Thursday , December 8 2022

Married Pakistani woman’s ultimate sex ride with father

Shabana hung up, disheartened, and lay on her bed. The reason was obvious. Her husband, Azam, once again gave excuses for not being able to visit home. They had been married for over two years, and Azam had left her at home in their village near Lahore to resume his job there. Since then, it hadn’t been more than three times that he had come home to meet his wife.

Shabana knew the motives behind Azam’s excuses. It was not that Azam didn’t like his wife or she was not pretty. But on their wedding night, Azam had confessed to Shabana that he was impotent. His father, Nadir Khan, was the Chaudhary (Lord) of the village and had forced Azam to marry Shabana. Besides, no one in Azam’s family was aware of his impotency. So at the age of just over thirty and married for a little over two years, Shabana was yet to be satisfied fully like a married woman. Azam had found a job in Lahore just before marriage and had a good excuse: that he could not get a leave from work. Azam had two other brothers and both were happily married and had a number of kids. But it was only in Shabana’s fate that she was still deprived of full marital pleasures. Despite his impotency, Azam had tried his best to keep Shabana happy by sending lots of money and gifts from Lahore. Perhaps it was because of the love expressed by Azam that Shabana had never told anyone about her husband’s impotency.

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