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Mistress and her male slave eats cum stories

The Slave stands over the stove cooking his Mistresses dinner. Making sure nothing burns and setting the plate up for the dish to be served on. Garnished just right in his opinion. He reaches over and drinks some water as he has been ordered to keep drinking as he cooks. The meat gets done and he puts it on the plate and calls his mistress on the in house phone system. As she answers he tells her that dinner is ready. She tells him in turn to wait one hour and keep drinking water and set down at the table and let it cool before bring it up to her room, she finishes her orders with don’t go to the bathroom until I tell you too. He reply’s with “Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress”. And almost robotically sets down at the table with a pitcher of water and a glass and begins to drink. The hour goes by and the pitcher is nearly gone. He calls his mistress again to remind her that the hour is up. She in turn tells him to set back down at the table and refill the pitcher and when its gone he should call her back. He reply’s again the same “ Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress”.
Another hour goes by. The pitcher is empty, his bladder is full. He knows he deserves the punishment for displeasing Master and Mistress. After all he had refused Master and he had been forced to make him do his bidding. And he had been warned that he would be punished if he didn’t obey him. Upon reflection he thinks he should have done as Master said instead of resisting. As he sits there thinking about the night before he remembers what Master did to him.

Master came over to him and told him to take his cock in his mouth. Mistress was watching from the chair she was in with masters slaves cock inside her. Master came at him with his cock again. Demanding he suck him more sternly. He refused to do so and Master picked him up flipping him over on his stomach. He then called in another slave and had him stand in front of the slave on the bed. Master then straddled him and pulled his hair back till it hurt, making him open his mouth the slave standing in front of him was then ordered to force his cock down the slaves throat. As the slave obeyed his order Master shoved his cock deep into the slaves behind at the same time impaling the slave at both ends. “ This will teach you to disobey my orders” Master shouts as he plows into the slaves rear-end. Banging hard against his ass and motioning for his slave to keep up with him. Regardless of whether the slave could breath or not as the other slaves hard cock is shoved even deeper down his throat. Tears stream down the his face as the master and his slave are merciless with him. He feels the slaves cock down his throat and cant breath. Each time master slams into him he can feel the slaves cock go deeper down his throat. Just as he is about to pass out he feels the slave begin to swell/ the head of his cock flairs. He hears masters orders “ Don’t you dare cum before I tell you too”. and the slave reply’s “ Yes Master. I will not cum before you. Do you wish me to hold it in him deep to prevent me from cumming”. And master said “That’s a good idea he might die but we can always replace him. What do you say slave will you replace him as Mistresses slave if we kill him.” Masters slave pulls out enough for a quick breath of air “ If you wish Master” the slave reply’s. With that said Master pounds his ass even harder. Enjoying the thought of letting his slave kill him with his cock down his throat. “ Hold your cock down his throat tight don’t let him breath again until I tell you. Were going to play a little game here.” As Master pounded him his eyes felt heavy air was his only concern. Masters slave kept letting him breathe a little time after time. And didn’t let Master know he was doing so. After what seamed like an eternity Master came in his ass. He wasn’t done with him yet . “ Now slave you will pay for displeasing me.” Master picked up some rope from the table. Wrapping it around the slaves nick then around his slaves hips around the slaves head several times. Effectively tying his head to his slave looking up at me from his work and said “You may cum now slave. And don’t think I don’t know you let him breath disobeying me. Don’t do so again you have been warred” And walks behind him as I move in and out as much as I can with my cock deep in his throat and not able to pull out all the way. The slave shakes and quivers as he dies on my cock. I feel quilt at what I’m doing but also great pleasure at the feel of what I’m doing.
Master has in the mean time put a large dildo in the slaves ass and turned it to high. This makes the slave quiver more and me to cum deep into his throat at the same time. Master comes beside me as I finish cumming.
“ Listen to me very carefully you will pull out a little allowing him to breath a little and then piss in his mouth you will not hold back you will let go. Yes he will die drowning on your piss. Mistress doesn’t keep her slaves to long anyway they all die.” I look at master and for the first time refuse to obey him “No Master please don’t use me this way. I don’t want to kill him” Master comes at me and yells “ YOU WILL DO AS I SAY OR YOU WILL DIE ALONG WITH HIM” He picks up a hose and goes into the bath room comes over to me and looks me in the eye. He puts the hose in my mouth and ties me around the feet and ankles so I cant move away. He then tapes down the hose and goes back to the bathroom. The slave below me has stopped quivering and is breathing around my cock for now. As I have gone softer but with each breath I can feel my cock growing harder. I feel the water before Master even comes out of the bathroom. He turned it on high for the first bit to get it down the hose then to a mere trickle I have no choice but to swallow. “ You will piss, you will have no choice. You may hold it as long as you wish but until this slave is dead you will not be released. You will kill him.” Realizing that I had no choice but I still held off as long as I could while Master and Mistress sat watched and masturbated each other. They took bets as to how long I could holed back from pissing. The water was a steady flow down me my bladder felt full and ready to burst. Finally I let loose and pissed the slave having had air to breath was in no danger of suffocation from my cock but drowning on my piss. He coughed and shook a little but it was to much for him in the end he died at my hand. After the slave was dead Master true to his word unhooked me from the hose untied me. I was taken to Mistress’s bed chamber to be done with as she saw fit. She allowed me to rest for the rest of the week doing her bidding. I was taught to cook and found that I was good at it. Mistress loved my dishes and I took great pride in her comments on the taste of my dishes. One evening Mistress called me to her she picked up a brace with three holes in it. She put my cock and balls through the one in the middle and my hands through the ones on the ends. She then tells me “ This is a special stock I’ve made here for you. Master will be here shortly and we will begin.”
Master came into the room and saw me in the stock. Addressing Mistress said “ He looks well like this love. And just what did you wish me to do for you.” Going over to him and placing her hand on his chest says “ I want you to participate in what I want to do to him, after all he has been your slave for years now.” Master considers her words and looks to her “Very well for tonight you may ask me to do anything you wish with in reason of my shared command with you.” She kisses him deep pulls back and says “ Good just what I wanted you to say. For tonight then you will not be called master but hubby.” Looking over her shoulder at me in the stock. “ Now hubby I want to see you suck some cock for me. His will do, I want you to get him nice and hard for me.” Hubby takes off his clothes and walks over to the slave gets down on his knees and takes the slaves cock into his mouth. He is soon sucking a fully hard cock for Mistress. She comes up behind him looks into his eyes and says “ You like to suck him don’t you. that’s it you can make him cum if you wish. But expect a surprise if you do.” She bent down to his ear to whisper the last part. Hubby then begins taking him with deep in and out strokes. “ That’s it let it happen keep sucking him let him cum in your mouth. Yes keep going let it happen.” She gets down on her knees beside hubby takes my balls into her hand and watches hubby and says “ Just let it happen he’s going to cum soon , and your both in for a big surprise.” Only she knew the surprise. Hubby kept sucking my cock I felt my self getting near and building up. The head swollen, and he kept sucking Mistress urging him on. I came soon enough and the device clamped down on my cock as I came in hubby’s mouth. Mistress held tightly to my balls and raised hubby back with my cock and balls still in his mouth. Pulling them out she said “ Surprise, did you enjoy that hubby. And you slave did you enjoy his sucking you off like that. I’ll admit losing your cock and balls is quite painful but can you think of a better way to loose them. After all I usually make my slaves cum. Then make them watch as I just sever there cocks from there body’s and then go back for there balls later. I thought this might just make the occasion more personal for the both of you.” Walking over to the slave she removes the stock picks up her kit she has left beside him on the floor. Seals up the wound and bandages him. He is then ordered to take his cock to the kitchen and await further instructions. He is further ordered to drink water as much as possible. He waits in the kitchen groin throbbing. Soon he gets a call on the in house phone mistress says he is to cook his cock and balls and to call her when they are done.

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