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Making money from sister

We were cash-strapped those days. My elder sister Amrita was that time doing her textile business. She was twenty seven, but looked young enough for people to think she is my younger sister. She was athletic, slim and tall. She carried herself well; dressed elegantly and was very beautiful with lovely thick silky hair which fell below her shoulder. She had a sharp nose, full lips. a well defined chin; and large eyes. However, her striking feature was her figure. Though petite, her body looked full, endowed with large yet firm breasts and a tight but wide butt. I was twenty three, five feet ten inches tall. slim and fit. We used to be very close when we were younger; but over the last few years we had drifted apart; as she was busy with her work all the time. My sister used to procure textile materials, get them designed into fashionable garments and supply them to retail outlets in Calcutta. It was during Dassera festival she needed lots of money to buy a large consignment – as that is the peak season for this business. She asked Dad to lend her money. But dad could not afford.

I had been working for my dad in our family business and was trying to get a new agency for a reputed tiles manufacturing company. Its sales manager came to Calcutta for a business visit. I met him, and took him out for drinks and dinner. He asked me if I could arrange a call-girl for him. And trust me, I had no idea how to get one in Calcutta, though I knew there was Sonagachhi, the red-light area of Calcutta full of cheap whores, which would not help my cause.

I got back home, and was not getting sleep, not knowing how to get the sales manager satisfied, and possibly get the agency. I got up and then wanted to check my emails. While doing so, I just clicked on a search for call girls in Calcutta. It went to a site on sex guide in India. One advertisement appealed to me. It read – A classy tall bold and beautiful modern girl, who knows how to please is available for making your fantasies true – if your purse can afford. You will find girl of your dreams – and someone you can share anything with – what you never shared with your wife or girl-friend. For reasons unknown I just filled in the name of the manager, Mr. Patel, his hotel details and asked her to come the next day at 1pm to the hotel. A while later I went to sleep.

Next day, I went to see the sales manager, Mr. Patel. We were sitting in his room. I did not divulge to him that I had tried to arrange a call girl as I was not sure if the girl would respond. We were discussing business and sipping beer. “It is quite boring here in Calcutta. I wish I had some good company.” Patel said as he sipped his beer. I was looking at my watch frequently to see if it was one o’clock and if the girl would really turn up. We must have polished off three bottles each in the morning itself. Exactly at 1pm, the phone in the room rang.

My heart skipped several beats as I saw Mr. Patel picking up the phone. He said,” Hello, Patel here…..” and after a pause said, “but I ……….I do not know…..” I went unto him and gestured to him to give me the phone. I took it from him and said, “Hello, may I help you?” A female voice came from the other end, “Is Mr. Patel there?” “Yes Ma’am. By the way, are you Miss Neha?” I inquired. “Yes, I am Neha and I was supposed to see Mr. Patel in his room.” Wao!! I thought to myself… Patel will get a girl today and I shall get the agency…. “That is correct Madam, how much do you charge?” I asked. “It was in the net. I charge twenty thousand rupees for two hours. And it is to be paid in advance. For each extra hour, another ten thousand rupees. And for trying variations, I charge extra.” I knew I had to pay for this. So I wanted to be clear. “Madam, it is for two hours only. But the gentleman may like to try out few variations. Please let me know how much you are going to charge.” There was a pause. Then the lovely voice started again, “For anal sex, I charge ten thousand extra. But it is to be done with condom. For blow job with condom, I charge two thousand extra; and without condom, five thousand. If the man wants to come in my mouth and ass; my total charges are thirty five thousand rupees. And not a rupee less. And I can assure you, all my clients go back satisfied.” Fortunately I had the cash with me, as I had to make some payments. I spoke, “Please wait in the lobby. I shall come there and pay you in advance, and you can then take care of my client in his room. But how do I recognize you?” She replied, “I am in white top and black trousers. I am slim and tall, and am carrying a black handbag. My hair has shades of brown. I am wearing dark sunglasses. I am sitting in the corner-most sofa in the lobby.” I hung up the phone and then turned to Mr. Patel. “Mr. Patel, I am getting you a girl, and you can have all your fantasies fulfilled!!” There was a smile on his face. “Hey you… thanks man!!! You did not tell me, so that I could have taken a Viagra earlier!! Anyway, hope she is good. You can come back after she leaves.” While going out of his room, I turned back and told him,” I shall take care of her payments, you just have fun!!!” I opened the door and went to lift to go down to the lobby.

As I looked around, I saw a lady sitting in the corner of the lobby with her back to me. I went slowly towards her, and saw the black strap of her handbag on her white shirt. Her hair was open and cascaded down, some of them hanging behind the back of the sofa in soft curls.

“Ma’am, I came to pay you so that you can then go to the room for Mr. Patel”. I was shocked the moment the lady turned around to face me. I felt as if I would collapse. My mouth dried up, my heart was pounding against my chest and my legs wobbled as I saw her. It was my elder sister – Amrita. I caught the sofa to balance myself, and staggeringly went around and sat on the sofa by her side.

“You…. Here…. .” I stammered as if I saw a ghost.

Her face turned pale; and her lips quivered. She was looking down. She was dressed very elegantly, in a pair of black trousers, though fairly tight with flares at the bottom; black high-heeled pointed shoes and a white silk shirt, which had top two buttons undone, just giving a hint of a cleavage, but not exposing anything other than a lacy white bra. The shirt was tight though and the buttons appeared a bit strained, as her shapely bust was trying to push through.

She started after a pause, “Well, you know I needed money for my business and I needed it bad and had to make it fast. I had no other choice. This way, I can make some fast bucks and then invest in my business. And I am taking all precautions. I go only to five star hotels, where I meet much selected people; and stick to all safe practices. What else could I do to get the money? I did not have any choice.”

“Yes, I understand.” I said, in an assuring tone. “Well, you have to be careful. You should make sure no one finds out.” I looked into her eyes which were hidden behind her sunglasses. “I actually wanted to get someone for this Mr. Patel to get the agency of tiles for our hardware business; and was just taking a chance in the internet. And that is how I contacted you. Actually I was supposed to pay for his entertainment.”

“Well, you still have to pay,” her voice was lighter this time. “Do not worry, if it helps you in your business, I shall take care of him. But you know, we have to keep it to ourselves.”

“Thanks a lot didi (it is the Indian word for addressing elder sister).” I said softly. “His room number is 561.”

She got up, and majestically walked to the elevator. The shirt was short. It ended just at her waist. The tight black trousers stuck to her behind like a second skin. Her butts were tight, firm and were swinging with each of her steps. A white thong was peeking out over the waist of her low-rise trousers. The thin wisp of the thong was out, making itself tantalizingly visible through her sheer shirt. Her high heeled shoes made her ass sway provocatively as she walked. She waited in front of the lift for a while, and then disappeared as the lift opened and closed.

A million thoughts were crowding my mind; and I was imagining what Patel would be doing with my sister. I was trying to get a mental picture of what would be happening in room 561. I went to the coffee-shop and sat there waiting for Patel’s call. Almost after an hour and half my mobile rang, and I woke up from my reverie. It was the hotel number on my phone. I switched on the phone.

“Kumar, Patel here. Can you come over to my room?”

I rushed to his room.

Patel had wrapped a towel around is waist as he came to open the door. Amrita didi was in the bathroom.

“She is wonderful Kumar. I really had fun and lots of thanks for arranging this wonderful lady. And now the agency is yours!!!”

Amrita didi came out of the bathroom. She was her usual composed self. Her make up was intact. Her hair was neatly arranged. Her attire was flawless. Her eyes were expressionless though. She sat on the sofa and put on her shoes, tied the lace and got up. She came near Mr. Patel, gave him a peck on the cheek; then took out her sunglasses from her bag, wore it. She was about to leave, when Patel spoke,” Thank you so much Ms. Neha. I enjoyed every second of your company; and shall cherish it for ever. Hope you have not forgotten my little souvenir I asked for.”

“Thanks to you too Mr. Patel.” Amrita didi replied. “Your souvenir is in your bathroom. I left it for you.” Amrita didi smiled and went out of the room.

I saw Patel ogling at the sexy posterior of my sister as she went out of the room.

“And Mr. Kumar, give me a few minutes, I shall hand over the contract to you and then I need to sleep. I am famished!!”

Patel brought out the documents from his briefcase, signed it and handed them over to me. I thanked him and left his room with mixed feelings. I have used my own sister’s services to get the contract, at the same time I was happy I got the contract. I returned home straightaway.

I went to my room, and was thinking of my sister. On one hand I was shocked my sister was whoring around; but on the other I was grateful to her for bagging the business contract. I did not want to be a moral police. I reasoned to myself, girls can be bed-hoppers for fun; so which way was it wrong if my sister slept with different men. Well, she was using sex as a tool to make money – but what is wrong in that?” Then I thought of going to her room and thank her again for helping me in the business. I changed to my shorts and a T-shirt and went to her room. I knocked at her door.

“Get in Kumar”, she shouted.

I went inside. She was lying on her bed. She was wearing a tracksuit and a T-shirt and was lying on her stomach and going through some dress-design book.

“Thanks a million Didi.” I began the conversation. “I owe you my life for helping me out with the deal. Patel was so happy that he signed the contract just after you left and gave it to me.” I told her in a very normal voice easing the situation as if nothing wrong has ever happened.

She did not sound even a trace perturbed. Her voice was steady. “He is a decent old man.” My sister said. “Poor fellow’s wife does not sleep with him and he wants to make the best use of whatever active sex-life the old-man is left with.” She paused and without lifting her gaze from her book, continued professor-like, “These guys have sex in their minds, but their bodies refuse. They need it more, but cannot perform. When you make them think they are good in bed and fake a few orgasms, their male ego gets boosted; and they start thinking their pencil-thick cock is the best performing tool in the world! You know, what is important is, you got to please the man’s ego, not his sexual drive.”

“Whatever it is, Patel was head over heels for you. And he was ever so thankful.” I added.

“Yes, he also told me the same thing. He had never experienced anal sex before and he was so excited when I let him fuck my ass. After coming twice in an hour, once in my mouth and once in my ass; he was finished. He did not have energy left to handle me for two hours.” She was saying with a kind of pride in her voice. “By the way, you got to buy me a new thong. He took mine saying he needed it as a souvenir!!” She chuckled.

“Whatever you say didi. If you want, I can buy you a wardrobe.” I assured her. “But didi, this way, if you handle such clients directly, there is always a chance someone known would find out and you know how dad and mom will get pissed off.”

“That is right. But I try to be as discreet as possible. I entertain only those who are not from Calcutta; and only if the person is not known any way. But considering what happened today, I have to find a way to carry this on properly.” She raised her head from the book and sat down folding her legs.

“May be, I can help you. I shall handle your emails, and contacts. And once I ensure it is a safe deal, you can go ahead with business.” I suggested.

“That is a good idea.” She said thoughtfully. But suddenly, she burst into laughter and said, “What a joke, brother pimping for sister!!!!”

“Manager…. Not a pimp” I too laughed aloud. “Like most actresses have their managers or secretaries, I shall be your secretary and manager. And I shall not take any salary or commission from you.” I said in a lighter vein. “I will do it to pay you back for all your help.”

She was sitting in the typical Indian style, with her legs folded. I could see a damp patch at her crotch of the tracksuit. As my eyes traveled to her crotch, she realized what I was looking at and nudged me and said, “Sometimes these old men provoke the desire in you, and when you need it – they leave you horny. I was actually feeling very horny after coming back and just before I heard your footsteps approaching my room I kept the vibrator in. I was shagging myself and that is why it is so wet down there. And I am not wearing any panties. So this tracksuit is wet!!”

“Ok my secretary. Let us go.” She said and jumped off the bed. “I need to change.”

“You want me to go out?” I asked – but deep within I was praying she lets me be there when she changed.

As if she listened to my prayer, she said, “Now that you are going to be my manager, you need to know what you are dealing with!!! You can stay in and see what you are going to manage.” She said with naughtiness to her voice and pulled off her top.

I was transfixed when my eyes fell on her supple breasts. They were firm, conical standing in their full glory. They were much larger than what I thought them to be. Her nipples were erect. The gMolestation-fruit like nipples stood from the center of her brown areolas, which capped her large breasts. They were moving up and down like water-filled balloons as she walked up to her wardrobe. She picked up an off-white transparent satin bra and slipped it on. She placed her boobs in the bra cup and reached behind her back to fasten the hook. She moved her fingers underneath the strap to position them properly. I was hypnotized and my cock was up. The bra lifted up her breasts making her cleavage deeper. What a place for a man to keep his face in – I was wondering.

As if I did not exist in that room, she kept her both hands on the waist band of her tracksuit and pushed it down. She had to bend to take it out of her legs. As she did that with her back to me, I saw the finest piece of ass in the world. They were full, yet firm and quite large – appearing even larger as her waist is quite narrow. They were glowing. And as she bent, I could see her pussy lips peeping from between her legs. She pulled out a matching pair of panties and again bent down to slip one leg into it and then the other. She straightened up and pulled up her panties. She still had her back towards me. As she pulled up her panties, I saw a little triangular lacy piece of cloth covering a small portion of her lower back where the butt-crack started and a string descending down from it but vanishing between her two large globes of ass cheeks. I could not see her front, but could guess there must be a small triangular patch covering her pussy. And the material was almost see-through and lacy. I was wondering if she had any hair on her pussy.

She picked up a pair of jeans and waltzed towards me. And I could see her in the skimpy bra and panties. The bra was transparent, and I could see her dark nipples and areolas; and the panties were covering her pussy and could easily make out her pussy was shaved clean. She slipped her legs into the jeans and zipped it up. She picked up a top and wore it.

“Get up and let us get going.” She ordered.

I was embarrassed to get up as my cock was making a large tent and I was trying to push it down when she pulled my hand. I stood up, but my prick was up and standing within my loose shorts perpendicularly.

“What is that you have there, is that hard seeing your sister?” She pointed her finger at my cock and before I realized what is happening caught it over my shorts.

“Ahhh… it feels so good….” It came out from my mouth inadvertently.” I pushed my pelvis forward as she gripped my cock as if I was fucking her hand. She gave a few jerks, and held it tight. My cock inflated to its maximum size and hardness and I – like a man possessed started moving my pelvis forward and backward. Didi’s other hand came down and she caught my balls and gave it a tight squeeze. My cock sprang up again and I think it was attaining a size that is bigger than its biggest possible dimension.

“Well, my manager needs it bad…” She chuckled. “My manager needs my services first to serve me I guess…” My hands which had gone limp proceeded very tentatively to her breasts covered by her top. I could see her nipples poking through her top and I caught each one of them between my thumb and index finger and started rotating both ways and pinched them. She pushed me towards her bed and I fell on her bed flat on my back with my waist on the edge and my legs dangling down. She sat near my waist leaning towards me. Before any word could be uttered I pushed my shorts down exposing my rigid cock, standing like a flag pole. Didi was moving her hand slowly and seductively on it, taking time to caress the underside and in between giving tender pokes into my asshole and clutching my balls. When she used her nails to tickle my balls and the area around my asshole, I felt my cock would burst.

My hands wormed their way under her top to her breasts and lifted her top which gathered over her breasts. I pushed her flimsy bra up and started squeezing her firm buttery tits. I almost tried to milk it out, as the milkman does with cows’ tits!!! I put my palm on it and rolled it under my palm. But not satisfied my hungry mouth went to her tit and took one in, as the other was being taken care of by my hands. She took off her top and then her bra. When I got access to the glorious mounds, my joys knew no bounds. I started playing with both her tits.

Didi had her hand on my cock and balls. She was patiently jerking it, taking a long time. I could feel my balls tightening. I felt I was about to come. Didi sensed it, and she went very slowly. She wanted to prolong my pleasure I guessed. There was pre-cum at the tip of my cock. She smeared it with her fingers on my cock-head.

Her speed increased and she came closer. My hand went down to the brass button of her jeans. I opened it and then pulled down the zipper. She pushed it down and got out of her pants. Now, there was a fantasy-girl, girl of many men’s fantasy, in front of me almost nude but for the small panties which made her look sexier. I cupped her pussy over the silky panties, and found it moist. I was eagerly waiting for getting a taste of her honey now

I myself got rid of my shorts which was around my knees it in a flash. No words were spoken, as if we were two self-programmed robots. I pushed my hand into her panties and started playing with her cunt. Delicately caressing her cunt, I ran a finger with slight pressure on the depression in the middle. With a little pressure one finger got in. My finger found its way in, and then I had two fingers slowly inching in and out of her hot pussy under her panties.

“I want to kiss you there ….. Your pussy……..” that is all I spoke and got up towards her feet. I lied on her side, with my head positioned in front of her pussy and my cock in front of her mouth, both lying side by side facing towards each other’s legs. I wanted to please her for all she had done for me, and wanted it to be special. I lifted one of her legs and placed my face between her legs, right on her pussy. She clamped my head with her left leg lifting it up and folding it at her knees, as my head was resting on the right thigh.

I jerked when unspeakably pleasant sensation with its epicenter at my cock spread all over my body, she was lightly biting my cock with her teeth when it was coming out of her mouth and was pursing her lips around my cock when it entered her mouth. She was licking the entire underside of my cock. She was sucking on the glans and fondling my balls. I jerked my pelvis thus pushing my cock into her mouth halfway. A shiver ran through me as she started scratching on my asshole and pressed her finger in. She took some spit on her fingers and applied it on my asshole. She repeated it few times, soaking the place around my asshole with her warm saliva. Her pressure of sucking was increasing on my cock. I was taking cue from her actions. Just following what my experienced sister was doing. I pushed the thin strap of her panties sideways, and had her pussy exposed completely. I was lucky to spot the small protrusion between her outer lips on top. I nibbled at it, and started sucking it. She was now bucking against my mouth. I tried to cover her whole pussy with my mouth and tried to suck as hard as I could. I was fingering her pussy, sucking her pussy, sucking her clitoris, and caressing her posteriors by pushing the thin band of cloth which is supposed to be the back of her thong. Her pussy was a fountain of hot honey now. Secretion of her pussy was spreading all around. I dug my fingers into her cunt, soaked my fingers properly and repeated on her asshole the same assault, what she was doing to me. Both of us were at the height of sexual passion. Excepting animal grunts, there was no sound from either of us. I could feel my balls were going to release. I increased my tempo of fucking her mouth. Reciprocating this, she also started rubbing her pussy hard on my face, and I sucked her clit, and one hand had three fingers going in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her and the other was probing her asshole. As my index finger probed into her tight asshole, it just opened up. She relaxed her sphincter which I knew was used to allow entry to larger meat-shafts and my index finger was fully inside without much effort. I brought out my index finger, licked my index and middle finger and then had two fingers in her asshole. A while later, a third finger joined them. Now, I was fucking her cunt with my left hand, fucking her ass with my right hand and was sucking her clit and lapping her pussy. She was not left behind. She was sucking my rod, and taking it deep into her throat; she was fondling my balls, and playing with my asshole. Suddenly a terrible pain ran through me as her finger entered my asshole.

“Relax…. Just relax…..” she said without taking her finger out.

When I relaxed my anus, I could feel her finger going in and reaching some unknown corner of my body and somewhere behind where my cock originated I could feel her finger massaging my prostate and that drove me over the edge.

I was now fucking her mouth as if there was no tomorrow. She was pressing her pussy on my mouth hard.

In unison, animal cries came out from both of us….. “AAAAAHHHHHH ……. I ….. am…. C…o…m….i…..n….g….. … “I announced as I ejaculated in her mouth. My cock went on spurting a load of semen in her mouth and there was a feeling of wonderful emptiness in my balls and cock.

She was the first to get up. Seeing her getting up from the bed, I felt dejected, and deprived of fucking her pussy. “I want to make love to you. I want to fuck your pussy.” I said.

“Do not worry bro, you will get enough chances,” she stretched her arms and stood up. “Now that your cock is quiet, at least for a while, let us go for some shopping and then think of the grand finale at night. We can fuck the whole night.”

Her jeans and tops were crumpled on the floor. “Now I cannot wear them because of you…..” she said and went to her wardrobe to pick up another pair. She brought out a white pant and wore it over the soaked panties she was wearing.

This white pant was like a second skin, with a zipper on the side, stuck to her figure like body paint. The cloth was quite thin too, and I could easily see the small triangle and strings of her thong through the pant. She really knew how to dress provocatively.

“Your panty shows through this pant” I commented.

“That is a fashion statement these days — showing a visible thong line. It is considered sexy and men like you get excited!!” While talking, she picked up her bra, slipped her arms through and fastened it. The she put on her shirt, collected her purse and got ready to go. “In fact, most men find thongs sexy as it leaves butts bare and they get easy access to a woman’s ass or even pussy by just pushing the thin strip of cloth. I did not take off my thong when we did the sixty nine now. These days even you get peek-a-boo panties and tanga, which are as small as they can be, and a man can have access to a woman’s pussy without even pushing the panties. By the way, I too own some of them and shall show you those later!!” She smiled.

I just took a minute to slip into a pair of jeans, a shirt and sneakers; and got out with her for shopping.

I drove her to the Shoppers Stop. I parked the car and we went to the first floor which had all ladies garments and accessories. “I shall pay for everything that you buy.” I told her. She just smiled, and holding my hand walked unto western wear section. She picked up a few pairs of capris, couple of skirts and some tops. Then she headed towards the lingerie section. She looked into the small boxes of bra and panties and reached for the shelves which had 34C label. That is her size then, I thought. She opened some of them and chose several sets of bra and panties. They were in different colors and different designs. They were either lacy or semi-transparent satin or just made of some strings. She collected them from the display desk and stuffed everything in her trolley.

Showing the trolley she said, “I am through for now.”

We went to the counter, I paid the bill and we carried the lot to our car. “That was quite a shopping,” I commented.

“Thank you brother, you are a darling.” She gave my cheek a peck, “You know it is important to dress well in an escort’s profession. And you have to ensure that you are really wearing naughty undergarments. This excites the men. Many of them have fetishes for undergarments and some of them even try to lick my ass and asshole or pussy over my panties. But again, you cannot dress too sluttish when to go to the hotel. It must be sexy but not very revealing. But inside you can wear whatever turns on the men.”

“And people like Patel can steal them too…” I joked.

We laughed and returned home.

It was evening. Dad and Mom would only get back at about ten at night after closing the shop. My mom looked after accounts as Dad handled customers in the shop.

“Why not we create a web-site for your services?” I asked her. “We shall post your photograph covering your face; just showing your ass, pussy and tits and provide the rates there. Anyway, we will use a fake name, and give only email address. We shall ask for contact numbers of the clients and then call back once we ascertain they are genuine and are not known to us.”

“That sounds good.” She said enthusiastically.

“This way, you can be choosy, and you can charge high. And we can screen the clients.” I added.

“But you have to be very careful with photographs. Though it may show my ass or tits or even pussy; you must make sure no way can one recognize me. My face must be completely hidden.” She said with a definite concern.

“Of course it has to be like that. I will photograph you, and then we will edit it digitally, cover your face or make it blurry in the photograph; and then put it in your site.” I told her. “But, when someone sees your pussy, he will be able to recognize your pussy …” I joked, “And do we start now? I shall get the camera.” Without waiting for her answer I went to my room and got the camera. I ensured its battery was fully charged.

“We shall post a series of your snaps in different stages of undress.” I was readying my camera as I talked. “We start with one where you are fully clothed. Then I take photographs as you strip.”

“Ok. Do we start now? Will this light be enough?” She asked.

“My camera flash is very good. This will do.” I assured her.

“What do I wear first?” She inquired.

“First snap will be you fully clothed. You look fantastic in anything. I think western casuals — what you wear mostly is fine. Even what you are wearing now is fine. May be you can change the top to a button up shirt, where you can just leave a few buttons undone.” I suggested.

She went to her wardrobe, stood there for a while choosing her clothes. And came back with a black sleeveless shirt. She took off her top and put on the shirt leaving top three buttons undone.

“Please tuck the shirt in. One can then make out the actual size of your boobs and also will suggest your flat abdomen.” I suggested.

“OK” she said and did as I said.

She stood sideways bending from her waist letting her boobs face the camera. This way, both her shapely ass and large boobs came into view. I went to her and brought her hair over her face. I arranged her hair neatly in such a way that her face was covered by her hair mostly.

“Thrust your pelvis a little backward. That will make your butts more inviting. And stick out your boobs.”

She did as she was told. I clicked few shots in that pose.

“Now take off the shirt. You can have the bra on.” I asked her as I was focusing the camera. “Make sure the cleavage looks prominent.”

“OK.” She said and walked near the bed. She stood by the bed and leaned forward with her hands resting on the bed. As she bent forward, the cleavage looked deep and her hair fell forward covering her face completely.

“That is perfect!!” I said and clicked some snaps. “Now it is the turn of your trousers to be discarded.”

Like an obedient model, she took off her trousers. However, I felt bra and panties of bright color will look better on her fair frame. “Why don’t you change into some bright lingerie?”

“That is a good idea.” She said, and opened the boxes we had bought. She took out her triumph branded red bra and thong. She took rest of her clothing she had on and slipped into the new garments.

My jaw dropped when I saw her in that red lingerie. The bra was quite small, what they call quarter cup. It just lifted her boobs up, and made her cleavage more pronounced. It just covered the lower portions of her tits. Unto the nipples — even the top portion of her light brown areola was faintly visible. It was quite transparent too, and I could make out her nipples through the bra. Below the bra was her flat tummy. Her blemish less abdomen was fair, flat and the deep navel looked quite captivating. The thong was quite low, same lacy red material which was quite transparent. I am sure had it been worn even an inch lower, her pussy would be exposed. The lower portion of her panties narrowed down, and cut through her pussy lips, tantalizingly revealing her pussy making a camel-toe.

She shifted her weight from one leg to another. “Yes my dear manager and photographer, where are you lost?” She turned around to show me her back.

Her hair cascaded down, below her shoulders. Where her hair ended was the strap of her bra. Far below that, her hips flared to a sexy pear shape fleshy hillocks. The thong made her ass even more erotic, covering practically nothing yet making her posterior look inviting. It was like the previous one, a thin triangular patch of cloth, narrowing down to a threadlike strip which went between her big ass-cheeks. The thong drove a wedge between her two round globes of large ass cheeks which flared to a very womanly width. Her ass was looking a bit bigger on her slim frame and thin waist. The long legs tapered down and did not appear to end. I was hooked!!

“Why don’t you wear a pair of high-heeled shoes? That will make it look really erotic.” I suggested. She complied and wore a pair of high-heeled shoes,

“How do you want to shoot me?” she asked.

“I shall take photos of your back. Stand with your hands folded, resting on your waist. Part your legs a little; so that your ass looks even wider.” I said and focused my camera. She did what I asked her and I went on clicking. “Now bend forward, and spread your legs resting your hands on the bed.” As she did so, I could see the thin strip over her asshole. The red strip of her thong just formed a line over the brown star of her asshole. The brown pucker was uncovered, the thong only dissecting her brown asshole. One could just get a glimpse of her nether passage. The thong was pretty transparent, that the makers label was even visible below the elastic band.

I went on clicking several snaps.

“Now a full frontal as you lie down on the bed, you can lie down on your back with your head hanging. I shall take the photo from your feet. Have your knees folded, so I get a good snap of your pussy. Anyway, your face will not be visible if you tilt your head backward.”

She followed my instruction astutely. I focused the camera. Only her jaw and the tip of the nose were visible — and her face was hidden — something we wanted. Her bra-clad breasts stood erect like two sentinels. The thong went between her pussy lips as if the pussy ate it up revealing the outer lips. I clicked the camera. Then she herself pushed her hand inside her panties and moved it sideways, revealing her clean-shaven pussy and I clicked. I focused the camera on her pussy. Her fingers were playing with her pussy and I could see it getting redder and glistening with her juices. My sister was fingering herself as I was clicking photographs of her pussy!!!

I kept the camera on the dresser and knelt by the bed placing my face close to her pussy. She was still busy rubbing her pussy, and I could see her fingers entering her pink cave and also playing with her clit. I placed my hands under her ass cheeks and planted my mouth right on her pussy and sent my tongue in.

“I was awaiting this…” she whispered and clamped her thighs holding my head tightly into her. I lapped her pussy, and like a Rocky went on licking her vulva. I licked her entire pussy as she pulled her panties aside giving me easier access to her lovely pink clean-shaven pussy. I blew air into her pussy and she squirmed. I moved my tongue upwards till it encountered her clit and started sucking on it. I alternated between sucking her clit and pussy. She started humping upwards and her hands were pressing my head to her pussy. I was getting suffocated, but I went on increasing my suction pressure on her pussy. She started a rhythmic movement of her pelvis, wiggling sideways and then jerking upwards. I lifted my face and yanked her thongs down as she helped me to do it by lifting her pelvis. She took one leg out and then the other. I removed her sandals and then she repositioned herself on the double bed. She spread her legs for her brother folding and lifting her knees giving me easy access for eating her while resting her back against the headrest of her bed. I went on sucking her with all my passion, lust, and eagerness like a starving man jumping on delicious food.

“Yes… that is it… keep doing it…. Suck me… suck my clit …. Yes, that is right…. Now suck my pussy, …. Finger my pussy, …shove your fingers in…. suck my clit….. yes… harder … harder…. That is …it… yes… yes… yes… harder….” she went ballistic. She was throwing her arms and tossing her head. Her juice was flowing from her hot snatch and wetting the bed. As her juice trickled down her pussy and flowed down soaking her crotch and asshole, I started massaging her asshole. I was pressing my finger into her asshole; which was used to taking in cocks of different sizes. When I felt her body stiffening and she started crying out loud moaning like an animal, I shoved four fingers into her pussy and massaged her clit, which was hard now. While doing so, I placed my lips on her asshole, and I do not know what possessed me, I pushed my tongue in. Her asshole tasted sour and pungent, quite different from her pussy juice which was almost tasteless, or very slightly acidic.

“I am coming….. coming…. Yes…. Rim …me… rim me…. Rim my asshole….. yes… suck my asshole hard… that is … yes ….. Kumar… suck … me… suck my asshole… push your tongue further…. ..harder…..yes….. yes……”

I manipulated my fingers in her cunt, moving it around, massaging her clit and sucked her asshole as her body got into a frenzy of convulsions and then her whole body shuddered and she went still.

I was feeling elated that I gave my elder sister an orgasm.

I took off my clothes and climbed up the bed alongside her. Her breathing was now deep and relaxed. Her face was glowing and there were beads of sweat twinkling like small pearls on her body. Her hair was disheveled and spread around her lovely face making a dark halo. Her face looked divine, peaceful and her eyes were half-closed; looking at nowhere. Her arms outstretched and limp.

I snuggled close to her and was running my fingers through her hair, caressing her scalp and forehead moving those few strands from her face. I ran my fingers on her face lightly caressing her and my fingers traced down to her chin and then her neck traveling down to hear ample bosom. I pushed my other hand under her back and she turned to her side giving me access to her back. I unhooked her bra and she arched her back lifting her chest and took off the bra. I first kissed her on her forehead, then tip of her nose and finally planted a kiss on her lips.

Her hands caught my face and her mouth parted and our tongues were wresting with each other. She was sucking on my lips and I was sucking her saliva from her mouth. My hand reached for her breasts as our lips remained locked.

My wandering hands were enjoying the soft feel of her firm boobs and I was delicately moving my fingertips on them. Her erect nipples stood proudly on the tip of the pyramid of her breasts. I pulled her nipples. My mouth left her mouth and descended down slowly kissing her chin and I bit her chin softly. I kissed her earlobes and her long neck and kissed my way down to her clean but perspiring armpit. I sucked on her armpit which made her squeal and moved down to her breasts. I took her left nipple in my mouth and my hand was massaging her right breast tweaking her right nipple.

My body jerked when my sister’s firm grip took control of my cock. She scratched my balls with her nails and my balls tightened with her touch. A shiver ran through my spine as she started moving her hand jerking my cock rapidly. My restless hands were playing with her breasts and my mouth was alternating sucking on each nipple. I opened my mouth as much as I could and tried to take her breast into my mouth sucking hard.

“It hurts… don’t suck so hard, be gentle….” she admonished me as my animal passion took over me. I did not say anything, but took my mouth off her breasts and tenderly licked all around her breasts. Then I zeroed on her nipple and started sucking slowly, like a baby suckling its mother’s breasts.

She turned on her side, and I nuzzled my head into her bosom resting my head in the warmth of her big boobs. Her ministrations on my cock were continuous. She was playing with my balls and medial side of my thigh and squeezing and jerking my cock. I could feel my balls tightening and I knew I would come soon.

“I want to come inside you didi”. I pleaded. “I am dying to make love to you. I want to fuck your pussy.”

She smiled, and realizing I was about to come, left my cock for a while. She pushed me on my back.

I lied flat on my back with my head on two pillows. Amrita didi placed her knees on either side of my face and descended her pussy to my lips.

Her hair tickled my thighs as her face came down and took my cockhead into her mouth. She licked it few times and rested her hands on my thighs and pushed them apart. As I spread my thighs, she went down and took my balls in her mouth. My balls contracted. She was trying to suck my balls and pushing my nut in the scrotum with her tongue. It was a heavenly feeling. I felt as if I had passed out and gone to heaven. She slowly and tenderly bit my cock and it twitched. “You should shave your pubic area. That will look clean and edible.” She said.

“I will, if that is what you want and what you like…” my muffled voice uttered as I was lapping at her pussy. She started taking my cock deeper and I could feel her lips on the base of my cock. My whole cock in my sister’s mouth — the feeling and the sensation was driving me crazy and my cock jerked. Didi’s experience told her I was close. The moment she realized that, she got up, turned around and went towards my legs. She positioned her knees on either side of my waist facing me, caught my erect cock in her hand and her pelvic descended down. Her pussy was just touching my cock tip, and I tried to push up. But she has me in her grip and did not let me in. She rubbed my cock along her labia and then gingerly placed it at the gateway to heaven, my sister’s love channel. I closed my eyes in bliss and in anticipation. I could feel warm wet velvety tunnel engulfing my cock slowly and slowly. I wanted this feeling to last for ever. If I had to even die at that moment I would not have any regrets.

With my eyes closed my whole body feeling the exquisite joy making love to my sister, I mumbled, “It feels so good… great …. I wish it lasts for a thousand years ….. I feel I am in heaven….. Didi, it feels so good ….. you really know how to fuck. I would not mind if I die now… while I am inside you… I am inside you didi…. Feel me… I am there …. Deep inside my loving and lovely sister……”

She bent down and kissed me lightly on my eyelids, my forehead very lovingly. Her affections reflected in her touch. She held my face and brought down her mouth to mine and gave me a soulful kiss. We remain locked like that. Our lips glued to each other, my cock inside her pussy. My naughty hands worming their ways to her hanging breasts. She rotated her hips to make my cock fit in properly. She shook her hips and then descended completely with my cock fully embedded in her. She bent forward and her breasts smashed against my chest. As madly we started kissing each other, her pelvis started moving up and down. The friction of her tight pussy was bringing in a sensation of joy I never felt in my life. Her well trained and highly practiced cunt muscles were milking my cock tightly. She knew how to tighten her vaginal wall around my cock and it took me to the seventh heaven. I reached for the hanging breasts of my sister and started playing with them. I was fondling her large hanging boobs and pinching her nipples and rotating them.

My sister increased her tempo. As she raised herself, she tightened her vaginal wall, giving my cock tight friction and as she descended, she had her pussy relaxed. Her juice was flowing freely and my cock was slick with her juice. Her tempo increased and she went on like a bucking bronco riding a horse. And I started responding to her movements by raising my cock in unison as she came down on my cock. We got into a perfect rhythm. She was too adept at adjusting her movement to any situation and any cock of any size. My cock fitted tightly in her pussy and we started together now, in a flurry. I was sometimes squeezing her breasts and sometimes, holding her big butts helping her in moving up and down. When I have a hard push, “I am coming didi…” I announced. She again bent forward, kissed me on my lips and smashed her breasts on my chest; and was grinding her pelvis making my cock go in and out fast.

With one mighty push, I entered right unto her hilt and saw my cock completely buried in her, and it jerked feverishly. My whole body tensed up, and I could feel my semen going out through my cock and splashing her inside depths. She was rotating her pelvis and squeezing my cock with all her force with her vaginal muscles. As the first spurt entered her pussy, she again went straight and went up and down on my cock one last time and then rested her pelvis on my cock. As my cock continued spurting its juice in her pussy, her two hands reached her back. One cupped my balls hard, trying to squeeze out all my sperm and the other suddenly entered my asshole, which was wet with her secretions flowing down. I had learnt to relax my sphincter from the previous encounter. Her attack on my asshole made my cock even harder and I felt it growing still bigger inside her cunt. She manipulated her finger inside my ass thus massaging my prostate, and squeezing my balls — and I had now blown all my semen in her pussy. I gave one final push timing with the last spurt and was panting for breath with my mouth open.

She too ground her pelvis and held me tight and announced….. ” I am also coming with you… again….”

“I gave you all my semen which was stored in me all these years didi. I love you. You are the best fuck I ever had.” I said earnestly.

She kissed me lovingly bending forward and without disengaging herself lied on me.

We were caressing each other and were lying like that for a while. Both spent, drained, happy and content.

I was leisurely playing with her tits and my other hand was moving over her butts. My cock was still semi-hard and inside her pussy. My fingers felt her rose bud asshole and massaged it.

“I heard anal sex is the most exciting for a man,” I inquired. “I never had a chance to do it.”

“Most men find it that way as anus is very tight and fits very snugly on the cock. In fact, no one can last long in ass, they all come quickly. But it can be painful for the lady if she is not experienced.” She remarked.

“But you are quite experienced in anal sex, and I could feel how easily my fingers got in”. I replied.

“Yes, I am quite used to anal sex and can relax my sphincter easily. I get anal orgasms if my clit is massaged simultaneously. But it has to be lubricated first. Not everyone licks it and makes it lubricated with saliva. Secondly, saliva dries up quickly too. It is better to apply Vaseline and then perform anal sex. I prefer that way.” She continued, “when I get cornholed, I want my clit to be played with. Its with clitoral stimulation I reach my orgasm when I am having anal sex.” She said in a matter-of-fact tome.

“What about blow-job? How do you find it? Does it excite a lady or it is only for the man’s pleasure.” I asked sincerely.

“The recipient is always having fun. When you suck me, that is cunnilingus, I get orgasm very quickly and the orgasms are very intense. The same is for the man too. A sixty nine serves for both. And I have seen if a man’s prostate is massaged when he comes, for which I usually poke my finger into his asshole and press forward to press on the prostate, the man comes like a geyser.” She was sharing with me her knowledge and I was getting practical and theory lessons in sex.

My cock was getting harder in my sisters cunt now and was now filling her fully. She could feel it and started moving her pelvis slowly backward and forward. “Your cock does not seem to deflate…” she laughed.

“When I am inside the sexiest lady, and enjoying a taboo relation; it is making me so excited, even the mere thought that I am making love to my sister is keeping my cock hard; and you are so sexy and sensuous and know how to please a man so well, that there is no chance my cock will go limp ever. I am sure if you walk by a morgue, the cocks of the dead and buried men also will stand up…” I laughed.

I was now jerking my pelvis from below. But this time, I thought of taking the initiatives. I held her by her shoulder and turned her and placed her on the bed, she was lying on her side. I pushed her onto her stomach, and now she was lying on her stomach with her ass up in the middle of the large bed.

I lied by her side and raised my leg and put it across her hips, my cock resting on her butts. I started playing with her butts and traced a line from her pussy applying a little pressure right unto her butt hole. Soon later, I climbed down a bit so that my face was on her butts. I placed my face on her ass, my nose getting into the crack of her ass and I started licking her entire butt crack. I licked her golden butts and massaged her thighs and cupped her pussy. While cupping her pussy, I licked her butt hole, and started sucking on it. I was putting as much saliva as my mouth secreted into her butt hole and was probing her butt hole with my tongue. As the assault of my tongue continued on her butt hole, my sister spread her legs giving me full access to her pucker, knowing what was in my mind. Seeing her butt hole all lubricated I entered one finger, and this time, it just opened up. I was encouraged and pushed in three fingers straightaway. Her butt went rigid, but soon she relaxed. I took some more saliva on my palm and put it on my rod. As her sphincter opened up, I got up on my knees placing my knees on either side of her thighs and pointed the tip of my cock at beautiful brown star of her anus.

“Go slow; remember rectum does not have secretions like vagina.” She cautioned.

I pushed slowly but firmly and saw my bulbous glans disappearing in her butt as her sphincter relaxed letting me in.

It was tight as a vice. Her ass caught my cock in an iron grip and it was so warm, so tight and so incredibly naughty. I was beyond myself.

“Didi, this is the best……. No wonder one cannot hold on for long in such a tight fuck-hole. You are fantastic Didi and your ass is so tight, yet so receptive. It is better than even making love to your pussy.” Sis raised her pelvis allowing me to go in. I could not control myself, and pushed hard. She screamed, but by then, my cock was buried deep in her rectum. I stopped there allowing her time to relax.

I slowly raised my pelvis bringing out cock right unto the mushroom head and then slowly entered again. Very carefully, not to hurt her, I started thrusting in and out as slowly and tenderly as I could and I remembered what she told me earlier — I was cupping her pussy and fingering her clit.

She tried to crawl on her abdomen towards the side box of the bed, and I went with her as if she was carrying me on her back. She opened the drawer and took out a cylindrical object — a pink transparent mid-sized vibrator. It had a base below where there was a switch. She held it in her hand and took it towards her pussy. She found it difficult to put it in her pussy. I took it from her, she understood and complied by raising her pelvis, this caused my cock to get completely buried in her ass, and I could meanwhile maneuver the dildo into her pussy. I switched it on and it started off with a buzzing noise.

The switch of the vibrator possibly ignited some switch in my elder sister. She started humping against the dildo and simultaneously letting me hump her asshole. Her sphincter relaxed and tightened alternatively. What she had earlier prophesied was coming true — no one could last long in her ass without coming… I reached under her armpit to play with one of her breasts as with other I was pushing the dildo into her cunt. I filled her cunt right unto the cervix with the dildo, and simultaneously increased my tempo.

I could not take it any more. I fell on her, my cock still in her rectum, and nuzzled my face at her neck kissing her and fondling her breasts from both side. She was rubbing her pelvis against the bed, to keep the dildo in place and I was going in and out of her tight asshole.

“Didi… there I am… coming in your tight asshole. ….. This is the best place to deposit my cum…. I want my cum to get lost inside your body … in your tightest hole…. The most pleasure giving orifice of your body… take me in Didi…. Take my cum…. OHHhh …. Aa hhh …. I am … coming…….” And my cock erupted like volcano hot lava in my sweet sister’s glorious asshole. As I was coming, she started whimpering. Her hand reached below and she caught hold of her dildo and was pushing it in and out rapidly. And then her body stiffened under me as my last drops squirted into her rectum. She clutched the bed sheet with her hand and bit into the pillow. I gave her breasts a hard squeeze and both signaled a mutual orgasm and collapsed on the bed side by side. I pushed my arm under her neck bringing her head onto my shoulder. She rested her head on my shoulder and caressed my hairy chest and, exhausted, satisfied, and satiated — we slept.

We got up after a couple of hours. Took a shower together, and cleaned the room of any evidence of our incestuous love-making. At about 9.30pm parents returned from their work, and we all had dinner. We came upstairs to go our respective rooms, but stopped in the corridor as our eyes locked. There was mischief in her eyes, and expectation in mine.

Let our parents sleep. I shall come to your room.. She promised and vanished to her room. I came to mine, took off my clothes and did not bother to wear my shorts expecting my sister would be joining me. I was so much at peace with myself, and so much full of happiness that I even did not bother to think what happened was right or wrong. My mind was empty after the prolonged lovemaking with my sister. I do not know when I fell asleep.

I was in deep slumber and did not know if I was dreaming. There was an immense feeling as if my cock was being sucked. Wet slurping engulfing my cock and my cock was being bathed in warm saliva in a hot mouth. Sometimes, the cock-head was being sucked hard and sometimes, my cock was being deep-throated. My balls were being tickled. If it is a dream I do not want to wake up — I was thinking to myself. Let me sleep ……

The pressure on my cock was increasing rapidly, and I could feel a strong sucking pressure on my cock and something was bobbing up and down on my cock — a warm mouth as it was reaching her throat. Then I felt my cock sliding out, till only its head was inside her mouth and I could feel sweet sensations of someone softly nibbling on it,

Mush as I wanted to sleep and enjoy this dreamy sensation, a rush of adrenaline or testosterone woke me up. In the dim light I saw Amrita didi sitting near my feet and was giving me a blowjob.

“Didi, you are so wonderful…..I am falling in love with you, it feels really good. If this is the way I can wake up every day, I will think myself very lucky.” I whispered.

“Hmmmm…. “That is all she could say as she did not leave my cock and started fondling my balls.

“Please turn around; I want to eat you as well. Come on top of me.” I panted.

“Hmmmmm….” That is all she said, and without taking off her mouth from my cock she turned around crawling on her knees and positioned herself over me, and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Needless to say, she was completely nude.

We indulged in a sixty nine. I started sucking her pussy. I had already learnt the art of pussy licking by practice that afternoon. I was patient this time. I lapped up her cunt from top to bottom and licked her right unto her asshole. For some reason I never felt it was dirty to lick her asshole as in the heat excitement earlier I had done it, and I was finding it exciting as it made me enter her intimate orifice.

She was silent all the while, other than her groans and she started rubbing and pressing her pussy to my mouth. At times I was slow, soft, kissing and licking her pussy and giving her vulva a tongue bath; and at times I was trying to fuck her pussy with my tongue. My hands were on hear butt, and I was trying to spread her ass cheeks apart when I fucked her pussy with my tongue. I was trying to lick the insides of her pussy by moving my tongue in. Meanwhile, my sister was sucking on the bulb of my cock and holding the base of my cock was rhythmically jerking it.

This went on for a while, neither of us was in a hurry and we wanted to enjoy every bit of it, every second of it.

Her pussy was getting wetter and my mouth was receiving a good lot of her honey. My jaw, my face was getting wet as I went on lapping her juice.

Her pelvis now started up and down movement, and she was fucking my mouth. She increased her speed and force and as she did that, I pushed my fingers in her pussy and took her clit between by lips. When I flicked my tongue on her clit and started sucking it, she went out of control. She was making animal-like grunting noise, as her mouth was stuffed with my cock. She now started bobbing her mouth on my cock, and I started reciprocating as if I was fucking her mouth. I started now fucking her pussy with my fingers — three at a time, and moving them in and out as hard and as fast as I could, and slowly bit her engorged sensitive clit.

That took her over the edge, and she held my balls tight and sucked on my cock while jerking it with the other hand. I was getting smothered by her pussy when her whole body started jerking. Copious hot fluid discharged from her pussy that soaked my nose and face as I kept sucking and nibbling at her clit. When my cock started jerking and ejaculating, she just kept my cock crown in her mouth and milked the shaft of my cock and squeezed my balls, making sure my balls have been emptied.

We stayed in the sixty nine position for some time, and then she turned around and slept by my side. I turned on my side, and she spooned herself, pushing her ass to my crotch. I positioned my softened cock between her ass cheeks and wrapped my left hand around her catching her breast. I buried my face in her silky hair and took in the wonderful fragrance which was a heady mix of perfume and her feminine smell.

“Tomorrow I shall set up a website for you in geocities. You need to look at the photographs and then we decide which ones we put there.” I started the conversation.

“Ok. We shall do it after our parents leave for work.” She asserted.

“Obviously,” I reassured her. “I am sure you can make a lot of money in a short time, and then build up your business in a big way.”

“I too hope so. I do not want to do it for long. I want to stay very selective”. She added.

“Since when you are into this?” I inquired. “And how did this idea come to your mind?”

“I started about two months back. You know my friend Rachna, don’t you? She provides escort services. I once saw her with someone in a hotel and she confided in me that she is an escort. She got into this more to fight out her boredom as her husband stays out of the country half the year. But then finding it too lucrative, she got hooked into this.” She replied. “I felt very apprehensive when I went to my first client. But my previous relationship with Vicky — my boyfriend — had made my inhibitions diminished. We had swapped with few boyfriend and girlfriend couples in the past. That made it a bit easier to sleep with someone unknown. But initially I was a bit scared, no doubt. But now, I have learnt how to tackle different clients.”

“Does anyone — like Rachna or Vicky know you are into it?” I asked..

“No, I have not told anyone else. You are the only the person who knows this secret of mine.” She replied in the negative.

“How many clients can you service a month?” I asked to work out a business plan.

“Well — five days a month is out of question!! But I possibly go out once or sometimes twice a week. But then I have been in this for only two months and Patel was my tenth client.”

“So you must have made a couple of lakhs (It is a typical Indian expression for hundred thousand) by now, that is good money.” I said thoughtfully.

“Around that. But it is easy money. Only once I had a difficult customer, who after having sex wanted his partner in a threesome with me. And he was offering me double the amount.” She stopped.

“Did you do it finally — threesome?’ I asked.

“Yes, and it was not bad, I think it was rather fun. I had done it before during one of the orgies Vicky took me to. Moreover, I have a high sexual drive and I do not get satisfied that easily. I am multi-orgasmic. The threesome actually satisfies me sexually.” She was giving me a description of her sexual exploits. “You saw the dildo today, that keeps me company otherwise, particularly when I am home. And I have few of them in different sizes and shapes.”

“You can dispense with the dildo; you have a live one now.” I said and my cock was regaining its life. It was again getting harder and I started moving behind her, trying to hump her ass.

“Once you have a website, I am sure you will be very busy and you will get plenty of cock to keep your pussy happy.” I explained.

“Not really. In the past, I do not think I got my big O with any one excepting during the threesome. These guys are usually old and they come too quickly. Some of them even have erectile dysfunction and some of them get spent after a blowjob. Every time I have to get back to my good old dildo.” She complained.

I was pushing my cock into her butt crack and she was stiffening her butt muscle which was trying to clamp my cock.

My hand was now playing with her breasts more actively and I was squeezing her breasts and enjoying the wonderful feeling of the soft flesh in my hand.

“We can work it out. May be you can go out fifteen days a month. And once a day. That would make you over four lakhs (hundred thousand rupees) a month.” I thought for a while,” And if we can get some foreigners who pay in dollars, it would still be better.”

She was now pushing her ass back at me and I was moving my cock between her warm ass cheeks.

“And as such we shall charge extra for additional services like threesome or anal sex. But you got to be careful about AIDS.” I gave my expert opinion in a business-like voice.

“Excepting oral sex, I insist that the man must use condom. I play it safe. And I do not have any ulcer or cuts in my mouth. So it is safe sex always.” She assured me. “And mostly I choose elderly men with family. I make it sure those guys are forty year old or more. That is much safer, though sexually frustrating. They leave me high and I have to always feign I am coming.”

Without telling her anything, I just got up and went to her room. I knew where she had the vibrator. I brought it and picked up the Vaseline jar from the medicine cabinet.

“Where did you go leaving me?” She inquired.

“I want you to have a threesome now…” I chuckled.

“Oh… you went to bring the dildo… “She said as if reading my mind. “Trust this time you got Vaseline.”

“Yes ma’am, am fully prepared this time….” I too laughed.

She reached for my cock, which was obviously at its full-mast, caught it and asked, “And which hole does this gentleman want?”

“Well, this man needs all your three holes, but now it needs to come in your tight pussy.” I replied.

“You can alternate though, if you do not want to miss my bunghole. Usually I do not allow anyone to fuck my pussy after fucking my ass. They can, if only they change the condoms. But in your case — you neither have to use condoms; and I do not care when you fuck which orifice of mine.” She gave a few jerks to my cock. “I think horniness runs in our family. Only today you lost your cherry and your cock seems to be hard always. That is good. I need it like that when I get back from work.” She pulled me by my cock to her mouth and gave it a kiss. “But tomorrow you are going to shave yourself down here. I like it clean.”

“I will.” I promised to her.

“But I am not sure how that large dildo will get in all the way in my rectum. Actually there is a thinner beaded dildo in the other drawer which is for anal masturbation” She murmured.

“This dildo is just an inch longer than my cock. If my cock can get in fully, I am sure with proper lubrication, the dildo can enter fully. Anyway, I shall go slow and shall stop if it hurts.” I wanted to get her ass banged with the large dildo.

I knelt on the bed behind her. I kissed her pussy and then her asshole. I thought of rimming her asshole first before applying Vaseline so that it opens up for my adventure. I tried pushing in the tip of my tongue into her asshole. Her receptive sphincter opened up immediately as I pushed my tongue in. I knew from my experience she loves anal rimming, and I wanted to give her all the pleasure of sex. After rimming it wet, I took out a glob of Vaseline and applied on her asshole.

“Try with your finger first, and when it gets used to, do my ass with the dildo.” She guided me.

As instructed, I pushed in a finger and then two, and applied some more Vaseline. Now her ass was opened up, and I could see the brown passage opening up to a fairly circular hole. Hen it could take three of my fingers, I knew it was the time for the dildo to invade her inner depths. I started fucking her ass with my fingers and my other hand was playing with her pussy and clit. I was kissing her lovely fleshy buns.

“Didi, I was really horny imagining you having sex with others; and when I saw you changing your clothes, I was excited and it did not matter to me you are my sister. I am very happy about what happened with us, but I did not ever imagine you would let me make love to you. I did not know what I was missing. You are not only beautiful, but your body is smoking hot and you know how to satisfy a man.” I confessed. I was still fucking her ass with my fingers, and it had become slushy and her pussy was also wet with my ministration of her clit and fingering of her pussy.

“Honestly I even did not know how I let you fuck me. I was in a bit of a shock when I saw you there and that you came to know what I was doing. In addition to that, Patel left me excited and horny. I was halfway to my climax with the vibrator when you came in. Moreover, when you knew that I am sleeping around, and I have tasted so many cocks, I found another willing cock in you. My horniness and open sexuality erased any hang-up I could have in having sex with you. And as one thing led to another, I let you fuck me in all my holes. I needed it that moment as much as you needed.” She confessed.

“It is nice that it had to happen. Now, not only we can have fun together, I shall help you make more money as well. And sex with you is so much different from the sex I had with my girlfriend. She was passive, uncooperative and frigid. She even did not give me a blowjob — forget about anal sex!! Whereas sex with you is complete and I ejaculated much more than I ever did in you.” I took out my fingers from her asshole now, and took the vibrator. I applied a generous amount of Vaseline on it and placed it at her chute. It slid in fairly easily, without any resistance with very little force. I first pushed in a little and fucked her asshole pushing it in a bit and taking it out. Gradually I inserted more of it, and in no time, the vibrator was half way in. I started flicking at her clit with the other hand. Suddenly, I felt the dildo is being sucked into her rectum. She was giving backward thrust to take the dildo completely in.

“Yes didi … the dildo is in …. Your asshole has swallowed the entire dildo.” I complimented her.

“Now, get two pillows and place them under my hips so that my pussy is lifted up for you to get in and my asshole is also accessible from top.” She commanded.

I did what she said, and now, she arched her hips up, and her asshole filled with the vibrator was almost resting on the pillows. Her pussy was exposed for my penile entry. I positioned myself properly between her folded thighs. She arched her pelvis up, exposing her pussy and it was slippery and wet to take me. In one mighty push, all of my thick seven inches were inside her.

It was a bit difficult for me to fuck her pussy and asshole at the same time. She realized this. “Let us change to Rockygy style.” She suggested. I disengaged myself from her. But the vibrator was still there. She changed her position and knelt in a Rockygy style arching her bums up. This was better I thought. Her asshole was now up and the pussy was still exposed for my penetration, and it would be easier to fuck her pussy with my cock, and dildo her asshole at the same time. I thought to myself. The vibrator was almost completely inside her rectum, but for the base which had the switch. I went on my knees behind her ad rammed my cock in her pussy. Her pussy felt even tighter in this Rockygy style and it appeared so erotic. I also had an access to her hanging boobs as she rested on her elbows and knees. I drove in my cock and started moving in and out. I flicked the switch of the vibrator on and started fucking both her holes at the same time. Fucking Rockygy style increased the friction on my cock. Her pussy was tight, and fitting my cock like a glove. I also did not forget to manipulate the dildo in between.

“I can feel the vibration of your dildo on my cock.” I told her of my discovery. The vibrator was sending tingling pulses to my cock. I could feel as if there was something else from top, as my cock was pounding in.

“Yes, that is how it feels in double-penetration. My first threesome during an orgy with Vicky was painful as I was not that experienced and both Vicky and her friend were a bit rough. But you are doing it so well, quite tenderly.” She encouraged me.

That was music to my ears, and my pace increased with her compliments on my sexual prowess.

“… yes… fuck me… keep fucking my pussy.. Ram the dildo in… yes … do it … do it hard. I want it hard and fast now … I want it rough … fuck both my holes … yes … harder …. Pound into me ….. fast … move faster …. Give my pussy your cock … give it fully ….. yes …” she was panting.

I reached for her breast through under her armpits and started squeezing them. She started rotating her delectable ass and her whole body began moving forward and backward. As she thrust backward, I pushed in forward.

“Fuck my pussy, rub my clit, yes … that is it … that is the way to do it …….. you are doing fine …….. I love it …. I am loving it …… fuck me brother …. Fuck me …. Come inside me ….. come in my tight pussy …… faster and harder ……” her voice was incoherent and she was gasping for breath.

“Take it in ….. I am going to come inside you ….. Take it didi …. You are great …. You are really a great lay …………. You fuck so well …….” My velocity doubled. Her pussy started contracting and my cock was getting squeezed by her pussy walls. Her pussy was now flooded with her come and our convulsive and rapid movements made the bed shake and creek.

“Yes… aaahhhh… I am going to come …..” she was shaking her head. I dug in deep into her pussy and left playing with her pussy. In stead, I caught the dildo and started fucking her ass in unison with fucking her pussy. I took the vibrating dildo out completely and shoved it in fully. There was no resistance to its movement in her bunghole. Simultaneously I fucked her cunt, with long and hard strokes.

“I am also coming … I am fucking my sister … I am fucking your pussy … I am coming in the forbidden pussy … take me …. I am fucking your ass and pussy …. Yes… I am coming….. I am going to deposit my sperms in your womb… take it ….Ohhh … what an incredible feeling …. You are making me come…. My sister is making me cum in her pussy”. I slurred and stepped up my momentum, my cock vomited out all my jism in her pussy. I gave few more strokes as my cock started erupting, and impelled my cock fully in, and I ejaculated.

Mixture of liquefied Vaseline, her pussy juice was wetting her thighs. My cock went limp and popped out of her pussy. She collapsed on the bed and I took out the vibrator from her ass. Her ass was wet and sloppy and it still remained gaping open even after I took out the dildo. The area around her pussy and ass was soaking wet.

I too lied down on the bed by her side and held her to my chest. She shook a little and then came closer and lifted her leg and put it across my waist and placed her face on my chest. I kissed her lightly and we passed out spent, exhausted and satisfied.

After a while she spoke, “Not very often I get the chance to fuck to please myself. This was one such fuck.”

“Are not there male escorts, do not ladies require escort services?” I inquired. “In that case I also can join in the same trade. We can participate in foursomes, group sex and even swap with other couples.”

“I am not sure, but definitely there will be ladies who would like to have sex — there must be a lot of unsatisfied females whose husbands are busy making money. We shall try in the internet and see. Now, let us go to sleep.

“Many men have fantasies for women in sexy lingerie, women playing with sex-toys and we can buy those things for you. You can charge them extra for this.” I was mentally picturing my sister in baby-doll nighties like fashion TV models. She was no way inferior to them. Rather she had a suppler and fuller body than many of those flat and skinny models.

“And you look better than many of those FTV models. You are sexier with larger breasts and fuller and bigger butt.” I complimented her lovingly. “I am quite proud to have you as my sister and fucking partner.”

“I always use sexy under garments. But when I go to hotels, I have to dress conservatively; cannot afford to make hotel staff suspicious. I cannot go to them in baby-dolls or similar sexy wear.” She replied.

“You can carry them in your bag or else, if we can line up clients properly, say have two of them in a day for special services like sex-toys or lingerie fetish, you can check into a hotel and stay there for a day. You need to serve two clients in a day and you can make enough money to cover the cost of the hotel. Secondly, this service will not be a regular one; it will be at a very high price and will be available for very selected client.” I proposed.

“That sounds fine. But where do we get sex-toys? Other than few dildos, which I got from Rachna, I have no more sex-toys…. I do not think you get them that easily here.” She replied.

“We shall try the internet or may be the once fly down to Bangkok and buy every thing from there and come back. Bangkok being the sex-capital of Asia must have stores selling everything.” I suggested.

“Yes, that sounds wonderful. We can see new places. In fact some of the lingerie I bought was from the market of imported items. I shall show you next time — some of them are very naughty.” She smilingly told me.

“I do not want to see them like that. I want to see you modeling them.” I replied as my hand rubbed her back and roamed down to her ass and caressed it.

I was getting surprised with myself. My cock was again beginning to show signs of life, and getting up. It was pushing against her lower belly and she pushed herself forward. “Will you never be satisfied? Your flagpole is hoisted up again.” She said.

“When I have a horny sister lying by my side in her birthday suit, what do you expect of me?” I gave her butts a squeeze.” I want to fuck your ass now … please… I want to come in your tight asshole. And it is so slippery and open now with a load of Vaseline already applied, I am sure we shall need no preparation. And can let the vibrator fuck your pussy. Double fuck again … I want you to have as many orgasms as you can have tonight.”

“Then do it quick, I need to sleep. But my clit is still very sensitive from that maddening session of fucking we had. When it is so sensitive, you just have to fondle it lightly.” She was teaching me techniques of fucking.

I got up and made her lie on her stomach and I spread her legs. I placed the two pillows under her butts. I picked up the vibrator which was lying on the bed. She herself lifted her ass several inches giving me an access to her pussy. I ran my fingers in her pussy and felt it was still as wet. I patted on her clit and then fingered her for a short while and slowly inserted the dildo. I did not have to waste time on preliminaries. The dildo went in like a knife going through butter and as it went in fully, I switched it on and a humming sound filled the room. Hardly had I switched on the vibrator when she started undulating her ass.

I positioned myself between her spread thighs and held my cock at the opening of her asshole. It was already prepared and loose from the previous ass fucking and I could enter her asshole quite easily. Her asshole was still warmer and tighter than her pussy. Her breasts were heaving up and down as she breathed. I knelt between her spread legs and right below the pussy where the dildo was in was her asshole inviting me. I propelled myself into her asshole and the vibrator was shagging her pussy.

Pretty soon we were humping each other meeting each others thrusts and got into a wonderful rhythm. I could see her hand coming down and going below her abdomen. I knew she must be attending to her clit; as my two hands were attending to her mammary and nipples.

This time my fucking was slow and tender. I was giving slow yet deep thrusts. Taking out my cock almost to the tip and then burying it deep in her asshole. And when my cock was deeply buried in her asshole, my cock could feel the presence of the vibrator which was vibrating strongly.

After a while of continued mutual movements, she started lifting her ass up. That signaled she is getting ready to come. When my cock entered fully my thighs were hitting her butts and the feeling was out of the world.

When I realized she was getting close to cumming I knew I had to go fast. She always loved fucking to be harder and faster. I accelerated my movements. As her butt hole was open and slippery, I had no problems in fucking her ass with rapid thrusts.

I felt her ass firming up, her butt muscles becoming tight. That gripped my cock tightly and the feeling on my cock was even more delightful.

“Fuck my big ass…. Fuck me… harder … do not slow down or else I will bobbitize you shall chop off your cock …. Come on brother, come like a king, give me your seeds and fuck hard…. Yes …. Squeeze my titties hard…. Go on …. Keep doing it……” she panted.

“Take it didi …. I am going to come in your ass …. your ass could be so tight and so good to fuck … I will fuck you always ….. take it …. Yes … I am coming now…..” I brought down one of my hands to her clit and started rotating my finger on her hard knob.

That brought the climax… she was throwing her legs and arms. She was now giving mighty pushes upward to engulf my entire cock. My cock started throbbing and she tightened her sphincter. She had immense control, which must be due to a lot of practice on her asshole and pussy. I gave few more thrusts as my cock filled her rectum with its juice. I continued with her clitoral stimulation, as she came and her pussy was leaking warm fluid onto my hand. I fucked her with the dildo a few times and pushed it as deep as it could go. Her juice trickled down the dildo.

I deposited the last drops of my sperm in her rectum and stayed in for a while. When both of us were spent, I took the dildo out slowly licked her juice from it and my limp cock came out of her asshole. Completely satisfied, we both lied down side by side caressing each other tenderly.

She spoke first, “Let us go to sleep now. Tomorrow we shall work out our business plan.”

She came back with a tube. She made me lie on my back and my cock was perpendicular pointing at the ceiling. She moved the foreskin back and bent down to give its tip a few flicks with her tongue. She tickled at my piss slit holding the shaft of my enlarged cock. The purple knob was like a mushroom and she just took the knob in her mouth and started sucking it. She gave me a wet blowjob with her warm saliva in her mouth. She then took out some clear gel from the tube and applied it to my cock. It felt funny. “What is that for? I do not need lubrication to enter your pussy. I am sure it is we, otherwise shall eat you making you all wet and ready.”

“This is a desensitizing cream. It will make you last very long. You have unleashed the slut in me and I need to be sexually satisfied. You will have to go on and on. I need you to fuck me the whole day till my cunt is sore. I need to achieve as many climaxes as one can.” She said as she applied the cream all over my cock.

The moment I caught the hem of her t-shirt, she raised her arms letting me take it off. Her breasts encased in a transparent small bra were right in front of my face — very inviting. The transparent bra revealed the light brown ring and her erected chocolate nipple at its center. I took her nipple in my mouth with the bra and started sucking it. In a few minutes the bra was soaking wet. We almost wrestled with each other and both fell down on bed, me on top of hers. My mouth found hers and there was a deep passionate lingering kiss — which lasted for ever bonding us. I held her tight, pushing my hand under her and she wrapped her arms around my back. I bit her lower lip and then moved down to her neck and earlobes. I got up and said, “Let me kiss you everywhere.” I started my journey from her forehead and came down to her feet. I took her toes in my mouth and sucked them. I kissed her heel and her calves. I kissed her back of the knees. I went up till I reached her pussy, where I stopped for a while. I kissed it more longingly but soon my kisses were becoming savage. I pushed her thong aside and sucked her hard.

Next, she pushed me down and started kissing me. She unclasped her bra and slipped it off and threw it. Next to go was her panties which joined her bra on the floor. She started with my forehead and came down to my nipples. She spent a lot longer time on them and as she did, my cock responded. Every time she flicked or bit my nipple — my cock jerked. I bent my head and reached for her shoulder. Her collarbone was prominent. I kissed her on the flesh just below her collar bone. When she bit my nipple, and I reacted by biting her involuntarily rather hard.

She screamed, “OOOHHH …. aaa … hhhh…..” I had bit her really hard and my teeth left a deep reddish purple mark on her shoulder. I patted it softly and kissed it soothingly. My hand came southwards to her cleavage. I kneaded her boobs She continued licking and biting my nipple. That it was so sensitive — I never knew. Now she left my nipple and I went to hers.

I tried to take a lot of her tit-flesh into my mouth and licked it and sucked it. I started doing that all around, till at one point I was beyond myself, and out of sheer excitement I bit her breasts. I was out of control.

“Oh …. No….. Not again…. Do not bite ….. do not leave these love-bite marks.” She pleaded.

“Sorry Didi, I was just carried away……I fail miserably in controlling myself when I am with you. Your mere presence near me makes me horny and when I see you my cock does the thinking!!” I lightly kissed those marks.

“It is ok, but be careful not to leave any marks on my body.” She said and took my cock in her deft hands and with a firm grip started stroking it.

“I want to tit-fuck you …. ” I grunted. And without waiting for her reply, climbed over her and sat on her abdomen. I positioned my cock in the valley of her breasts and my palms pressed her breast upwards and my cock was sandwiched between her fleshy boobs. The felling was warm, soft and quite different from entering her vagina and asshole. I began moving my pelvis and my cock was rubbing against her spongy boobs. She stretched her hand and dragged the pillow and placed it under her head her mouth few inches away from my cock-tip. I started moving my cock deeper into her valley and it just touched her mouth. I had my thighs pressing her breasts together which held my cock snugly and started moving with faster strokes. When I went forward, she welcomed my cock into her mouth and flicked her tongue on the engorged cock-head. It was a mind-blowing feeling — my cock pushing its way through between her breasts and the tip going in and out of her mouth. I released her breasts by spreading my thighs and lunged forward. Her head was cocked forward which helped my cock enter her mouth. Her cheeks went concave as she commenced her blow-job. Seeing her giving me the blowjob, I wanted to fuck her mouth deep, right down her throat. She gagged a bit when I attempted to ram my cock in. I was trying to force my cock deep down her throat. She lifted her head and crooked it backwards aligning her oral passage with her throat. Now, I had no problem in plunging my cock down her throat. Her mouth engulfed my cock all the way and I could feel her lips at the base of my cock. The passage down her obliging mouth and receptive throat was smooth. I went fucking her mouth supporting myself on my arms on the head-rest of the bed and my pelvis started moving in frenzy with my cock moving like a piston..

I was enjoying every bit of this incestuous mouth-fucking with my sister, but I knew I was not even close to cumming. The desensitizing cream did not numb the cock really, but definitely deferred that urge to cum. She suddenly started pushing me out of her mouth and when very unwillingly I obliged, she said in a throaty voice, “I need you in my pussy now. My pussy is itching ….. it needs a hard cock … fuck me now …. my pussy is thirsty for cum. It wants to feel your cock throbbing inside and fill it with your hot juice……”

I descended down. She lifted her legs and spread it for me and I positioned myself between her spread legs, my cock pointing at her pussy. She rested her legs on my shoulder lifting her ass, thus apposing her pussy right in front of my cock. It was soaking wet. I held it with one hand and rammed into her. She wriggled her ass and my cock glided into my sister’s slick passage.

“I will fuck you till your pussy is sore,” I groaned as I started humping into her. ” ….. I never knew you love cock so much …. And even after so much of fucking your pussy still needs more ……”

“My pussy loves cock-meat, but it must be large ….. Yes…. That is it…… fuck me hard and fast …. Quick ….. yes… you are there …. You are going right in …. Harder …. Go in till you hit my cervix …. Come on brother …. Fuck your sister ….. fuck ….. hard….” She made animal like groans.

With all my might and energy I started pumping my cock into her pussy. My cock could feel her pussy getting sloppy with her juice. Every time I entered her fully, my balls banged against her ass and my thighs slapped against her body. She was reciprocating my thrusts with jerking her hips up.

“I am coming …. I am coming ….. yes … fuck me…. Harder … ram your cock in deep you sister-fucker. Fuck your sister … harder …. Yes…… keep doing it…. Yes … quick …… go on …. Stay in ….. ooohhh….hhhhmmmmm….harder …..stay inside … now shove it hard into my cunt ……. Y..e….s…s..s….. am c…o…m…i…n..gggg.” Her whole sexy body shuddered and I fucked her hard hitting her cervix with my cock every time. Her body tensed and she dug moved her legs off my shoulder and tried to pull me into her encircling my back with her legs and pressing with her heel.

She went still and I slowed down. Slowly and tenderly fucking her. My cock was still rock hard, and I knew because of the cream I was nowhere near to coming. I thought of again using a double penetration, and slipped out of her and rushed to her room to pick up the vibrator. I searched for the other one she mentioned about. When I opened the lowermost drawer I saw her intimate belonging. There was a black dildo, much thinner than the other one, but beaded.

When I got back, she was lying on her back, but turned at her waist with her knees folded sideways. I think this is a posture in which only a lady can lie down! Her eyes were half-closed in a post-orgasmic bliss. Her breasts were heaving up and down. Her ass was thrust back and her puffed up pussy was peeking out, and there was clear secretion of hers dripping down. I went behind her switching on the vibrator and touched her asshole with its tip. She responded by pushing it onto the vibrator, but not letting it enter her. I stopped the vibrator and lied down by her side. I tried to turn her towards me. “Why don’t you ride me this time? I shall fuck your pussy from below and your asshole with your anal dildo. How can I now manage a single day without fucking my slut? You make me so horny……” I urged.

She languidly got up. With feline grace she climbed facing me. She lifted her pelvis and impaled herself on my cock. My cock went in fully. Then she bent forward mashing her fleshy balloon-like breasts against my chest and that allowed her asshole to be exposed. I reached for that tube and took a small glob of its content and smeared it on the vibrator. I took a little at the tip of my right index finger and my finger reached for her asshole and probed in. Her asshole welcomed my finger the moment it touched her rosebud. She was rubbing her pelvis sliding on me slowly and fucking me at a leisurely speed. We knew we had the whole day for our lovemaking.

I fingered her asshole to prime it for the vibrator to enter. I tried to crook my finger inside her butt-hole and tried to massage the interiors of her tight passage. It opened up and allowed my second finger to join the first. Now it was my turn to pick up her vibrator. She was moving her pelvis rhythmically forward and backward. I wrapped one hand around her back and held her tight and with the other holding the vibrator reached for her asshole. Rotating the vibrator slowly and I eased it into her asshole. The beaded vibrator went in notch by notch. She went on riding me and when she pushed back, I pushed the vibrator deeper. In no time, the vibrator had filled her ass.

“Hhhh..mmmmm ……. Hhhmmmmm… hh..m…m……” She groaned like an animal and accelerated her movement. Her breasts were mashed against my chest. She was rubbing her vulva on my pubes stroking so efficiently that her clit was getting massaged against me and my cock was moving in her pussy in and out; and getting her asshole fucked with the dildo. Her face rested on my shoulder and her long silky hair covered my face. The sensation was romantic and erotic.

“How did you turn into almost an insatiable slut? You are the sort of girls who would even enjoy three guys to fuck at the same time!! I never ever imagined my own sister is such a slut, ready to take any cock — even his brother’s. Were you always like this or was it after you started working as escort? You are damn sexy… and anyone you fuck will need it more and more…Not very many girls please men with all there three holes and even some of them may do it passively, but not initiating it like you and enjoying this too.” I finished in one breathe.

She did not reply but just prodded hard. When she was lurching back, her both holes were getting filled. I was still holding the vibrator and fucking her ass and was moving my pelvis up and forward making my cock slide into her tunnel. I moved the dildo faster and flipped on its switch and left the vibrator deep in her ass to massage her rectum. I wrapped my arms around her hugging her tight. This went on for a while and we continued fucking this position. My sis’s body went into a rigor and she then pressed herself tightly onto me and kissed me on my lips. I opened my mouth and soon we were kissing each other passionately and both of us were moving our pelvis filling her up to the hilt. My cock was now ready to shoot after this prolonged, deep and fast fucking. I embraced her tight and intensified my movement. “I am going to come….. ohhh …it feels so good…. I am going to cum in buckets…….”

In a flash she lifted her pelvis and her pussy released my cock completely. But very quickly she turned around, and placed her knees on either side of my waist, but this time facing my legs. She did not let my cock feel neglected for longer and holding it in her hand, brought down her pelvis and took it in. She bent forward and her asshole was facing me and the vibrator was vibrating inside her rectum and its base protruded out of her asshole. I fondled her heavy ass with one hand and with the other started fucking her asshole with her anal vibrator. Every time the beaded vibrator came out, it came out by a notch with a pop. I went fucking her asshole as fast as she was fucking my cock. Her lovely ass was rotating in front of my eyes and my cock was moving in and out of her stretched pussy.

“Go hard on me…. Fuck me hard …. Yes …. That is it……. Keep…….fucking. Ride me fast….. yes…..yes…. faster….. hold my balls…… yes ….. that is it….. I am going to come …. Aahhh…. Ohhhhhh ……. Harder……” I felt all my blood rushing to my cock and the pressure on my prostate and balls made me shoot my juice harder. I left the vibrator in and my hands reached for the two full moons — two globes of her ass and squeezed them. She caught my balls and squeezed them in her hand quite hard. I relaxed my asshole when I felt her wet finger touching it. She shoved it in and her finger found my prostate. I came and came and came. She firmed her pussy canal and her whole body shuddered and went stiff. I could see her butt muscles tightening. My cock jerked endlessly and released my hot semen in my sister’s pussy.

Her hand reached for her own ass and took out the vibrator. Her open asshole looked like a yawning dark cave. My cock shriveled and she dismounted me. My cock was daubed with our combined juice. My whole body was sweating and I never had felt my climax to be so enormous. I remained in that position, unable to move. She turned around and slept by my side pressing her body to mine and we cuddled for some time.

“How frequently do you get to fuck Vicky? How is he?”

“Whenever we get the opportunity, we fuck. He is quite adventurous. He only introduced me to anal sex and rimming. He loves to fuck as much as I do and we have tried almost everything from threesome to group orgies. He only introduced me to swinging lifestyle.” She replied.

“Who do you swing with?” I was inquisitive.

“His very close friends only. There are three more couples — only one couple is married and the rest are like us. We had the swinging parties in a farmhouse.” She responded.

“You did not feel awkward — even the first time?” I inquired.

“Of course I did. Actually one day Vicky took me to the farmhouse for a party. His other friends were there. We all drank and smoked some joints. I did not know how it happened, but I came to my senses when I found myself lying on bed and my mouth was getting fucked. I was startled when another cock entered my pussy; and I could not see whose cock it was as my view was blocked by Vicky ramming into my mouth. I could not protest as mouth was full, and before I could really protest, I started enjoying it. With that all my reticence was gone. Subsequently, in my drunk and stoned state, when I saw Vicky was fucking someone else’s girlfriend, and that guy was approaching me. I spread my legs for him.” She responded. “A few moments later we changed positions and I started riding him. While riding Vicky’s friend, I saw Vicky approaching and he bent me forward exposing my ass for him and that was my first double-penetration. I cannot remember how many climaxes I had that day. From that tie onwards, we fuck whenever I get a chance. But after I started this escort services, sex has not been fulfilling mostly. And I could not get hold of Vicky as he is out of Calcutta for last three months. I have been perpetually horny and resorting to my vibrators.”

“Do not fret over his absence. Now you got me. If he is not around, I am always there for you. Fucking you is such a welcome change from fucking Anita — my girlfriend. She is one cold boring fuck.”

When I looked at the clock on the wall, I saw it was two hours past noon. We had been fucking for last four hours. I was sexually and physically spent and was feeling hungry. We have to go out, get some lunch and take a new mobile phone number for our business.

“But how can you keep this number a secret? If you call someone he will see this number.” She questioned.

“There are ways. I can even call the person using Voice over internet. That would not reveal the number. But I shall contact the person after I study him and find him genuine.” I assured her. “Let us go now.”

“Ok. Let me get dressed.” She picked up her shorts, t-shirt and underwear and went to her room. She came back dressed in a loose skirt and a lacy top. We locked the house and took the car to the nearest shopping mall. She was looking very pretty in the long skirt that flowed down in frills right to her ankles. She had her hair tied in a loose casual pony-tail. She had a small gold chain around her neck with a pearl pendant and matching pearl ear-tops. She was looking demure and homely far from her sexy and slutty self.

We bought a telephone connection and a mobile handset. We wet to the Pizza hut in the corner to eat pizza. Then we loafed around the mall window shopping. When I saw a pharmacy, I remembered I would need cialis, a more potent version of Viagra. I asked my sister to wait outside and bought a couple of strips of the medicine. While walking out of the pharmacy I popped in a couple of tablets as I knew it would require an hour or so to exert its effect. I came and joined my sister. As we were finding our way out of the mall I saw a liquor shop and stopped in front of it and asked her, “What would you like to drink in the evening?” “Either Vodka with orange juice or Bacardi with coke, whatever you can get, would be fine.” I got a bottle of Bacardi and some cans of coke. After an hour of wandering in the mall, we headed back for home to finish the unfinished work of making her website.

I had my eyes on the road, and the afternoon time it was not very crowded. I switched on the music system. I was humming with the song.

“Your junior is very quiet now.” She said as she kept her hand on my crotch. It was soft after coming so many times that day and particularly the last time when it ejaculated after our extended fucking applying desensitizing cream. My balls were drained out. “Wait till we reach home. And do not forget you got to model for me some of your naughty lingerie.” My right hand was on the driving wheel, and my left hand reached for her pussy. My hand began pulling the skirt up and being loose it could easily be lifted over her thighs. The loose cotton skirt gathered on her thighs. My hand sought out for her pussy and reached its destination. The window panes of the car were dark, and I knew nothing could be seen from outside. My cock sprang up when my fingers touched her pussy. I could feel a strip of cloth on one side of her puffed pussy and another strip running down the other side. There was another thin strip that ran along her slit. But that was all. My fingers could feel the skin of her pussy. I rubbed on the strip that ran in the middle on her slit and caressed her pussy. I just turned my head to look at her. She just smiled, “That is a peek-a-boo thong. Now you know what it is, right?” When eyes followed down to her breasts, I could see her nipples erect. “Is your bra like that too?” You will soon find out.

In a few minutes we reached home. I parked the car and opened the door for her. I followed her and closed the door behind me. I dropped our shopping bags on the sofa and rushed to her, I bent forward and caught the hemline of her skirt and lifted it up completely. “Waoo: I exclaimed seeing her undergarment, The front of the thong was made of three thin strips all originating from another tied around her waist. One was going on one side of the pussy, the other going on the other side — making a framework inside which her glorious pussy was enclosed. The tight strip or rope pushed the pussy lip inward making it appear puffier and the same on the other side too. Only the central strip ran on the slit but rest of the area or most of her pussy was left bare. All the three strips joined one another at the base and come together just below her pussy lips, from where a lone ultra thin strip passed through the crack of her ass to meet the strip around her waist. She herself took off her top. “Ohhh Nooooo” I almost screamed in disbelief. There were again only three thin strips, they were making futile attempts to cage her boobs, as they never could cover them. The strips ran from below her breasts upward converging at one point; from where a solitary string went upward and to her back. My mouth hung open at this sight. The bra cups had been replaced by these three strips, which neither covered her breasts; and was not sure if they could provide any support to her boobs like a bra. Even her nipples were fully exposed with the central strip on her breast passing by its side. The strips did leave a depression on her soft flesh, and were possibly trying to push her breasts up. But her breasts were spilling out and completely exposed.

I looked at her intently and my cock was up. No, I really did not need the cialis, my sister is the most potent cialis actually. As my eyes stayed on her, she swirled around showing me her body from different angles.

“This is a peek-a-boo bra and thong, she announced. You wanted to see them, didn’t you?” I went close to her and caressed the flesh on her breasts left uncovered. My left hand moved down to her pussy and I ran my fingers along those strips on her pussy. Her hand fell on my cock and she traced lines with her nails on it. It was erect and hard now seeing my sister in such erotic lingerie. “Under your conservative clothing was this sexy stuff …… this is so sexy.” I mouthed. “Let us go to my bedroom” — I held her by her waist and led her to my bedroom. She did not leave my cock. Se had it in her grip. “This one again wants some of his sister’s pussy.” But this time you have to do it slowly and tenderly. My asshole and pussy are sore from the fucking I have been getting in the last twenty four hours. They have become utterly sensitive.” She alerted me.

“All fine with me. We shall go slowly. There is the whole evening. Let me fix you a drink first.” I went to the refrigerator in the kitchen to get a can of coke and some ice; and picked up two glasses. I came to my room. I poured the Bacardi in two glasses and mixed it up with coke. I gave one to her. “Cheers, for the success of our new venture” I toasted with her. “Cheers!” She joined me and gulped down the drink in one go. I followed the suit. “Let me make one more drink.” I said and got up to make another round of drinks. This time I made it quite stiff. I mixed it with coke, added a dash of lime and few ice cubes and brought the glasses to my room. She was sitting on the bed, her feet dangling down. I sat by her side and started sipping my drink handing over her glass to hers.

I took the cold glass to her breasts. Her nipples went rigid and touched her breasts with the cold glass which was covered by droplets of cold water which condensed on it. She got a goose-skin from this. My other hand roamed on her breasts. There was nothing to be removed really as her tit-flesh was exposed for my caress through her peek-a-boo bra. Her nipples protruded through the large gap between the strings which almost cut through her soft flesh.

“Let me get a joint. That will give you a high. By the way, have you ever tried it?” She asked as she got up.

“No, never tried one, but would not mind experimenting once.” I answered.

She returned with a joint. “I got some from Vicky and this is the last one I am left with.” She commented and placed it between her lips. “Since when did you start smoking hash?” I asked inquisitively. She lit it, dragged on it hard, her cheeks sucked in. It was an erotic sight. The room filled with a sweet acrid smell. She took a couple of drags and passed it to me. I took a drag. “Hold the smoke inside.” She suggested, “I am not regular. I just take it once a while, when I really want to get high.” After few puffs I passed on the joint to her. “This is great stuff. You will realize it in half an hour.” She said and took the joint to her lips. She presented a very erotic sight sitting in her daring undergarments smoking the joint. She sipped from her glass in between the puffs. I was nursing my glass. “What do we do when dad and mom return? I asked worried. “We will behave normally when they are here and you know they will retire to their bed soon after dinner and we shall continue from where we leave it.” She answered offhandedly. She passed me on the joint and after two drags, it had burnt completely.

“When do you plan to settle down?” I asked her rather seriously.

“What do you mean by that?” She looked with surprise written in her eyes.

“When do you intend to get married?” I asked her plainly.

“Shut up, do not ask me the same question which mom and dad got tired of asking me.” She said in mock anger. “I love my independence. I am not going to marry, at least for another five years. I do not want to be tied down with responsibilities of running a home and raising kids. I want to enjoy myself and make hay when the sun shines. Why should I buy a cow when I get milk so cheap?” She said very assertively.

“What about Vicky? He does not want to get married?” My questions probing her personal life continued.

“He is my friend, just like I had Jay, Raj and even Amit. They all were my boyfriends. I had fun with each of them. Now it is Vicky. He takes me to discos, spends on me and pampers me. Above all, he is good in bed and very adventurous about sex. He knows it as much as I do, we are not going to marry.” She finished.

I took her empty glass for another refill. I came back with two glasses and sat on the bed gesturing her to come there. My head was buzzing, and I was feeling very light-headed. Even the few graceful steps she took to reach the bed looked to me like she was doing a ballet. She soot in front of me, her breasts right in front of my face. She took a glass from me making one of my hands free, which caught her left breast. With one hand she held me to her bosom. My face automatically proceeded to her right breast feasting on her nipple. I did not want to waste much time on the drink, my prick was getting stiff. My head was now so light… it was a funny feeling. My whole body sort of felt numb but there was some tingling going inside somewhere. I was on a high and my prick was slowly and slowly getting enormous. I finished the drink and shoved the glass under the bed. As I got up I saw her glass empty too. I took it from her and pushed it to the same place. I caught her around her thin waist and pushed her on the bed. Both of us fell down at the same time, she on her back, with her breasts up and me I on my abdomen. I turned to my side facing her, my face near hers. I nibbled her earlobes. Her eyes were half closed. “When I am drunk and stoned, I feel horny”. She whispered. “When do not you feel horny?” I teased. “Now, I need it hard and rough. I want to fuck and be fucked like animals” she continued, “it brings me intense orgasms and I really pass out with my big orgasm I get in this condition,”

Both the alcohol and hash had gone to my head and I was very high. It was my first taste of hash. But it was good. I took my hand to the breast which was distant and brought my face to the one which was closer to me. I went sucking her nipple and pulled it with my lips. I squeezed her boob hard. “Do you smoke hash when you go to your clients?” I asked. “No way, I go there just to please the man and the moment it is over I come out. I actually want always to make him come quickly. In some cases, even after the first round of sex, the man was happy and let me go; paying me full. He was a sixty year old man. I sucked him for a minute, and he was about to come. He mounted me and the moment his cock entered me, he shot his load!! It all depends on the kind of people you get, their age, health and experience. As I said, in most cases I came back getting myself excited. That is all.” “Poor girl,” I sympathized with her patting her pussy. “It needs cock always.” I climbed on her from the side, and caught her thong and yanked it down. She untied her bra and it fell open. “I wish your thong did not have the string in the middle running along your pussy, I would have fucked you without bothering to take it off.” She helped me by lifting her hips and I slipped it down her lovely legs and feet and put it on the bed. “I have one like that too…..” she replied. What was the use of wearing a pair of panties where the crotch was completely uncovered? Other than providing a frame for the pussy, it would do nothing. “What is your favorite position sister?” I thought of making love in a position she loves most. “Any position in which a hard cock gets into my pussy deep is my favorite position. I love all positions in fucking. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Now you start in the classical missionary style. We will see how it goes.” She spread her legs and lifted her knees exposing her bare pussy completely. Like a Marine taking position, I knelt between her legs to shoot with my cock. I bent forward and kissed her deep navel and sucked it. She squirmed with pleasure. I licked down my way to the tip of her pussy. I flicked on her clitoris and with the tip of my tongue massaged it. It was hard. I slowly sucked it first. She held my head with her hands and pressed it hard onto her. My hands reached for her breasts and I mauled them. I pinched her nipples hard. I caught each of her breasts in each hand and squeezed them at the same time. She was forcing my head forcefully to her crotch. My sucking pressure stepped up. I pursed my lips on her clit and created a strong vacuum in my mouth into which her clit was sucked in. My assault on her breasts was getting rougher. Far from objecting to it, she encouraged me by holding my head and simultaneously pressing her crotch to my face.

“My slutty sister wants it rough, does not she? She wants her brother’s cock in her. You are my whore from now on. I shall fuck you till your juice dries off. I shall fuck you till you pass out …….” I said after raising my face from her clit and crawled forward bringing my cock close to her pussy.

“You bugger, fuck me and do not talk. My pussy needs a cock and not words. Fuck me you sister-fucker.” She slurred. The booze and hash must have gone to her head and she started taking dirty. “Look at my pussy, it is slick and wet. Do not you love a pussy when it is so shiningly wet?”

“Which moron would miss a chance to fuck this pussy? Now, be ready as my cock is going to invade you.” I rubbed my cock-tip on her clit and slid it down till it reached the entrance of her sex-canal. I just plunged in hard. She raised her waist making the passage straight for my intrusion.

“When I am high I also get powerful anal orgasms. When I am stoned my climaxes become staggeringly mind-blowing. Dope and alcohol increase my libido. I love fucking, but love it more when I am stoned. Now, keep fucking me. Go in hard and bang me. Yes…. Harder and faster … I need it that way.” She rotated her hips and my cock was reaching all parts inside he puss, filling her completely.

My cock was harder than what it had been earlier. Thanks to cialis. I kept on fucking her. My ram-rod was going into her cavity and coming out. I bent forward to pay attention to her sensitive tits. She responded by lifting her pelvis up with each of my downward thrust. We fucked as if there was no tomorrow. Every thing appeared hazy to my intoxicated mind excepting fucking my sister hard and rough. I went on driving into her with full force and bringing out my cock unto its head only to shove into her again. My movements were complemented by her fierce push ups of her pelvis. She clamped her legs around my waist and her arms embraced me tightly. Our bodies united in an incestuous union. She dug her nails into my back. My hips only moved up and down pounding her pussy.

“Ohh …… ooohhhhhh …….. aaaahhhhhhh ……..arrrrrrghhhhhh…………..” she growled and her pussy was flooded with its secretions and my cock started moving in and out easily. “Oooooohhhhhh …….. fuck ……. Fuck ……. Fuck me brother………”. Her lovely dark hair was spread around her face on the pillow. Her breathing turned shallow and quick. Our groins hit each other as the ferocity of our fucking increased to a new crescendo.

“Take your brother’s cock you cock-loving slut. The only thing you ever need is a strong and thick cock plowing your pussy always you cum-crazy sister.” I grunted. “You need cocks filling you in every hole. I want to see you getting fucked by three different cocks at the same time….. Take it sister …. Take me in …. Feel me ….. Can you feel me all the way inside you ……?” I bent forward and smooched her. She was overwhelmed by the orgasm that hit her and shrieked, “Yeahhhhh… eeeeeehhhh ….. ooohhhh…… am coming … am coming …. You are making me come again ….. Ohhhh brother … you bloody dick …. Fuck ….. I am coming …… aaaahhhhhhhh……….”

This was her longest-lasting climax with me. Her whole body trembled as she held me tight and kissed me back passionately. I stayed in her till she flooded her pussy with her secretions.

The orgasm subsided and her body lied in a state of tranquil. Her boobs were slowly heaving up and down. I restarted plunging in and slowly. I wanted to come n her tight asshole. I got up from her and tenderly turned her around. She lied prone on her abdomen, her face turned to a side. I placed my knees on either side of her thighs and rubbed my prick along her butt-crack. The moment it touched her bung-hole she lifted up her butts provoking me to enter her asshole at that instant. Her breasts spilled out on the mattress on both sides of her chest. She had her hands lifted up and folded at her elbows. I rested one hand near her armpit, and with the other I placed my cock-head at her asshole. It was soaked up from her pussy juice that trickled down through her crevice, but was not very wet though. I knew it might hurt her. In her inebriated state she would not feel the pain when I pound her tight ass. But when she comes into her senses she would realize that her bum hole was opened up and a thick rod had invaded it. But my cock was doing the thinking now, and unfortunately for my cock, compassion or patience was not a virtue. My cock was coated with her juice though. I pushed in forcefully into her asshole. “Aaaahhhhh …….. slow ……. It hurts ……ahhhhh …… you fucker ….you are tearing my asshole …….. aaahhhhhhh……” “I am going to fuck your ass bitch ….. I am pushing my cock into your tightest hole now you bitch ……… take it in ….. it cannot hurt you ….you have ass-fucked enough cocks and you know how to swallow my cock inside your bowels. You can take a donkey’s cock in your asshole my darling whore ….. take it ….” With that I plowed my way through her tight passage. It resisted a little but her resistance wilted against my force. Soon enough I had my cock buried in her asshole right up to its base I moved slow first, but soon picked up speed.

“Yeah…. Yeah ….. it feels me up ….. I feel something huge has gone right inside me …. I feel your cock inside me ….. I feel my brother’s cock inside my asshole …. Yes, brother buggering sister ….. you ass-fucking brother …. Yu love fucking your sister’s asshole… don’t you….. fuck me …. Harder …. Keep fucking ….. don’t stop ….. keep moving …..” She panted and lifted her butts to meet my invasion.

We were now moving ourselves together in a synchronized way. I did not realize how long I butt-fucked my sister, but I saw her hand coming down, going between the mattress and her body to her lower abdomen to massage her clitoris.

She clenched her butt muscles tight and her sphincter held on to my cock like a snug glove. As I pulled out during my movement, her rectum sucked me in. I was now on the verge of coming.

“I am going to fill your asshole. I love filling your ass. I will fuck my whore every day in her sexy ass ….. take your brother’s seeds in your asshole you slutty sister…. Come on … jerk hard … take me in fully ….. yes…. I am coming….. I am coming … I am going to fill your entire rectum with my cock-juice. I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before you bitch…. Take my cock you filthy cunt … you sexy bitch …. Aaahhh.. ooohhhh… yes ….. I am comingggg……” I rumbled as my cock spewed a large quantity of semen in my sister’s asshole in innumerable jerks … . My cock pulsed inside her asshole and she went rigid.

“I am also coming… my brother … we are coming together…. We are coming together…. We are making each other come …. Ooohhhhh …..yesss…… I am coming….”

She collapsed.

The orgasm which built up in me with continuous fucking for such a long time subsided with my cock emitting all its juice inside my sister. I too collapsed on her back leaving my cock inside.

Now, my mind was clearing up. I had come like never before in her ass. But my cock was still semi-hard. I knew with so much of fucking, it should not last so long, but booze, dope and cialis made it possible.

When I brought out my cock, it was washed with my own juice. I had no patience and I wanted to come in her mouth. I turned her around and went to a sixty-nine.

“Your cock tastes funny …” she commented.” It smells funny too.” She said as she licked the entire length of my cock. “You are getting a taste f your own ass…. How is it ….? I chuckled. It was in her asshole and must have got her pungent flavor. “Wait till I fuck you in your virgin ass with the dildo next time and give you a rim job as well …. You have just taken a finger in … I shall ram the fat dildo in your ass, and I tell you, you will enjoy if your ass is fucked and you will come in torrents. I used to fuck Vicky in his ass when he fucked me and he used to enjoy it.” She said. “I do not think I shall take in there — though I do not mind you massaging my prostate when I come. Man’s ass is not meant for taking a dildo unless he is a passive homosexual.” I said meaning it. “When you visit a proctologist, he will shove a much larger device in your ass …. And I assure you the dildo is much thinner. You do not have to be homosexual to enjoy your own climax …..” she completed.

In a no hold-barred sexual liaison we indulged in a long sixty nine. She used all her tricks on me, caressing and pressing my balls as I went on sucking her pussy and fingered her clitoris.

We went on for a long time in this position and I ejaculated in her mouth, completely spent as she also came again.

We lied down for a while and then got up. We cleaned the room of any evidence of our incestuous sex might have left. We arranged my bed, and cleared the glasses and bottles, used some room-fresheners to mask the smell of hash.

We got dressed in what we usually dress at home and waited for our parents like two normal siblings.

I helped her in the kitchen as she cooked some dinner for all of us. When our parents came, dinner was being served on the dining table.

“My kids are just wonderful.” Mom said in a beaming voice. “So, how did your day go?”

“Very hectic Mama” Sis replied. I was laughing to myself — really hectic — getting all her holes plowed again and again, fucking like rabbits — the day could have never been more hectic for my slutty sis. “I went from pillar to post to gather few materials, and give them to those men who do the embroidery. I did not want to go to those dingy places alone, so took Kumar with me. We had a field day. Then we got back and prepared the dinner.”

“I am feeling very sleepy …” I said

We all got up, mom stayed back to clean the table and plates. Dad left for his room. Sis and myself walked upstairs to our respective rooms. I needed a good sleep.

I opened my door and took off my pants and t shirt and fell flat on my back on the bed, my cock drooping down in a flaccid state. I was feeling very sleepy as the effect of hash and booze had worn off.

I was about to close my eyes, my door opened. It was my sister in a light pink lacy robe standing at the door. I could see her silhouette there. Her robe was quite long, flowing luxuriously down to her feet. She came in, turned to bolt the door and silently climbed up my bed and snuggled close to me. I was far too tired to be sexually charged even by the seductive Aphrodite sleeping by my side. She got closer, rested her head on my shoulder and was caressing my hairy chest. I held her close to me. “Dope makes me really horny. I cannot get sleep….. I need you to fuck me and want to sleep with your cock inside my pussy ……” she hissed as her mouth took possession of my nipple and sucked it.

“I am too sleepy ……” I whispered and just held her. “My cock is too tired too …. I do not think it can satisfy you tonight …..may be if you get your vibrator, I can fuck you with that and you can get good sleep after that …..”

“Do not worry ….. you do not have to do a thing. I will take charge.” She said comforting me and her fingers were tracing lines on my chest.

“Are you always like this, insatiable and horny?” I asked. “Anyway, that is better — there is a pussy at home whenever I need….. But satisfying you will be a difficult job for any man if you constantly crave for a hard fuck.” I was waking up and getting more alert. My cock was semi-hard now though she had not touched it so far. She pressed her breasts against my arm and lifted one leg to rest it on me. Her robe rode up. Her fingers traveled down tickling me like butterflies and she scratched on my balls and then her finger pressed at my sensitive area below the balls. She massaged it for a while and then cupped my balls. A surge of blood flowed to my cock the moment she took my balls in her palm and my cock stood up. I could not believe it myself. My cock was feeling quite sensitive and sore. She played with my balls and my inner thighs, never touching my cock. “She is a great fuck ….” I was thinking to myself. “She really knows how to satisfy a man and also knows hot to satisfy herself. She is capable of even making a dead mans cock erect!!”

“I am a total slut when it comes to fucking.” She said as if she read my mind. “I fuck for money, and I fuck for fun. I saw in the web a vaginal, clitoral and anal stimulator; but did not know how to get one. Its advertisement said it could be put inside and one could even travel with that in place. I got to have one to take care of my perennial horniness.” She confided as she went fondling my balls. “You can use real cocks to do that. You get your share of fun and make money as well.” I suggested. “We can advertise as a couple in one of those sites and get into some orgies or foursome. You can then have two cocks in you as many times as you need. But that way, we cannot make any money though we can have fun.”

“It is not that easy. You got to get people who you can trust. And people whom you do not know or know too well — like couples who are into this already. I would love to do it if only we get real decent and trustworthy groups or couples.” She said and her hand went to my cock after at last. It was now hard and ready for action. She pulled the foreskin down and tickled on the underside of the shaft. I turned on my side and my hand went to her sexy butts. I lifted the hem of her robe to her waist. My hand began roaming on her butts. She came closer to me in our new positions and her crotch was in close proximity to my cock. She did not leave my cock and very lovingly went stroking it; building up my libido. I traced a finger under the strap of her thong and followed the thong down to her pussy. The string did not expand as it came to her pussy. It was still a string that ran through her pussy lips. It was getting lost between her puffy pussy lips and went up to meet a thin elastic band which went around her waist. My sister definitely had a wonderful collection of sexy undergarments — I thought to myself. I ran my finger along her pussy, and then proceeded to work on her breasts. I slipped the shoulder strap down and her large breasts encased in her small bra were exposed to my view. The bra cups had holes through which her nipples poked out; they were like hard berries seeking attention from my tongue.

“This bra makes the cleavage prominent and still my nipples poke through the cups and one would think seeing my nipples through my tops or shirts that I am going bra-less. And the panties actually rub my clit and though they do not cover anything, I still feel I am wearing something. Is not it sexy?”

“Sexy? That is an understatement. This is real slutty. This is ‘come-on-fuck-me’ invitation to all erect cocks.” I said and took my hand to her pussy and inserted three fingers at a time into her wet hole. My sudden intrusion shook her and she immediately moved her pelvis forward. “You are horny, I can make that out. You do need a fuck. I was excited now, and no more sleepy. I got up and positioned myself over her in a sixty nine. She turned to her back and spread her legs accommodating me. My mouth descended to the target and licked her pussy. I kissed her nether lips and sucked on her clit pushing the strip of her thong aside. I brought down my pelvis to her mouth so that she could take my cock in. But in stead, I felt some thing warm and wet tickling my asshole. It was her tongue and her tongue was now trying to enter my asshole. She spread my asscheeks with her hands and started rimming my asshole. Now I realized what was driving my sister wild when I licked her asshole. My body went tense as waves of pleasure swept through me; and it made my cock hard as rock. She blew hot air into my ass, and that sent shivers down my spine. In voluntarily I pressed my ass to her mouth. When her tongue made its way into my asshole, the feeling was ecstatic.

“I love it… It is fantastic …..” I grunted. I felt her finger pushing at my anal opening. I relaxed my sphincter. She had one and then two of her wet fingers in my ass. She moved them inside driving me to a sexual high. I sucked her clit hard responding to her assfucking, I started fingerfucking her pussy.

“Suck my cock sis…” I pleaded to her ad adjusted my position to let her mouth have an access to my cock. Her hot mouth engulfed my cock and both us were humping against each other soon. My balls were hitting her chin as my cock went deep down her throat.

“I am coming …. Am coming ….” She announced and I pushed my fingers as deep as they could go and sucked her clit hard.

Once her climax subsided, I turned around and sat between her spread legs. I knew she needed some solid pounding. Without any more preliminaries, I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed in. I leaned forward resting on my knees and started ramming into her with all my might. I mauled her breasts hard and pulled and pinched her nipples. I opened the front clip of her bra and the cups released her large breasts from their confinement.

Like two wild animals we went on fucking each other’s brains out.

“Take me in you bitch … you need a cock in you always … now take your brother’s cock … feel your brothers cock entering your hot pussy ….. You cock-loving whore, I will fuck you till your cunt bleeds. Take it in …..” I shoved in hard and brought out my cock only to re-enter her again.

We went on like this for what seemed like ages. We were both sweating from the rigorous fucking we were indulged in. She now started lifting her pelvis and matching my downward thrusts with her upward movements. I could feel my balls tighten and my hot sperm climbing up from some inner viscera of mine. I slowed and started giving rhythmic strokes. Her one hand reached for my balls and the other my asshole.

“Hhhhmmmm …. Hhhhmmmppphhhh…… hhhhmmmm” her guttural moans, acceleration of pelvic movement and tightening of vaginal wall around my cock indicated she was close to coming. I pushed my dick deep. “I am going to come…….” I announced. “Hhhhmmmmm…. Me….too… fuck me…. Fuck hard … keep ramming your cock into my cunt … I want it faster … harder ….. keep fucking your slut … fuck your sister …. Fuck your whore …..aaahhhhh…. ooo…hhhh…” She blabbered and to intensify my climax, she pushed her finger into my ass and pressed my prostate through my rectum. The other hand clamped my balls as my cock spurted endlessly my semen in her womb.

“I am coming …. I am coming…. Yes…. Yes…. Yesss…..” I slumped on her as my sock ejaculated in her womb a large quantity of my semen and she wound her legs around my waist holding me tight to her for her life.

We both collapsed there — totally spent.

Bright light of the autumn sun woke me up. My cock was sticky with our discharges. I was alone on my bed. I got up quickly washed myself and climbed down the stairs to the kitchen. Mom and dad were as usual getting ready to go to work. My sister was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. She had woken up earlier. Dad was reading the newspaper and mom was sitting by his side. “Good morning Dad and Mom” I said cheerfully and sat opposite to my dad. “Good morning son. Are you coming to the shop?” Dad asked. “I got to send some mails to Patel and follow up with some of the formalities. I have to send him few documents. I think I will use the computer at home to do every thing. It will be easier as I will not be disturbed by customers.” I replied. “I am sure it will be much quieter at home to do the documentation. You finish them at home. In case you need any thing or any details, do call me.” Dad answered.

“Mom, help me serve the breakfast please…” My sister yelled from the kitchen.

“Coming sweetheart…” My mom replied as she went to the kitchen.

The two ladies came with the plates, bowls of cereals, tea-pot and milk, scrambled eggs and toast. The breakfast was served on the table. Sis came and sat by my side and mom by dad’s side.

“What are your plans for today?” Mom asked my sister.

“Same thing. I have to get some clothes stitched and embroidered. I have to go to different shops to pick up lace and embroidery materials.” She said.

“Take Kumar with you; or start off when Kumar is through with his preparation of contracts; and he can drive you to all the places.” Mom suggested.

“I can manage on my own Mom.” Sis quipped, “But if he can come along without interrupting his work, that will be a big help.” She replied as she looked at me.

I just nodded.

We finished our breakfast. Dad and mom left for work and as I locked the main door I looked at my sister, who was smiling a know-all smile.

“So you had to wake up early and make the breakfast.” I started our conversation.

“Yes. I actually slept off on your bed with you. But woke up early and then went to my room to wash and change. I was still sleepy, but could not afford to let the old folks suspect any thing. So had to take a shower and changed to this.” She replied pointing to her pajama suit that was loose and concealed all her charms.

“But I am sure inside them you must be wearing your naughty undies.” I said cheekily.

“For your eyes only…” she chuckled and lifted her shirt at the hem in a flash and brought it down. She was wearing nothing underneath.

“Let us go and check emails, if some horny guy is waiting to fuck you.” I said and started taking the stairs. She followed me. “Is not it too early? We just posted the ad yesterday and I do not think it might have caught attention of people.”

“There are always lots of horny guys browsing sex sites and looking for escorts. Moreover how many Indian listings are there? And most of them even do not have the photographs; and if they have, they are borrowed from common porn-sites which any one can make out. I am sure there would be some mails….” I replied. I knew a little later she will need me to fuck her; and her erotic gestures would drive me horny. I went to my drawer and to pick up couple of tablets of cialis, popped them and went to my computer. I opened the mail box; and exclaimed, “Oh no …. It cannot be true ……” I could not believe there were over fifty emails.

My sis was just looking at the screen. “Being your secretary is going to be a tough job.” I said jokingly, “if I have to check so many emails and contact them, I have to work overtime.”

“You will be paid for over-time; and your wages for those hours will be double!” she said with mock seriousness.

I started opening one mail after another. Many of them had given their phone numbers and some of them appeared to be time-wasters. I took a sheet of paper and started noting down the names, contact details of the gentlemen. Few of them had given hotel numbers and interestingly, there were three respondents to the advertisement staying in the same hotel — one of the five star hotels in Calcutta.

“I think trying these guys who are staying in the five star hotels would be safe. They must be outsiders and most importantly rich!” I opined. “Let me first reply their mails and see when we can fix up your appointments. Or it may be worth taking a room in the same hotel and invite them to your room. It will be even safer as no one can use hidden cameras. You can possibly have one overnight client and two or three clients for two hours fuck.” I said in one breath as if I was making a business presentation.

“But how can I take a room and stay in Calcutta itself?”

“Leave it to me. I will manage it.” I assured her patting on her shoulder.

There were two foreigners, who had sent their photographs, one was middle aged, and the other was in his fifties. The older man wanted to spend the whole night with her. Then I replied to the three clients, asking them their available time options.

“We got to tell Mom and Dad that we are going out of station. May be you tell them you are going to Ahmedabad. Obviously they will ask me to accompany with you. Then we can check into the hotel at about ten o clock in the morning and possibly take care of two clients in your room in the whole day, You can spend the whole night with that oldie and if you feel like, you can have one more client the next morning. I have written them very specifically what kind of services they will get.” I said.

“What about money?” she asked.

“You think I shall under-sale such a hot property — even though it is for time share!!!!!” I laughed aloud and she laughed in unison. I have quoted the same rates we mentioned in the advertisements. I have specified that time cannot be extended. In case they want you for longer time, they need to book again. But remember for God’s sake never give your address or locality details or your field of work or any contact numbers to them. And your name remains same — Neha.”

We also replied to some other in different cities for their details and wanted to know when they will be available in Calcutta.

She dragged her chair, rolling on its wheels close to the computer table. Let us see the profile of the oldie. I clicked on it. “A British Aristocrat who travels to India frequently on business needs your services. I am disease and drug free. I am kind, passionate and very experienced in pleasing a lady. I want the lady to dominate me on bed. I enjoy receiving oral sex (but do not perform it myself), anal sex and vaginal sex with woman-on-top position. I would love the girl to seduce me with a striptease. Money is no problem — tips can even exceed her charges if she satisfies me completely.”

I continued reading the next one after opening his mail, “Hi sexy! This is Jim. I am African American. I am half Caucasian and half black and possess a monster of a never-say-die pecker which can satisfy any girl. I have been with many girls of many countries, but every one gives one compliment — I fuck their brains out!! Had I not been in business of software I could have been a successful gigolo. Nothing is an inhibition in sex with me.” I stopped. I think I made a mistake. I should have put this guy for the entire night and the oldie for few hours. Then you could really get a good fuck.”

“No, you did the right thing. She interrupted, “This guy does not promise to pay any thing more. The other guy at least sounds to be generous. We are in this for money — not fun.”

“So, you need to pack up and prepare for tomorrow and we shall go off tomorrow morning and check into the hotel.” I reminded her.

“But what will you do when I am fucking inside the room? You have to take another room and stay there.” She said thoughtfully.

“That will be very expensive. I shall go out and stay with a friend or a nearby lodge. Anyway, you have your mobile and you can call me any time. These hotels are very safe and no one will ever suspect and bother. As I shall be checking in with you as a hotel guest, in case I have to come at odd hours, the management would not suspect any thing. She got up and said, “Let me select the things I have to carry. Want to come along and help me?” I was more than willing to do so.

She brought out a suitcase, and opened it. She opened her wardrobe and from one of the large drawers took out three pairs of robes for her night-dress. One was a babydoll — a short one, which possibly would not even cover her thighs. The second was a long light blue colored silk robe, very feminine; and the third one was a lacy transparent red long one piece with thin spaghetti straps. Then she opened the top drawer and brought out her panties and bras. She took a white set of peek-a-boo bra and panty set out, “This will got with the teddy — the guy will be excited quickly and come quickly; and even can fuck me without removing any thing.” Then she took out a red under-wired lace bra and thong set and keeping it in her suitcase said, “This is for the red gown, for slow seduction at night.” And then a black half-cup bra and string thong — “this is for the blue night-dress, it will be visible from inside.” She placed them in the suitcase and then took out the two vibrators. She opened it from the back and took out some new batteries and replaced the old ones with them. “Who knows, if they leave me high, hot and horny — I shall need them.” She then packed a couple of trousers and tops, a skirt and a matching top and a tube of lidocaine anesthetic. “I got to apply this in advance in my ass. It is going to help if they are rough or they do not lubricate my asshole properly.”

I went behind her and held her from her back. I wrapped my arms around and my both hands were on her breasts over the shirt. I grabbed her tits in my hands and squeezed them. Her nipples immediately became erect which I could feel under my palm. I tweaked her nipples. I kissed her on her long slender neck and earlobe. She reached back and caught pushed my shorts down just to expose my cock. My cock sprang up and my balls were being pushed up by the elastic waistband of the shorts. I pushed my shorts down and kicked it off. I lifted my t-shirt and it fell on the floor near my shorts. “I pushed her pajama bottoms down to expose her protruding ass. Nestling my cock in her butt-crack and enjoying her soft sway of her hips, I said, “I wish I could see you getting fucked by those guys. I want to see you fucking three guys at a time in a threeway.” She pressed her ass back towards my groin. I started opening the buttons of her pajama top. She caught the hem of her pajama top and took it off in over her head once the top three buttons were undone.

Without wasting any time we jumped onto my bed. I climbed on top of her taking her succulent nipple in my mouth and squeezing the other breasts with and hand; and fingered her pussy with the other. She spread her legs wider giving me better access to her smooth pussy. It did not take me long to make her pussy wet. “I will need some condoms, you got to buy them for me later. I have run out of them.” She said. “Now let us do it in a new position.” Saying so, she got up from her bed. She walked up to her suitcase and picked up the two vibrators, took the tube of Vaseline and applied the transparent gel generously all over the vibrators. “Come over to the couch” she ordered me, and sit down on it.”

I went to the couch and sat on one side close to the armrest. She handed me the two vibrators and climbed on the couch. She placed her face close to cock and said, “I am going to have a threeway now. You just have to be a little imaginative!!” Supporting herself with her arms, she lifted one leg upwards and placed it on the backrest of the sofa. Then repositioning that leg on y shoulder, she tried to bring her ass up. Understanding what she was up to, I kept the vibrators on the armrest and with one hand I lifted her from the waist up. Now, her head was on my crotch and her legs on my shoulder; a sixty nine in a sitting position. I leaned back on the soft backrest of the sofa and held her with one hand supporting her and she bent her knees behind my neck to get the stability she needed to be in that inverted position. Her spread out pussy lips and the brown star of her asshole looked as usually inviting.

“I can have a threeway now ….” her voice came from below, “I usually prefer to first let the man come in my mouth and then my pussy. My ass is reserved for the grand finale. Asshole is much tighter than pussy and after the man comes in asshole, immediately he does not find pussy-fucking that exciting. Moreover, if someone fucks me in the ass and then my pussy, my pussy may get infections from my rectal contents if he does not change the condom.”

“Where the fuck you learnt all these,” I was obviously amazed with her knowledge about sex.

“Experience my brother ….experience. Not for nothing if a man fucks me once craves for fucking me again and again …..” She said and took my cock in her wet and hot mouth.

I licked her pussy; and sucked for a few minutes till it was sopping wet. I licked my way to her asshole and spat a large amount of spit as I tongue-fucked her asshole. She started sucking it and shagging the remaining part of the shaft with slow movements and fondling my balls once a while.

Both of us knew we had the whole day to have fun and there was no hurry. When I felt her asshole relaxing, I took the beaded vibrator and placed it at her tight opening. Bead by bead I pushed it in and had the whole vibrator buried in her willing ass. I reached for the other vibrator and leaned further back to allow myself space between her pussy and my torso and eased the long and thick fucking tool into her wet pussy. It went inside quite easily.

I left them in their respective places for a while. “I have all your three holes full.” I said with pride. She took her mouth of my cock, but still kept stroking it. “In this position, blood rushes to my head and I get real mind-blowing orgasm. Switch the vibrators on and suck my clit.” She said and took my cock again in her mouth. Her silky hair was tickling my thighs. I switched on both the vibrators and took the anal vibrator and started fucking her with it moving it in and out slowly. I placed my mouth over her clit extending my face adjusting it as the base of the vibrator in her pussy protruded out hitting my nose. I turned my face to take her clit in my mouth and began sucking it. I continued fucking her asshole and pushed the other vibrator deep into her pussy with my face as much as it could go and lapped, flicked and sucked her clit. Her musky feminine scent hit my nostrils and I sucked on her clit harder. She had meanwhile deep-throated my cock. I tried to fuck her mouth raising my pelvis, but in that difficult position it was impossible to move. She realized it and started bobbing her head letting me fuck her right to her tonsils.

Her body tensed, and her ass gyrated as she smothered my face with her crotch. Realizing she was about to come I increased the intensity of my sucking on her clit. She began pumping my cock with her hand rapidly and sucked my cock-head like a vacuum cleaner. I left the anal vibrator and fucked her pussy deep and fast. Pretty soon I was ejaculating my sperms in her mouth and she too came violently. After our mutual climaxes I took the vibrators out of her two holes and we disengaged ourselves. Her face was flushed red, from the climax and from the position she was in. She lied on the couch with her head resting on my thighs and her hands softly caressing my cock and her hand fondling my balls. I ran my hand down her smooth back right up to her butt and could feel the gaping asshole, still relaxed from dildo-fucking.

In few more minutes my cock was erect again with her caresses and I was ready to fuck again.

She lied on the couch on her side facing the backrest presenting her ass to me lifting one leg and folding it towards her chest thereby exposing her swollen pussy lips for my invasion. I bent forward and positioned myself just behind her pussy with one leg on the floor and the other kneeling on the wide couch. In this posture her pussy felt tight as my cock entered the slippery hot canal.

I continued fucking her till she came twice and I released my load in her pussy. When I took my flaccid cock out after it ejaculated, mixture of my semen and her pussy juice dribbled down the crease between her thighs and ass-cheeks. I collapsed on the couch and she got up very languidly. We sat together very close and I held her close to me as she brought her head to my chest and whispered endearingly, “I think I am getting addicted to your cock now. Even if I fuck others, I want this meat whenever I am back home.”

We got up nude, and went to kitchen. We did not even bother to put on our clothes as she started preparing the lunch and I helped her. We ate our lunch in the nude.

It was almost two in the afternoon. “Let us check the emails. We need to call up those guys if they have replied, otherwise, we may have to send mails to some more. We also have to book the hotel accordingly.”

We went up to my room and switched on the computer taking our chairs in front of the computer table.

The inbox had four replies. “Hey sis, I never thought these guys would respond so quickly.” I opened the first mail. It was from Jim. He wanted her in the evening, any time between six to eight o’clock. The next mail was from a Delhi-based businessman. He wanted her any time during the day. So was the next mail, which was from a Bombay-based businessman. The last mail, which was from the old English man wanted her to come at nine pm and stay till the next morning. Unfortunately the two Indian clients did not reveal their age. Three of them confirmed they were staying in the same hotel where we wanted to check in. The fourth man was going to stay in his guest house. “I do not think you should go to any guest house. You never know ….” I said as I was going through the mails.

“Obviously, I do not go to any guest house. They may not be safe. We can ask him if he can come to the hotel. Otherwise, we can see if there is someone else or we can leave it at that, three will be enough.” She affirmed.

“I do not think three fucks will be enough for you the whole day!!” I joked.

“You are there always as the standby.” She quipped and tapped on my cock.

“Now that we have their contact numbers, let us talk to them and confirm the appointments and also send them emails confirming it.” I said and started replying to them. “Why do not you first call the guy from Bombay? Check if he can come to the hotel. But I think I should first book a room before I confirm them by mail.” I opened the online booking web-page of the hotel and booked a room with a king-sized bed. I filled in my arrival and departure details and gave my credit card details.

“It is all done. Our business venture starts tomorrow.” I declared.

Sis took the mobile phone kept on the computer table and I passed on the number of the man from Bombay. “Just ask him if he can come to the hotel, and tell him it is not possible for you to go to any guest house. We shall reconfirm the room and time tomorrow morning at about ten thirty. His name is Kishore Agrawal.” I took the phone and deactivated “own number sending option” and gave the phone to sister to make a call, she took it and dialed the number. And kept the phone in the speaker phone option. Sister started, “Sir, This is Neha. I am a part time model and escort and you wrote to me to which we have already responded, but I regret to inform you that I cannot go to any guest house. Will it be possible for you to come to the hotel. I shall give you the room number any time later. But tentatively — your time is booked at eleven am to one pm.” There was a long silence. And I could not know what the other man was saying. After a long pause, she said, “So it is fixed in the hotel sir. I shall wait for you sharp at eleven.”

“Oh, so this guy agreed!!!” I exclaimed, “Let us make him our first customer. He will go off at one pm. Then we have lunch between one and two pm. Then we call the Delhi based guy at three pm. And he will be out by five; or you can go to his room. If you go to their rooms, I do not have to go out anywhere to spend the night.”

“Yes. That sounds fine to me.” She agreed. “Now, I shall call others and confirm my appointment with them,” She called them one after another. After her calls were over, her appointments were with Kishore Agarwal, Jeet Singh, Jim and Wright in that order. Other than Wright, who wanted her for the whole night, rest all were for two hours each. “All set for tomorrow. What about day after tomorrow? Would you like to take on one more client before getting back home?” I inquired. “No, leave it at that. After the whole night with Wright, I do not know when I shall get up; and we have to leave the room at 12 noon. So, let us not call another guy” she said in a matter-of-fact tone. I did some mental arithmetic. “We shall be richer by seventy thousand rupees and two thousand seven hundred dollars minus the hotel expenses” I said excitedly. “And who knows, there may be some handsome tips as well.”

“Let me see why do so many people want to fuck you… Though right now I realize it well why they will want you again and again…” I opened the site that had my sister’s blog. There were many photographs. There was one sot of her ass, with her legs spread apart showing her pussy open and her brown star. In the next snap, she was fingering her pussy and in one she had her index finger-tip at her asshole as if it is about to enter her ass. Though I had seen her live and fucked her in those very holes so many times by now, the mere sight of those in the photographs had me hard again. When she saw my cock standing up, she bent down and took it in her mouth. I pressed her head down making her swallow my cock entirely.

I pushed my hand down to fondle her breasts when she sucked my cock. Her breasts were pressing on my thighs. I reached below my seat to adjust the leer and reduced the height of the chair I was sitting on. With my seat going down, my cock came out of my sister’s mouth. She looked up to know what I was up to. “Sit on my lap didi” I requested her. “I want to fuck you in this position as I do my job as your manager…” She got up obediently and came between my chair and the computer table and stood facing me by my side. She lifted one leg and took it to the other side, and placing her hands on my shoulders lowered her pussy onto my erect phallus. She released one of her hands from my shoulder and brought it down to my cock. Lifting it slightly upwards, she impaled her pelvis down till se sat on my lap astride me. Her fleshy buttocks rested on my thighs and my face was sandwiched between her big boobs. I held her in a tight embrace; and it was the ultimate feeling of intimacy. I could feel myself deep within her, my head resting on her chest, my face squeezed by her large boobs from either side. I sat motionless for sometime trying to enjoy the feeling of fucking my elder sister in sitting position and also imagining all the fucking she is going to get in the next two days and in future and how so many men are going to fuck his sexy voluptuous beauty. She also did not move, barring the pressure her pelvis was exerting to take my cock deeper. Even though she was static, her cunt muscles started squeezing my cock intermittently. My cock twitched in my sister’s pussy responding to the pressure treatment it was receiving. She started to rotate her hips and sliding it on my groin and moving slowly up and down. She shifted her weight from my lap to her legs and commenced her up and down dance on my pole. My eyes feasted on her breasts jiggling with her movement. My hand went to those soft globes tried to grab as much of the flesh as they could. I pressed her boobs hard when she came down, and released them as she went up. I sat there enjoying all the hard work my sister was putting doing push-ups on my cock. Her pussy started oozing her juice and her movement gained momentum. I caught her by her butts and helped her in her movement by lifting her up and down. Middle finger of my left hand touched her pucker, and when she came down on me I crooked my finger pointing it at her asshole and with her weight providing the force, my middle finger entered her asshole to the second knuckle without any resistance. With my finger intruding into her asshole all of a sudden, she clenched her hands on my shoulder and dug her nails in. I stood up lifting her from below and she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist. I walked with her hanging unto me to the bed and bent forward to let her lie on the bed with her ass on the edge. Her hair was disheveled, her body was sweaty and her breasts were heaving up and down with her labored breathing. My pelvis was now moving like that of a dancer in fast forward motion plunging into her.

“Harder …. Harder…. Still harder … go deeper….. yes…yes… faster…. I need it deep and hard …. Quick …. Fuck me … bro…. fuck…. Me…aaahhhh…. Aaaahhhh….yes…I am there …. Harder … come in me …. Come in me…. I am coming….. I am coming…. Oh brother ….. I am coming with your cock in me…. Pound me hard…..” She pulled me with her legs into her and applied all my strength in hitting her cervix with my cock. Her words excited me still further and I felt the same familiar feeling. “Yes sis… me too…. I am coming with you… I am coming with you… inside you…. See your brother fucking you hard….” When my cock started spurting inside, immediately I took it out and pointed it at her face and jets of semen hit her breasts, neck and face. It was a very erotic sight to see my sister’s face covered with her brother’s cum. As my climax was ebbing away, her hand reached for my cock and milked it from the base and the remaining portion of my cum dribbled out of my cock and fell on her stomach. I fell on her and she held me tight to her. When I got up, I saw my semen smeared on our bodies. My cock was soft now.

Slowly I got up and said, “I am going for a shower, want to join me?”

She just smiled and followed me to the bathroom.

We showered and washed ourselves soaping each other and sponging each other. I took gave special attention to her pussy, underarm, butt –crack. We dried ourselves. I picked up a pair of khaki shorts and a cotton shirt for myself and my sister went to her room to get dressed.

We went back to my computer desk. There were a wet patch on the fabric of the chair and some globs of my cum looking like white moonstone. I got some tissues and wiped it off and scrubbed of any remaining marks. It was clean now. I called up dad at his work. “Dad, Didi has to go to Ahmedabad for a day, but she has to start tomorrow morning for some purchases.”

“Who else is going with her?” dad inquired?

“No one! Come on dad, she can manage herself!!” I said knowing very well, he will force me to accompany her.

“No Kumar, she cannot go alone. You go with her,” Dad’s voice was stern.

“But dad, I have some ……..”

Dad cut me short, “You are going with her and no arguments. Now ask Amrita to talk to me.” “Didi…. Didi!” I hollered, “Dad wants to talk to you.” She came running into my room and took the phone, “Yes Dad,” She paused for a while, “No dad, we have enough to manage and buy whatever is required. Thanks for offering it. We shall take it if we fall short.”

“Ok, Dad, we shall talk about it at dinner.” she said and hung up. She was wearing just a pair of bra and panties. She was smelling fresh and wearing some spicy perfume. She had just finished brushing her hair; her luxurious mane falling straight down her back. The bra was strapless and her I was wondering if the bra was supporting her boobs or the boobs were supporting her bra to be in place! They were both made of shining silk in purple color. The panties were a g-string.

“I was a mess. It took me quite a while to brush my hair, and I could not finish applying moisturizers on my body as I had to come to attend the call.” She said and sat down on my bed. “But I am feeling fresh and my whole body feels very relaxed after so many orgasms I had. It relaxes me mentally and physically and a good fuck takes out all the stress. I also had to clean off the vibrators and kept them in the suitcase.” She was wearing a small necklace of large purple beads matching her undergarments”.

“What is this necklace you are wearing?” I asked.

“It is some semi-precious stone; do not know exactly what it is.” She said as she held one of the beads and rotated it around the string. Each bead was about s centimeter in diameter and it was small, slightly longer than a choker. I had a naughty idea. “Can I see it?” I asked.

“Of course you can.” She said and her hands went to the back of her neck and in a moment she opened the clamp and gave it to me. I tried to see how strong it was and pulled it holding it at both the ends. “Can I make something out of it. And if I do not succeed I shall restore it to its original shape.” I said. “Go ahead.” She affirmed.

I took a pair of small scissors and cut off the clamps. I put a stay knot at both the ends. “It is ready now.” I said.

“What do you want to do with this. Now it cannot be tied at the ends.” She questioned.

“It does not have to, it is your anal beads now.” I said holding it at one end.

“That is very creative.” She said with a lot of appreciation in her voice.

“Yes, I can push them into your rectum one by one. And when you come, with every spasm you get during your climax, each one needs to pulled out. And each time one bead comes out, your next spasm will be even more intense than the previous one.” I explained.

“So, I am also learning something from you now ….” She added. “I had heard about it, but never thought you can make one with this.”

“And the string holding the beads appears very strong. So it will work.” I was inspecting the string of beads as I said.

“Great. But what happens if it breaks in my ass?” She asked concerned.

“Nothing I guess. You can shit it out I am sure.” I reassured her.

She nodded. “Yes, I think it would be no problem. I shall share with you something funny. Vicky had fucked me in my ass. He must have released a gallon. After a while, when my sphincter was closed, I farted a big load of wind.” She paused. Then smiling naughtily added, “When I farted, his semen literally was fired out of my ass right on him!! And that turned him on so much, he got instantly hard…” She laughed. Actually when my rectum gets filled, it gives a funny feeling; as if I am about to defecate and my whole body feels so much full and stuffed. When a cock enters my ass, I feel an electric spark going up my spine like quicksilver.” She paused for a moment. “One day I will fuck your ass with a dildo which you are fucking me and you will see how much fun you get out of it.” I just looked at her as she continued, “By the way, how did you know about the anal beads?”

“When I opened your site for escorts, there was some other site for sex toys which popped up and it showed something similar. So when I saw this — I thought I can make one out of it.”

“That is really creative. But will you apply the moisturizer all over my body?” She asked.

“Can I ever say to such an invitation? And you know I will never tire of fucking you, and my cock does not need any intermission to get erect to enter you.” I replied. She got up and walked out of my room, swinging her ass more than what she normally does. Excepting for a string that ran around her waist, and her cascading hair covering half of her back, her entire backside was exposed. The thin string that ran along her butt-crack was hardly visible, excepting where it met the waist band. “Ohhh my sis really knows hot to excite a man!!” I thought to myself.” But before my chain of thoughts could even start, she was back with a container of moisturizer.

She lied on her back on my bed with her legs slightly spread allowing a little space towards the edge where I could just sit down. I went near her and she handed me the container.

I sat by her side and took a large glob of the crème with my fingers and started applying it on her neck, shoulders, upper chest and arms. I spread it gently on those areas with the pulp of my finger and messaged those areas tenderly making the crème spread evenly all over. I pushed my hand under her back and she arched her torso up allowing me to reach the hook of her bra. I unclasped it and pulled it out. Then I started applying the crème on her breasts, and the moment I applied the crème on her breasts, her nipples stood up. I applied the crème all around her tit-flesh and on her sides and then on her armpits. She raised her arms giving me access to her smooth armpits. As I started spreading the crème on her body, she got a goose skin. My hands traveled back to her breasts and I massaged them and then descended down to her belly. I dipped my fingers in the container and took some more to apply it all over her flat tummy. I kept doing it till my hands came down to her lower abdomen. I applied the crème every where excepting for the small triangular area covered by her g-string. I myself come shifted down towards her legs and started applying it on her sooth waxed thighs and legs. I came to her feet ad applied the crème all around her feet, between her toes. Lifting one leg and then the other I smeared it on her calves and behind her knees, I folded her legs at her knees and proceeded to rub the crème on her thighs. Once I was through with her front side I turned her to her stomach gently. With one hand she lifted her hair and exposed her back and neck completely. I started from her neck and ploddingly spread the crème right up to her waist where my fingers encountered the waistband of her g-string. Without trying to lift it, I spread it on her butts and massaged it on her glowing smooth skin and moved down to her thighs. I applied on the medial side of her thighs and slowly went on teasing her massaging areas close to her pussy but not touching it.

“It is through.” I said.

“You still did not apply it on your favorite places,” my horny sister replied.

“Those areas need a different moisturizer; a different crème altogether.” I chuckled.

“You horny pig…..” she said and sat up taking a pillow to hit me with it. As she started moving her hands, her breasts jiggled. I caught her arms and pushed her back on the bed. I caught her by her boobs and kept pressing them hard till she shrieked, “Leave me you brute.” I let her boobs and gripped her pussy over the silky cover of her g-string and pressed it hard. I moved the small piece of cloth to the side and plunged my finger in. It was dripping wet!!

“Your pussy needs my hard cock again sis!!” I churned my finger in her pussy. “I will take you to some orgies where you can get gangbanged. That is the only way your pussy will get satisfied. I do not think you can ever be happy with one man. Any man will be worn out soon if he has to be the only man in your life!! You can actually give up your garment business and be a full-time escort.”

“Stop talking and get down to business,” she ordered.

I had to get her off with oral sex before fucking her. I sucked her till she came twice and then rode her and made love to her and discharged in her. Three orgasms in a row had her satisfied. Almost till eight o clock in he evening, we fucked and sucked for countless orgasms. Then we cleaned ourselves and got dressed, prepared dinner for all of us, and waited for our parents.

After about an hour or so our parents returned from work. We had set the table for dinner. They went to their room and a while later all of us sat down for dinner.

“So when are you leaving for Ahmedabad?” Mom asked.

“The flight is at ten thirty. So we leave home at about nine or a quarter to nine.” I replied. “We got the return ticket for day after tomorrow in the evening; so we shall be back before diner-time.”

“You are sure one day is enough?” dad asked my sister.

“Oh yes,” she quipped, “it is just that I got to look at those materials which they would be sending by transport and approve the samples of the textile. It is just a few hours work actually.”

“You have enough money with you?” Mom asked her.

“Yes. I have,” sis replied. “And Kumar is there and he has his credit card. So there will be no problem.”

“That is fine. Get your things packed at night as you have to leave early,” Dad gave his final verdict.

We all finished our dinner. Mom and sis carried the plates to the kitchen and had to do the cleaning. I said good night to all and came to my room. I was not getting sleep expecting my sister to come to my room. I had my door open, as she had to pass my room to go to hers. About half an hour later, which seemed like ages, I heard her footsteps. To my utter frustration she walked past my door; and disappeared. If mountain does not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain. I got up and slowly and silently walked to her room. Her door was closed but not locked. Without knocking I entered. Her light was on and she was undressing. She was taking off her panties, which was the last piece of garment she had on her. She looked at me, but ignoring my presence, went to the bathroom in the nude and closed the door behind her. I sat on her bed waiting for her. A few minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom. “I had to empty my bowels and bladder. That is a must before anal sex. I also had to clean myself properly so that you would not mind rimming me sweetheart.” She walked towards me and sat on my lap wrapping her arms around my neck, her face just below mine. My face came down to her, my mouth over her mouth and my tongue traced the outlines of her lips. Her mouth opened up, and our lips locked in a passionate kiss. We went kissing deeply, our tongues wrestling with each other. French kissing went on for some time and my hand came to her breasts. I played with her naked breasts as I kissed her, My mouth sought for the other breasts and feasted on her second nipple. I made her lie down on her bed and went to the door to lock it. While returning to her bed, I had discarded my clothes on the floor. She was lying on her stomach her head turned sideways on the pillow. I started licking her from her toes. I sucked her toes and she squirmed. I did that with all her toes and then came to her sexy calves and kissed them. I proceeded upwards kissing every inch of her body and reached her bums. I kissed her bums all over and spread her ass-cheeks apart to kiss her crack and asshole. I was surprised, her asshole smelt fresh and fragrant, not pungent. I was tempted. “Your asshole smells so good today.” I pressed my mouth on it. “I used an enema, I always use enema before anal sex; it cleans my rectum completely and that is why your cock does not get covered with shit,” she explained. I kissed her asshole and sucked it. I rimmed it and pushed my hardened tongue into it. It went as much as I could push in. Her ass opened up completely. While sucking her asshole, I pushed my hand under her pussy and reached her clitoris and went on tweaking it and stroking it. Then pushed and massaged it and alternated between finger-fucking and clit massaging her. My mouth was constantly sucking and rimming her asshole. She suddenly started lifting her pelvis up, pressing her ass to my mouth. That followed with rhythmic movement of her hips — up and down fast. I knew she was nearing her climax and started sucking her asshole and giving it a tongue bath. Her body shivered and she came violently throwing her arms and legs. I did not slow down my attack on her clit and increased my pressure there. Her groans were muffled in the pillows. She came, came and came; then crashed.

I positioned myself between her legs and helped her by lifting her hips up. She rested on her elbows and knees, lifting her ass upwards and exposing her pussy. I knelt behind her and reached for her breasts which had been neglected for some time. My hands reached her breasts. I mauled them and with the heel of my palm kneaded them. I pinched her armpit and then bent forward over her kneeling frame enveloping her and kissed her nape of the neck, I retracted a bit, positioned my cock at her gateway and entered her pussy. She had raised her pelvis in such a way that her ass was projected upwards and her pussy straight towards my cock. I started fucking her. The idea that I will not be able to fuck her and she will be fucked by four different guys was turning me on. I wanted to come in her pussy. I started moving in and out, and the friction in this position was tight, She reciprocated by moving her ass backwards with each of my intrusion. Her breasts were dangling downwards and I was intermittently taking care of them. After several minutes of fucking we came together. She fell like a chopped tree flat on the bed on her stomach and I fell on top of her, my semihard penis now wedged between her asscheeks. Her breasts were smashed against the mattress and spilled sideways. I pushed my hand over them between her and the mattress and fondled them. I dry-humped her and jerked my pelvis up and down feverishly. Though my cock was not inside her asshole, it still felt nice as it was tightly held in between her large ass-cheeks. I remembered she had used enema and cleaned her asshole and rectum. I slid downwards, letting her tits go off my hand and placed my knees on either side of knees. I spread her ass-cheeks and licked her along the crack of her buns. I buried my face in that soft cushion and flicked my tongue on her asshole. I blew air into her ass. My tongue penetrated into her sphincter and I ran my tongue around the inner side of her sphincter and pushed it in. I kept fucking her asshole with my tongue and surprisingly in stead of smelling pungent, it was smelling spicy and fragrant. I pushed one hand between her legs to her pussy and started moving my fingers along her pussy and zeroed on her clitoris. I flicked it with my finger and tweaked and pulled it. I continued my oral adventure in her ass — my tongue trying reach the dark insides of her bowel and manipulated her clit with my fingers. She started going bananas. Her butt muscles stiffened and my face was almost smothered by her asscheeks. I pushed my tongue as far as it could go in her asshole and sucked her ass hard. With my pressure of suction building up and my finger going on her clit hard, she went into her orgasmic convulsions. She held the pillow tight and grunted. Her body went rigid and after several rigors, became still. My sister had her anal orgasms from my oral ass-fucking.

My cock was rock hard, and needed to discharge its juice in her tight hole. I got up from her and placed myself astride her raised hillocks. I pelvis came down, my cock pointing as a thick spear at her asshole. My sister knew my action plan, and when I placed my cock-tip at the tight gate of her ass, she relaxed her sphincter. “What a receptive asshole,” I thought to myself as I invaded her bowels with my cock with slow and steady force. With all my tongue-lashing it was sopping wet and my cock entered like knife in to butter. Once my cock was buried to its base, her sphincter tightened around it increasing her anal grip on my cock.

“Your ass is so tight, despite being over-used,” I exclaimed, “Every time I fuck your ass, I feel I am fucking a virgin asshole. It holds my cock so tight!!” I started fucking her ass and when I brought my cock out, her ass sucked my cock in. I started jerking fast. I pressed her butts together with my thighs which increased the tightness of her grip around my cock. I grabbed her breasts and started kneading them. Her hand moved down to her lower abdomen and must be playing with her own clit. Our incestuous fucking continued for several minutes, but her tight asshole had my cock in a vice-like grip and I knew I could not last longer. I stopped moving when I was about to come, giving myself sometime to relax to prolong my ejaculation. Once the feeling subsided, I started moving in and out of her asshole.

“Fuck me brother ….fuck me hard …. Take my ass…. I want you to come in my ass and want to feel your hot cum in my bowels. Fill up my bowels with your juice. I am going to come again ….” She panted. “Yes sister… I want to discharge in your tight asshole. I have been horny thinking about your fucking all the other men. I shall be not able to get you tomorrow… I want to make up for it.” I hissed. “I want to see you gangbanged taking three cocks inside and I want to watch you fucking others. I want fuck all your holes every day…. Yes sister …. I am coming … feel my cock in your ass. Feel my cock jetting its hot juice in your bowel…. Ooohhh sis….ohhh…aaaahhhh sister…. What a lay you are…. You are the best slut in town sis….. your brother is filling your ass yet again….”

“AAAhhhhhh ….. hhhhhmmm… yes….. yes…. Oooohhh… harder…. Go deeper…. Yes… I can feel it… I can feel your cum washing my bowels…. Yes brother …. Fuck your slut… fuck your slutty sister’s ass…. It is for taking cocks…. I had readied it for you. Yes… aaa…hhh… pervert sister letting a pervert brother fuck her ass…. Oooohhhh… come in me… aaahhh..” She climaxed again. With every spurt of my cock, I drove in deeper and deeper and deposited my cum in her asshole. Her tight asshole gripped it hard and when I was taking it out, it was getting milked by her sphincter.

I too came in a explosive climax and fell flat on her after my cock discharged all its juice. After this long-pending orgasm, my cock softened and shrunk and came out with a pop from her asshole.

Completely satisfied, we slept on her bed taking each other in our arms.

We got up quite early at about six in the morning. We had a quickie, before she went for her shower. She took a long while, possibly preparing herself for all the sex she was to get. She came out and picked up a pair of red g-string and matching quarter-cup under-wired bra and wore a formal pair of grey trousers and a light blue half sleeve shirt. I too went and got ready.

I kept a pair of my clothes in her suitcase and my toiletries and she put in her large toilet bag in her suitcase. It was about seven thirty in the morning, we came down to have our breakfast before leaving. Dad and mom were already there.

“All set to go kids?” dad asked.

“Yes dad.” We said and sat down at the breakfast table. We finished our breakfast, and at about eight thirty left home in a cab. We stopped by a pharmacy and I bought some stock of condoms in different colors, flavors and contours. I picked up another strip of cialis. Then we asked the cab to drive us to our hotel.

We reached the hotel at about ten in the morning. We checked in as Mr. & Mrs. Kumar. After the check-in, we were ushered to our room by a bellboy who carried our luggage. The bellboy opened the door with the key-card and placed our luggage on a small table. Her made a last minute check for the room and showed us their different facilities; and wishing us a pleasant stay, left the room.

I sat on the large settee as my sis sat on a chair across me. “We need to inform Agrawal the room number.” I got the mobile phone out and a slip of paper where I had noted down their details, “Did you fuck any one in this hotel?” I asked her.

“No, I never came here,” She said, “and even if one comes, it will not be possible for the hotel staff to remember visitors as there are so many, and if you behave normally and dress properly like a business visitor or a hotel guest.”

“That is right.” I got up to look around the room and passed on the phone to sis to call Agrawal. Something caught my sight. It was the wardrobe. It was made of a kind of straw mesh. It was huge. I went in and from inside, I could see the room very clearly; but from outside I could not see anything inside. Meanwhile she confirmed with Agrawal to come to our room, 1145 at eleven in the morning.

“Hey sis, look here. I can hide in the wardrobe and watch you. Can you see me if I am inside?” I said and got into the huge space. It was quite big inside. There was a small place for the safe on one side, and I could sit on that.

“Are you sure? Yes, nothing can be seen from outside. But can you watch any thing from inside? She sounded surprised.

“Yes, absolutely clear view of the room. Check it for yourself.” I said and came out of the wardrobe.

She got in and I closed its sliding door. Then she herself opened it and came out. “But you have to be absolutely quiet. No sound of any kind. Otherwise, it will be risky.” She cautioned me.

“In case he finds out, tell him it is my boyfriend who just wanted to make sure it is all safe.” I said. “By the way, you need to change to something seductive. And do let me know if I have to prime you for doing it quick. I can eat your pussy and increase your excitement so that when Agrawal comes, it will be easy for him to make you come.”

“No, it will not be right. I had an enema in the morning and had perfumed my pussy. Let it be like that. Now give me the condom packets.” She replied.

I handed over the condom packets and changed over to some comfortable shorts and t-shirts. Amrita didi changed her clothes. She took off her trousers and shirt and wore a pink short gown which was almost transparent. Her red g string and red bra were quite visible through the gown which was quite transparent. Yes, she looked sexy. She took off the band that held her long hair to a loose pony tail, letting it loose as it fell below her shoulders. She took the condom packets and kept them in the bedside drawer. She took a tube and went to the bathroom and came back soon and kept the tube of lidocaine in the suitcase. I knew she has her asshole prepared for fucking.

I kept all the clothes in the wardrobe including my shoes and sat by her. “When he is coming?” She looked at her watch. “In another fifteen minutes.” I was getting excited as I shall be able to see my sister fucking someone else. I kept my hand on her shoulder and dragged her to me. “Leave me now, my hair will be disheveled. I want to look fresh when he comes.” I left her reluctantly. “What about a little lick? I shall suck you and make you ready for action.” I suggested. “Then you will be horny and while watching me you will masturbate and cause some noise….you will be caught. But if you are feeling horny, I can give you a quick blow job so that you can still control yourself watching me.”

I got up and stood in front of her — her face at level with my crotch. I dropped my pants. “Do not hold my head or touch my hair. I do not want to brush it again.” She said as she very clinically proceeded to take my cock in her mouth. She first licked it all around, and lifted it up and licked the under-side of my cock. Then she took my balls in her mouth and sucked them playing with my nuts with her tongue. Finally she took my cock-head in her mouth and started sucking. She caught my shaft at the base and started shagging me while sucking me hard. Her other hand went to my balls and she synchronized her pressing of my balls with her shagging my cock. Her mouth caved in as her suction pressure increased on my cock. Just a few minutes of her manipulations on my cock and balls, my juice started climbing up to my cock and was ready to erupt. She meanwhile felt my urgency as I started fucking her mouth and she sucked me bobbing her head forward and backward on my cock and jerking the shaft hard and fast. “I am coming Didi…. Here I go…. Yes….yessssss…. I am coming in your mouth… you made me come so quickly…. Yes… take it…. Ooohhh didi…. I am coming in your mouth…” I ejaculated in her mouth and she sucked it hard and dry and milked it with her lips ensuring that the last drop of my semen has been sucked out.

She swallowed it all, and there was no trace of my secretion anywhere on her mouth. She went to the bathroom, brushed, applied red lipstick and came back. “I did not want them to smell your cock in my mouth!!” she said. “By the way, how do I look?” “Slutty, as always, can drive anyone horny.” I gave her the answer she wanted to hear.

The phone in the room rang.

“Pick it up. It must be Agrawal.” I told her as I looked around the room to ensure none of my clothes are left anywhere.

“Hello…. Yes it is…. You can straightaway come to my room. It is 1145. See you…” she said and hung up. I slipped into the wardrobe and ensured that it is properly locked. I made myself comfortable on the safe, and sat down there leaning against the wall.

The room bell rang and sis went and opened it. She was walking up to the settee followed by Agrawal. Agrawal came and sat by her and without any words pushed his hand into the neck of her low-cut gown and grabbed her tit.

Amrita didi gently patted him and took his hands off her tits. “Mr. Agrawal, you have to pay me first. You know the amount I am sure, it was intimated to you.” “No problem darling. Here you go. I shall give you more if you please me the way I want.” He said and brought out a large wallet from his pocket and passed a thick wad of notes to her. She kept it in the bedside drawer.

“Come to the bed.” My sis asked him as she proceeded to the large bed. He followed her, and now I could see him clearly. He must be around fifty or more, he was bald, pot-bellied, and short. She crawled on the bed, and while doing so, her gown rode up her thighs exposing her shapely butts which were almost bare. The bed was just opposite to the wardrobe and I was getting an unobstructed view of the activities. The moment Agrawal saw her bare butts, his hands were outstretched to feel them. She pushed her ass backwards to let him feel her. Crawling on her elbows and knees, she turned around facing the fat man. Her deep neckline drooped and she bra-covered breasts were visible through the neck of the gown. I knew she was teasing him. Then she sat at the edge of the bed and started Agrawal came close to her. She unbuttoned his shirt and he took it off and threw it on the chair. Then sis undid his belt and unzipped the pant. He wore the trousers below his protruding belly. Sis pulled down his trousers and boxers in one go. He himself got out of them and kept them on the chair over his shirt. He was nude and really looked funny. As he walked back to the bed, the tires of flab around his tummy jiggled!! His legs were skinny, and he looked pathetic without his clothes. Sis turned around and reached for the drawer and got a packet of condom. She tore open the packet and held it in one hand. She stroked his cock with the other till it became fully erect. Once it was fully erect, she — very carefully — rolled the condom along his small cock. His thick growth of pubic hair made it look even smaller. She had to almost lie down on the bed on her stomach to bring her face to the level of his crotch. She did not have any difficulty to take the whole length of his cock in her mouth. I could see him pushing his hips forward. My sis’s hands roamed over his buttocks and his jerks became faster. Her hand left her buttock and it was obscured by his body, and I could not see what she was doing with her hand. I saw her sitting up and in swift motion lifted the gown from the hem over her head and it was on the floor. She was in a bright red bra and g-string. She caught his hand and pulled him to the bed. Both of them soon started grappling at each other. His hands were on her boobs and she caught his dick.

“I am sure you will like a blowjob first.” She said grasping his cock in her hand and stroking it. She moved down and sat near his waist and took him in her mouth giving me a good view of her performing fellatio though I could not see the expression on Agrawal’s face as she blocked my view.

“Yes honey, suck me like that. Ooohhhhhh.. it feels incredible. Yes you little girl, suck my cock…” he pressed her head with his hands to his groin and lifted up his pelvis to get in completely into her mouth.

For my sister, it was a routine job, and it was very easy to take this small cock in her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down and started playing with his hairy balls. Her glossy red lips were around the base of his cock and it was a sight to behold. Her cheeks went in as she sucked his cock and then she moved started fucking his cock with her mouth. His hands reached for her bra-clad breasts and he was not very gentle with her breasts grabbing it and pressing it.

My cock was getting hard seeing her sucking another man. I wished I could fuck her from behind as she sucked another man. I know someday I shall be able to do it. But right at that moment I concentrated on what I saw. She left the cock for some time and went on masturbating him with her hand. Knowing I was watching, she looked towards the wardrobe and gave me a smile and went back to sucking him. My cock was erect and I felt like masturbating there; but I still controlled myself for using my increased libido on my sister after he leaves. Now she turned around ad placed her legs on either side of his legs and bent forward. She was still giving him a blowjob and was possibly trying to titillate him with her cleavage and tit-show. Agrawal’s hands lifted up from the bed, and disappeared between him and my sister’s torso. Must be fondling her breasts, I thought. Her hands reached her back and she unfastened her bra. Her bra joined her gown on the floor. But as she bent forward, her ass was up and it appeared larger in that position. The thin string of cloth separated her two ass-cheeks as a straight line diving two equal territories. What a pleasure this man was missing by not having that lovely ass on his face!!

I saw my sister starting to move her head faster on his cock and from the movements of his pelvis I knew he was not going of last any longer. His hands held her head and pulled it towards his crotch and my sister’s long hair fell forward giving me a clear view of her unblemished back and wide ass. My sis got up from there and sat by his side. Her hand reached for the condom and his prick was shrinking fast. She checked to make sure all his ejaculation was in the rubber. She held it at the tit and pulled it out and the condom came off his cock with a blob. She rolled it and wrapped it with some tissue papers kept near her side table and threw it in the litter bin. She brought out another packet and kept t on her pillow. Interestingly, she did not even take off the bed-covers. She still had her g-string on. She went near his face and lowered her breasts to his moth. Then she went on giving him a tit-massage touching all over his body with her breasts. Se came down and pressed her tits to his crotch rubbing it on his cock. His hand went inside of her g-string and was moving over her pussy. Then she took his balls in his hand and started playing with it. His cock twitched and she was trying to resuscitate it back to life. When she rubbed her hanging tits on his cock, his cock was showing signs of life. All of a sudden Agrawal jumped from the bed and grabbed her and started mauling her tits like a savage. He put his mouth on them and was trying to swallow the whole flesh, in vain though.

“You want me to ride you or you want to ride me?” my sister asked suggestively presenting her boobs to him.

“Masturbate me a bit more till it gets hard again. Then you ride me. You sucked me so well that I ejaculated what was stored over months in my balls. My wife never gives me a blowjob which I like so much. She is a sack of wheat, so I try to sleep with young girls like you whenever I am out of town.” The guy appeared quite decent as he spoke from his heart.

“Do not worry, I let you have what you like,” my sister said and started masturbating him. Her fist moved rapidly on his prick and the other hand kept fluttering on his thighs and balls. He was made hard again. Once he was hard, my sister took off her g-string and giving me a perfect view of her ass, stretched to pick up the condom. I could hear the sachet tearing and she put it on his cock. She gave it a few sucks and ensuring it remained hard, she positioned herself above his cock and came down on him taking the whole length in one swift go. Initially her movements were slow, up and down and circular. But when his outstretched hands gnawed at her buttocks she started moving faster. She went up and down and stopping for a while rotated her hips. She wanted it to last so that Agrawal comes completely.

I could not see the expressions on his face, and I could just see his skinny legs and my sister’s backside and his cock entering her pussy His small cock was going in and out of her pussy and I was getting a fairly good view. She bent forward letting her breasts touch his chest, and in the process exposed her asshole where I had come so any times n the recent past. I felt like getting out of the wardrobe and pushing my dick in her tight asshole. Very soon, he started shouting in his mother-tongue announcing the arrival of his climax. My sister increased her pace and continued her movements. His legs moved a bit and went still — possibly he came, though her movements did not stop. When she went up, his cock popped out of her pussy. I was sure she did not achieve her climax, as he was too small and came too early too. But like the ultimate pro, she got up, rolled the condom off his cock and disposed it in the same litter bin. “There go millions of your children..,” she said jokingly and held him taking his head between her mammary. “I do not remember when I came twice in such a short time, you are really good at it,” he said and got up. My sister followed him and gave his balls a squeeze and gave him a hug. He got dressed. Pulled out his wallet from his pocket, and gave it to her. “Thank you so much. I have to get going. But I shall contact you every time I come to Calcutta.” Very quickly he went out of the room.

I looked at my watch and it was just few minutes after one o clock. My sister just rushed to the bathroom and I came out of the wardrobe.

She came to the room wearing a bathrobe.

“So how was the show?” she asked mischievously.

“Good, but it was one angle view only. I could not see anything other than your butt.” I replied.

“Well, I could not help it. And for the rest of those guys, I shall be going to their rooms. Sorry brother, you cannot see your sister fucking others — at least for now,” She said and sat near me. She sat crossing her legs, one on the other in the process the robe slipped off her legs.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“It is not even half past one; and you did not get your climax from your earlier fuck. If you want, I can suck you to your orgasm,” I said earnestly, as if I was only considered about pleasing her. In reality my cock was dying to enter her pussy as it was hard from witnessing her getting fucked.

“What will you do with this after that?” she asked teasingly taking hold of my cock over my shorts.

“If you think we can, we can suck each other off now,” I suggested.

“Let us first confirm with the second guy, and then see how much time we have at hand,” she suggested.

I gave her the number of the second man, Jeet Singh. She called him from the mobile phone. “Mr. Jeet, this is Neha,” she paused for a while and then disconnected the call. She looked disappointed. “What happened?” I asked with concern. “He said, his wife and son are with him and he was expecting to go out sight-seeing and shopping. But his wife is in the room as she sprained her leg; and he would like to postpone the appointment. But we cannot do that as I have to go to Jim in the evening and then shall be spending the whole night with Wright.”

“That is good news.” I said cheerfully, “ask him if he can come down to our room. I shall hide myself in the usual place; and even we can charge him more saying you had to take the room.”

“It did not strike me, let me call him again,” she said and redialed the number. “Mr. Jeet, would it be fine if you come to my room at the specified time?” She paused. “Yes, three o’clock is fine. My room number is 1145.” She disconnected the phone.

She looked up at me gripping my cock hard, “So you can have another show! He will come to our room at three. We got an hour and half to ourselves.” With that she pushed her hand through the leg of my shorts and fondled my cock and my balls. I took off my shorts and threw it on the floor where her clothes were lying. I pushed her and we fell on the bed grappling at each other. I was too excited to indulge in any foreplay and what I needed at that time was raunchy sex with my sister. I caught both of her breasts with my two hands and mercilessly squeezed them. I licked my way down to her navel and tongued her navel. I was almost fucking her navel with my tongue.

“Fuck me you bastard … I cannot take it any more. Just ram that cock of yours in my pussy. Just fuck me …. That guy left me so high and I had to pretend I was happy with the fuck, but my pussy was itching when he left for a hard cock. What the fuck are you doing… just fuck me… my pussy is open and wet, and it needs a cock … you better fuck me or else I shall get the dildo to do it.” She was almost screaming. My mouth came down to her pussy and I scratched her pussy with my teeth and lapped along the length of her pussy. It was dripping. It had a funny vanilla smell. It smells and tastes like vanilla. “The condom I used last time was vanilla flavored. I cannot stand the smell of rubber and it tastes bad in mouth. I always prefer to use flavored condom for a blow job. But I used the same type for fucking Agrawal.” The pitch of her voice increased now, “what the fuck are you doing? Suck my click if you want to suck my pussy. Make me come you bugger …. I need to come … You are getting the same pussy which is going to earn for both of us. You are getting the same pussy which pleases so many people. Feel lucky you are getting it free… fuck me you mother-fucking bastard; you sister-fucking asshole, fuck me… I just cannot take it any more. Aaaahhhhh…. Harder… yes… you got it… you get it so well .. you suck my clit so well … you really know how to suck your sister’s cunt … you know how to eat your sister’s pussy. Go on… keep doing it… I am close to coming… keep doing it….. yes… yes… yes… that is it……aaaa…hh…….” She started moving her legs haphazardly throwing sideways. Then her hands came behind my head and pressed me to her pussy. I pushed my hand under her pussy below her pussy. She lifted her pussy up giving me an access to her asshole. Her cunt-juice was now flowing opulently and some was trickling down to her asshole and even below. I pushed my hand between her legs to where both ass-cheeks met. I manipulated my hands and reached her asshole and she lifted her ass up allowing my hand an access to her asshole. Her lidocaine application was getting wasted. My fingers touched her asshole and she spread her legs at my touch. I pushed my middle finger into her asshole and it slipped in without any resistance. It was tight but willing. My finger went in deep and I moved my finger in her rectum all around. “I am going to come from your anal stimulation. But we have no time. Fuck me in the pussy. Come up, come here my darling, come… let me hold you in my chest. Keep fucking my wet slit hard and long. Harder and faster. Fuck me.” She shouted.

I positioned myself between her spread legs and took aim with my cock at her cunt. I got in easily and very soon started moving hard and fast, hitting the bottom pit of her pussy. She encircled her legs around my waist as she did not want any corner of her pussy to be left untouched. She wanted her pussy to be completely full. So, I pumped in and out, but every time I went in, I was trying to push it harder than the last time ensuring my cock was going deep, I bent forward and took her mouth in mine and was French-kissing. I also got the same vanilla smell. Thank god, she made them use condom, otherwise, only sloppy second would be left for me!! In a few minutes she started holding me tight and lifting her pelvis matching my strokes. Her body trembled and she was coming… “I am coming… yes… at last my brother made me cum… fuck me brother… fuck me you bugger… you bugger you know how to fuck your slut sister. It is great. Come in me.. come in my pussy. Deposit your juice in my pussy. When I feel your sperm spurting in my pussy, electric sparks fly all over my body. You make me so happy…. You are the most loving fucker I came across… I need you my sister-fucker brother… Fuck me… harder… yes…aaa…..h.h…..a….rr…g..h…..aa….a..hhh..h.h. I am coming brother… My fucker brother is making me come ….. ooohhhh… …how fucking good it feels….aaahhh.” She came as her whole body went into a series of convulsions and her whole body tensed up and stayed rigid for some time. I could also feel my semen building up somewhere at the base of my cock, and quickly ascended to my cock and spurted into her pussy. As my cock sent its juice in spurts, I rammed into her, washing her whole pussy with my hot think sperm. Her pussy was brimming with our combined juices which soaked her labia and also the bedcover below her ass.

With my cock still in my sister’s pussy I lied on top of her caressing her hair and face and kissed her forehead lovingly. I felt a strange feeling for her a combination of love and lust. Her eyes were closed and I kissed her on her eyes. My cock was still hard, and in a few moment I started jerking again and this time began at a faster pace. “It feels so sensitive after that big climax. Stop for a while.” She stopped me. But I knew I did not have the luxury of time, and I had to get completely spent as I have to be a mute spectator to yet another of her sexcapades. I was hoping that this Jeet Singh should at least be a better fuck for my sister. I wanted to see her having orgasms with others, I wanted to see her in different sexual position with others. “By the way, we can shift the pillows towards the window, to this side. That way I can have a better view of your fucking. She looked up at me with dreamy eyes, and just smiled. “Anyway, Jim — is what he said is true — has a huge cock, and you will love getting fucked by him. What if he fucks you in the ass with his large cock? Will you be able to take it?” I questioned.

“Do not know, but let us see how it goes.” She said plainly. I knew she would not mind trying. Imagining a large cock in her asshole was getting my cock stiff. I slipped off her and got a pillow and placed it under her ass. “What are you going to do?” she asked quizzically. I lifted her legs on my shoulder and her asshole was now exposed. “I want to come in your asshole in this position. I want to see your lovely face as you have an anal orgasm.”

“You are a total ass-man. I have noticed you have to have anal sex finally,” She said. “Well, when you see such a sexy piece of ass, what else do you think than getting your pole into the tight orifice?” I exclaimed. “Your asshole is so hot and tight, and your ass is so shapely, that the mere thought of ass-fucking you keeps me hard always,” I complimented her and I lifted her legs on my shoulder further up, completely exposing her asshole. I kept knelt in the same place, and the pillows under her ass brought up the asshole to the right level with my cock. “This is a good position for buggering you, I can not only play with your tits at the same time, I can see your face and kiss you. Is it called missionary ass fucking?”

“Does it matter what you term it?” she said as my cock made its entry into her nether hole. There was no resistance; but it was a tight entry. She brought her own hands to her ass-cheeks and spread it apart for me to bugger her. Her eyes were shut and she gritted her teeth as I entered her in one stroke. I pushed my cock all the way in her bowel and remained still. I held her clit between two fingers and pressed it and tickled it. When I got her clit hard, I started fucking her asshole. I reached for her tits which were now heaving with her increased breathing. I bent forward and her legs were almost pressed back to her chest, spread vulgarly exposing her tight bald pussy and tight asshole which had my cock swallowed to its base. I took it out right up to the head of my cock and the next moment thrust it in into her in one mighty push till it was completely sunk in her tight cave. I could see her tight brown ring expanding around the base of my cock like a cock-ring. I never forgot to massage her clit or fondle her boobs with my hands.

“I am going to fill your rectum now …. You will feel my hot juice in you now …. I am going to come …..” I panted as I knew I would not take long to ejaculate in her tight bung-hole,” saying so, I pushed in my index, middle and ring fingers in her soppy pussy and extended my thumb to her clit flicking it, and my other hand was mauling her breasts. Her eye balls almost popped out and she started panting. I could see her facial muscles tightening and her head thrown back tossing from one side to another. With her pussy being fucked with my fingers and clit being massaged as I was ass-fucking her, she was getting close to her climax. “That is it…. I cannot take it any more… ooohhhh….ooo…hhh … fuck ….me, rip my ass apart with your cock …. Yes… that is it. Keep fucking… yessssssss……” he whole body shuddered and she went into a frenzy. I increased my force on her clit and with my cock deep into her ass right up to its base, my cock emitted in strong jets my juice in her bowel. Her sphincter tightened around my cock and hot semen gushed out from me into my sister’s back passage. When I came, I bent forward and gave her a soul-searching kiss.

After the last few squirts, my cock went flaccid and I took it out off her asshole. She was lying down there completely spent and my balls felt light and empty. We held each other for some time. I looked at my watch. It was half an hour after two. We just had half an hour to rearrange the room, and for my sister to gain her composure as well as stamina to fuck.

“Come, I shall help you wash yourself and make you ready in half an hour for the next guy,” I said as I got up form the bed in the nude. She followed me. We stood on the tub, drawing the shower curtain, and with the hand-shower I started washing her. She arranged her hair in a top-bun and wore a shower-cap. I sprayed warm water from the jet at her breasts and then soaped her. I lathered her pussy and butts and cleaned her properly. I cleaned myself as well, and toweling ourselves dry, we got out of the bathroom.

She got the tubes of anesthetic gel and a lubricant cream and applied the lubricant in her pussy and the anesthetic gel in her asshole. She got some tissue and wiped them off from her labia and her butts. In order to mask them, she sprayed some perfume on them. She picked up the same clothes which she wore earlier and wore them. I switched on the music channel to some nondescript music but decreased the volume to the minimum so that I would be able to hear what they talk. I looked at my watch, and it was three o’clock, time for Jeet Singh to come. I quickly took the pillows out, and placed them on one side and arranged the blanket and the quilt accordingly. Finally, I reversed the bedcover, and covered the bed with that.

It was all set! I slipped into the wardrobe and made sure it was closed properly. I made myself comfortable on my previous place and waited.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang.

My sis walked past the wardrobe to the door and half opening the door asked who was it. When he was told it was Jeet Singh, she opened the door.

I saw a very well-dressed middle aged man following my sister. He was tall, handsome and have salt and pepper hair. He looked like one who looks after himself. When my sis turned back to face him, he exclaimed, “Oh! You are very beautiful and of course very very sexy!!

“You are a very handsome man yourself Mr. Singh,” she said.

“Let me be very clear with you Ms. Neha. I do not have much time at my disposal, though I wish I had. Unfortunately my wife and son are in my room and I need to go back and join them. I would have loved to spend more relaxed time with you,” saying that he took a step forward and took her in his strong arms. His hands come down to her ass and he cupped them and pulled her to him. She head was at his chin.

His hands went below her gown and were roaming on her bare ass. I could clearly see the tent formed at his crotch. My sister’s hands went to his crotch and she pressed there. His hands left her butts and came to her breasts and he undid the tie that held the gown at the top. With that, the two flaps dropped and exposed her large tits, very scantily covered by the small bra which also lifted them up showing a deep cleavage. She pushed the shoulder straps aside and the gown slipped down on its own and fell on the floor around her feet. She started unbutton his shirt and pulled it out of his pants and exposed his broad chest. She placed her mouth on his nipple and started sucking it and with the other hand she started gripping his cock and balls over his trousers.

The next moment, she disengaged herself from him and said, “Mr. Singh, you have to pay me in advance.”

“Oh, I am sorry, I just got carried away seeing your sexy body,” he reached for hip pocket and took out his wallet and handed over a wad of notes to her. She counted it and went to the bedside drawer to keep it there, and while doing so, bent forward showing him and me a great view of her ass. “By the way, I would like to make the best use of the short time I have at hand. I would like to fuck your gorgeous ass as many times as I can, although I would have loved to enjoy a lady like you fully in all the holes.” He said and unbuckled his belt. My sister came close to him and knelt in front of him and unzipped his slacks and pulled it down along with his underwear. His cock was average, neither too big, nor too small. It was circumcised and the head appeared quite large.

“Do not worry, hope there will be a next time,” my sister told him as he lifted one leg and then the other out of his slacks and underwear, “and why three — you can have four — I am sure you would love a tit-fuck!!” She held her arms together which made her cleavage even more pronounced. His cock was right in front of her face and he wanted to rub it on her red lips. My sister was quite smart. She took the cock in her hand and produced a condom from the other hand and tore open the pack. It was pink in color. She rolled it on his cock and took him in her mouth. The moment she took his cock in her mouth, he thrust himself in. She caught his balls and pulled the sac and then started squeezing it. He started frantic movements, and his cock was going in and out of her mouth. Soon, I could see her bending her neck a bit, and the cock was going deep down her throat. She was deep-throating him. That must have excited him further and his movements became fast. He held her head fucked her mouth as if he wanted to come at that very instant. They were just few feet away from where I was hiding, and it was a grand sight to see my sister deep-throating some unknown cock like the seasoned slut she was. This guy was quite muscular, and presented a much better picture than the previous guy. As my sister started moving her head in tune with his movements, her hair covered her face. She used one hand to push arrange her hair and I could see her lips stretched around his cock and his cock disappearing to its base into her expert mouth.

“Let us go to the bed,” he urged her. She left his cock and stood up. He reached for her back and unfastened her bra and she took it off herself and threw it on the bed. He made her lie down on the bed placing her head on the pillow and positioned himself astride her chest. He brought his cock to her mouth and she held her own breasts together making his shaft sandwiched between her breasts. I was now having a great show. My elder sister getting tit-fucked by some guy and as he was moving forward my sister was trying to take it in her mouth. He then rested on his hands placing them on either side of the pillow and started fucking her mouth. His pelvis changed its direction of movement and his cock started digging in. My sister’s hand reached his balls and caught them. “Fuck ….. I am going to come in your fucking mouth….. my cock is going deep down your throat…. You are such a good cock-sucker …. Oooohhhh… yeah… you are such a cunt, your mouth is going to make me come like never before… ooohhhh…. Yeahhh….. am coming …..” he shouted and brought his cock out just letting the cockhead to be in her mouth. Her lips pursed around his cock and her cheeks caved in. She caught his shaft and started milking it and caught his balls firmly.

When he took his cock out, the pink condom was filled with white cum. He got up and sat on the bed and she also got up and sat near him.

Before his cock could shrink to its normal size, my sister took the condom out, and neatly folded it. Se knelt on the bed and reached for the box of tissues, wrapped the used condom in them and disposed it. As she knelt, she brought her ass close to his face.

“Now I want you to make my cock hard again so that I can fuck this ass,” he said running his finger under the thread-like strap of her thong that ran along her butt-crack and pressing his finger tip at her asshole.

She again crawled on the bed to take another pack of condom. He lied on the bed on his back and she sat near his waist and started masturbating him. She fondled his thighs and reached for the area between his balls and asshole and pressed there. She tickled his hairy balls with her nails with one hand, and with the other tickled his nipple. Her continued manipulation was bringing life back to his cock and it was now semi-hard. She started masturbating his cock and in a few minutes, it got hard. She continued fondling his balls and the area between his thighs below is balls and his cock stood up in full attention. She opened the wrapper of the condom and covered his cock with it. Then she bent forward taking it in her mouth.

“Give me your ass, I want to play with it as you suck my cock,” said Jeet and she was on a sixty nine above him. I was wondering if he was going to suck her pussy. She lowered her hips close to his mouth, but he just grabbed her ass in his hands. She took his cock in her mouth and quickly started bobbing her head up and down. She caught his cock at the base and held it tight. She was now using her teeth to scMolestation on his cock. However, her hair cascaded down and obscured her face from my view. Jeet was now playing with her ass, pushing the g-string aside and was fingering her asshole. I could see his index finger completely going inside her ass and his clenched fist moving clockwise and anticlockwise. My sister suddenly lifted one hand, and pushed the thick mane to the other side, making her face clearly visible to me. Then one hand went to her pussy to play with her pussy.

She pushed his cock and took his balls in her mouth and moved her ass forward and backwards. Jeet got up from his supine position and holding her fell on the bed. They rolled on the bed and played with each others body. My sister was using all her skills to excite him and please him. She rubbed her tits on his body and in a moment he was lying on top of her. He jerked her pelvis up invitingly. My cock was now rock hard. I wanted to shag my cock to glory and come enjoying the sex-show unfolding in front of my eyes. But I knew he would fuck her in the ass and keep her pussy unfulfilled which will need my cock after he leaves.

He turned her around and went towards her legs. Spreading them as much as he could, he knelt between them and lifted her ass holding her from both sides. She was now in a Rockygy-style presenting her ass to Jeet. He pulled the g-string down and it came down to her thighs. She took one leg out and then the other getting rid of the skimpy garment Jeet helping her. He knelt there and spat on her asshole not knowing it was prepared for unobstructed entry earlier. He leveled his cock at her asshole and pushed it in slowly. I could see the head disappearing first in her asshole. My sister squirmed and undulated her ass helping him enter easily. Soon his condom-covered cock was half way in her ass and her sphincter stretched around the cock.

“Oh … it is so hot …. It is so tight …. Your asshole is really tight and is holding my prick co perfectly. I could go on fucking your ass for ever. You are sexiest piece of ass in town,” he exclaimed.

He was thrusting in violently now, and my sister’s well-fucked asshole did not have any problem coping with his violent fucking. He grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard making her yell. But he was a bit rough now, as in his excitement he did not even bother to stimulate my sister’s clit, something which helps her to get off. But like an experienced whore who knows how to fuck for money, she did not complain and she started pushing her ass back making him go deeper. His groin was now hitting her ass with every stroke and his cock was moving in and out.

In a few minutes, fucking my sister’s asshole, Jeet was about to release his load in. “I am coming honey… I am going to come in your tight ass…. Ooohhhh…. Yes…. That is it… hold my cock tight in her ass…. It is incredible ….. ooohhh…it feels so good…. Yes… I am coming now……” he shouted.

“Come in my ass Jeet… come like a stud …. Give all your seeds in m ass…. Come on… fuck me hard… fuck my ass hard …. As hard as you can…. My ass is craving for your cock …. I want to feel it pulse in my rectum as it comes… keep fucking my ass… yes… do it… go.. on….. and faster …..” she was egging him to come by talking dirty.

Jeet pushed his ass forward in one hard thrust and stayed there and bent forward on her back taking her tits in his hands and his ass jerked. He came in my sister’s ass, and soon it was all over.

Jeet got up and himself took off the condom from his cock which was filled with his juice. He wrapped it like what my sister used to do with tissues and dropped in the litter bin. I was wondering how many filled condoms would be thrown in the litter-bin by end of the day!! Fortunately, she did not allow them to fuck without condom and it would not matter to me to fuck her straightaway after she is fucked by these guys, as there would be no trace of their cum in her.

He got up and put on his clothes. “I wish I could stay longer and fuck to till my heart and cock are satisfied, but unfortunately I have to go. I shall get in touch with you soon,” he said and kissed her on her butts. He left the room closing the door behind him. When I heard the click of the door lock, I came out from my hiding place and saw my sister lying on the bed on her abdomen with her face on her folded arms. I slowly sat between her legs and put my mouth on her ass and she lifted her pelvis to welcome me there. After tongue-fucking her gaping asshole and rimming her open asshole a little, I brought my mouth to her face. I lifted her pelvis to my mouth and she bent her ass backwards presenting her pussy to my mouth. I caught her by her waist and started sucking her pussy and pushed my tongue in. It was possibly not a very comfortable position and she turned around and spread her legs for her brother to suck her pussy and clit. I took her engorged clit in my mouth and sucked it gently.

I got rid of my shorts and sat in front of her and shoved in my steel-hard cock in her pussy. It did not need any efforts to enter as it was wet; and she was excited. Her pussy welcomed me with a smooth entry and my cock went deep in one swift motion.

We were fucking like maniacs and no words were spoken. It was pure animal lust that tok over, and I was pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. My already excited state did not allow me to extend the session any longer and she also was on the verge of her climax the moment my rigid cock made its entry.

“Ohh… I need my pussy to be filled in with hot juices… I needed my pussy to be fucked… fuck me brother … I need your cock in my pussy and I want you to come in my pussy … I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy flooding it… come for me… come for your slut sister … you know how much your sister needs your cock … fuck me brother … fuck me my sweetheart … fuck ….. me… hard … I need it hard…. Yes….. yes…. Yesssss…. That is it… I am coming…….” Her whole body went into convulsions like an epileptic patient and she came and her pussy was now filled with her liquid lava. “I am coming sis… I am coming in your pussy… feel me inside your pussy… yes sis… I am coning as I came so many times in your pussy… please be my whore for life… I need your pussy … My cock wants to come in my sister’s pussy…. Yess…. I am coming… aaahhhh….” I said and my cock started emitting its juices in spurts. With every spurt, I fucked her slowly going deeper inside her. Her cunt was now overflowing with our juices and we collapsed on each other catching our breath.

“I do not know why you guys all love fucking in the ass so much!” She said, “I do enjoy anal sex, but I need a hard cock in my pussy and my clit stimulated for my climax. But I do not crib as I have to give them pleasure for the money they pay. Anyway, at least this guy could fuck longer.”

“I am there to take care of your pussy,” I consoled her, “may be, they left it deliberately for your brother to fill it!!” I joked.

“Let us go and get ourselves cleaned. I am quite tired and need to eat something light before I got to Jim. Can you get me a burger or something.” she said as she got up.

She went to the washroom and I ordered two burgers and ice-cream in the room. We had some time at hand. I arranged the bed ad put her used garments in the suitcase and brought out a fresh pair. This time, I picked up the peek-a-boo string panties and bra. I knew Jim was well-endowed and she would enjoy fucking him. So I thought of these naughty and daring undergarments as she has to dress rather conservatively when she goes to his room. I got out a lycra Capri which I knew would reveal her shapely ass and a white top that would provide a hint of her nipples.

She had her wash and came out from the bathroom. She smiled when she saw her clothes on the bed neatly spread out for her. She picked up the bath-robe and wore it. She was her bubby self as she jumped and sat on the bed. The door-bell rang and I hurriedly wore my shorts and went to open it. The room-service chap brought the food, kept it on the small table and gave me the check to sign it. He left with the check

“I am monstrously hungry,” she said as I passed on the plate with her burger. I too took mine and we finished our burgers in no time. I passed on the ice-cream cup to her. It was a large strawberry ice-cream. She dipped her spoon in that and started licking the spoon in a seductive way, as if she was licking a cock. She kept on doing it and that had my cock hard. My cock never in the past grew hard so frequently. But with my sexy sister, even after coming in shattering climaxes, my cock was getting hard so soon as if it did not require time to harden. Her sexy charms kept me high perpetually.

I took another spoon form the plate and took a scoop of the ice-cream. Holding the spoon steadily in one hand, with the other I opened the loosely tied belt of her bath robe. It opened in the front exposing her breasts and cunt. Without waiting for her reaction, I applied the ice-cream on her pussy.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing…” though she sounded angry, her legs spread apart more allowing me to apply the ice-cream on her pussy. Fortunately, the back of the bath-robe was still in place, so the melting cream did not reach the bed. However, I sat between her legs on the floor and started licking the ice-cream from her pussy. I caught he by her butts and pulled her close to my mouth and she obliged by coming to the edge of the bed. I was pleasantly surprised when she herself applied another scoop of the ice-cream on her pussy. I pushed her on her back and took the ice-cream cup from her hands. I smeared her entire labia with the delicious ice-cream and started lapping it from her clean-shaven pussy. Some of the ice-cream melted and trickled down along the line joining her ass-cheeks soaking her asshole. I pushed my hands under her ass and lifted her to lap the entire length from her asshole upwards to her pussy. The cold ice-cream made her clit hard. “Your pussy juice is making the ice-cream even more delicious!” I commented. As I said I flicked her clit with my tongue.

I went on lapping the ice-cream from her cunt scoop after scoop and as it dribbled down her asshole, licked her entire area between her thighs, including her brown pucker. Her quim was smelling of strawberry now. But as my licking and sucking continued, I could see her pussy getting wet and the ice-cream getting diluted with her juice. It was what I was looking for, and went on sucking her.

The cold ice-cream and my hot lapping and sucking drove her over the hilt. She started pushing her cunt on my mouth and moved her pelvis rubbing her clit on my face. I got up and stood between legs dangling down the bed, her hips resting on the edge. I pushed my shorts down and shoved my way in.

It felt wonderful, the first feel was cold from the ice-cream as I entered my sister’s pussy. But soon, it got heated up as the friction between her vaginal wall and my cock increased. I took possession of her large breasts and soon was rhythmically fucking her. In that position, my cock was hitting her cervix every time I pushed in. I took some more of the ice-cream and put it on her breasts right on the nipples. It got harder and she got a goose-skin from the cold ice-cream. I licked it from her breasts and I took a lot of her tit-flesh into my mouth and sucked it. I bit her nipples lightly and when she raised her hands to hold my head to her bosom. I left her breasts and licked her armpits. That was enough to trigger her climax. “Ooohhhhhh… what the hell is happening to me… am I becoming a fucking nymphomaniac? Ooohhh…………… fuck me…. Yes…… aaahhh….. keep up your pace….. keep fucking your sister….. oohhhhh…..”

We had been fucking like rabbits from the day I found discovered her secret and she had been keeping me horny constantly and I was also fucking her in every opportunity that came my way. The sheer pleasure of this incestuous sex was going to my head whenever I was around her.

I too was close to coming. “You are driving me nuts sis… I just cannot resist fucking your pussy …. It makes me ho hard and you are so fucking sexy…. Who would not love to have a slut like you ….more so when she is your sister….. I am also coming…. Ohhh … my fucking cock is going to spray its sperms in your cunt…. Yess…. I am coming..” My balls tightened and I could feel the hot sperms passing through my cock and splashing in her vagina. “Next time, I shall have the ice-cream, from your ass,” I told her as I was getting up to go to the bathroom. She also followed me to the bathroom and we helped each other to clean and fell on the bed. “I am having the fuck on my life,” she said without even bothering to cover herself. “My cunt is getting its fill,” she paused. “Now I better call Jim and confirm his room number. Meanwhile, can you just apply the crème in the right places, I am sure you would love this work!” she said picking up the phone.

She stood on the floor and lifted one leg on the bed, which exposed her pussy and opened it up. I got the spermicidal and lubricant gel and took it on my fingers and applied it on her labia and spread it along her labia and inside her vagina. I took another scoop and inserted my finger covered with the gel inside her vagina and applied it all around her vaginal walls. Then, I took the anesthetic gel and went behind her. I first put a bit of the gel on her asshole and spread it around her asshole. She bent forward to let me poke my finger in. I applied the ointment inside her asshole and rubbed it on the inside of her sphincter. I inserted my finger in her asshole all the way in applying the gel all around and inside her rectum. “You will be soon pounded by nine inch cock, so I better get you properly prepared to take it in all your holes. Hope he does not tear your asshole with his dong.”

“What a scene, brother preparing his sister to fuck like a whore!” I said as I went to get the box of tissues. With some tissues, I wiped the gels off her skin and threw the ball of the used tissue in the bin.

She dialed the hotel number from the mobile phone, and asked the operator to connect her call to Jim. “Hi Jim, this is Neha, I had mailed you about our meeting this evening.” She switched on the speaker phone.

“Hi Neha, yes, we meet at six, that is right?” Jim asked.

“That is right. Where do we meet up? Sis asked.

“My room? 1414. By the way where are you?” he asked.

“In the same hotel, in 1145.”

“Great. By the way. You said you can use some sex-toys, right?” he inquired.

“Yes, but… but how can I carry them to your room?” she hesitated.

“Actually Miss, I am bi. I love being fucked in the ass when I fuck a lady. If you can fuck me with a dildo when I fuck your pussy, it would be fantastic. I can pay you more.” He said in a whisper.

“Then we meet up in my room at six in the evening. Will that be ok?” she said.

“Wonderful my sexy lady. I shall see you at six in your room. However, keep your pussy and ass greased for my pecker,” he said and hung up.

I almost jumped with joy. I was going to witness yet another fucking of my sister and this time it is going to be with a foreigner who had a monster of a cock.

“Happy?” my sister asked me with sparkling eyes, “You are getting what you wanted, yet another fuck-show.”

“Now you do not have to wear these,” I said pointing at her clothes and placed them in the suit-case, leaving her undergarments on the bed for her to wear. I fished out a silk dressing robe from her suitcase which just had one belt around her waist. It was milk-white in color and had some flowers embroidered on one side.

She picked up her string thongs and slipped her legs into them. Then she picked up her bra, slipped her arms in hooked it. The three strings of her bra-cups literally cut through her fleshy breasts and similarly the strings in the front of her pubes only provided a frame for her pussy as the middle string went along her pink slit. “You look absolutely edible! I am sure Jim will have a time of his life; and so will you. This may be the largest cock you have ever fucked.” I said.

“Hope so…” She said raising her eye-brows, “Taking that in the pussy should be fine, but do not know how it will be if he fucks me in the ass with a massive dick.”

“But make sure you have proper protection. Bisexual guys have a higher chance of getting AIDS.” I cautioned her.

“I shall never fuck anyone without ensuring that,” she assured, “with an exception — that is you or Vicky. I enjoy the feel of hot cum in my pussy; but cannot allow others to splash it in my cunt.”

I looked at my watch, it was about six in the evening. “Hey sis, time for me to go to my hide-out.” I said as I slipped into the ward-robe. She wore the silk robe and switched on the TV and waited.

Very soon, the calling bell rang. She went to the door to open it. She led the way to the sofa, walking ahead of him seductively swaying hr ass more than she usually does. The man who followed him was very tall, well over six feet and very muscular. He had a wide chest, strong muscled arms, and fat belly. His hair could have been curly had they not been cut so short. He had mixed features and one could make out h was of Afro-Caucasian origin.

He sat down on the large sofa and my sister sat down on the chair opposite to him and crossed her legs. As she did so, her robe parted exposing her smooth thighs.

“You are very pretty,” he complimented her.

“You are very handsome too,” my sister immediately replied.

“How long you had been in India?” My sister started the conversation. “How is your stay?”

“I have been here for a week, but am bored. There is not much night-life in this city. I have not been laid, and am going around the city with my erection!” he laughed.

“We shall take care of that,” saying so, she got up, caught his hand and led him to the bed. He made him sit on the bed, his legs resting on the floor, she climbed on top of his lap and sat on his lap facing him. She started rubbing her crotch on his erection over his jeans and he bent his head to he tits pushing the robe down her shoulders. I am sure her large breasts which were virtually uncovered must have excited him as his head went down to her breasts. His large hands slipped under her butts and effortlessly lifted her and repositioned her crotch properly on his erection. They were groping at each other and she took her robe off and was practically nude in the bikini she was wearing.

She got off him and started unbuckling his belt and the unzipped his jeans. He was not wearing any underwear. As she pushed the jeans down, his cock sprang into the open in freedom. It was some thing!! It was huge, thick and the veins on the shaft were engorged and it was slightly bent upwards. He was not lying when he said he had a nine inch schlong.

“Jim, if you do not mind, you got pay in advance.” My sister said in a matter-of –fact manner.

“Oh yes…” he said apologetically and from his pocket brought out some green-backs. Seven hundred bucks for two hours, right and you will allow me anal sex, right?” and handed over those bills to my sis. She walked up to the same drawer and kept them in and brought out a pack that had condoms in it. She went to her suit case and brought out two vibrators and Vaseline.

Meanwhile, Jim was getting rid of his clothes. His cock was standing perpendicular from his groin. His pubic hair was completely shaved, something my sis likes! He sat where he was sitting earlier. She knelt in front of him and dressed his giant pecker for the occasion slipping the condom to its thick base. She fondled his balls as she did so. His brown cock looked pinkish inside the condom. It appeared almost as thick as her arm. The head was mushroom-like and it was a clean circumcised cock. I was not sure if she would be able to take it in hr mouth and I was dying to see how efficient she is to eat that one-eyed monster. She held his cock and first licked the underside of it, from bottom to top and stayed a bit longer at the cock-head trying to tickle his piss-slit over the condom. She took his balls in his palm and gave few strokes to his shaft and then opened her mouth wide to swallow his cock-head. It was not easy considering the girth of his cock, and her mouth really had to open up fully stretching her lips to the maximum. She tried to bob her head up and down, but it was not easy either. Instead she began sucking him hard, which showed as her cheeks went in, and at the same time jerked his cock and fondled his balls. Jim was not a patient man, he held her head with both hands and pushed it down on his cock, making his cock go in for few more inches. She started nibbling at his cock, and that must have sent shivers down his spine and he reached down for her breasts and started mauling them.

“Let me take you in my pussy, I want to feel this huge cock in my pussy,” she said and got up from her position and got rid of whatever little clothing she had on. She climbed on his lap facing him, placing her knees at either side. She reached for his cock and placed it ah the gateway and descended down very slowly. I was unable to see her facial expression, while taking such a huge cock. But if her movements suggested any thing, she was savoring the feel as the cock was disappearing gradually in her pussy and she was holding him by his shoulder placing her face at his neck.

Jim placed his hands under her ass and being the well-built man that he was he started lifting her up effortlessly and then allowed her to descend down with her own weight. My sister was going very slow, making her pussy used to such an enormously large cock. “Yes Jim, you are the biggest cock I ever had, can you feel my pussy stretching around your cock, my pussy was never filled so deep and so well…” she whimpered. She pushed him back on the bed and his body was lying flat on the bed with his legs dangling down the bed. My sister lifted on of her knees and turned around with his cock still inside her. “Was it meant to give m a better show?” I was asking myself. With his cock still in her pussy, she leaned back and I could see her pussy miserably stretched around his thick shaft; and hr facial muscles were tight, and her hands were supporting her, as she placed them behind her on the bed on either side of Jim. Jim reached for her breasts and his huge hands could cover most of those large globes. My sister brought one of her hands to her clit and started self-stimulating her. She was getting used to the size, and started moving up and down on his cock. He pushed his hands under her butts and was lifting her effortlessly and bringing her down on his cock, assisting her in her movements.

My sister’s mouth was open, gasping for breath and her breasts were jiggling with her movements. Her hair was open and was providing a dark halo around her beautiful face. Her hand left her clit and came down to his balls.

“I love this tight Indian fuck-hole,” he said. “You are so tight. I am going to unload my cock in you baby…” he whispered. With that, my sister caught his balls and gave it a hard squeeze. “I am coming myself Jim… your big prick is making me cum….. yahhh Jim… fuck me…. Harder…. You are making me come….. aaahhhhh!” With that he brought his hand to his ass, and then my sister shuddered. I thought he invaded her ass as she was coming with his large finger.

She rotated her hips on his cock, and took the whole length in, and with one hand she massaged her clit and with the other squeezed his balls giving small strokes with her pelvis. “You are one tight ass honey,” Jim said as he started pushing into her from below. “It would be more fun to fuck your asshole.”

Her explosive climax came to an end and again turned around without disengaging herself. She leaned forward and rested on his broad shoulder as Jim again inserted his fingers into her asshole finger-fucking her ass slowly letting her get lost in her post-coital bliss.

Few minutes later she got up. His cock, even in its semi-hard state was quite huge. She sat by his side and lifted her face looking at the ward-robe. She was teasing me by showing her pink pussy and with both bands exposed it and stretched her pussy lips open. My cock jumped up. She then shifted her gaze to his cock and slowly unrolled the condom halfway on his cock and securing the tit of the condom, pulled it off his prick. It had a huge load of his semen.

She picked up another condom, and the larger vibrator. “You want to be fucked in your ass Jim? You want this dildo to be shoved inside your ass! I am gong to fuck your ass with this big vibrator like you fucked my pussy with your big cock,” she said.

Very seductively she licked the vibrator and then got the tube of the lubricant gel. She came back to the bed and lied down on her back, placing a large pillow under her ass and arching her pelvis up, exposing her asshole. She took a generous glob of the gel and applied it on the vibrator, and then her asshole. She had to ensure it was properly lubricated considering the enormous size of Jim’s cock. She took another glob of it reached for his ass and when her finger went in his ass, his cock sprang up hard. She tore the foil wrapper of the condom and took it out and pressed the tip and rolled the condom up his shaft. Jim knelt between her legs and reached for her boobs and started playing with them pinching her nipples. He kneaded her tit-flesh and brought his hand down to her vulva.

“All set baby, I am going to fuck your asshole now,” he said as he held his prick and brought it to her asshole.

My sister’s leg was obscuring from my view his cock’s grand entry into her asshole. But her lovely legs, ass, breasts and her beautiful face with her hair spread on her pillow were for display. Her eyes were half-closed and her jaw line was firm with her teeth gritting as he was pushing in. “Yes Honey, it is going in… relax honey.. just a little more… feel my cock n your ass… it is going……” Jim’s voice echoed.

“Slow… Go slow Jim, it is tearing me apart… your cock is tearing into my asshole. I have never taken one that big in my tight ass. Go slow… yes…aaahhhhhh…. Aahhhhh ooohhhh….. yes….. it got in…. yes….. slow Jim… go slow…. Aaahhhh…” she cried n agony.

Jim stopped for a while, allowing her asshole to adapt to the size of his cock. “The cock head is in completely, it won’t hurt any more. Just relax baby… relax. I shall go slowly now. I shall fill you completely. Feel my cock filling your rectum.” He said and started playing with her boobs. He circled his fingers on them and fondled them, squeezed them and caressed them. He was very experienced, and knew how to fuck and soon, he was moving his pelvis forward. Her mouth opened up as she arched her body and bent her neck, and I wanted to fill in her mouth with y raging hard on. But I had no scope for it at that point of time. I knew I had to wait. Seeing her getting fucked with abandon was driving me crazy with lust; and my hand went to my cock and stroked it. But I did not want to waste my cum on the wardrobe wall. There was a much better place for it, and I had to wait. I was getting used to sitting in that small space, as the reward for such difficulty was the great live sex-show that was on.

“Yes… I feel completely filled in, as if your cock is going to come out of my mouth… yes.. it feels good. Keep fucking slowly, yes… Jim… that is it… that is the way… you bloody fucker.. you really know how to fuck an ass. Keep fucking … yes… keep ramming your hard cock in my ass….” She panted.

She picked up the large vibrator form the bed with her hand and it was well-lubed. She first reached for his asshole with one hand and I guess she had her finger inside his asshole. Then she replaced the first hand with the other holding the vibrator. I could see the vibrator being placed between his taut brown ass-cheeks. Her hand with the vibrator was going in; and quite I guessed it was going in without any kind of resistance into Jim’s asshole, he being bisexual and his asshole being quite used to cocks. She started fucking his asshole slowly first and then accelerated. When he was pulling out of her asshole, she was pushing the vibrator deep into his asshole and when he was plunging his cock in, she was pulling out the vibrator. They were in a perfect rhythm in their mutual ass-fucking.

A faint buzz filled the room, as she switched on the vibrator. That took Jim over the hilt. He was now fucking her ass with swift rhythmic movements, going in and out in deep and quick strokes. I was amazed how easily my sister’s asshole got used to such a massive cock.

“How does it feel baby?” Jim panted between his thrusts.

“Fuck Jim… it feels so good when you fuck me deep… when you are coming out, I feel as if something massive is coming out, feel as if a large load of shit is coming out…. How do you find your ass-fuck?” she replied as she started cooperating totally with his ass-fucking.

“It is fucking great baby.. you got a tight asshole baby… and my cock is gripped so tight… I am going to cum baby… I am going to cum in your cum-thirsty ass.. Yes baby.. your asshole feels so good around my cock… It is so tight… yes… fuck …. That is it… yes… grip my cock like that…. And fuck me hard… yes, shove it deep… I need it deep when I come… Fuck…. Yeahhhhh…. Yeahhhh…. I am coming…. Baby…..” he stammered as he caught her boobs hard and then went still.

“I am coming too….. yes… your cock is making me come Jim… yes… fuck … hard… yes… go deeper… let me feel your cock throb in my rectum…. Yes… harder… yes… I am coming…. Yesss….. I am coming like never before…. Jim…. Fuck me…. Yes….. coming….” She shoved the vibrator in and left it there and threw her arms as her body fluttered like a beheaded bird. My cock needed a relief now, but I had to control myself from jerking off and concentrated on what was happening on the bed. My sis took out the vibrator and he got up from between her legs. The condom was slick and the tip was filed with his white semen. He himself reached took the condom off and took some tissues to wipe his cock and used the same tissues to wrap the used condom and threw it in the bin. She was still lying spread-eagled with a sense of satisfaction writ all over her face.

I was quite surprised even after coming twice in such a short while, his cock was still not soft. The monster was hanging half-mast but still appeared good enough to fuck. I was not sure what he would be doing next. But my doubts were clarified when he went near her and started playing with her breasts. “The guy is going to make the best use of money he paid,” I thought to myself, “and anyway, my sister was also having the time of her life.”

“You got wonderful tits baby,” he complimented as he gave her tits a firm squeeze. His other hand moved between her legs and was wandering around there. Her hand went to his cock and she also started jerking him. “Let me tit-fuck you, and I want to give your face a snowfall.” He climbed her and placed his cock between her tits as she pressed her tits together. His cock was reaching her mouth easily as he moved forward with each stroke. I wanted to see if she was taking his uncovered prick into her mouth. His cock went hitting her on her closed lips as he started his to and fro motion between her tits. The chocolate brown cock made a contrast against her fair tit-skin. I wanted to got between her legs and go muff-diving as she was being tit-fucked. But I knew my opportunity would come soon. He went on fucking her and suddenly I saw her mouth opening. She could not resist the temptation of taking such a big cock in her mouth. He was now tit-fucking her and mouth fucking her. When he stopped moving with his cock in her mouth, she took the cock-head in her mouth and pursed her lips around it and rubbed her breasts on the shaft by pressing her tits hard. Jim’s hands replaced hers. She held his tight ass and started squeezing them. She found the vibrator lying by her pillow and took it to his asshole. Realizing what was in store for him, Jim bent down and let the vibrator reach his asshole. She pushed the hard penis-shaped plastic into his ass. AS she could reach his ass easily this time, she started maneuvering the vibrator, she rotated it in his ass and pushed it all the way in. Jim pushed his cock into her mouth and started moving her tit flesh on his cock with his palm rolling on them.

I went on for a while. His cock was getting a royal treatment between her boobs and in her mouth. She also began fucking his asshole with renewed zest. All of a sudden, Jim pulled out his cock, held it in his hand and pointed it at her face as the monster sprayed its juice on her face, nose and hair. Last few drops dropped on her breasts. He milked it out and rubbed its tip on her breasts. What a sight it was! My sister’s face was sprayed with this unknown man’s cum and it looked so sexy. His cock went limp. He got up and went to sofa where his clothes were kept and started wearing them.

“Baby, shall give you five grand if you let me record our fucking. I would like to keep it as a memory of India,” he said as he was zipping up his trousers. “You fuck so well. I enjoyed it. Other than big girls, no one used to let me fuck their ass the way you let me do it.” “I to enjoyed it Jim,” she replied, “but cannot promise if I like it to be recorded. You know I am not a professional whore, I just do it occasionally. However, if I change my mind, I shall let you know.” She sat up on her bed.

Jim swaggered out of the room and my sister followed him to the door, and entered the bathroom. I heard the click of the door closing, and came out of my hiding place. I looked at the clock. It was few minutes to eight, and my sister would have one hour to get ready for the next event.

There were few drops of cum and her juice on the bed-spread, so I took off the bed-cover and kept it away in the wardrobe neatly folded. Underneath the bed-cover there was a clean fresh-smelling white satin bed-sheet and a large double blanket. I folded her clothes, bathrobe and undergarments and kept them on the bed; cleaned the dildo with tissue and kept it near her clothes.

She came in smiling from ear to ear. Her gait looked a bit different, she was walking as if she had something in her asshole. However, she looked fresh, and all the cum which was sprayed on her were gone, and she was smelling fresh like a morning flower.

“It was a great show, I swear. It was like watching a fine live sex show. You were great and so was he. From what I could make out, you thoroughly enjoyed it,” I said, “and it made me so hot watching my own sexy sister fucking a well-endowed stud.” I wanted the show to be lively for you, and Jim was really good. He was huge and I never had felt so big a cock in my ass or pussy. It reached the corners where nothing had touched me so far. It made me feel so full.” She explained. “But my asshole must have gotten loose from his thick cock fucking it mercilessly and its burning.” She turned her back towards me and spread both her ass-cheeks apart to show me her asshole. “Shall I apply some cream to soothe it? You will have to use it again soon!”

“Yes, you can apply the astringent, hopefully that will make it tight again soon; and then can massage it with baby oil; and I have to again apply the anesthetic — and shall leave it unused for some time after tonight to let it get back its normal muscle-tone; bad luck for you brother. I do not want my asshole to be loose,” she said half seriously and half teasingly.

Though my cock was hard and I needed a hole to fuck, I understood her plight and knew that she needs some time to recuperate to be able to fuck the next man. I made her lie down on the bed, on her stomach and made her spread her legs as much as it would. I brought her toilet bag and first took the astringent. I soaked a cotton swab with the light blue liquid and applied it on her asshole. “It burns…” she screamed. I brought my mouth close to her asshole and blew at it to soothe it. I applied it again, and this time she did scream. Then I took he baby oil on one palm and dipping my finger in it started applying it around her asshole. I probed softly into her asshole and applied it around her sphincter. I massaged her asshole and sphincter with the baby oil and then took the anesthetic gel. I smeared he asshole with it first. After a few seconds, took another helping of it and inserted my finger with the gel into her asshole. I applied it in the inner side of her asshole and then with another cotton swab, cleaned up the whole area. Once it was clean, I planed a warm kiss on her asshole, “It is ready for your next anal adventure sis!”

“It feels much better now,” she said and turned on her back.

I took some more baby oil and rubbed it on her vulva and started massaging her engorged pussy-lips. I also massaged her clit at the same time. She noticed the tent in my shorts. She held pushed her hand through the leg of my shorts and scratched along the length of my cock with her nails.

“The big boy must be hard all the while,” she mused.

“Yes, and when I saw him fucking your ass I felt like shoving it down your throat. But I had to wait. Now I realize that it has to wait for some time, till you are ready and through with the paying clients,” I said without any grudge or complaint.

“My sweet brother…” she cooed as she gave my cock a jerk. “But I sure can take care of this even without using my pussy or ass, can’t I?”

I went close to her head and pushed my groin at her mouth and rubbed my cock on her lips. I climbed on her chest and placed my shaft n the valley between her tits and pressed her tits together. After a bit of tit-fucking, I arched forward presenting my cock to her mouth which opened as my cock approached it. Pushed my cock in and she started moving her tongue around its head and gave it a wet bath in her mouth which almost made me cum. She sucked it as hard as she could and I felt as if my cock is in some giant vacuum cleaner. I pushed my cock down her throat and she stretched her neck to accommodate my cock in her throat. I fucked her till I got close to cum. When I felt the pressure was building up in my balls to release my semen, I placed my cock-head in her mouth. She knew exactly what she needed to do to make me blast my cum. She sucked my cock and holding it at the base started shagging it with one hand and with the other she cupped my balls hard. I ejaculated in her mouth in violent spurts and she used her tongue on my cock as I ejaculated stimulating the sensation on it. She held it in her hand and licked the slit and sucked out the last drops of my semen from my cock. She swallowed my semen and licked my cock completely.

“You got a busy night ahead,” I told her as I slid down off her chest. After your night with Wright, you will need some hours of sleep here; and then we can check out and go home. Why don’t you call him and reconfirm with him? He also wanted you to do a strip-tease. So you got to pack some of your clothes.” I picked up the phone from the table and dialed the hotel number and gave it to her.

She switched on the speaker phone as the hotel operator picked up the call, “Put me to Mr. Wright please.”

“Just a minute, may I know who is calling please?” a very pleasant voice answered.

“Neha,” my sis replied.

The phone was a recorded music for some time, and quickly a male voice interrupted the music, “Wright here, may I know who is calling?”

“This is Neha, Mr. Wright. I am supposed to see you tonight in your room at nine,” my sister said confidently.

“Hi beautiful, yes, I am looking forward to it. By the way, can I talk to you for a moment?” he sounded very cordial.

“Of course Mr. Wright, please go ahead,” my sis replied.

“I would like to clarify a few things. I need to be excited by a sensuous strip-tease, and may be you can try some toys. My wife is with me, and she may like to join in a threesome, if she finds the going good after watching us. In fact she may join you in the strip-tease. Let me assure you, we shall not force any thing, and you will be paid handsomely if your performance is satisfactory.” He was quite eloquent.

“By the way, I do not believe in wham-bam kind of sex; I like it to be over a romantic set-up with candles and wine. I am sure you will feel pampered,” He assured her.

“I shall be there at nine,” she replied, “and am looking forward to seeing you Mr. Wright.”

“See you soon Ms Neha,” he hung up the phone.

She got up from the bed and walked up to her suitcase. She brought out a black evening gown, and picked up a set of sheer black thong and bra set. She first slipped her legs into the thong and ran her finger along the edges placing it properly over her mound and in her ass-crack. Then she just tied around the strapless bra and pushed her hand inside the cups trying to lift the tits making her cleavage deeper. She slipped the evening gown through her head and pulled it down her body. It was tight and short, ending many inches above her knees. It had a deep neck which revealed her cleavage seductively, and the back was very low-cut as well exposing her smooth skin of her back. She looked sexy but not sluttish. She wore her high-heel shoes with a tie that came half way down to her calves. She picked up some packets of condom and her anal vibrator and put them in her bag. She also packed the creams which she uses in her trade and the mobile phone.

At about to five to nine, she was ready to go. I looked at the watch and said, “Have fun sis.” She walked to the door and as she went out she smiled at me, “Shall have fun and make money brother, sorry to leave you alone. However, do not waste your cum on the tissues, I will need it when I come back.” She opened the door and left.

I got back to the large settee and sat down there with the TV remote and started surfing the channels. I thought of ordering my dinner in the room; and asked for some seafood noodles and a bottle of white wine. I switched on some nondescript movie in the TV. I even did not remember which movie I was watching; my food arrived. I took my own time enjoying the taste of the white wine sipping slowly and taking small bites into my mouth. I must have spent over an hour and half to finish the wine and the food. I looked at my watch, it was eleven o’clock at night. I was tired, and thought of hitting the sack. I took off my shorts and t-shirt and slipped between the blanket and the bed-sheet. With the climate control remote, cooled the room to the minimum temperature, as cooler temperature and a thick blanket cover have always been a good sedative to me.

I was wondering what must be going on in Wright’s room!! Anyway, I new I would ge a full account the next morning. My cock stiffened remembering what I had witnessed the whole day. I was also feeling sleepy. Suddenly my phone rang. Surprised who would be calling me at that hour, I picked up the phone. “Let me see if my boyfriend is awake and available, Mr. Wright!” I heard my sister saying at the other end. “Can you please come to the suite of Mr. Wright, the last room on the right side on the top floor? Come well dressed honey. Mr. and Mrs. Wright are here with me. You will have fun.” Without waiting for me to react, she hung up the phone.

I got dressed up in smart casuals and walked over to their room. Pressed the bell and the door partially opened, and a very pretty and young lady peeped out. “I am Neha’s…” before I could finish my sentence, “Oh, please come in; we are waiting for you,” the young lady answered and opened the door. She was wearing a white see-through teddy witch matching thongs and her bra-less boobs were almost popping out of her low-cut teddy top which just had a small tie at her neck. She inspected me from top to bottom an I returned the same gesture. “Please come in, I am Cynthia” she shook hands with me and led me to the master bed-room through the sitting place in the large luxurious suite. I could see her full ass swinging as she walked ahead of me. I was wondering what was happening.

At the center was a huge round bed. Wright was lying in the center and my sis was sitting near his legs giving him a blow job. The room was lit with fragrant candles. There were some bottles of wine and wine glasses on a trolley near the bed. Cynthia offered me a glass of wine and I sat down on a chair near the bed and she climbed up the bed. She sat on Mr. Wright’s face almost smothering him and her fleshy buttocks had his face buried in their crevice. Wright appeared to be quite an old man, and Cynthia was so much younger. Cynthia was a stunner, with a full body, large tits and a massive ass and was blonde. Wright, whatever I could guess as he was lying flat on the bed was tall, medium-built and had a thinning hair on his scalp and appeared fit for his age. If he was in his mid fifties, Cynthia could have been in her late twenties.

Cynthia sat on his face and I could see Wright was being subjected to a panty-smother. Cynthia was tickling his nipples when my sister was busy sucking him slowly and fondling his balls. This sexy show of FFM sex was exciting me and my cock was fully erect now. I did not know what was in store for me.

The two sexy ladies went on working with Wright who was oblivious to my presence, and his average sized cock was erect and his balls were sagging. A while later he got up and so did the two lovely ladies. He sat leaning against the headrest and my sister was working on him, and Cynthia stood on the bed and started swaying to the soft music playing n the room. She started swaying her body provocatively, and moved closer to him and then kept her legs on either side of him, bringing her crotch close to his face. He rubbed his face there and she traced back and started gyrating her hips. She turned around and gave him a good ass-show. My sister who was in her black sheer undergarments was massaging his calves, and working her way up to his balls.

Cynthia undid the tie of her teddy and the soft silk material glided down her body and fell around her legs. She stepped out of it and her large tits were exposed completely. She started moving her body faster and her tits bounced with her movements.

Then Cynthia and my sis changed their positions. Cynthia sat down in her lace thong near Wright’s crotch and started jerking him and my sis got up and started moving her pelvis as if she was fucking someone in standing position. She bent forward bringing down her tits close to his face and Wright pulled the bra down, which gathered below her breasts and caught her tits. My sister reached her back and unfastened the bra and it fell there on the bed. It was a real contrast. A brunette in a black thong was dancing seductively and a blonde in a white thong fondling Wright. Wright’s eyes almost popped out of their socket watching the two beauties servicing him. Suddenly, Cynthia’s hand reached my sister’s panty-clad pussy and cupped it. She fingered her pussy and then left her and concentrated on Wright’s cock. My sister also stopped dancing and knelt by him and started sucking his nipples as his hands roamed over her breasts.

The two ladies started working on the lucky man, and I was a mute spectator. Soon, Cynthia went on a sixty nine with him, presenting her pussy to his face and taking his cock in her mouth and my sister crawled to his feet and started sucking his balls.

“Yes my little girl… Cynthia… yes… I am coming… ooohhh… yes…. That feels so fantastic… aaahhhh…..” he jerked his pelvis for a few times and Cynthia sucked him off.

A few minutes later, Wright got down from the bed and sat on a divan kept near the bed in nude and the two ladies took position on either side. He extended his hand to me and shook hands, “You are Neha’s boyfriend, Mr….” his handshake was firm. “Kumar,” I interjected, “Nice meeting you Mr. Wright.”

“Your girlfriend is a wonderful girl. She is not only a beautifully lady, but very good in bed and knows how to please a man. Of course, I need not tell you all these, as I am sure you must be getting all those frequently,” he chuckled, “and she has hit it off well with my little girl Cynthia. They look awesome together, don’t they?”

Wright’s cock was limp, and appeared very small in that state. Cynthia was caressing his thighs and my sister’s hand was busy with his cock and balls. “Girls, why do not you serve us some wine?” Wright ordered. Cynthia went to the trolley and poured four glasses of wine and first served Wright and me; and then she gave one glass to sis and took one herself. We started sipping wine. I was savoring the taste of the fully matured wine, when Wright broke the silence again, “Cynthia, you can go ahead with your plans; but please ask Ms Neha and Mr. Kumar if they are agreeable.”

Cynthia went to the large wardrobe and came back in a minute with a two-way dildo, attached to a triangular piece of leather, which looked like a pair of panties. It was black in color and made of something similar to leather. One side, the dildo was fairly large, and long — about eight inches or so; and the other side, it was half the size. Interestingly, one was bent up; and the other was jutting from the junction in right angle. She took the smaller one into her mouth and licked it as if she was licking a cock. She dipped the dildo in the wine and started licking it. That was a very erotic sight. I was feeling out of sorts as the two ladies were after Wright and I was just sitting there with an erect cock.

In a while, the wine glasses were emptied, and I got up and refilled everyone’s glass. My sister took Wright’s glass and held it to his lips making him drink it slowly.

Wright, who was always in command, started, “I would like to fuck Neha’s pussy as Cynthia fucks her ass, then we can change the position; and Kumar; do not feel let down, you will get a chance to fuck both of them and we shall take turns in fucking their tight holes. The reason I wanted you here was to fuck Cynthia as your girlfriend fucks me and also fuck her when she fucks your girlfriend.”

I was thanking my stars. It would be the first time I shall get the opportunity to fuck a blonde and my fantasy of having group sex with my sister will also come true.

All the while, as we drank, they two ladies were playing with his cock. It started showing signs of life, and Cynthia went to the dresser and opened a small pouch and came back with a condom. She tore the wrapper and took the condom out. It was a fluorescent one as it glowed in the dim light of the candle-lit room. She led Wright to the bed and made him lied down on his back. She caught his prick with one hand and with the other unrolled the condom on the erect shaft. She caught his cock and started jerking it making it harder. Once she ensured it was hard to enter a pussy, she looked at my sis and said, “It is your turn now, ride him and take him in your pussy and give me the ass. She stood up o the bed and took off her thong. My sister was standing near the divan. She pushed her panties down and took it off and got up on the bed. She licked his cock and then squatted on him placing her feet on his sides. Cynthia helped her by holding his cock pointing it at her pussy and she brought her pussy down impaling herself on his cock and taking him in one swift motion inside her tunnel. Cynthia pushed her body making her lean forward exposing her asshole. As she leaned forward, Wright had an easy access to her tits and he started fondling them. Cynthia went behind her. He wore the harness and I was amazed how easily she wore it, taking the smaller dildo in her pussy and letting the larger one stand like an engorged cock from her groin. She buckled it up and went behind my sis. The dildo was slick from her own saliva and without any preliminaries, she placed it at her asshole and started pushing. The black leather dildo made its way inside my sister’s asshole. There she was — with Wright’s cock in her pussy and Cynthia’s artificial cock in her ass.

I was sitting with awe and watching the proceedings waiting for my turn. Cynthia looked at me and nodded asking me to join them on the bed. In a flash, I shed off my clothes and climbed the bed and positioned myself behind Cynthia. Cynthia had a full body and fuller ass. I caught the two hefty ass cheeks and stretched them apart and rubbed my finger along the crack of her ass taking t down where the dildo entered her pussy. “War a condom and come,” she interrupted me, “it is in a bag on the dresser.” I jumped down and rushed to the dresser, took a condom out which was labeled ‘for anal sex’ and by the time I had repositioned myself behind her, my cock was covered with a condom. This condom was more lubricated than the usual ones. Without any further ado, I touched her anal ring with my cock-tip and pushed in stretching her butt-cheeks apart. She held herself in her position, and the helmet of my cock entered her anal ring. It was very tight and my cock felt warm inside.

There she was, a buxom beauty, Cynthia and under her my sister was getting dildoed in her anus by her. My sister in turn was riding Wright. It could not have been better. Once my cock was inside her bowels, I reached for her fat tits and stated playing with the hanging melons. My groin touched her thighs when my cock went right up to its base into her ass. My sister was moving forward and backward on Wright and Cynthia was following her speed. I too got acquainted to Cynthia’s speed and it was a wonderful sexual orchestra executed to perfection. Soon, Cynthia accelerated and started moving like a dancer, jerking her his forward and backward in fast rhythm, and I coped up with her speed. I wanted this to last for a thousand years, the feeling was so exquisite. My cock was getting the tight feel of the blonde’s ass and she was in turn fucking my sis with the large dildo. Both girls had their two holes filled, one with artificial cock and the other with the god’s created one.

“Yes ….. keep riding me….smash your boobs on my face…. Yes…. I am coming…. Yes.. yes…. Ooohhh…” Wright grunted. I took my hand into the harness and reached for Cynthia’s clit and started massaging it and increased my speed fucking her asshole faster. It opened up and she started fucking in a frenzy, making my sis squeal. “Oooohhh… yeahhh… arrrhhhh…. Yeahhhh…. Am coming….. my sis announced. My cock was now throbbing and I started coming in Cynthia’s ass and I expressed my orgasm by hitting her ass with deep thrusts. Cynthia was vocal, “yes… harder… fuck my ass… yeahhh….. yes… my clit…. Ooohhh…. Yeahhhh….”

We disengaged ourselves, and slumped on the bed. I removed the condom and wrapped it with some paper and threw it on the floor. Cynthia quickly climbed Wright in a sixty nine and she took off the condom from his cock and threw it down. They started licking each other. Not to be left behind, I made my sis lie down on her side and placed my face between her thighs in front of her pussy and lapped it while she took my cock in her mouth. Her pussy was overflowing with her juice from he double fucking she received. I caught her butt cheeks and pressed my mouth and tongued her pussy and licked and sucked her. Fellatio and cunnilingus continued for some more time. Wright was the one to start again. “Kumar, make your girlfriend’s ass ready for me. Lick it well so that I can fuck her ass. I know it must be loose from my little girl’s fucking though.”

“That is right,” Cynthia said, “her ass is ready to take your cock. I have made your cock ready to enter her tight ass.”

“So sweet of you my little angel!” Wright replied with appreciation.

I pulled my sister’s ass cheeks and kissed her asshole and lubricated it with my spit. Cynthia rushed to the dresser and got the bag containing condoms. She took one more and rolled it on Wright’s cock and my sis knelt on the bed. Wright got up and knelt behind her and placed his cock at her asshole and pushed. Her asshole was loose from the earlier fucking she got and it allowed Wright’s cock to slide in easily.

Cynthia went behind Wright and cupped his balls and held it tight. She also tickled his asshole and Wright started his labored movements.

“Join the fun Kumar,” Wright shouted.

I fished in the bag and got a mint flavored condom and put it on my cock and approached a kneeling Cynthia. I sat down there in a typical Indian squatting position and Cynthia came and sat on my lap facing me, taking my cock in her pussy. Her large boobs, which must have been 36D or larger were resting on my shoulder. I caught them from below and was trying to weigh those massive tettas. I held her to my body and she started fucking me while squatting on me, and with one hand she was still helping Wright and fondling his balls. Wright leaned on my sister’s back and was catching her breasts through her armpits.

Fucking continued for some more time, till we all got spent and I did not know about the two expert ladies, but both the men screamed to their orgasms.

Unbridled orgy continued the whole night, but it was all with protection, and both the girls were fucked thoroughly. I came in Cynthia thrice and in my sister’s mouth once. Wright was not tired of fucking and in fact half way through getting a blow job from my sister, he started snoring. He woke up when he started climaxing.

Finally we got dressed and as per Wright’s direction, Cynthia gave a thick wad of dollar bills to my sister; which she kept in her bag. We left their suite and came back to our room in the wee hours.

We washed ourselves, and then went to bed.

“I am physically tired, but sexually high. I did not even come once,” my sister said as she slipped under the blanket, “but I had to feign orgasm to make him happy.”

“I shall take care of it,” I assured her and crawled between her legs, and went on sucking her clit, and then lapping her pussy. After she came with my oral maneuvers, I fucked her one last time before going to sleep in a sixty nine.

We got up late and ordered for breakfast and tea in the room. She went up to the drawer and took out the money and kept it on the bed. Then she took out the wad of bills from her bad and kept it along with them. We counted.

It was three thousand seven hundred dollars and fifty thousand rupees!! That was her earning in less than twenty four hours.

We had a quickie after the breakfast and then showered to clean ourselves off of our mutual juices, and started off for home.

Our business had taken off!!!


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