Wednesday , February 1 2023

Meeting My Probation Officer

My name is Andy, and I have totally fucked up. I’d never been in trouble in my life before. Then a lad I knew asked if he could stick some gear in my garage because his girlfriend had kicked him out and he needed somewhere to stash it until he was sorted. Like a mug, I said ‘yes’. I’m a mug because I know what he’s like, and I’ve always avoided him in the past, so I didn’t get involved. This time, for some stupid reason, I believed him.

Next thing I knew, the cops were round with a warrant and I got nicked for handling stolen goods. They didn’t believe me when I told them I didn’t know the stuff was stolen, but they wouldn’t would they?

So, I got probation for a first offence. I had to report to my probation officer once a week to talk about stuff and work on ‘resolving my issues so that I don’t re-offend’. I’m not sure how you resolve being a mug, but what choice did I have? For some reason I was expecting my probation officer to be some sarcastic, patronizing, overweight, middle-aged, bloke; a has-been with a social conscience and an attitude problem. I got a shock.

She must have been about the same age as me, and a real looker. She was a brunette, average height, with long wavy hair, a good body, beautiful big green eyes, and freckles; very fuckable. Her name was Eve. Maybe probation wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

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