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Making love with my Own sister

I am back again to narrate my true story with my younger married sister Tony .she is a 26 years old lady ,too hot ,lovely face,white complexion,height of 5’5 feet with figure of 34-26-36 ,her tits are of medium size as her round dome shaped ass is attractive,her strong thighs have made me hot as her vaginal parts are too nice as well as clean shaved . I am a 28 years guy waiting for my marriage as my married sister have arrived here today with her hubby but how many days he will live? Just give us reply of our sexual journey to start.

after marriage her body started getting fleshy as her face is too lovely ,her sexual organs have reached a new zenith of maturity and centre of attraction.after 2 days my younger sister’s hubby left home to move to his work place and it’s a dark evening as I walked away for evening walk. I reached market to purchase some items for home but bought a cane beer also to have it. I drink it near a deserted park and came back home ,while moving inside my home I can see my mom in kitchen as my hot sister is watching t.v while sitting on sofa. I moved to my room to change my clothes and came back in dinning hall , sitting close to Tony I asked……”mom I need a coffee
(Mom)sure you will get it ,Tony if you want a cup of coffee

(Tony) yes mom .”

Tony is wearing a long gawn covering her hot body and upto her knee length ,looking at him I put my hand on her thigh and started rubbing my palm on it as she screamed slowly…….”Mohit you are inciting me

(Mohit)yah got chance after a long wait .” And in a sudden I put my other hand on her breast to hold and press it hard ,she is watching t.v as my hands are on her thigh and tits ,looking towards kitchen she said…..”mom is coming out Mohit ” and I took away my hand from him as I moved away on sofa and mom came with three cups of coffee as she is sitting near tony.we three are drinking coffee and mom asked…….” Tony you are married for 3 years but we all are still waiting for a good news

(Tony is bit shy) mom wait for next year to get good news .” And after having coffee my mom left us ,she moved towards her bedroom as I moved towards balcony . I am waiting for Tony to come there and she came there after a while ,we are sitting on chair as it’s in closest position ,looking at him I turned my face towards him and she too turned her face ,now I put my hand on her neck and started kissing her soft face as well as lips and Tony started rubbing her lips on my lips like a hot and horny lady,lastly I took her lips in my mouth as I am sucking it ,my hand hold her breast tightly and while pressing it hard,my penis started erecting and Tony grabbed my penis on Bermuda as it’s bulge is in erection ,lastly she pushed her tongue in my mouth and I am pressing her boobs hardly as I am sucking her tongue.after a while she took out her long tongue and hold my hand to make it away from her breast.we both are horny as well as hot and looking at me,Tony smiled……”rest will happened after dinner

(Mohit) no before dinner I want to make you satisfy as my dick is in full erection
(Tony) but Mohit how we can enjoy oral sex as well as intercourse in presence of mom
(Mohit) in washroom , go inside and than open the back door of it ,I will move inside from our backyards

(Tony) o.k but be sure ,mom don’t see you going towards backyard in a dark evening .” As my hot sister moved towards her bedroom to get inside attached washroom ,I left the dinning hall and moved to my bedroom and frisked inside my attached washroom to move towards backyard.lastly I am in backyards as the door of her washroom is closed ,I pushed it slowly and entered inside.

Tony is waiting for me as I closed the door and moved closer to him,looking too hot in her black night gawn ,I hold her in my arms and she started rubbing her hand on my buttocks but slowly pulled down my Bermuda to make me nude,what a lady wants? ,I think hard cock which is long and thick and have got the ability to spend longer time inside vagina .Tony is on her knees as she is holding my dick and kissing it ,the softest part of penis,glans,is moving on her face and lips as she is looking at me.Tony loves sucking cock as she pushed my cock in her mouth to suck but her mouth is still and my whole penis is in her mouth,glans is on her deep throat and she took it out to lick it as I am screaming……”oohhhhh aaagh uummm Tony suck my cock I want to fuck you soon

(Looking at me while licking the glans) oh than who will love my vagina with his tongue and lips .” Any how she licked my penis and stand on floor like a hot lady,I put my hand on her gawn and slowly lifted it towards her neck and took it out ,she is a nude lady with a G string panty on her vaginal zone. I knelt down and put my kiss on her thighs as her legs are wide stretched and it’s now shivering while my lips are moving on her strong and soft thighs ,now I put my hand on her waist as I got the lock of panty ,I opened it and it fell on floor as I can see my married sister hot love zone . I can see her both labias maintaining a distance while it’s clitoris is like a small nose and I started kissing her labias and she is screaming……..”aahh uuhh yumm Mohit lick my cunt yaar .” And while sitting on floor I put my hand on the tap of cascade to let’s water fall on ground and make some noises to avoid our noises going out of washroom . I put my fingers and opened her vaginal mouth to push my tongue in it ,while licking it my hand is on her soft ass ,she have hold my hairs tightly and shouting ……..

”oohhhhh aahhh Mohit now fuck me yaar aahh .” And I took her both labias in my mouth to suck.later on I stood on floor infront of tony, her legs are wide stretched and my penis is straight to her waist line as I hold her one legs in air ,she is standing on her legs while making her one legs upward and now our love zone is facing each other. I have hold her legs tightly in air and she hold my penis and started rubbing the glans on her vaginal zone,lastly her vagina got 1/2 of my dick ,our waist line is brushing as I slowly pushed my cock in my younger sister’s cunt and it’s all over,whole of my penis is moving fast as I have hold her legs in air .my penis is penetrating the softest part of a lady as I am fucking her with speed and power ,she have hold me tightly as her breasts are pressing hard on my chest ,Tony kissed me and said…… “Love to be fucked in your lap while you are standing

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