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Meera seduced and fucked by John

Hey everyone. I’ve been reading stories on this site for a few weeks now, and decided to give it a shot. I was studying in Bangalore for about 5 years. I loved the city, and found that most people there were more Western oriented than the other parts of India I’d been to. I’m 6 feet tall, about 75 kgs. I’ve been told I’m handsome on more than one occasion, but what do I know.

My cock is a decent 7 inches. I include a lot of foreplay in my stories, so feel free to skip ahead if that doesn’t amuse you. Anyways, let’s get down to business. For the sake of this story, I’ll call myself John, and the lady involved, Meera. (Fake names) Meera was my neighbor in the apartment complex I was living at. I’ll start with the day I met her.

It was just another regular day back from the gym, when I entered the lift to my concerned floor. Just as the doors were shutting, I saw a lady dragging a luggage bag, and trying to run (barely managing) towards the lift. I instinctively held the door for her, and she looked at me and smiled, not saying much else. “Which floor did you want to go to?” I asked, trying to be polite.

“6th please”, came the answer. Coincidentally, it was the same floor as mine. Since I knew most of the inhabitants on that floor, with only two apartments or so being empty, I decided to make some small talk. “Visiting friends?” “No” she said, “I’m moving in here with my husband.” “Oh I guess that makes us neighbors then. I’m John”, I say, extending my hand.

She shook it, extremely delicately, while smiling politely. Her face had a serene beauty to it. She looked innocent, shy, but extremely cute. One could never tell that she was 39 years old (which I found out later). Her figure was surprisingly well maintained. Beautiful curves in all the right places, but no protruding pot belly.

I like a woman with a bit of meat on her bones, and she was perfect in every way. Lucky husband, I thought. As the elevator doors opened, I saw her struggling with her bag. “Allow me” I said, while taking the bag. It was a bit heavy, and I saw why she was having a tough time with it. I dragged it to her room. She opened up the room, and I left it inside.

“I’ll leave you to it then. If you need any help, I live right down the hall” I told her with a smile. “I hate to ask, but could you help me with the rest of my bags? They’re downstairs.” She said, almost embarrassed to ask. I agreed happily, and took the elevator down with her. Through the successive to and fro trips, we made some casual small talk and broke the ice.

She moved from Mumbai, for her job. But her husband and child couldn’t join her. After moving in her stuff, she invited me for some tea. I accepted, talked for a bit more, with no sinister motive. I left later on, and she was much more open than we first met. Meera and I continued to run into each other over the month. We made small talk, just polite stuff, nothing more.

She invited me to dinner a few times, and I did as well to return the courtesy. Back then, I didn’t know if she had some other motive in mind, but I just went with the flow, and assumed I was just being a friendly neighbor. I met her family when they came to visit, and overall they seemed like really good people.

Things were going well, and she started showing me her true self, a bit mischievous, joking, and all around fun loving woman. A couple of months had passed since we first met. This is when things started getting a bit heated up. Meera and I were quite close by now. I would go into her place after a long day, and she would cook for me.

We would go out for movies when she really wanted to see one. Just small gestures, to make her feel more at home. One day, after watching a movie, Meera said, “John, I haven’t had a drink in forever. Can we go out for a beer?” I was a bit surprised, but I agreed. Always up for a beer after all. We went to Brigade road, into one of the pubs.

We had drinks, and we were having a really great time, making jokes, laughing and such. She was touching me a lot more than usual, but I just assumed it was because she was tipsy. Eventually, the waiter came with the bill. “Can I get you or your partner anything else?” he asked. “Oh she’s just a friend. And no, that’ll be all.”

I said with a smile. As I said this, I noticed a slight crestfallen look on her face, but she recovered just as quickly. We decided to go back by metro, since the metro stopped close enough to our building. The metro was a bit crowded, and we had to stand. Meera hadn’t said as much since we left the pub.

She faced away from me, and we both just tried to find a comfortable standing position in the crowd. As the metro kept moving, I noticed that she slowly crept towards me. When the train stopped at one station, the jolt just knocked her right into me. But even though she could’ve moved if she wanted to she stayed there.

By this time, the crowd had thinned down a lot. Her perky tight ass was resting right on my groin. The thought of which, and the beers I had before, gave me a small boner. As the train kept moving, I felt her grinding on my cock, in rhythm to the train. It was fairly obvious that she could feel it. I noticed that her breathing had gotten shorter and deeper as well.

Eventually, we got to our stop, and went to our apartment. She pretended like nothing happened, but there was clearly some sexual tension in the elevator. As she reached her apartment, she looked at me and said, “Want to come in for a coffee?” Now, I would never take advantage of a drunk woman, so I said, “I’m sorry Meera, but I need to be up early tomorrow. But we’ll hang out soon! Gnight.”

“Gnight”, she said with a weak smile, and a look of disappointment. We didn’t really talk for a week after that, which was unlike us. Then one day, we ran into each other in the hall. “Hey! I haven’t seen you in forever!” I saw, moving in for a small hug. “Sorry, I’ve just been super busy”, she said, with a tone of disinterest.

After the regular, “How’s it going, how’s work” and all that, I said, “Well we have’nt had dinner together in a while. Are you doing anything tomorrow?” She hesitated a bit, before saying, “No, why dont you come over and I can cook something?” “Sounds great! See you then tiger!” I said, and left her to it.

Now, I should say, that every time I saw Meera’s tight ass, I wanted to fuck her on the spot. But I just couldn’t take advantage of a drunk woman. So it’s not like I didn’t want things to happen, the circumstances just weren’t right. The following night, dinner was a bit silent. We had the regular small talk, and then I decided to bring up the night of the pub. “It was fun right?” I asked.

She nodded, with a weak smile. “Yeah, we were both pretty wasted I think.” I said. Then, out of nowhere, she asks, “Why were you so quick to dismiss that we weren’t a couple to the waiter? Am I not attractive enough?” I was a bit taken aback. I stuttered, “What?..No, wait…what?” “Never mind.” she said, and quietly ate her food.

Things got a bit awkward after that, as we finished our meals, in almost dead silence. She got up to do the dishes, and turned her back to me. I weighed my options, but all I could see was that tight ass, protruding from her skirt. And I absolutely LOVE a woman in a skirt.I crept up behind her, and rested my semi erect dick on her ass crack, and hugged her from behind.

She gasped, but didn’t do anything to stop me. “The only reason I said that, was because you’re married, and I didn’t want to do anything that you didn’t want.” She turned around to look at me. “I’ve wanted you, since the moment I met you” before lunging in for a passionate kiss. I was a bit surprised, but kissed her back, slowly.

We moved to the sofa, where she automatically sat on my lap, crossing her legs around me. My hands went under her shirt, and started to feel her bare skin. We’d barely begun, and this woman started to grind against my cock. The most silent women, are the wildest ones in bed. My free hand slowly started to creep up her skirt, onto her inner thighs. “Ohhh”, she moaned.

I love a woman who moans. My other hand grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. I started to suck on her neck, while my hand started to slowly rub her inner thighs. “Fuck, John, you’re driving me crazy.” I bit her neck gently, causing her to moan louder, and grind against me harder. My free hand took off her shirt, and I found that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She must’ve planned this all along! I kissed her boob lightly, and then started to run circles around her nipple with my tongue, never touching it. This was driving her crazy. “Oh just suck it already, please”, she cried. Eventually, I gave in and started to suck on her nipple. She let out a relieved sigh. My other hand finally reached her panties, and by this point, it was soaking wet.

She shuddered as I reached it, and I slowly pressed her pussy from the outside, while sucking her nipple. She started to moan like a bitch on heat. My cock was almost bursting out of my pants. After continuing this for a while, I picked her up by her ass, with her legs around me. While still making out furiously, we moved to the bed room. I threw her onto the bed.

She’d awoken the animal in me. In one swift motion, I removed all my clothes.She was just wearing her skirt at this point, as she managed to remove her panties while I undressed. I grabbed her leg, and slowly started to suck on her toes. I moved all the way up to her calf, kissing all the way. Slowly, I worked my way upto her inner thighs.

As I drew closer to her pussy, she was moaning louder, and bucking her hips. “OOooooohh you’re such a tease” she moaned. Just before licking her pussy, I moved straight past it. I moved over to her belly button, and started to suck on it. The juices dripping from her pussy and left a wet patch on the bed.

“Please lick me baby, please” she literally started to cry. Eventually, I gave her wet, soaking pussy one long lick. She shuddered and trembled, and I think she had a mini orgasm right there. I started to suck on her pussy, flicking my tongue and out. My thumb started to run circles around her clit, never touching it. “OH AH OH OH AH” was all that could be heard.

“DONT STOP, PLEASE DONT FUCKING STOP” she screamed. I wouldn’t stop even if she wanted me to. Her thighs were holding my head in place. I felt her pussy contract and I knew she would be cumming soon. I immediately started to press on her clit, while furiously slurping her.

“I’M CUMMING!!!” she screamed and started to squirt from her pussy. I didnt stop licking, and continued to drink all her delicious pussy juice. She was shaking like she was having a seizure, her eyes had rolled back, and I only intensified her orgasm.

After a while, I let her settle down, and she was still shaking, tears streaming down her face. “I’ve never cum like that in my whole life” she said, and I felt a little bit of pride. I then took my 7 inch dick, and plopped it on her drenched pussy lips. She moaned a bit more, and it wasn’t even in! I slowly rubbed it on her lips, teasing her. “You want this?” I asked, teasingly. “Oh god fuck yes” she whimpered.

“Tell me how much you want it” I say, still not giving in. “Fuck I’ll do anything, just fuck me, make me your little bitch, please, give me that cock.” she whimpered, trying to pull my cock in. I shoved the whole of my cock in all at once. She jolted up, her mouth wide open, breathless. I slowly pulled it out, and she screamed again. I now slowly started to pump her in a rhythm.

This woman was talking all sorts of dirty. “Yes, fuck my pussy, just like that” and it only spurred me on. I moved in to suck on her delicious milky tits as I continued to ram her. “OOOOOHHH”, came the response.

With every thrust I went a little harder, and a little deeper. I kept thrusting her, and I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my cock. “AH AH AHHHHHHHH” she screamed, as she again started to shock, this time with my cock in her, her eyes rolled back, barely catching her breath. I pulled my cock out, but I wasn’t done yet.

I flipped her around and made her stay in the Rockygy position. She had barely finished her orgasm, and I started to fuck her again, from behind. This is my favorite position, as it gives me a lot of control. I started to fuck her harder and faster.

I grabbed her head by her hair, and yanked it back. I was riding her like a horse. I spanked that tight ass, once and then twice. She was crying, screaming, moaning, everything I could think of. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME LIKE THE DIRTY WHORE I AM”, her dirty talk only kept me going. “Cum in me, I’m on the pill” she said through the gaps.

I felt my cum building, so I shifted back to missionary. I started pumping as fast I could now and she was screaming as loud as she could. “DONT STOP!!! FUCK, ALMOST THERE….I’M…I’M CUMMING!!!!” she started to go into orgasm mode again, and I released my cum as well.

I couldn’t stop the rhythm, as the warm wet fluid inside her only sent her into deeper pleasures. I stopped slowly, and lay down next to her. “Fuck, this has been the best night of my life” she said. “The best night of your life so far.” I said with a smile.

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