Saturday , June 3 2023

Meeting Katie

I first met Katie at a party. My freshman year of high school had just ended, so I threw a big bash to celebrate the fact that my friends and I were now sophomores. All my friends came, they all brought their friends, and someone brought Katie. Katie was going to be a freshman the next year. I don’t even remember who she came with, but I’m glad that she did.

The moment she walked through the back gate, I was instantly smitten. This was the cutest girl I had ever seen. She was just a tiny little thing, didn’t even hit five feet tall, but absolutely adorable. She had short blonde hair, cut just above her shoulders. Big brown eyes. A beautiful smile that just lit up her face, lit up the whole place in fact, and the cutest dimples on those little chipmunk cheeks.

Although she was short, her body was perfect. She had nice little breasts, perhaps a bit small but then she was only a freshman. They were still perfect for her size. Katie was a diver, but had also been in gymnastics, and dance, and soccer. She was very active and so had a very tight and toned athletic little body. The little six pack on her was so sexy, not to mention that tight, hard little ass. The main point is, she didn’t really look “little”, she was sexy and beautiful and perfectly proportioned, just, short.

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