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Melanie’s Daddy shows her how good being bad can be

“Oh, shit!” I exclaimed as I pulled into the driveway and saw my father’s car there. I’d been in such a hurry to get home so I could play with myself while reading my latest acquisition, I’d forgotten to change back into the jeans and t-shirt I’d left the house in. I was more than halfway home when it hit me I was still wearing the skimpy little red tank top and short black skirt I’d changed into at Michelle’s house when I picked her up for class.

I had almost turned around, but was getting so horny in anticipation of cumming I was starting to squirm in my seat. I was always home before dad, and mom was usually later than him. I was so worked up; my fingers were sliding between my legs every time I caught a red light and said screw it, I would just go home. Screwing was actually what I had hoped to be doing, but Rob, my latest boyfriend, had to go to some family thing right after school.

Truth be told, sex with Rob was almost a tease these days. Sure he was cute and had no issues with playing with me as much as I played with him, but he was too nice. These days I fantasized about playing rough and when I mentioned it to him a couple of nights ago when his folks weren’t home and we’d fucked in his bedroom, he asked me if I was nuts. I didn’t bother explaining it to him and just settled for giving him a blow job and pretending he was shoving it down my throat rather than just lying there, respectfully letting me take care of him. Hell I couldn’t even get him to pull my hair and when it came to sex?

Rob always went slow and easy, which was okay in the beginning, but not anymore. I wasn’t an inexperienced virgin; I’d been having sex for a year now and had been with three guys in that time, I didn’t need to be treated like a princess, now I wanted to be fucked like a whore! I’d told him that and he had seemed offended. That had made me wonder if maybe I should find another guy. Who the hell has a problem with their girl telling them to fuck her harder? Then again, like me, Rob was only nineteen; maybe I needed to find an older guy.

I shut the car off and felt a shudder go through me. Oh, yeah, that was exactly what I needed! An older man to take me the way I needed to be. To show me what happens to a bad girl like me who wants to be treated like the dirty little slut she’d love to be! I got out of the car and after a brief debate, decided to go in through the front. If dad was home, odds are he would either be in his workshop in the basement or in his den watching TV. I entered the house quietly and after walking through the small hallway came out into the living room where I stopped in my tracks. Dad was on the couch, but sleeping, his head turned away from the television that was showing some sports show.

“Oh, damn.” I whispered, licking my lips and already feeling my pussy heating up.

Dad was only wearing a pair of shorts and my eyes hungrily worked their way over his scantily clad body. My father was a personal trainer and led by example. His stomach was flat and hard, his shoulders broad, and even relaxed, I could see the muscles in his arms. Speaking of muscles, my eyes lingered on the one in his shorts. I wondered if dad was having a particularly good dream because the bulge was pretty damn big.

I knew I should be slipping passed him and up to my room, but couldn’t move. Instead I imagined walking over to the couch and dropping to my knees. I would pull his shorts down and take his nice big dick into my pretty little mouth. Dad would wake up and grab my hair and start shoving his cock deeper into my mouth, so deep my eyes would water and all the while telling me what a slut I was for blowing my daddy. My hand strayed up to my tit and I began rubbing my aching nipple through my shirt.

I jumped when he turned his head, but his eyes were still closed and I remained where I was letting my lust filled mind continued. Dad would yank me from his cock and make me get on my knees. I’d be bent over the arm of the couch and grabbing my hips he would slam his prick hard into my tight young pussy, so hard I’d squeal. Dad would fuck the shit out of me, pulling my hair and spanking my firm little ass.

I was aware that my legs were moving back and forth, my thighs rubbing together as my wet pussy yearned for my step father’s cock. I suppose I should feel bad, wanting to fuck my daddy But hell, with that body and his thick black hair and pretty blue eyes, it was hard to see him as anything other than a hot as hell older guy. One I sure as hell wouldn’t mind fucking.

At times, when my mind really had me in heat, I wondered if he would want to fuck me. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I swear dad checked me out sometimes. I was damn sure he watched me through his den window when I was sunbathing. Of course I usually had a couple of friends over and he could be looking at them, but a girl could dream couldn’t she? Dreaming of my father was what I had been doing a lot of lately, much more since I’d snuck that book out of Cindy’s house.

That thought, along with my overheated pussy, spurred me to finally move. My sandals had heels so wakening gingerly; I began tiptoeing across the room. I’d almost reached the staircase when dad called out, “Hey Melanie, hold on a minute.”

With an air of resignation I turned around to see dad, now sitting up.

“Hi daddy!” I exclaimed, flashing him a huge smile.

“Don’t daddy me, Mel, “Come over here.”

I slowly walked back over to the couch and saw dad looking at my legs. Despite the fact I was pretty sure I was going to get yelled at, I liked seeing his eyes there. My own gaze immediately fell between his legs and noticed that bulge hadn’t gotten any smaller. When I reached him, he made a show of looking me up and down, which again, although for the wrong reason, got me hot nonetheless.

“Umm, what are you doing home?” I asked nervously as his eyes were now lingering on my tight tank top.

“A pipe burst at the gym, I’ll be home tomorrow too. So, is this how you come home every day while your mom and I are at work?”

“What do you…?”

“Oh please, Melanie, you didn’t go to school like that! You’re mother would never let you.”

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