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Matt orders a subliminal tape and receives the wrong one

Mathew Kelley had just turned eighteen. He examined himself in the mirror. He looked like a Peter Parker, but with no cool superhero alter-ego. Matt was about 5’11” and only weighed about 130lbs. He had wavy brown hair that never seemed to obey his brush and piercing ice-blue eyes. He dressed usually in conservative button down shirts, and casual jeans.

Mathew was raised in a single parent home. His mother Norene was a reasonably attractive woman. She worked out several times a week, and still had a curvaceous firm figure. She was a pretty blonde with a slightly over-sized nose which gave her a hawkish look at times, and made Matt obey her firm commands when she was angry.

Matt had just rushed up to his room. His package had arrived. Matt had ordered a subliminal tape which was supposed to help him ‘turn on’ his power of charisma to attract beautiful women. He had ordered it on the internet, and paid with a money order by mail.

Once he was alone, he opened the box. Inside was a bunch of different instructional papers, but he didn’t bother reading them. There was a blurb on one of the papers stating Matt had received his subliminal tape and a free tape of the same type but a self-hypnosis version.

The tape’s label said it was a subliminal meditation tape. Matt knew that this was false. The website claimed it labeled the tape ‘meditation’ with many tapes that might prove embarrassing.

Matt tossed the tape into the small cassette radio on his desk. After a few seconds a man’s mature calm voice began speaking. “Hello, greetings and welcome. The tape you are about to experience,” Matt forwarded the tape. “Unlock the incredible healing powers of the mind.” Matt fast forwarded again, “Without effort, thought or strain.” Then silence.

The tape began playing a soothing music. Then the sound of surf was in the background. “I can deal with this–especially if it will help me pickup chicks,” Matt thought to himself.

Matt listened to the music while he did his homework. The music had a very calming affect upon Matt. Matt finished his homework and watched the TV with the sound muted and read the closed caption.

He began to have a strange tingling sensation on his body, especially his inner thighs. His pelvic muscles seemed to be spasming here and there. Then the music came to a close. The voice came back.

“Now begins the cautionary message you were told about. This message is in regard to the incredibly small percentage,” Matt hit the fast forward button.

Then the tape player clicked. He flipped the tape over and finished the other half while watching TV. Matt’s balls seemed to become super-heated, he couldn’t understand it.

Finally his mom knocked on his door. “Come on in mom,” he called out.

Matt realized that he had flipped the tape over several times and it was nearly 11pm. He had been listening to the tape for five hours! His head felt numb—like it was packed with wool.

“Honey I’m going to bed. What is that music?” Norene asked.

Matt responded “Its subliminal music mom. This is that package I ordered.”

“What is it supposed to do honey?” Norene asked him in a concerned parental way.

Matt grew a little red. “It’s for meditation, mom,” he lied.

“Well I hope it works honey, good night.” Matt turned off the tape and told his mom good night.

Matt suddenly realized he was famished! He had been in his room ever since dinner. He went down looking for food. Matt got a big 32oz bottle of water out of the fridge and grabbed the big roasting pan full of roast beef his mom had made for dinner. The remainder was probably enough for 8 people to have ample servings.

Matt was going to reheat some beef with potatoes & gravy, but a hunger pang so hard, quick and ferocious tore through him that he sat down and started eating the cold roast out of the baking pan. Ten minutes later everything was gone and he only felt satiated, not full.

Matt was incredibly tired, like he had run a marathon. Stumbling up the stairs, he went into his bedroom and flopped into bed and shut his eyes and slept. A few hours later Matt woke up shivering, his window was open.

But it was spring and was only supposed to be about 60 degrees tonight. His teeth were chattering! It was like his body wasn’t generating enough energy to keep him heated!

Matt grabbed his electric blanket out of the closet, plugged it in, then turned the selector on high and spread it out on his bed. Then he threw a comforter over that and climbed in. Finally his teeth stopped chattering and he fell asleep…again.

Matt woke up with pain shooting through his entire groin, but especially his dick! “Arrgh!” he shouted! It was light outside. He flipped up the covers and pulled up the stretchy band on his shorts to look at his dick.

He couldn’t believe his eyes! His dick was about eight inches long and looked incredibly swollen and tender and red! His dick was so long its head was even with his belly-button!

There was also a kind of spottiness to it. Some parts of the skin looked like new skin–very pale and looked baby-bottom smooth. It appeared almost as if his dick had grown new skin overnight!

“What’s wrong honey?” Norene came into Matt’s room.

“Ugh, nothing mom–just a leg cramp.”

“Are you okay sweetie?” Matt assured his mom that he was fine–but he was far from it!

Matt’s mom left his room. The pain was almost crippling! Matt started to think fast. Why was so much blood in his dick? How did you get rid of a hardon? He thought of jacking off, but he thought it might be too tender.

Matt figured if he exercised, maybe his body would need the blood more than his dick and his hardon would go down.

Matt started doing jumping jacks but these only made his swollen sensitive dick rub against his shorts. Then he decided to get on the stationary bike. After a few bad starts that hurt his cock, he finally was able to start pedaling on high tension.

After about two minutes it seemed to be working! He could hear his heart thumping in his ears and his dick was going down! “Bye sweetie, I’m leaving!” Norene called through his door.

Finally Matt got off the bike, and opened his shorts to look. His dick was no longer hard, but was only a tad smaller than it had been. It looked gigantic.

Normally Matt’s soft state was maybe a couple of inches. But his cock now appeared to be taking up every spare inch and more in his shorts. It was thick and long and had thick gnarly veins running near the base.

Matt grabbed his clothes for the day and went to the bathroom for his shower. The hot water seemed to help Matt’s problem some.

When Matt stepped out of the shower his dick seemed to be as soft as it was going to get and was about as long as his dick used to be when a full-blown woody! Matt guessed it was between five and a half and six inches long.

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