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Lusty Indian wife breaks taboo

My name is Shenaaz, I am 38-year-old muslim woman married to a hindu man and I am from Bangalore. My marriage dates 19 years ago to Nundoo, out of which, I have one son studying with the help of my brother in U. K. I was from a village and my parents believed that the girls should be married once they finished school.

After the wedding I moved to Bangalore to stay with Nundoo and his family,. Nundoo is now 42-year-old, his father 62 and mother 58-year and Vishal, his nephew 23-year-old. Vishal is orphan of both parents, his parents (Nundoo’s brother) died in a bus accident while going on a pilgrimage tour, he was then 19 year old.

From my wedding, it seemed to me that Nundoo was more interested in what my father was willing to give dowry than I was. He got 1 lakhs (which was a lot of money at that time) and 10 acres of good farming land in our village. Nundoo was then a fresh university graduate with lots of ambition, so he sold the land and used most of the dowry to set a Music centre and is now a well-known figure in Bangalore.

The business grew and now we have 6 outlets and, because of that, he often travels overseas to buy his equipment and CDs. Sex life with him was no complaint but very occasional as he always stayed late in his shops to supervise his recording etc. When he was fit he could fuck me and make me 3/4 times in one night. With time he was more interested in his business and our son than me. I turned into to be only furniture in the house. I was completely neglected though I strongly believe that I was the key to his success today. Though he likes to say proudly that “his” business is a total success. (forgetting whose money he used to start up with).

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