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Malaika Arora & Amrita BBC Vacation

This fictional story is about three well-known personalities, two well-known Indian Milfs, Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora, and one, well, one of the best male porn-star of the modern era, a contract porn-star of two of the famous websites, blacked and blackedraw, Jason Luv. I would first introduce you to all three of them.

The first, Malaika Arora is a super Indian celebrity Milf, always in the news for her recent divorce rumors as well as flings with other young guys. She is well-known for her dance moves in the movies. She is 44 years old but hardly looks like 34, She is 5’3″ about 55 Kg with a gorgeous body figure measuring 34B-25-34. She has beautiful light brown eyes and midnight black silky hair. She is a mom of 2 beautiful boys. Malaika is an absolute gym freak and always eager to publicly show off her round ass.

The second, Amrita Arora is a forgotten movie actress but still in limelight now and then. She is less controversial and lesser-known than her older sister Malaika. Amrita is 39 years old; she also has 2 handsome children. She is a bit taller than Malaika, at 5’4″. She has an absolute sexy figure measuring 32B-26-36 with her eyes and hair matching her sister’s.

And third, a black Caribbean guy with a perfect body, Jason Luv, standing 6’5″ tall, weighing around 100 Kg. He is well-known for his lovemaking in the porn shoots. He is a 33 years old guy with a gigantic well-toned body. Not to mention he has a 9 ½ inch black cock which ladies always go gaga on.

It all begins when Malaika along with her sister and two friends decided to go for a summer vacation to the Maldives. Being filthy rich they chose to stay at one of the costliest beach houses in the whole Maldives. The hotel company had a chain of Beach houses with a fair margin. It was around 7 pm as the sun gradually starts to disappear, nightfall arrives. The gloomy shadow of dusk descends over the sea. Feeble light from the few remaining streetlights appears to dim as the night clouds roll in. Birds silence their song and flee to the safety of their nests.

Malaika and her friends enjoyed the evening sitting outside of their beach-house while having some wine and breezers. Tired from jetlag, they quickly took their dinner and went to the bed for a sound peaceful sleep lulled with the sweet sound of the sea waters.

The next morning, it was around 8 am, all the ladies wore their bikinis and came out of the beach house and jumped into the sea waters, after a fair amount of time playing in the sea waters Malaika came out of the water.

A timeless beauty cat walking out of waters in her black two-piece bikini, looking perfect on her sexy body. Adjusting her hair behind her head while the water travels through her cleavage to her navel and before it could reach any further, it evaporates because of her body-heat. Her perfect plump thighs were shaking with every step. Her legs can make any man worship and climb them at the drop of a dime. They bring this appeal and this urgent desire to admire the whole lower body of the female anatomy.

She reached the flat beach chair and lay down on her back, the warmth of the sun and the salty breeze were making Malaika feel rejuvenated. The sound of ocean waves, the sand, and the breeze were all making Malaika feel better.

Suddenly Malaika sees a Black guy coming out from their neighboring beach house. A well-toned guy with lots of tattoos. He had clear-cut six-pack abs, just someone that looks like they could handle 1 hour of jogging, walking, boxing, or any other physical activity.

Seeing him more precisely Malaika got a rough idea of who he is, Malaika kept checking him out now and then. After a while Jason also noticed Malaika staring at him now and then but neither Malaika nor Jason made any move at that time since Malaika’s lady friends were around.

Later in the evening, Malaika and the ladies decided to visit a high-class pub in the city. Malaika is a known, heavy drinker. They were sitting on the half-round table; Malaika was sitting with her face towards the dance floor and the bar while drinking tequila shots one after another.

Suddenly she sees a black guy walking towards the bar, he was wearing an ordinary orange T-shirt and white denim pants. He was none other than their beach house neighbor and well-known pornstar Jason Love. Malaika quickly drank one more shot of tequila and said, “You guys carry on drinking, I’m going for something.”

The ladies partly knew what was in Malaika’s mind as they were familiar with Malaika’s swinger nature. Malaika stood up and hopped in the bar chair right beside Jason. Jason hadn’t ordered anything yet because the bartender was busy serving other customers. Jason was busy typing something on his cellphone hence he didn’t notice the lady sitting beside him. The bartender approached Jason, “Sir…,” Before he could ask Jason about what he wants, Malaika, taps on Jason’s hand on the bar and orders two Johnnie Walker celebrity shots. Jason was familiar with these kinds of situations, now and then ladies use to hit on him like this but this time he was amazed because of what Malaika just ordered. It was one of the costliest drinks out there.

“Hi, how are you?” Malaika said while offering her hand.

“I’m fine, how are you?” Jason shakes her hand.

“Great. I’m Malaika, I’ve seen you somewhere, somewhere in the movies I guess.”

Jason smiles a bit and says, “Jason, Jason Love, you might have seen me on the internet but only when you must have felt horny. I am a porn star. And by the way, I’ve seen you a few times, I have some Indian friends in the industry, they have shown me some of your photos.” And kisses her hand gently, making his intentions clear.

“I’m not surprised; my prediction was on the point. Would you like to dance with me?” Malaika asked with a flash of lust in her eyes. Jason finished his drink while staring at Malaika’s sexy body, grabbed her hand, and took her to the dance floor.

A Rock Music track “Shape of you,” blared and they danced in the middle of the dance floor. Jason was mesmerized by Malaika’s very sensual moves, particularly the swaying of her impressive breasts, all to the sexy beat of the song. Her friends were noticing her too. As the song began its long play out, he stared at the suggestive movement of her hips as she pushed them up and down to the sensual beat of the music.

Jason grabbed her from the back. She was wearing a vibrant red backless midi.

Her back was nude, and Jason’s hand was rubbing on her sexy back. Jason started caressing and rubbing his hands all over her body. The music slowed down to a romantic track. Jason pulled Malaika close to her and slowly caressed her ass in a circling motion. They got into blissful eye contact as Jason groped both of her ass cheeks while having a clear view of Malaika’s cleavage. As a response Malaika turned around, she pushed her hips close to him, pressing herself against him quite raunchily. Malaika started rubbing her ass on Jason’s cock. Jason’s cock was getting hard, Malaika could feel his bulge on her ass.

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