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Mallu Gigolo For School Teachers

Hi readers, my name is Joe from ,am doing my in a reputed college.Am basically from Kerala but live in Bangalore in pg.This is my first story in this site and forgive me if there is any mistake.I thank ISS for providing a site like this to share our story.

This is actually how I became a gigolo for school teachers in Bangalore.The story will be in 2 parts & this part will tell you how a horny divorced teacher seduced me and made me a gigolo for her female friends in school.

Please forgive me if any mistakes found.its my first time am writing.

Any unsatisfied women/divorced women/girls needed sex please feel free to ping me your secrecy will be maintained.

Sorry guys for not mentioning her real name & her school name,this is cause to provide safety for her identity.Actually she was my maths teacher during my schooling and moved to Bangalore after her marriage.this story is published with the permission of her.I was a virgin guy with this happened,its not just a story its my life experience.Our heroine named Renu(fake name as told before)aged 36(divorced) working in maths department,she is very fair and she is a horny bitch which I came to know later.

The story begins like this,

One evening I was traveling to my friends room in koramangala & I suddenly saw Renu standing in a bus stand for a bus,I parked my bike & approached her & she was shocked to see me there (because its beings years since met) and we hugged.We had a small chit chat about our whereabouts and I asked

Me:why are you standing here?

Renu: Am going home and waiting for the bus

Me:If its oke I will drop near your house.

Renu:oh!thanks but its oke I will go by myself

I asked her address n she replied her apartment name & flat no:I said am going through front of that.She after thinking for a minute cool I will join.We reached her flat n she asked me sit & she will be back with some juice.After having the juice we exchanged our no: and I left.

Next day I got a message from her asking for a help to book a ticket for d first bus cause she have to reach her native(Kerala) the very next day. I booked the tickets and informed her,but her voice was sad and I asked she didn’t tell anything and disconnected the call.By evening again she called me and asked me to drop in madiwala.from her flat till madiwala she didn’t talk a single word,after getting down she just said thanks and walked back.but at that time I realised her beauty when I saw her ass.forgot to tell she was wearing black sleeveless top and blue jeans but her ass was bulging out and made me crazy.she boarded the bus and went.

I returned home and the next few days was busy with my college assignment and project.I just had forgotten about her until I got a whatsapp text saying to come home by evening.I was like fucking thrilled.didn’t knew what to do.I was just praying the time should go soon.when I reached her flat,she opened the door & I was shocked,she was wearing a sleeveless gown & and I came to sense when we waved her hands in front of my face. She asked me to sit & went to kitchen to get some drinks.while drinking she shared her prblm that her ex-hus wanted to sell their plot so that he could move on with his new wife n get settled bla bla bla….and she started to cry.I consoled her.

After sometime she asked whether we could have a drink? Next day was Sunday and I Don have class so agreed n went out and bought vodka for her and of strong for me.we started to drink and I asked the reason for divorce? She said that guy was in relationship with his office colleague had caught several time in their flat fucking and he wants to live with that bitch.i was like shocked to hear these words from her (I understood that she is carving for sex). She kept her head on my shoulder and started to cry.I couldn’t control my feelings cause of her fragrance n I slowly kept my hand around her shoulder & started to rub slowly.I could see her cleavage I was pretty horny by seeing that and my dick was hard.

I slowly moved my hand down her tummy area and kept it on right side of her tummy for sometime.after sometime I moved up till her down part of her boob and kept it there.slowly I started scratching her right boob,there was no reaction from her side kept on doing it.she slowly lifted her head & our eyes met.her juicy lips was tempting and kissed her lips.first she didn’t respond after sometime she started kissing me back like a mad girl.biting & sucking my lips.I roamed my hands on her back above her red gown.we hugged and I started kissing her neck and her ear lobes.

I then realised that girls like being kissed on their ears.after that again our yes met and I saw shy on her face n hugged tightly n she whispered in my ears that she loves me.and we moved to her bedroom by carrying her(guys please carry your partner to your room for making loves cause they loved to be carried). Again we started kissing madly n she removed my t.shirt n started kissing my chest.

I slowly started to cares her hair and lifted her face and kissed on her lips n started pressing her boobs.she started to moan and said(pathukke)…slowly .and I removed her gown and saw her red bra and white panty.I slow made her lie down and started kissing on her tummy area(girls I like to play on the tummy area especially on belly button) and I moved up towards her boobs and started sucking her boobs on top of her red bra.she started to twist her head and pressed my head more on her boobs and started moaning.I kept my right leg on hers and started to rub even she too.

I slowly removed her bra and was shocked too see her boobs live.she pushed her left boob into my mouth and I started to suck by pressing her right one & vice versa.then I moved down to her panty and removed it and saw her love hole and spread her legs and lied between her legs and started to lick.then I loved towards her kitchen and I saw a milk maid tin and went towards her.I opened it and poured it on her pussy and started licking she was twisting her head and her whole body was shivering.she was moaning as if she was going to be killed.she cummed on my face.really her juice was more sweeter than milk made.

After that she removed my jeans n my underwear and poured that milk made on my dick n started sucking like a mad Rocky.I was in some other world n pressed her head on my dick and started fucking.then i laid her on bed and started fucking her in missionary style.her pussy was dam tight cause it wasn’t used for years she was moaning and I thought next door neighbours might come.but luckily no one came.that night we did 4-5 rounds and slept hugging each other under her blanket.

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