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Me and my mom in village an our uhagraat

My name is Ragesh. Here I am goin to tell you a story of me and my mother.

First of all I’ll tell you about my background and family. I live in village of India and doing job in a town. Most of the time I spent my vacation in my village only. In my village we do have a large banglow owned by my father. The spacious and large banglow is located near our farm. We are havaing a huge acres of land. I mean we are a landlord party. My father looks at farm as well as do some sort of side business and remain always busy. In my banglow I have a seperate floor, I only rule the 1st floor and like to do what I want to do as I am the only son of my parent. My grand ma is very old and busy in god worship most of the time. My father is 50 year old and my mother is 48 year old now. My mother is not fair in color but she is not black too. Her colour is typically like an indian color. She looks like Malaika Arora but her figure is not like Malaika Arora. She is little bit typical innocent indian housewife. My father is a strong man he has very good image in the village. My mother is also a very georgeous women and kind of little bit social in womens in our village. We won one car. I frequently take my mother to mandir and other relatives here in the car. She always sit in back side of the car like owner.

Let me describe about my mom. My mothers name is Suman. She is 5’4″ tall and look average. Her figure is 40 42 DD 46. She use to wear saree always. She don’t like to put makeup so much but lite make up like talk and cream is ok. She never revels her body to others. A complete decent wife and mother. She use to worship the god. She do all karvachauth and puja for long life of my father. My father fully trust her. She never talk dirty words. She always polite with others and all family members too. I never looked my mother in any other way. I was her obidient son and she likes me so much because I am the only son. My mother always provided me what ever I needed. She use to give me milk in every night. Always check whether I am hungry or not. But she is also a very strict women. She never allow me to do any naughty things which will harm anybody. Most of the time she keep her pallu above her head.

The days were going like this. I am 24 and got an interview call in near by town and I stayed there 2 days and they told me to join in 1 month. So I decided to go in my village and live life fuller for one month but i didn’t know the destiny. It wants some other way to life.

It was a friday night. I was ready for dinner. Mom came to me and served me dinner while dinner she talked me about father. Father will be coming home late. So she told me to tag the our Rocky to the door. I said “Mom don’t worry if I am there in house nobody will touch you and grand ma.” She smiled. I went to bed. In midnight i woke up to pee. I came downstaire from majla (1st floor) to tal ghar (Ground floor) I saw my mother and grand mother sleeping there on house main area. I just casually looked at mother. And due to wind my mothers Pallu (loose end of saree) float and revels her tight white coloured blouse coverd breasts. I immedialty thought that its wrong to look at my mother. So went near her and about to put Pallu on her chest but as i came near her once agin i got a big seen of my mother tight chest. My eyes widend. I manage to reset her pallu. I tried to forget this incidence and went to pee and had a good sleep.

Next day i woke up early. I was listening mandir arti from long distance. My mother was doing shading in cow hut. My grand mother doing Puja (worship) in a room. After morning choars. After break fast I went and was watching some film on DVD player. I went downstair and headed to kitchen where my mother was preparing for lunch I was drinking water and while doing I looked at my mother cooking in front of Chulha (fire by burning woods). As she was near Chulha she was sweeting a lot. Usually she sweats a lot. But now was the hight. My attention again casually went to my mothers chest. My mother was busy in pressing the Chapati ata forcefully. I saw that her chest is totally wet in sweat and her yello blouse is getting dark at her cleavage. This morning mom didn’t wear bra and due to this my eyes bulged on her chest mounds and her dark dark nipples where giving shape of their own through her blouse. As it was wet it gives me a prominent picture of her hot big breast. They were swinging along with her movement due to her pressing of Ata.

Wow, god first time i got the look of my mother in sexual way. My dick rised immidealty on this was hard till now. I was stunned by such a show. Her breast skin was shining with her sweating. her skin looks more hot in that. I made a move to be near to her and drink the water while having nice treat of my mothers half naked breasts.

I went to room locked inside and went to bed. Suddenly my mind was flashing the seen of blue films which i have seen in which pornstars shake their boobs while fucking. I couldn’t control and my hand automatically going to my dick over the pants. Once I hold that and immediatly my mother came to my mind. A mixture of mother love and lust about mother came to ride me. I drooped weapon and let it immagine my mother in fantacy. I never thought that one day I’ll will be having my dick in my hand while thinking about my own mother. My blood was rushing to my groin. Suddenly my mothers face was appearing like a pornstars face.
And now my mothers ****** was no more innocent in my look. I played DVD and watched porn jacked of thinking about my mother. This is the first time in my life that my cock sprang due to my mothers thought. This is the first erruption of my semen due to the sexually image of my own mother.

But as soon as I jacked of the original guilt grasped me. I suddenly felt like a dirty Rocky left my body. I little bit worried how i got in to this way. How can I think of my own mother in such a way. A son can not do this with his mother. As much as i was trying to cool down myself my dirty mind brokes all the definations of the mother son realtions and told me the reality that I am looking at mother with a different eye.

I went outside and tried to forget. In this case I wanted to take help of my friend but I never asekd any thing which will make curious my freind with my mother realtion. My freind Hariya who is same as my age. I asked him whether a young boy can fell in love with older women. he told me its natural. I got relief. He asked me with whom I fell in love. I ignored the question and changed the topic. But my actual question was whether a boy can fell in love with his own mother ? But to whom I can ask and trust. I was thinking whole day and suddenly i got an idea. I set to go town and told mom that I’ll be bak from the town till evening. She agreed. I went to town and purchaed internet as we don’t have internet facility in my village. I installed it in my PC and 1 day it started working. On that day I was paying attention on my mom more. I was looking at her and same time imagine her in different poses. My desire becoming strong day by day. She resembles like godess to me but with sexual thoughts.Next day morning I want to use internet as a weapon. Now I opend search and types “mother son sex” (at that time I was not knowing about the word incest) and suddenly lot of sites came to list as I saw a word repeat several time i.e. incest. I searched in dictionary and now i came to know about incest. O my god i was wondring what a incest litrature on the internet. I am very curious about mother-son relations in incest. I serarched more explored that incest is comman in several parts of the world. In fact I wonder that how only indians remain behind in incest. I read a lot about incest on internet. And one day came along with a movie which is based on incest. I gone through several movies in which they have shown mother-son , father-daughter, brother-sister sex. I can’t belive my eyes that I am watching a movie in which a mother is doing sex with her own son and it contains highly emotional and dirty drama with dialougues. The whole day I was watching and now I realized that if this movies are real then Incest is real for sure. Then i tried to expolre more I met some friends online who are also involved in same experience. Specially I have friends which are more interested in mother-son relation. I talked hours. My family doesn’t know what happen to me because I was always sitting in the corner of a my room along with my PC. On video chat I met lot of friends who are doing sex with thier mothers. This gave me the strength to accept reality. And my hesitation about my own mother vanished in a time. Now I was looking at my mother with completely defferent angle. Now in my eyes she doesn’t remain the same old village dear mother. She resempbles to sex godess and my sexy mother. I was more aroused of knowing that I have hots for my own mother. I saw lot of porn movies and imagined m mother as pornstar and am loving her. My desires gone to such extent that I was daring to touch my mom here and there. But still i dont want to force her or do any illegal social thing. So I planned to take little and stedy steps to seduce my mother.

I jaked -off several time and every time my imagination hight increased to the level where no desire of son will not have to his mother. After one week in reasearch I am actually plan to seduce. I put a hole in our bathroom roof which one is in the side of my room in first floor. One day there was nobaody in house and mom went to take bath. I went and saww through the hole. First time i saw my mother in her petticoat and this left me to erection. I was stunned to saw my mothers tight and hot figure. I went to my room before she leave the bathroom. I appriciated my mothers beauty the pornstars in those movies are nothing copmared to my mom. My world has changed as soon as I looked my mother in sexy way.

Now there is only one Goal in my life is to take my mother to the bed and expore the world of sex with along with her. I set plans in order to achive it. My mother doesn’t know about my lust to her. She is still assuming me a nice innocent boy. I use to talk with her.
One day she took me to the wel in the farm. She was pulling the pot which is full of water she saw that she is unable to hold she called me to help. I went and hold her arms with my first and helped her to get the pot. As soon as I bent i saw towrds mother chest I saw a great cleavage in her to breasts. My dick hardened. She came to know and hide her chest with her pallu. Her pallu droped several time to give a glimpse of my moms cleavage while drawing water from wel. That was a fist for my eye. On returning home she preparing for cooking I sat in front of her and watched her assets as she was cooking. She never paid attention to me. I was talking to her like a good son. Now i again watch her breast. I came near to mom and huged her from behind. Simply like a good son she said “I am busy beta, will you please wait. I can’t prepare then.” mean while I smelled her aroma of hot lady. after lunch I invited my mom to play carom. She agreed as grand ma went to neighbour. We played carom on bet. The bet was simple like money of A Kiss. She agreed , every time I win she allow me to kiss her cheeks and fore head. This time I won again and I told mom
“mom may I kiss you on lipse if I win”
Mom said “No. You can kiss me on chicks”.
I win and while kissing moms chick i brushed my lipse to her pouty sweet lips. She looked at me. I have not paid attention.

Ma: “Son what u were doing in your room lonely since last 1 week you not paid any attention in house.”

I thought my got suspicious about my activities surely.

Me:”na ma, I was studing in few days I have to join na..”

Ma: “son you are not doing any wrong things na..”

I worried.

Me: “no ma, what happen why you asking like this? ”

Ma: “beta , yesterday I found my blouse on the corner of your bed”
OOOhh, my god I forgot that yesterday i played with my mothers blouse and slept like a hell. Now i was on the earth falt.

Ma:”do you have any friends means girl friends in town”

Me: “no ma, not a single. i dont want to be with any girl. I want to be with you.” She widened her eyes and asked “what”

Me:” i mean, i want to be with you always. i don’t to leave you ma”.

Ma: “Ok , ok. but you have to go once to get the job”

Me: “I will leave the job for you ma , i want to live with you.”

Ma:” what do you mean ? you will do the job where ever i am. hows possible i can’t come there with you in that town. what about your father?”

Me:”ma, i will not do job there then, i’ll look at farm to be with you.”

Ma:”o.hh..my poor baby, so nice of you.” she kissed me on the chick.

Ma:”but beta, i want to be strong first to do farming activity. it needs a good health. will you build such nice physique?”

Me: “ma, i can do anything as you said. In next 15 days i show you my body.”

Ma:”ok beta, then its my duty to look at your needs along with your exercise.”

Me: “thank you ma, i ‘ll do it. thank you. ” and i hugged her from front and put my hands on her back. She remain silent.

I confused that whether ma really want to see me as farmer or she wants to see my body.

From next day onwards i put my 100% to build physique. Mom provides me meat and milk to keep my muscle stronge. while i do exercise she look at me and appriciate my body muscles shape. From her suggestions I came to know that she likes strong guys to impress and here i go to be that.

I called Hariya and told him to bring so muscular men half naked photos like wrestlers from town and he did few posters of wrestlers which i stick it on my bed room walls. Mom see that and was amazed to see their helth

Ma: “wa, how nice mens” she touched on of the poster in which the wrestler was on his undy only. And his cock was big in his pants. She saw that and said

Ma:”your father will kill me , to promote you such things”

Me:”dont worry ma, i’ll handle father, soon there will be my poster but there will one difference in that.”

Me:”ill be with out underware …haa..haa..”

Ma:”shutup ranga, you are gone out of your mind. how you dare to talk like this in front of your mother?” I got serious and kept quiat.

Next 2 days she didn’t paid much attention to my health. I got boared now.

Me: “ma, tomorrow i’ll show you my body. please come to my room to give me marks.”

Ma: “no need to do that.’

Me: “mom please , i am sorry for yesterdays comment. please”

Ma:”ok” and i smiled at her.
Next day at morning 9 o’clock i called my mother for the show. Gand ma didn’t know anything about my show. She asked my mom about the things but my mom managed the things and came to my room. I was prepared with oil massage on my body now time to exam.

Me: “ma, please close the door, i don’t want interuption.” Mom worried but close the door.

Now we both are alone in closed room. I played sporty music in the back ground and i started to show my body one by one step.
Till now my dick was hot and thick like rod in my undies I was only wearing. My dick was streching it. As the time for 6 pack show i went near my mother to show my 6 abs pack she continuously looking at my 6 pack as well as my undy. She amazed to see my hot hot body. She stood up and roam her hand over my chest and pressed my 6 packs with her fingures. those where so tight that she came to rest her head on my strong chest and said

Ma: “o..son..you realy build so nice.”

Me: “ma, oo, maa..thank you ma…”

Ma:”yes beta i always wanted to see u built like this. very nice body beta..very nice.” now i was aroused with her words and my dick sprang fully to its life. now it was streaching my undy. She not paid attention and as soon as she trying to move away my dick tore the less of my undy due to pressure and come in open air with full view to moms eyes. Mom surprised with such action. I also couldn’t handle such thing, i never expected this will happen. I saw my mom looked at my thick hot meat few seconds and finally closed her eyes and ran away to downstair. I called her but she didn’t stoped.

That day was worst for both of us. i couldn’t belive my mother saw my thick hard dick. Next day there was no move from my mother side. she acted like a normal.

Me:”ma, why you are not talking to me?” i moved to her in kitchen.

She moved away little bit looking at the floor.
Ma:”No, beta. i cant be close with you. its not good”

Me: “whats wrong ma, i am your son.”
Ma:”but your are young now”
Me:”how you decided i am young?”
She got i mean to say. But she not expressed.

I moved towards her.Me:”Ma, look at me . i am sorry it happend so instantly that i couldn’t do anything. It was not my mistake.” Still she looks angry. I went near her and trying to convince her. I held her hand and bring my lips towards her lips , wowww what a nice face my mother having i just go close to her lips and she moved her head to one side. I bring my lipse to her and without touching her lipse i was feeling like the moment stoped my darling mother is locked under my arms and her face is so close to me. I bring my lipse more close to her and she closed her eyes…

I was about to put my lips on her and our breath is increased. First time i realized that i have intimate realtion ship with my mom. she was trembling underneeth and her sweat on her face making jer more sexy and appealing. I got mad. She afraid and become still. But i want to conqure my mother with her will. I don’t want to force her. with this i left her there and went to farm immidiatly. My mother was astoned to see this type of action from me. She got in thinking waht she is supposed to do. I can see the crack in her thinking definalty she started to see me as a differently.

I know she will try to communicate me soon. But now i want to avoid her. I sent my father who was in the farm for dinner. I decide to to be in the farm house in the whole night. when he was back. He told me that my mom was asking for me.

Papa:”your mother were worried that were you have been. i told her that you are in the farm. you didn’t have dinner so she send you the dinner have this and rest in the farm house if you want. I’ll go to Mahayas and need to talk about property with him. I’ll be late. You be here. It old sikaram to give you protection here.”

Papa:”But she is so curiuos about you, did you do anything wrong”.

Me: “no papa, she just scolded me because i play video games too much..thats it..”

Papa:”ohh ..k..”

He left the farm. And now i had my dinner and thinking about my mother. My poor dad even dont know that his son is having an affair with his wife. I ate my dinner and roam here and there in farm and in that night i decide the places in the farm which are suitable for the love making.

Next morning papa went to home and returned along with my breakfast.

Papa:”why you not going home. she asked again. you mother son do what you want i am heading to work. here is your breakfast.”

I left the breakfast intentionally. I know at the lunch time my dream women my mother will come to me.

I was waiting for the lunch. But the time a like a hell. And after so long duration i saw my mother coming with a pot on her head and looking like a newly wedded girl. As she came to me i went and called my father to lunch which she didn’t expected. We three sat together under a mango tree.

Papa:” you mother son settled your matter , whats happening.”
Ma look above at me.
Ma: “no ji, there is no matter.” I kept silent. papa ate the lunch and went to work.

Now there are we me and my mom in the silent farm, nothing is there but the bird voice. now she is looking at me continuosly. which i avoided.

Ma:”whats wrong ragu, why you not eating proper?” i got what she wanted to ask.

I remain silent.
Ma: “did i do any mistake. i even not scolded you in the home. why you not talking” and here i got the green signal. i came to know that she is not angry with me. But never showed her my excitment.

she was trying to know inside me. While eating she told me

Ma:”you are young now and getting naughty.”

Me: ” i know”

Ma: ” you know what? being naughty with your mom. is that you want” . i was silent

After lunch she came near me and moved her hands through my hairs. I moved towards her.

Ma: “while your body show why your groin came out. you intentionally did it or…”

Me:”no mom” i interupted her.

Me:”it just loosed and it came out. that was not my intention to show you.”

Ma: “whats wrong if i see it. i already saw it when you were kid.”

Me: “o..ma..know am big boy you know.”

Ma: “ya..i can see it when it tore your undi” she laught a little.

Me:” your felt funny hmm.. but you dont know how it pains when it gets bigger” i carrassed her. We huged a little. and i kept my nose under her neck and kissing my mother openly on her nake. She got afraid

Ma: “son, your father will come.”

Me: “what then, ok mom then can we go inside”

Ma: “no son, his suspect more then. let it be” i started to necking her again this time she breaths heavyly. My strong , strict beautiful mom is under my control.
I kissed her on neck her ear lobe, her chick and as soon as i held her pallu and pushed it down my father came suddenly and with that i got seperate but fortunatly he saw that my mother adjusting her pallu.

Ma:”uff ..ye pani kaise gira mere saree me..”

Papa: “Look both of you settled the matter”.

Me: “yes papa, we did”

Papa: “Suman, I am coming home tonight. Keep dinner ready.” Now i was dumb strucked. My whole plan spoiled for today. She was smiling in the corner of her eyes because she liked my irritaion on this.”

Papa: “Ragu, you come here with me and help in streching the ropes for tying the cattles.”

I went with him. And mom went to home.Same day in the evening, i went to home and father was there in home. I know we are not getting chance to do anything in presence of father. My mother was happy to see me in the upset mood. After dinner with father, i signaled her to come at my room upstair. She also signaled me that she will be there after she and father finish the dinner.

I was waiting in my room. She took too long to be there. After some time I heard some bangle noise near my room I know she is my mom. I was about to remove my shirt and i saw there was my grand ma who came to have her medicine which she forgot in the morning here. I was so disappinted that i cursed my fate. But i know my mother must be enjyong with my father.

I gave message with my grand mother that i am having headache and call my mom to apply balm. She did so. After one hour finally she came to my room smilingly.

Me: “ma close the door”

Ma: “no, why to close, your grandma is downstair and , your father is fast a sleep, now tell where is the headache?”

Ma:”it is gone as soon as you came”

She sat beside me on the bed. and looked at my topless body and put her finger on my chest.

Ma: “Ragu, you really got a strong chest..”

Me: “ma you like it, come put your head on this” she bend down and smelled my aroma. and said “you are big man now” and roamed her fingers from my chest hairs.

Me: “ma it feels so nice to be close with you”

Ma:”how much close?”

Me: “come here i ll show you”

she moved above and now her head is above mine. i put my one hand behind her head and draged her head to mine. She looked at me doughtedly and she see in my eyes. i dont want to loos a chance here i got her close so that my lipse brush her lipse. she didn’t say anything but she got nervous i dont mind at all but it was nice and slowly i my lipse trying to explore her lipse. now my mouth was completely coverd with her. she was breathing haeavily and her breasts where crushing over my chest. The feel of her breast on me. i cant belive my mother allowing me to kiss her. She move her head away and smiled and asked me

Ma: “why your tool was so big in the show?” now i know she want to a reason why i got erection.
Me:”What do you think mom?”
Ma: “i think it is because of your exercise.”
Me: “o mom come on you are not a little girl now. you know that.’
Ma; “what”
Me:”it was because of you”
Ma: “shutup Ragu, you have to be serious am your mother”
and suddenly a voice breaks our drama. She was dadi i.e. grand ma.

Dadi: “Bahu rani, jara mere pair to daba dena. Bohot dard kar rahe hai aj..ab jyada chalna saha nahi ja raha hai..hey bhagwan”

Ma: “Ji sasu ma, ati hun..”
She moved away to leave. And i held her hand.

Me:”ma don’t go.” mom not looked at me.
Ma:”Ragu, leave me, i have to go”.
Me:”Why ma you don’t like what we did”
Ma: “but its not good for us, pleas forget all the things” she left me and releved my self by watching a XXX movie assuming mom instead of pornstar.While sleeping I thought about my relation with my mother. It was thinking how I would feel when I am actually intimating with my mother. I lost in a deep sleep. I woke up at 8 o’clock and went down stair, i could see the paretns in their room from a window openeing. I went near window and hare what they said

Papa: “Ragu ki ma, Just give me the breakfast now i have to leave Bajepure (a village which is 22 km away from our village) i am coming home late tonight. there is a dispute need to be solved in a near village, i’ll have my lunch and dinner there only.”

Mom was amazed by his words. She said
“please, atleast don’t go today”

Papa: “what? whats the matter Suman?”

Mom look very pitty like a school girl with crying face and she managed to say

Ma: “today is ‘Karvachauth’ (a ritual for the faithfullness with husbund) and i need you”

Papa: “oh.. but i have to go. can you do all that right now” and papa tried to pull her towards him to hug but ma resists him. Mom seems to be angry and why she will not be? After all this is most important day for a husband and wife.

After breakfast father gone out side. Now ma was all alone with me in our home because grand ma alos went somewhere. This, i found most erotic time of the day. Just thinking of me and my mother raised my groin under my pants. I never ever felt such experience in my life even though me & my mother lived in our house alone before. I didn’t understand why i am getting so aroused due to being alone with my mother. I rushed to kitchen where my mother was. I can see her back assets she seems a piece of meat to eat.

Me: “ma, shall i help you in kitchen” she is avoiding eye contact.
Ma: “Get ready I will serve you lunch in some time.”

I got that she is ok now. I got the chance i want to entertain her. I told some naughty jokes to her on which she smiled simply. After telling her jokes she got little bit open. I hugged her from behind pushing my groin on her hot ass. I think she felt that but she kept quiat and there were no expressions on her face.

Ma: “I got lot of work please leave me.”

Me: “Mom, i will help you. Just tell me.”

Ma: “Come with me. Get the Kalshi (container in which store water) from those corner and come along with me.” i went behind her while drawing water i used to reach container which was much away from her reach and give her the container. Once while giving her container while she is bent i put my hands on her huge ass and pressed her ass with some pressure. now i felt twikle in my groin. Mom got angry again

Ma: “What are you doing Ragu.. you are too much.”

She left to he room agin and i went to mine. I thougth some time and felt proud of what i have done with mother. I realized i am not going to seduce mom amynore. I left the chapter and went to sleep. After some time she came in my room because it was late for lunch. She woke me up and i did drama of getting angry. She came and seat nera me on the cot and moving her hands in my hair she lovely told me

Ma: “beta, i am angry with but i m your mother who is going to take care of you. please have some lunch. come..”

Me: “i am not hungry and i don’t want to eat anything” She felt like crying. She insists me for lunch. After some time i agree. She took me along with her.

Ma: “I will feed my naughty son today..” i guess she is normal again.
I was having lunch.

Me: “ma, i want to seat in your lap” she was shoked. One minute i’ll lock the door of kitchen. After closing door.

Ma: “ok come my babe”. And first time i seat in her lao as a young man. She was like a hot seat. We both started to feed each other.
And now i got in mood. I look in to her eyes and she too in mine. While eating i was kissing her chicks. I want to proceed more i moved toeards her neck and kissed her on the neck. She sighed and closed her eyes. I looked at her face and procede furthur. I was kissing her neck.

Me: “Mom , i want to eat you as my lunch” she didn’t say anything but moaned.

Slowly slowly i brushed my lipse to her lips now she was totally silent. I dared and put my full lips on her lipse and smooched my mother , and there i go. I came to know she liked that kiss as she moaned in my mouth. This was my first kiss to any women and i was happy that too my own mother. My groin gets hard. She once looked my eyes. i left her and smiled.

Ma: “Hows the luch?” She said naughtyly.

Me: “Delicious, but i have not finished yet.” and kissed her mouth once again. i didn’t wanted to hurry because i know i achived first ever step to incest.

Ma: “Beta, first have this lunch” i parallaly start eating. and while eating i put my chewed lunch in to her mouth and to my shok she eat that.

Me: “ma today is ‘karvachauth’ and today wife use to eat in same plate of her husband”

Ma: ” what do you mean? oo.. just shutup Ragu. You are getting bolder”.

I kissed her agin and again. She got up and washed her hands. i too washed hands. After that she went to wash the plates of lunch. I sat in front of her while she was washing the dishes. She smiled at me and shyingly asked

Ma: “what are looking at me honey? ”

Me: “ma , your motherly beauty”

Ma: “motherly beauty or other kind of beauty”

Me: “what ever ma, there is a very sexy women inside you, You didn’t realized it. And i am here to let you know this.” mom got little serious.

Ma: “don’t you feel any shame calling your own mother a such dirty words. I did mistake by sending you to learn in town and you learned such dirty things from town” she was continuosly staring at me while talking.

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