My first real boyfriend had referred to them as cute. He’d meant well, but I always felt embarrassed and tried to have sex with my shirt on whenever I could.

“You’re more than cute.” Krissy reached out and ran her fingers through my long curly black hair “With this beautiful hair and those big wide blue eyes, and those damn long legs, you’re pretty hot.”

“And those blow job lips.” Laurie added, “Wish my lips were that full.”

“Stop wearing them out and they might be!” Krissy laughed.

“Real funny.” Laurie whacked her in the arm, “Just remember, I’m not the one who fucked two guys at once,” she smirked, “Brother’s at that.”

Krissy shrugged, “What can I say, I couldn’t make up my mind so…” she laughed, “I decided not too!”

“Two?” I shook my head. “I could never.”

“It’s fun.” Krissy said, “One in my mouth, one in my pussy, it was damn hot!”

“So fess up Keri,” Laurie aid as she poured a shot and handed it to me, “You ever have one in your pussy?”

I took the shot, wincing at how strong the liquor was and wiping my mouth, put my head down. “Yes, I’ve gotten laid.”

“Good for you!” Krissy said, “How many guys you have so far?”

“Just a couple.” Krissy handed me the joint and after taking a hit, I giggled again, “Okay, three.”

“Three,” Laurie nodded. “Not bad, enough to know, but enough to keep you a good girl” she smirked, “Did you blow all of them?”

“Two.” Finding myself no longer worried about what I was saying, I held up two fingers. I noticed that they were blurring together as I did and for some reason found that funny and laughed.

“Why not the third guy?” Krissy asked, “Because I’ll tell you what, I can’t not suck their cocks, I fucking love it!”

“Well,” I paused as I remembered, Bill the second guy I’d had sex with. “He was kissing my belly and I asked him to lick my pussy,” I shrugged, “He said he didn’t really like that so I told him I didn’t like sucking cock.” I shook my head disgustedly, “Fuck him.”

Laurie and Krissy burst out laughing, and Krissy put her arm around me.

“Good for you girl! It’s things like that, that are going to make you sister material!” she nodded, “We’re always in control, the guy has the dick, but it’s up to us what they do with it.” She laughed again. “Even when those two guys were on me, I was calling the shots; there wasn’t a minute there wasn’t a tongue or finger taking care of….”

“Oh stop it you slut.” Laurie rolled her eyes, then looking past me pointed, “Speaking of sucking cock, that’s one I wouldn’t mind tasting.”

Turning, I saw her pointing at a picture of me with my father. We had been at the beach and Dad wasn’t wearing a shirt. He worked roadside construction and was in damn good shape for a forty two year old guy. He worked midnight to noon so caught some sun and those muscles were well tanned. Throw in his dark hair and bright blue eyes and I had to say, my Mom had done damn well for herself. As if reading my mind, Krissy said,

“Your mom’s a lucky bitch to have that fucking her, that’s for sure.”

“I guess.” I shrugged.

“You guess?” Laurie asked, “Come on Keri, he’s not hot?”

“He’s my dad.”

“So? Doesn’t mean you can’t have the thought.” Krissy shrugged.

“He’s my dad.” I repeated. “He’s loves me and is really good to me.”

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