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Me and My Sister In The Kitchen

The front door opened. I turned around to see my Sis walk in. She was carrying bags of groceries.

“Hey, Sis,” I called out.

“Let me help you with those.”

“Thanks, Shailu,” she said. She stretched her back.

“These bags were killing me.”

I took some of the bags while Sis took the rest. I followed her into the kitchen. As I walked, my eyes traced her figure. She was rather tall and slim, with an ample bosom and a really small, cute ass. I liked staring at her, especially since that day when I accidentally saw her drying herself in her room. Her bedroom door had been left slightly open and I had caught sight of her perfect body. Since then, I had spent countless moments in my room, masturbating and thinking of my mum’s body.

Now, I watched idly as she walked, her long skirt sashaying about. It was so sensual. And my eyes were locked on her butt. Almost immediately, I felt my penis start to rise, but I didn’t care. After I was done with the bags, I would rush to my room and masturbate myself dry.

We were in the kitchen and Sis set her bags down on the table in the centre of the room.

“You can put yours together here,” she told me. I did so.

She started taking the things out of the bags. I watched her as if in a daze. Then, I walked past her, my palm brushing against her bum. She glanced at me but didn’t say anything. I walked past her again and this time I placed more pressure on her.

This time, she turned to glare at me.

“Shailu, what are you doing?” she demanded.

“Nothing, Sis,” I said innocently.

“Probably this place is too small for me to walk past, so…”

She gave me a stare-down, and then turned back to the groceries. I decided to hazard it one more time. I liked touching her soft flesh. I started to walk past her again when something naughty entered my mind. I stopped behind her and, suddenly, placed both of my hands on her ass cheeks.

She gave a small jump and turned to face me.

“Shailu, get your hands off me!” she screamed.

But I squeezed even firmer on her. I couldn’t let go of her, her ass felt so good.

“I can’t, mum,” I said softly.

“But I know this is what you need, isn’t it? Ever since Hubby left, you’ve been looking for someone to satisfy your sexual urges. Well,” I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me, “you don’t need to look any further. I’m here for you.”

She felt my arm reach down past her waist, down her abdomen to her crotch. Before she could stop me, I cupped her pubic area. She sucked in, her eyes closing. Slowly, I rubbed her, my fingers probing. Finally, my hand came away and moved back to her waist. When she looked down, she saw her skirt wet.

“Oh my God,” she gasped. My caressing had caused her to cum involuntarily.

What was happening? She couldn’t be sure. She felt as if in a daze. Then she became aware of something hard against her. It was pressed against the area just above her bum. She knew of only one thing that was at that position. My penis was erect.

I pushed her head to one side and planted a long kiss on her neck. I kissed all around the back of her neck and planted another long kiss on the other side. She gasped, her mind fluttering. She was starting to pant, much against her will.

My hands reached her T-shirt around her waist and pulled it out from her skirt. I raised her arms above her head and, in one swift motion, pulled the T-shirt over her head. She gasped when she saw me throw it away from her reach on the floor. The next thing I pulled off was her bra. She was now standing topless in the kitchen. I cupped her breasts and squeezed them slightly. They were so soft and supple. I kneaded them with my fingers and rolled her nipples. She was enjoying this as much as me. She was lost in the moment but was aware of my stooping down. She felt the zip at the back of the skirt being pulled down. She felt her skirt fall to her feet. She felt me pull her soiled panties down to her ankles. Then I stood up and turned her around rather violently. She looked at my face while in her mind, she thought of her nakedness while I was still clothed. I pressed her against the edge of the table.

“Shailu, we shouldn’t be…” she started.

But I interrupted her by pressing my lips to hers. She struggled to break free but one of my hands was pushing her head against his. Then, to her surprise, I pushed her lips apart and my tongue entered her mouth. Our tongues touched and it reminded her of when she used to kiss her husband. And it used to make her feel erotic, like she felt now.

I stopped kissing and just looked at her. She started to say, “Shailu, this is wrong, it’s incest…” But I shook my head. I was totally in control of the situation, as I proved as I pushed her down to a stooping position. She saw the bulge in my pants. Without a word, she reached up and pulled my shorts down, together with my briefs. My penis stood straight at her. It was longer than she had imagined she said. She bent forward and lightly kissed the tip of my penis. I shuddered. She continued kissing all around it. Then when she mustered up the courage, she put my pens head into her mouth. I panted and closed my eyes. She moved her head up and down along my entire length, more and more of my penis entering her mouth. Soon, the entire organ was in her and she sucked at it. I groaned and looked down. At that moment, she too looked up at me. She looked extremely erotic, my penis in her mouth as she gripped it with her fingers.

I pulled her up and kissed her one more time. I pushed the bags of groceries aside and lifted her onto the table. She leaned back, resting on her arms, and instinctively spread her legs slightly apart. I just stood there, admiring her bare body. She waited a while, then rushed forward and pulled my T-shirt off me. She pulled my chest to her and starting kissing and sucking and nibbling hungrily at my nipples. The pain was incredible and erotic at the same time, but I suddenly pushed her back onto the table. She looked at me, surprised.

I stepped forward, my hand holding my erect penis. She took it in her hand. Together, we guided it into her vagina. I pressed against her and my penis head entered her. She reached behind me and held my buttocks. We locked sights one more time, and then she pushed me into her with all her might. With a grunt, my entire penis disappeared into her vagina. She groaned. My penis filled her completely. It reminded her of her husband’s penis. It was almost as large and long. Her vaginal muscles contracted and squeezed it as she felt a rush in her.

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