Wednesday , February 1 2023

Mistress in the Making

Ever since our parents died in a car crash a year ago, my sister and I were sent to my aunt’s as she was our next of kin, our legitimate guardian. She was kind to us, gave us all the attention and love two young girls needed to be healthy, physically and mentally. She was even better than our mother, that I have to admit. Laura and I were 19 and 18 respectively. We both have good curves in our body, that’s what our aunt, Mary, always says.

Sometimes, I could see aunt Mary eyed us like we were some sort of prey. It’s really weird. Those eyes were burning through me when she glared at me. Perhaps it was love that created such blazing stare, to watch for our safety, or so I thought.

It all began clear when one night, there was a fight between my sister and aunt Mary. My sister, being 19 and rebellious, decided to hang out with some junkies that looked like drug addicts. My aunt, of course, objected firsthand. Hell, even I don’t approve of them, but I was too scare that it might damage the sisterly bond between us if I intervene. So, instead, I kept quiet about it. My sister went out eventually, disobeying my aunt’s order. That night as my sister walked out the house, I could see the true intensity behind the burning eyes. I thought I might be wrong about it, but that time, I saw something sinister. Eyes that told me that she had something prepared to teach my sister a lesson. It startled me and I forced myself up into my room, maybe to cry or to hide from my aunt, I wasn’t sure.

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