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Maa ne apni barson se pyasi choot ki pyas ko bete ke doston ke lund se bujhaya

Jeffrey had been away at college for almost a year, and was coming home for thanksgiving. His mother, sara was excitedly looking forward to it. His father had passed away right before jeffrey left for college, and sara was very lonely. She was 38 years old, and very shapely. She had large breasts, and dark blonde hair.
Jeffrey couldn’t understand why she didn’t move on with her life. Jeffrey had just finished talking to his mother on the phone, and had asked if he could bring a couple of friends home with him for the holidays. “why of course you can dear,” sara told her only child. She was so excited about thanksgiving, that even though it was only 3 days away, it may as well been a year. Finally, it was thursday, thanksgiving day, and sara got up really early, and began preparing the enormous turkey, and all the trimmings. She was so happy that she sang as she moved around the kitchen.

It was 10:30 when she heard car doors slamming outside, she quickly hurried towards the living room, and her son and 3 of his friends walked through the door. Sara hugged her son tightly, and kissed him on the lips. Jeffrey introduced his college friends to his mother. Ken was a basketball player, and was almost 6’5″ tall, short brown hair, and mysterious dark eyes. Her eyes scoped out his long frame, and she felt herself get excited as she looked at the young male. The second friend was mike, and he was a husky lad, with shoulder length blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. Sara noticed by the bulge in his pants, that the lad was quite well endowed. The 3rd friend named mark was an italian lad, and he was very dark and handsome. Sara thought nasty dirty thoughts as she looked at the young college males. She couldn’t believe that these guys would all be staying at her house for the next 4 days.

Sara thought to herself, that she had better behave, and she shook all 3 of their hands, smiling brightly. Jeffrey fixed them all up a sleeping area in the large basement, and they decided that they would all sleep slumber party style with sleeping bags, on the plush carpet.

Sara heard the oven timer buzzing, and removed the turkey from the oven, and asked jeffrey if he would help her set the table. Jeffrey helped her set the table, and together they soon had everything ready.

Sara excitedly watched as the lads hungrily devoured her meal, and was amazed at the amount they ate. It made her feel good, and appreciated.

After dinner, mark offered to help her with the dishes, and sara led the young italian male into the kitchen, and they stood side by side washing and drying dishes. She smelled his cologne, and watched his firm ass as he bent over to wash the dishes. Sara felt herself dampen between her legs, as she continued watching the hunky male. She was so horny, and having a houseful of young meat was going to drive her crazy. As mark reached for the last dish, his hand brushed against sara’s breast, and her nipple stiffened beneath her bra. She almost came. Mark looked at the sexy older woman, and smiled. He slid his hand over her breast, and firmly squeezed her nipple. Sara softly moaned, as she felt his strong hand. She bravely slid her hand towards mark’s crotch, and felt his thick cock pressing against his tight levis.

Sara wanted to kneel on the floor and suck him dry, but knew that wasn’t feasible. Mark thrust against her hand, and she felt his cock stiffen. Her pussy was now soaking wet, and mark slid his hand up her dress. He felt her moist panties, and slid his finger inside of them. Sara softly moaned as his finger found her swollen clit. Mark quickly rubbed her to orgasm, and she almost fainted as she came. Mark pressed his mouth over hers, and quickly kissed her. They heard footsteps, and both regained their composure, quickly. It was jeffrey. “so, you 2 how’s it going?” he asked.

“oh, we are just finishing up” sara replied to her son.

“cool, we are getting ready to watch the game” jeffrey said.

“yeah, cool,” mark said.

“why don’t you boys all settle down in front of the tv, and i will fix you some tea,” his mother said.

“ok, mom, that’s great,” jeffrey said.

“let me help you, sara,” mark politely said.

“see you in a few minutes then,” jeffrey said, walking away. As soon as he was out of sight, sara quickly pressed her mouth over mark’s, and their tongues passionately met. They french kissed, and groped each other quickly. Mark’s cock was hard and throbbing, and sara led him to the bathroom. She quickly unzipped his levis, and pulled his long thick hard cock out. She fell to her knees, and immediately devoured him. Her mouth slid all the way down his 10″ shaft, and he moaned as his cockhead touched the back of her throat. Sara moved her mouth up and down his throbbing shaft quickly, she cupped his balls, and her tongue swirled around his sensitive cockhead. Mark softly moaned.

Sara was an expert at giving head, and her wonderful mouth quickly made mark cum. Mark grunted, and his cum shot down her throat. Sara moaned as she tasted his sweet jism. She hungrily gobbled down every precious drop, and as the last of it oozed from the massive head, she quickly zipped and buttoned his levis. They ran to the kitchen, and made the glasses of tea. They each carried a tray with tea, and munchies, and sat them on the coffee table in front of the other 3 boys. “thanks, mom,” jeffrey said, reaching for his glass of tea.

Ken and mike also thanked her, and mark sat down with the guys to watch the game. “i need to run some errands, be back later,” sara told the boys.

“ok, see you later mom,” jeffrey said. Sara left the room, and ran to her bedroom.

She quickly closed and locked her door, and slid her panties off, and removed the large vibrator from her night stand. Sara laid on the bed and spread her pretty legs widely apart. She moaned as the long vibrator slid into her very tight wet pussy. Sara quickly fucked herself to a sweet orgasm, thinking about mark’s wonderful young cock. She wondered if she could somehow seduce all 3 of the boys, there were 4 counting her son. She closed her eyes, and thought about the lads. Her deceased husband was very well endowed, and she knew that jeffrey inherited a rather large cock from his father, and she imagined fucking her son, also.

Sara slid the vibrator against her wet swollen clit, and moaned as she climaxed again. Sara fell to sleep, dreaming about the houseful of college boys. Sara awoke a couple of hours later, and could hear the boys still watching the game. Her pussy ached, and she really needed fucked badly. Sara had a plan, she remembered how her son jeffrey, couldn’t handle his liquor very well. So, sara quickly dressed and ran to the kitchen. She mixed some very strong drinks, and took them to the living room where the 4 males were watching television. “i thought you all might enjoy a drink,” sara said, handing each boy a tall glass of whiskey and soda.

“you’re the greatest, mom,” jeffrey said. The other 3 boys agreed, and all began to quickly devour their drinks. Sara slowly sipped her drink, and as soon as she noticed their glasses emptying, she quickly refilled them with more alcohol.

About 4 drinks later, her son jeffrey was very intoxicated, and was slowly slumping on the sofa. She watched with glee as her son’s head sank lower and lower. Jeffrey was now passed out. Sara refilled the 3 other boy’s glasses with more booze, and quickly went to her room. Sara quickly undressed, and stood before the mirror naked. She removed the white stockings from her drawer, and began slowly sliding them on. She put on a silky top that zipped all the way down the front, with no bra. Next, she slid into a sexy short skirt, with a slit up the side. She finished off her ensemble with high heeled shoes. She quickly fixed her hair, and applied a generous amount of makeup, enough to make her look a little slutty.

Sara grabbed her drink, and slithered towards the living room. She could hear that the game was now over, and as she entered the room, saw her son sleeping soundly on the sofa. The other 3 boys laid him on the couch, and covered him up. “well, what do we do now?” ken asked mike and mark. “i don’t know” mark replied. Sara stood before the young men, and gave them all a big seductive smile. She could tell the young men were quite buzzed, as was she. Sara inched her way closer to the 3 young men, and stood directly in front of them. She was trying to figure out how to make her move, when mark suddenly pulled her towards him. “my, my mrs. Smith, don’t you look absolutely scrumptious” he remarked, patting her on her firm ass. “what do you think boys?” he asked the other 2. “god, yes she looks so hot” mike replied. Ken, stared at his friends mother, standing there dressed so seductively.

All 3 boys were getting erections, and sara could see the large bulges in their pants. Sara led all 3 towards her bedroom, and once inside, sat them on her bed. Sara put on some soft music, and began to dance seductively around the room. She began tugging on her zipper, and as she slid it down, her large white breasts became revealed. Her pink nipples were large and erect. Sara tossed the shirt onto the bed. Mark, and mike both began to kiss on her breasts. Sara moaned as they began sucking her excited nipples. Ken slid his hand up her skirt, and began rubbing her pussy through her damp panties. Sara thrust against his hand, as his finger found her clit. Ken furiously rubbed her swollen clit, and sara came. Her body shook, and she moaned loudly. Ken began unzipping his jeans, and sara gasped as she saw his long thick 11 inch cock. Pre cum was dripping from the swollen purple head, and sara reached for it. She quickly grabbed his massive cock with her hand and began to stroke him

Up and down. Ken softly moaned. Mike and mark continued sucking on her pretty nipples, and each began removing their jeans. Their cocks were both quite impressive. Sara already knew how impressive mark’s cock was from her earlier adventure.

She reached for mike’s cock, which stood proudly at 8 inches, and very thick. He also was dripping precum from his cockhead. Sara pulled mike closer to her, and his cock head brushed against her mouth. Sara opened her mouth, and ran her tongue across his wet sticky cockhead, tasting his sweet precum. Mike moaned. She continued to stroke ken’s long thick cock as she began sucking mike into her mouth. Mike moaned as his cock disappeared between her soft lips. Sara’s tongue slid up and down his thick shaft. She moaned as she felt his cock pulsate in her mouth. Ken began tugging at sara’s panties, and quickly removed them. He pressed his mouth over her wet hot pussy, and began licking up and down her juicy slit. Sara moaned, and continued to suck mike’s pretty cock. Mike moaned loudly as his cock slid against the back of her throat.

“oh mrs. Smith” he moaned. “it feels so fucking good!” he grunted. She moved her mouth up and down his shaft quickly, allowing him to fuck her throat with his throbbing cockhead. Ken’s tongue found her swollen clit, and he gently sucked and nibbled her until she was thrashing about, and she climaxed. Her juices poured from her sweet pussy, and ken eagerly swallowed them. Mark was behind her, and his tongue slid against her asshole. Sara moaned as she felt it wiggle inside of her. No one had ever licked her asshole, and she found this an enjoyable experience. Ken’s tongue worked on her hot pussy ,while mark worked on her ass hole. Her pussy exploded as the tongues darted in and out of both of her holes.

Mike was thrusting deeply into her mouth ,and he grunted as his hot cum squirted into her mouth. Sara moaned as she tasted his young sweet jism. She gobbled up every drop as it sprayed into her mouth. She grunted, and squeezed his balls, moving her mouth up and down his pulsating cock. She felt mark’s finger slide into her ass, and she moaned as it entered her deeply. Ken’s fingers were inside of her tight moist pussy. She couldn’t see how many he was thrusting into her, but she guessed 3. They were long fingers, and he fucked her with them wonderfully. She moaned as mark worked another finger inside of her ass. She thrust against them as both finger fucked her holes furiously.

She felt mark’s fingers slip from her ass, and felt her asshole as it tried to close, and suddenly she felt mark’s thick cock head pressing against the virgin hole. “mmm, god!” she grunted as mark’s thick cock slid into her ass. “yes baby” she moaned. Ken was rubbing his cock up and down her juicy pussy slit, and she begged him to enter her. Mike stood there his cock still hard, as it leaked it’s last drops of cum onto her face. Ken’s enormous cock slid slowly into her tight pussy, and she yelled as he thrust all the way into her. She thrust against both boys as their cocks fucked her 2 love holes. “oh yes, fuck me boys” she moaned. Mark slowly fucked her ass, but he kept moving more quickly as ken furiously fucked her tight pussy. Sara moaned loudly as she came.

Mark moaned, and his cum shot into her asshole. Sara softly moaned with pleasure as she felt his hot cum fill her ass. His cock pulsated wildly inside of her, and she thrust against him. Ken moaned and she felt his monstrous cock as it exploded inside of her. He came in quarts, or so it felt. Her pussy felt completely full of his cum, and each time it pulsated, she could feel more and more of the thick hot cum spray against her inner cunt. “oh dear god~!” she moaned. Ken continued thrusting into her, emptying his cum deep inside of her pussy. Mike was jacking himself off, as he watched his friends furiously fuck the older woman. Mark slid his cock from her tight ass, and as he did, mike quickly slid his cock into her. He pumped wildly into her ass, making her cum again. Ken’s thick rod remained buried inside of her hot pussy. Mike thrust furiously, and his cock erupted. She felt his hot cum as it sprayed into her ass. She came again.

“oh yes!” she moaned. Ken slid his shrinking cock from her pussy, and as it slid out of her, she felt his cum pour from the tight hole. “mmm, you are so big, and filled my pussy so well” she moaned. Ken pressed his mouth over hers, and their tongues playfully darted against each other. Mike shot the last of his cum into her ass, and he quickly removed his cock from her. Sara lay on her bed, in a puddle of cum. Both of her holes ached, but she was fully satisfied. “oh thank you so much, boys” she purred to them. “mmm, thank you” ken said, kissing her mouth once more. Mark pressed his mouth over hers, and they passionately kissed. Sara felt completely fulfilled now, and the boys began to dress. Sara softly moaned, as she lay there.

The 3 boys, left her bedroom, and went back to the living room. “wow, another game” mike said. The 3 quickly remained glueed to the tv for the rest of the evening. Sara didn’t have sex with any of them again, but she felt so satisfied by her first gangbang.

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