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Making Mommy Cum with Friend’s Help

“Mom, please!” Jay tightly wrapped his arms around his mother’s belly while pressing his head against her back. She knew him too well: he wasn’t planning to let go anytime soon, so she put down the knife she was using to chop the vegetables for the dinner and turned around.

“Honey, listen…” Alice put her hand gently on his head. “This sort of thing is only acceptable… between a mother… and… h-her son…” She stuttered while uttering the sentence. She had a hard time believing she just actually said that.

It’s been only a couple of months since she started a more intimate relationship with her beloved son. I happened soon after the divorce. Her husband left with another woman and left Jay under her care. That’s when they started sharing the bed, she thought it would make things easier for her son and strengthen their bond. Soon afterwards she started noticing how weird he acted around her every time she put on her nightgown or came out of the bath. Inevitably, Jay finally confessed his feelings to his beloved mother. She realized he saw her not only as a mother, but also a beautiful woman he wanted to become one with.

When Jay eventually started taking her panties or stockings from her drawers and “accidentally” entering the bathroom while she was taking a shower, Alice decided to start educating him about sex, which quickly led to “practical lessons” and over the next weeks to casual sex. She never thought of it as an inherently sexual act, she just thought of it as a way to relieve his urges and let him express his love to her as a woman. She loved him too much and wanted to be a good mother.

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