Sunday , May 28 2023

Milly and Alan decide to spice it up

Me and Milly had been fucking around for about a month now, we had had some good long sessions where I had actually stayed over and slept with her, sneaking around wasn’t too bad either. It had started to get harder as Julie was beginning to ask more questions about where I was. But they weren’t too difficult to fend off. But I didn’t know if I could do it for long. Mine and Milly’s relationship was also developing nicely too. She was sweet and loving, and when we went out of town to do things, we usually acted as a couple holding hands and kissing a lot and we got funny looks a lot, but that’s about it. She was also getting more expressive in the bedroom, and far more sexually aggressive then she was when we started out. She knew what she wanted, and could usually make me do it too her (which I was never going to complain about) We had got to the point where me fucking her up the ass was no longer good enough for her….well it was but you get what I mean. She wanted to try new things.

So we had a chat, we were both pretty much ready to rip each others clothes off when I stopped her and spoke about it. My thinking is that we were both as horny as possible when we spoke about it we would get the best answers. So I asked. The first words that came out of her mouth shocked me a little. But she basically said she wanted a threesome, but with another woman. Apparently she always liked women but didn’t really think much off it. So there it was, both of our fantasies were the same. I always wanted to do it, but was never brave enough to ask Julie, and Milly was too young to even consider it. We began to chat about it, we were both up for it and wanted to do it soon. But we were in a strange situation. I was a older man fucking a schoolgirl, people frown on that. It wouldn’t be easy to find a woman we knew that would do it. That’s when Milly said something that I didn’t think I would ever hear her say. She said “What about Julie?” I was dumb struck. My first thought was no. Defiantly not, how could she suggest something like that. I knew Milly had a dirty mind, but not this much. Milly told me she once over heard a conversation between her and Zoë a while back about things they always wanted to try but never got the chance. A threesome was one of them.

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