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Man is ruffled and broken down into a cockslut

This last week of school had been particularly grueling, but at least finals were over and I could now look forward to a break before looking forward to working as an RN. I had decided to take a week long break before looking for a more permanent job as my internship had expired and there were no open positions for me.

I’m not a particularly masculine specimen. Slender and on the short side. But my dark curly hair had me in good stead with the fairer sex. I chose a pair of simple dark jeans and t-shirt and headed for a new club that had recently opened up.

When I arrived I was lucky enough to find a space in the parking garage nearby and made the short walk to Club Temptations. The neon sign above the entrance seemed rather subdued and gave it a forbidden air. The place was pretty packed inside. Music pounded my eardrums as I observed the writhing masses of the dance floor. I was still a bit nervous as I had never been much of a partier so I headed for the bar to get something to help loosen me up a bit before hitting the floor, otherwise I tended to glow neon white when I tried to dance sober. Perhaps I still danced like a typical white nerd but with at least one drink in me I tended not to pay attention or care.

The bartender was a thin guy with long hair and a beard, I tried to wave him down but kept getting nowhere. Frustrated I turned to look around a bit more until he was closer to my end. Letting my gaze wander a bit I felt my heart lodge in my throat when I caught sight of two petite beauties staring directly at me as they whispered to each other. Nervously I attempted to give a confident smirk and tilted my head in their direction.

The first was a brilliant redhead wearing a mesh shirt and a skirt that stopped just short of being mini. In her heels I estimated she was maybe an inch or so taller than me. Her freckles noticeable even under the black lights of the dance floor. She was slender but still had some hips, however what really caught my notice were her huge knockers, they seemed to defy gravity even though she didn’t seem to be wearing a bra.

Her gorgeous companion was ebony skinned and several inches shorter in flats. The hair streamed out in a single long pony tail. Slender like the former he chest wasn’t as large but that ass looked amazing as they twirled around each other while attempting to maintain eye contact with me. I felt my heart flutter as they both attempted to lock eyes with me.

Once I was sure they knew I was staring back I felt my dick begin to harden as they moved closer to one another, jamming their breasts into a heavenly pile and only broke eye contact in order to softly make out as if on stage just for me. I was absolutely sure they were rubbing their nipples together exciting me even further and I’m sure themselves as well.

With great difficulty I turned my head to check on the bartenders position and saw him working his way in my direction. I glanced once more in their direction to see them eying me like prey once again, I nodded in the direction of the bartender and smiled nervously again, butterflies in my stomach, hoping they would accept the invitation. I turned back and waved the bartender down. He shouted something I couldn’t make out but hoped was an acknowledgment. After mixing the current drink he walked down.

Throwing a rag under the table he leaned forward when I suddenly saw a huge grin spread on his face.

“Washington apple!” I shouted

“And the ladies?”

No sooner had he asked I felt two hands, one to a cheek from either side obtain tight grips on my backside and soft warm pillows press to my sides. The girls had arrived…

“Pepsi!” came from and “whiskey!” from the opposing side.

Our host merely widened his grin and went to work. A sharp giggle sounded from my left turning my head I saw the stunning redhead from earlier lean closer and to speak, Her face was cute as a button and those deep green eyes were intoxicating.

“Veronica! And that’s Charity!”


“A soon to be pleasure I hope” a throaty voice tickled my right my right ear sending shivers down my back. Charity had full pouty lips and deep eyes that seemed to scan my deepest core.

“I can only show my hand at the end.” was my reply. Charity’s laugh was deep, short, and only served to heighten my arousal. The sweet sensation of sensitivity ran from the very base of my cock up through its tip for a moment. It had been some time since I had last been laid. I truly hoped I wasn’t misreading the signs here. I hadn’t ever been in a threesome before.

Our drinks arrived and we made what small talk we could in the obnoxious noise. Eventually I was dragged out onto the dance floor. I became a hot sweaty mess. With both beautiful asses being rubbed all over my legs and ground back into my crotch. Both women were extremely aggressive. Shoving their tongues down my throat when kissing me. The feeling of their finger curling in my hair for a firm grip to manipulate my head had my knees quaking slightly and left me heady.

After a particularly energetic three-way kiss in which both girls held me up with firm massaging grips to my balls I was pulled into a tight embrace, two sets on wonderful tits squashed into my chest and sides. Both girl were nibbling and sucking on the base of my neck and worked their ways up to my ears. This was fucking heaven.

Veronica was the first to grown into my ear, “Were going to take you home and rape you tonight!” My legs again felt a little wobbly

Charity wasn’t far behind on the other side “We just love the feeling of giant cocks stretching out a tiny little hole, and we both absolutely insist on anal!”

Holy shit had I hit the jackpot.

They both leaned back and exchanged a glance before charity spoke up “One more drink and then we get out of here?” I dumbly nodded my assent.

The buxom redhead dragged me in the direction of an empty booth while her friend walked towards the bar, I watched those wonderful globes shift with each step as I staggered sideways with Veronica. This girl was stronger than I had expected. It wasn’t but a few minutes later when My new ebony beauty returned with three drinks. I noticed only mine was alcoholic but wasn’t about to complain at this juncture. I purposely slowed my drinking lest I choke in my excitement.

With a stack of hot flesh under each arm and two pairs of hand rubbing down every inch of my body they could reach it was no wonder it was too late for me to notice the drastic increase in my buzz. The last coherent memories I was able to retain were the girls asking about my car before everything seemed to blackout.

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