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meri wife ki train mei chudai

am an avid reader of all the Desi stories and I re…

am an avid reader of all the Desi stories and I really enjoy them. So I thought it was time that I came up with my own story. The difference is that this is not a fantasy; this is a true incident that has happened to me. The names of the people have been changed for the sake of confidentiality.

I am a 24 year old guy who is working in Mumbai. This incident happened when I was 21 and studying. I was traveling by Gitanjali express from Mumbai to Kolkata. Incidentally I had the upper berth. The journey was pretty boring as there was not a single person who could make intelligent conversation, leave alone chicks. I had bought a mag which I was reading.

At Bhusawal my luck seemed to change. A lady boarded the train. She was around 30, and carried a child. She did not have a reservation and sat where my seat was b’coz the place was relatively empty. The Bhabhi was a bomb…she had about 34c tits and a ripe, juicy ass. I struck up a conversation with her. The child was about 1 ? years old. She told me that she was going to a place near Kolkata. Since we were both Bengalis we got along well too…She kept throwing flirtatious smiles at me. I gathered some courage and gently edged my foot forward. When it touched her foot, I gently tapped her feet…then rubbed her feet with mine. This continued for some time…then she pushed back my feet with hers and started tapping back…I looked up to see that she was smiling at me naughtily.

By this time the train reached Nagpur…I asked her if she needed something. She wanted some food…I got some food for all of us…

As soon as the train left Nagpur we had our food and she came and sat beside me. As by this time the there were quite a few people sitting there, we were sitting with our bodies rubbing each other. Her thighs were resting on mine and I was really enjoying it as the soft flesh of her thighs was gently rocking on mine due the movements of the train. I folded my arms across my chest and gently pushed my fingers forward to caress the soft smooth skin of her upper arms. Oh what a feeling it was, it was like running my fingers over silk…She just glanced at me and smiled. Then I proceeded further to feel her sexy tummy ,,,,,,caressing and squeezing it…When I brushed my fingers on her breast…she picked up the newspaper and held it up in front of us…pretending to read it. This way our activities were hidden from the people sitting around. I ran my fingers gently on her soft tit…then cupped it in my palm…and squeezed it gently. She looked at me with lust in her eyes and bit her lower lips. This made me squeeze her harder and she let out a soft moan of pleasure which was thankfully lost in the noise of the train. Still squeezing her tit

I asked her “What’s your name sexy bhabhi?”

“Don’t call be Bhabhi, call me Manju,” she said.

By this time the other passengers wanted to sleep. I offered Manju my seat to sleep, while I would sit on the edge of the seat. She smiled to this and accepted.

She climbed onto the top berth with her child and put the child to sleep. Then we chatted for some time. She told me she was married to a clerk at Bhusawal. Her husband was 45 years old and not interested in sex. While chatting I was caressing her soft body all over. After some time she told me that lets sleep. I told her to lie down and that I would sit on the edge. She tried but the space was less. Thus she folded her legs in such a way that her feet were resting on one side of me, and her ass was resting on the other side. Thus her legs formed an upside down “V” across me.

As soon as she lay down, I placed my hands on her feet and caressed them gently. She just did mmmmmm… and moved her feet away, only to push them back more into my hands…I slowly moved my hands under her sari and petty-coat. As I felt up her silky legs she just closed her eyes and smiled…I reached her inner thighs and caressing them lightly with my fingertips…she looked at me and smiled…then spread her thighs further apart…I pinched her soft flesh playfully…and moved to the honey pot between her legs…

To my surprise she was completely shaved. She giggled to see the surprise on my eyes. I gently caressed the soft, moist mound of her pussy. She closed her eyes and licked her lips in anticipation. I parted the puffed outer lips of her with my forefinger and dipped it into her hot pussy. This caused her to hisssssssss out in pleasure as she took in her breadth. Her pussy was all wet and sloppy in anticipation. I curved my finger inside her pussy and rubbed her inner walls…then I inserted a second finger into her. She was really tight and her pussy held my fingers tight. I gently moved my fingers to and fro inside her pussy. By this time she was squeezing her tits and moaning softly. I increased the movement of my fingers and worked them to a steady rhythm. Her pussy was now very wet and made delicious slushing sounds as I finger fucked her. This went on for some time and she suddenly sat up…She looked deep into my eyes and kissed me roughly on my lips. As she was grinding her lips on mine she held me very tightly with her arms. I parted her lips with my tongue as I thrust it into her mouth. She sucked on my tongue hungrily while I was squeezing her breasts hard. After about 5 mins we broke our kiss and looked around. Thankfully nobody had woken up. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to take my man-meat inside her. I asked her to be patient…and the rewards would be worthy. I asked her to lay down with her head on my lap. She did that and felt my hard-on on her cheek. She looked at me naughtily and bit my cock from over my jeans gently. Then she pulled down the zipper and pulled out my cock…She held my hard cock in both hands and stoked it. She flicked her tongue over the tip and tasted the precum Then she wrapped her lips around my cock head and sucked hard…I caressed her hair as she hungrily slurped and sucked my cock…her head was bobbing fast on my lap…she ran her teeth along the underside…this made me jump…I reached out to squeeze her tits as she sucked me…I held her nipple between my fingers and pinched it,…tweaked it…tugged on it.

After sometime I lay down beside her and asked her if she was ready to get stretched. She just giggled excitedly and put one leg around me…

I held my cock in one hand and rubbed my cockhead on her lips and clit…She moaned…”MMMMMMMMM…please…put it in me…”she said. I eased my cock into her and she let out a soft gasp. I gently thrust my cock further into her…she just held me tight and lay back…As I moved in…I felt the back of her pussy on my cock head…”AHHHHHHHH…u have filled me…”she moaned. I gently started rocking her, my cock moving in and out of her pussy…


This got me really excited, I started humping her harder…real hard deep strokes…I took a nipple of hers between my lips and bit on it as I fucked her harder and harder…


After ramming her pussy for about 15 mins. I felt like I was about to cumm…I told her and she said she wanted me to cumm in her pussy. With a groan I let out my cumm…Spurt after spurt of hot cumm landed inside her pussy…At the same time I felt her pussy contract as she had her orgasm as well…

We lay like that for some time…then I kissed her…she smiled at me and said that she had enjoyed the fruits of love after about 6 months as her husband was losing interest in sex…

That night we had fun twice more…the next morning we reached Kolkata…I had visited her later at Bhusawal where I have rammed her in her own house several times…Later she went to Guwahati and since our only contact is through e-mails and letters. She still wants to have fun whenever possible but we are too far apart.

I hope you all liked this true experience of mine. Since this incident I have developed a craze for delicious sexy bhabis and aunties. Any bhabis or aunties in and around Mumbai can contact me for fun filled times.

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