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Madiha meets a ‘strange’ copassenger in the bus journey – Indian Landlord vs The Tenant Girl

“One ticket to Hyderabad, please.” I begged.

“Don’t worry, madam,” he said, “I’ll get the best ticket possible, especially for you.” He then scanned me from head to toe. I adjusted my shawl to cover myself better.

With mascara under my eyes, hoop earrings, ruby roo lips, shiny semi transparent saree with sleeveless blouse and slingback heels. I didn’t look like a regular person who waits for the bus, but like someone who is about to down a few shots and hit the dance floor.

Also, Shrek uncle had made me wear my saree low on my waist so it showed my navel. My newly stitched blouse gave a bit of cleavage and covered almost nothing at my back. The shawl just didn’t have enough surface area to cover myself.

Our project had won the best project in our quarter, and we had a party to celebrate it. I had already booked train tickets to my hometown at 8pm, so Neha and I decided to leave by 6pm. The party was just an excuse for these middle aged uncles to drink without their wife nagging them. They started their colorful stories over drinks and totally ignored the fact that there were three women amongst their midst.

Finally, after some begging, my team-mate Vipul agreed to take us at 7pm but he totally overestimated his alcohol tolerance. He stopped the car midway and vomited all over the seat barely missing Neha. He requested a timeout to try and recover.

With no option remaining, I decided to take an auto rickshaw to the station. Neha always had the habit of packing strange things in her bag and thankfully she had an expensive pashmina shawl which I borrowed.

With the late evening traffic I ended up missing my train and went to the private bus station. Now I was sitting in the waiting room while the agent was making frantic calls. I was already feeling uncomfortable with everyone staring at me because of my out of place clothing.

“Good news madam,” the agent enthusiastically said “One seat, AC bus, semi sleeper. Happened because of my special recommendation.”

I gave him the smile that helped me get discounts and special offers from strangers and paid for the ticket. This bus had a different point of origin and was already nearly full. Thankfully, they decided to make a stop here to fill the empty seats.

The bus came after half an hour and didn’t waste much time. My seat was the second last row of a 2×2 seater towards the window side. A middle aged man in his mid 40’s also boarded and sat next to me. I didn’t even notice him because I was updating Neha over phone that I had managed to get a seat. Shrek uncle then pulled the phone off her and started telling me how much he missed me and wanted another threesome soon.

They switched off the interior lights after they left the station. The tiredness caused by the party and the alcohol made me drift off to sleep immediately. About 2 or 3 hours later I woke up due to a nasty bump in the road. I decided to doze back but realized that there was something on my thigh.

It was that stranger’s hand. I thought he might have accidentally put it there while sleeping. I was in two minds whether to remove it and risk disturbing his sleep, but then decided that he might just remove it himself when he realized it where it was and I went back to sleep.

However, after a few minutes, his hands started moving. I realized that it was a deliberate move thinking that I was asleep, and he was caressing my thighs over my saree.

I was taken aback by this move and was in a dilemma how to deal with it. I didn’t want to confront him as it might end up with other passengers beating him. So I pretended to move in my sleep and he immediately stopped and took off his hand.

Just when I thought that he understood his limits, he once again surprised me by putting his hand on my thigh again. This time he was definitely copping a feel and gently pressing them.

Seeing no reaction from me, he got bolder and put his hands into the shawl and started moving my pallu of the saree. His hand touched my waist and it was the first skin to skin contact. I got a mini shock and had goose bumps over my body. The low waist saree gave him more surface area to feel.

His hands were now caressing my waist and his fingers were running over it. He put his index finger into my navel and tickled it. I was breathing heavily as I wanted this to stop but didn’t know how to do it. We were in a bus full of people and the more freedom I allowed him, the deeper the hole I dug for myself.

His hands moved up and then he cupped one breast over my blouse. He pressed my boob like it was a lorry horn, and waited for me to react. Sensing no resistance from me, he did the same to the other one.

I thought this was the maximum he would go, but then he started removing the hooks of my blouse. I was astounded by his bravery, which was actually stupidity because a single light would make me the slut of the season. He quickly removed all the hooks and parted my blouse wide.

He pulled down my shawl leaving my bra exposed. He then tried to pull my breasts out of my bra. With much difficulty, he was able to pull the right one out and he realized that he couldn’t pull out the other. He ran his finger over my nipple and I gave a soft moan.

He bent down and kissed my breasts and ran his tongue over my nipple. I guessed he must have known by now that I was no longer asleep as only a coma patient wouldn’t wake to this. I could hear the sound of his zipper and some adjustment. He pulled my left hand down and made me hold something. It was his erect penis. I guessed it was around 5 to 6 inches, which is decent enough to satisfy a woman.

I started giving him a hand job while he was suckling my breasts. He pulled my body and put his hands behind my back and kept searching for my bra. He finally found it and removed the strap with his two fingers. He pulled my bra down even more and exposed both of my breasts. Now he had the delicious choice of alternating between my breasts.

This went on for some time until the bus reached the state border toll booth. Most people had closed their windows with curtains but there was a lot of bright light trying to peek through the gaps. I immediately pushed him away and pulled up the shawl over myself.

We waited silently as the driver was getting his permit verified. The bus finally moved on and once again started driving beyond the street lights.

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