Tuesday , March 21 2023

Menaka Dark Desire

This story is in series. And here is the first part.

She never thought that a dark day would arrive in her life. It did.
Varun still had her photos. Every kind of photo. Yeah! Menaka was worried that her husband Sham would find her trouble. Sham never knew Menaka had a relationship before their marriage. She hid this tale from him. Varun was in her home when he blackmailed with her pictures. But, he made up a drama as an emotional fellow. Menaka believed him one last time and opened the door.

Varun looked at her from head to toe. Menaka has a wheatish complexion, not completely white but colourful. Her plumpish body, thick juicy lips, a strand of hair, slutty neck and seductive navel. Anyone would die for her navel. Any man has a dark desire to hunt a woman like 34-28-36 stat Menaka. Her bare waist skin, when she was in saree, made many males precum. Varun was ready to rummage. But, he decided to do smooth foreplay with her.

“Won’t you invite me inside?”, Varun asked.
“Come in”, she said with half-heart.
Menaka knew she was with Varun only for eccentric orgasm. She had not emotionally connected with him.
“What do you like to have?”, Menaka asked.
“You”, Varun laughed and went near her. She stepped back and raised her brows. “Okay. A coffee”, Varun smiled at Menaka rubbing his hard-on crotch on his jeans. Menaka now never had a feeling for him. She loves her husband to the moon and back.

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