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Mature Couple Teaches Me To Sex

I was just 15 yrs old when a older couple taught me all about sex. I was taught by this couple how to fuck a girl and a man. I was taught how to be fucked by a man. I learned how to suck cock and how to do a 3some. They were a nice couple in their early sixties.

I moved in with my dad when I was 15; my parents had divorced and now I needed discipline from my Dad; according to my mother. I remember her saying, ‘he will make a man out of you.’ My Dad did a lot of repair side jobs and I was a quick learner and very good with my hands. It wasn’t long before I was told he would drop me off at the Warner’s house, a older couple, to do some minor repairs for them. I arrived and met the lady of the house and a very good looking lady for her at the age of 60. I worked all morning replacing electrical outlets and face plates. She called me for lunch and found she had made me a sandwich with chips. ‘Want a beer to go with your food?’ she asked. I had never had a beer before and boldly answered yes. She ate with me, sitting real close and chatting away. I asked for another beer and gulped it down. ‘Do you have a girlfriend? A hunk like you must have plenty of girlfriends.’ she asked. I answered no shyly. I was really beginning to get horny and already had an erection. Out of the blue she said, ‘You must be a virgin. You’ve fixed things for me all morning, now let me fix you.’ she stated. She grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom and seduced me. She showed me how to eat pussy and fuck. She gave me my first blowjob. It was great. She told me to come back the next week and would ‘educate’ me even more. I returned the following Saturday with great anticipation. It wasn’t there long before we both started getting naked. Just about the time she went down on my cock her husband walked in. I was scared to death. ‘My oh my’ he said, ‘what a fine stud you have there Mary.’ he said with a laugh and began to undress himself. ‘Harry is going to join us. OK honey?’ she asked. I nodded my head OK. Harry got naked fast and slide onto the bed grinning at me. I was intrigued by his well maintained body. He was very athletic looking. I found myself staring at his erect cock. I had never seen another man’s cock before. He placed his hand on my leg and slide it up and down. ‘So smooth and silky’ he said. ‘Harry is bisexual’ she said. I didn’t know what that meant but soon found out. ‘He wants to help me suck your cock. OK?’ she asked. She slide over a bit and Mary and Harry took turns sucking my cock. I didn’t feel repulsed at fact I really liked how Harry enthusiastically sucked cock…much better than Mary. Mary excused herself saying she would be right back. I found myself alone with a man sucking my cock and doing a dam good job of it. He lifted my ass up a bit, spread my legs and started playing with my butt hole. I loved it…I had never thought of my ass as a plaything sexually. I didn’t know exactly what he was doing at the time but he was massaging my prostate gland. I said I was going to come and he stopped saying, ‘Oh hell no, not yet Mr. Stud.’ He spread my legs further and lifted my ass higher and began licking everything down there. Mary returned with a tube in her hand, jumped on the bed and opened the tube. Harry pressed the tube and took the contents onto his fingers and shoved them into my asshole. ‘You’re going to love this’ Mary said. I felt like I was in a dream. After several lubricating insertions into my rectum Harry said, ‘It’s that time. I’m going to take you to paradise.’ Mary spread my legs wider while Harry lifted my butt into the air. He grabbed his hard cock and positioned it right at my ass. I then realized I was about to be ass fucked. I had heard about this. Queers did this. Back in the day, gays were called ‘queers’. I remember thinking I wasn’t a queer. I liked girls. But something inside me wanted this. Harry moved closer and I could feel his cock head pushing against my ass hole. ‘You want this boy? Don’t you. I can tell you want my big fat cock up your ass.’ he asked with a wild look in his eyes. I opened my mouth to say no but somehow I mutter ‘Fuck me’. ‘What?’ he asked. Mary suddenly joined the conversation and said, ‘Fuck him ! He wants you to fuck him !’ Harry turned to me and leaned in close while pushing his cock into me. I looked him in the eye and said, ‘Fuck me ! Fuck me ! Harry pushed in, all the way and soon had a good rhythm going. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his good hard cock busting my backdoor. I put my arms around him as he leaned in close, burying his head into my neck, kissing my neck, then my lips. I felt his tongue go deep into my mouth. It was different from kissing Mary; but I liked it. I opened my eyes to see Mary masturbating and saying, ‘I love to see two guys fuck each other. Fuck him Harry. Fuck him hard.’ she yelled. Suddenly I felt I was going to cum and said so. Harry pulled out and stuck my cock in his mouth. I shot a load in his mouth and he came up to kiss me. I had never tasted cum before. He pulled of f the condom from his still rock hard cock and straddled my chest. There it was, a full grown raging cock a inch from my lips and somehow I wanted to taste it. I moved forward and Harry pushed it deep into my throat. ‘Suck that cock you whore bitch faggot’ screamed Mary. Just as Harry got a good fuck face rhythm going he shot a load down my throat. I almost gagged but managed to swallow all of it. I was totally spent. We rested and finally got cleaned up and put our close back on. ‘So big man’, how did you like all that?’ Harry asked. I replied I liked it a lot and confirmed with him we would do it again. And we did. It got to be mostly just me and Harry in the bed with Mary watching. Harry and I even did a 3some with a college student friend of his. (Harry worked at the local college.) Our relationship lasted for about a year until Harry died of a heart attack. At the time I had considered myself gay. I visited local gay bars and hooked up with several men over the next 2 years until I met my future wife. I realized I was bisexual, like Harry. I now have been married for 30 years and I have bi-sexual married boyfriend who I see about 2 or 3 times a month. Thanks Harry and Mary !…especially Harry…he was a great fucker.

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