Sunday , May 28 2023

Mary has been intrigued by bestiality

Mary is 42 years old, stands about 5’2″, average looks,
and a nice body. She does yoga several times a week and
is reasonably fit. She is not Hollywood slim; the catty
women at work call her ‘curvy’ behind her back. Then
again, the men at work call her curvy too, but they’re
not being mean…

Mary has never married. She’s had a few boyfriends, but
just never seemed to find the right guy.

Her neighbor Bob is a nice man with a big black great
Dane named Hector. When Bob walks Hector, he stops by
almost every day to visit Mary and have a cup of coffee.
They’re good friends. Bob likes to help Mary out � he
does small fixit jobs for Mary, like changing her AC
filter or fixing a door hinge. Mary often wonders why
Bob has never made a pass at her. She’s not sure if she
even wants him to make a pass. She likes his friendship
and is halfway afraid that romance would end badly, as

Bob is very quiet about what he does for a living. Mary
knows Bob is involved in making movies, but Bob doesn’t
like to talk about his work so Mary has stopped asking.
She wonders if he really works for the mob or the CIA or

Mary likes to look at bestiality videos online but has
never had the courage to try it for real. She likes to
fantasize that Hector is the big black Dane she has seen
online with many women. She sees that the women who let
the black Dane fuck them do it two ways: The first
couple of times, they are very careful not to let him
put his cock in them too far. They are obviously worried
about getting hurt. However, after he fucks them a
couple of times, they start to get braver. A couple of
them even let him get his knot into them, although they
drop to their knees as soon as he cums.

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