Sunday , May 28 2023

Midnight Movie

Wendy waited impatiently for the movie to start. It
was already fifteen minutes past midnight and the
girl’s foul mood was obvious even to the popcorn boy.
Her date for the evening had stood her up, none of her
friends were around, and the only resort for entertain-
ment was a lonely midnight movie. Sighing, she leaned
back in the scratchy seat as the lights finally dimmed.

The theatre door opened and closed quickly, flashing
a spear of light at the opening curtains. A dim figure
strolled down the aisle. She seated herself next to
Wendy, further annoying the already unhappy girl. The
theatre was nearly empty; there was no reason why this
woman had to sit just one seat away. The pre-movie
advertisements for popcorn and licorice boomed to life
and Wendy glanced at the newcomer out of the corner of
her eye.

Wendy’s neighbor was wildly sexy. Her dark hair
floated wildly around her creamy complexioned face and
her blue eyes flashed merrily in the illumination from
the movie screen. The girl wore a nearly see-through
blouse and long black skirt, and even in the dim light
Wendy could see that she had no bra. All and all, she
appeared to be ready for a night at the dance clubs
rather than the movies.

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