Thursday , December 8 2022

Milky Suzy’s Fantasy

Suzy had waited for this day for most of her entire life. At first she’d fantasized about it. Then she fell into the BDSM scene looking for partners that played the way she did. But, in the last few months, even that had grown stale. So she’d started preparing for the real thing by herself.

She’d started with nails, one each through the thickest part of her areolas just at the bases of her nipples. She hadn’t the nerve at the time to spear the nubs themselves. But the thrill had been so intense, she’d fingered herself to the best orgasm she’d ever had, all the while leaning back and making the two spikes pull at her screaming flesh.

The second time, she laid her breasts on the table. Thinking they looked like feasts on a platter, she’d started with one nail through the areola on each side of her nipples. She imagined their fangs doing the same thing, saving the best little bite for last.

Biting her lip through the pain, she watched in fascination as each slim steel spike dimpled the wrinkled skin and then skewered her flesh when she drove the hammer came down. The pain was so intense and wonderful she decided then to go the distance.

After masturbating herself until she was only moments from coming, she pinned her left nipple dead center with a two-penny’s sharp tip. After giving her clit one last, hard rub, she punched the nail through with a decisive hammer blow. It was all she could do to bite back the scream and fight off the orgasm long enough to drive a nail through the right side. She’d no sooner buried her fingers between her legs than the orgasm exploded through her. She had no doubt her neighbors had heard the wild cries of ecstasy, but she hadn’t cared.

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