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Mature wife has an affair with the son of a friend

How do I begin. I was totally unprepared for the events
that follow.

To set the scene. A friend of mine who no longer lived
close had the terrible news that her eldest son had
been killed in a car accident. This news was given to
me by his younger brother who was a classmate of my own

He would have been 27 years old. At the time I was 58.

He called at my home one evening to tell me the
terrible news. I was really shocked to hear his brother
was dead and could see he was very upset. As we stood
in my hall way I put my arms around him to comfort him
and tell him how sorry I was, kissing him not in a
sexual way gently on the cheek. I invited him in and we
sat at my kitchen table chatting. My husband was in
another room watching TV some football game.

He came into the kitchen and he consoled John about his
loss and left the room. John was very upset I could
tell and as we talked I felt so much sympathy for him
it was overwhelming. As I looked at him I wondered how
I could help him. We sat at the table talking about old
times, about his brother, had he a girlfriend, you know
just small talk.

I told him if he needed anything I would be here for
him. John said I was most kind and he hadn’t realised
that anyone would care so much. We stood up and held
tightly saying not to worry and time would make things

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