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Mom Allows Me To Fuck Her For Long Life

Hello ISS readers. You are reading this story that means you are also fan of Incest. This is not a story/imagination. This is really happened with me just 2 months ago. Hero of this story is me and heroine is my mom.

Let me tell u about my mom. She is 37 years old now. Yes, b’coz she gets married at the age of 18 only. Her name is Ankita. And i am 18 years old. I lost my dad when i was 10 years old. Dad left us enough money in bank as well properties and mainly well-established business in Pune. So there are only 2 persons in 2BHK house i.e. me and my mom.

Coming back to story, i used to live with my mom. Mom looks after the business. She also takes care of house. I don’t have wrong thoughts about my mom. After 10th mom allow me a separate laptop and internet connection. One day i came to know about this site. Initially i was reading couple, group stories. But one day i read incest story and become fan of this. From that day only i was thinking about my mom and started masturbating using her panty and bras. As she is business women she used wear fancy bras and panty.

I have saved many mom-son stories in folder named ISS and many mom-son videos in my laptop. One day after coming back from college i didn’t get my laptop in my room. I called my mom in office to ask for laptop. She said she have laptop with her. Now it’s very shocking news for me because if she gets the folder i will be ‘late Vishal’ from ‘Vishal’. When she back from office she was normal.

While having dinner we have some normal chat. From that I realized she didn’t get the folder. In night she returned my laptop. I checked for the recent documents. OMG she read the stories and also watched the videos. I opened the folder I found one newly created text file. I opened it and here’s a message “please don’t do it. It is wrong. It is a sin.” I don’t know what to do now. Whether go to her and apologies her or be quiet.

Next morning everything is normal. I dare something and said “sorry mom”. She said nothing. After few seconds she asked “from when u have stared all this?” To that I replied “1 year ago”.

Mom: what else u have done?

I thought this is the right chance, so I decide to talk frankly.

Me: I have masturbated using your bras and panties.

She was in shock now. She was now acting like she had never done sex in her life.

Me: mom don’t act like this, I know you also masturbate in night. I have seen you many times while masturbating.

Mom: OMG. I am sorry my son, but I have no other option. I lost your father in very early age of my life. So I have no other option.

Me: now you have the option. (Saying this I seductively smiled at her but she didn’t get the meaning).

Mom: no I can’t think of marriage.

Me: please mom, I am not saying this. Tell me do you love me?

Mom: yes, of course.

Me: then how can you think I will let you share my love with someone else?

Mom: so what is the option?

Me: mom, first frankly tell me while masturbating to whom do you think?

Mom: what the hell you are asking? You shameless boy, how dare you to ask me this question? What do you think your mom is a slut to whom anyone can fuck?

She was little bit angry now.

Me: no mom. Listen to me carefully (saying this I started to stare at her cleavage which is the heaven). Let’s have a fuck tonight. Not because we both are hungry for sex, but because I love you!!

She slapped on my face very badly. It was very painful. I left the conversation and went to my room. I was not able to sleep whole night. In next morning mom knocked the door but I didn’t replayed. She texted me, called on my cell to open the door but I didn’t replayed. She even didn’t leave for office. In the noon she asked me to have my favorite lunch but still I didn’t replayed. Finally she texted me, “if you didn’t opened the door I will commit the suicide.”

Then I suddenly opened the door and went to her room. She was crying. I said sorry to her. But she was not listening to me. After some time she was normal. Keeping her palm on my cheek, she asked, “Why you are behaving like that? This is not good. It is sin”. Saying this she came closer to me. Now she was so close to me that her lips are just 1cm away from mine. She gently placed a kiss on lips and started moving outside the room.

I caught her hand and stopped her. From the behind I hugged her said thanks for the kiss. And landed my lips on her neck and started kissing passionately. She closed her eyes. Within few seconds she turned and hugged me tightly.

Me: can we mom?

Mom: yes son, I also love you very much. I have seen your sperm on my panty and bra. From that day only I become yours. But I was afraid to tell you. I thought what you will think of your mother.

I started to kiss her on her lips.

Me: mom, what is your figure?

Mom: I don’t know. Just measure it. I will also come to know.

I searched for the tape and started to measure.

Me: mom, I will not get the correct figure if you have cloths on your body.

Mom: so take it off matherchod.

I was surprised to hear this word from her.

Mom: I like to use dirty words while playing.

Me: please call me matherchod one more time, please.

Mom: remove my sari you mother fucker.

Me: ok you bitch.

Now she was little bit angry, and removed my hand from her blouse. I had already removed her sari. And was about to remove her blouse. She started to scold me,

Mom: I am not a bitch. I do not allow anyone to fuck me. I am only yours. Please do not say call me bitch.

Me: I am really very sorry mom. What can I call you?

And I started to remove her blouse.

Mom: best is to take my name, Ankita. Otherwise you can call me your whore.

Meanwhile I removed her blouse and petticoat also. Now I started to remove her bra and panty. She was shying. Her heart bits are faster .

Me: what is there to shy mom?

Mom: the truth remains same that I am your mother. And I am becoming nude…oh sorry you are making me nude for first time, that to measure my figure, uhh!

Now she is completely nude in front of me. I measured her figure, it was awesome. It is 36-28-36.

Mom: what is your tool size, harami?

Me: so you want to make me nude ha?

Mom: (smiling) yes.

Me: then make me nude Anku (Ankita).

Then she removed my all cloths, and touched my tool. I felt 440V current in my body. It was 7”.

Mom: it is same as your dad (and she get emotional.).

Me: what is there to be emotional?

Mom: baap baap hota hai aur beta beta hota hai!! (Father is father and son is son).

Me: then make me baap(father) of your son. Marry me. I will make you pregnant. I want child from you.

Thinking something she went to her cupboard and take out the old mangalsutra. I tied it on her neck and placed some kumkum on her forehead.

We married nude. I hugged her and started to press her boobs, and started to kiss her lips. From left hand I was pressing her right boob and I inserted middle finger of right hand into her pussy. While kissing she was playing with my penis with both hand.

After this we go to my bed and I started licking each other in 69 positions. She said she like this pose very much. In few minutes she cummed in my mouth. I drink all her cum. Now she come over me and took my tool and placed on her pussy. ”I heartily accept you as my husband” saying this she pushed herself down and my half penis is inside her pussy. Then I started to give the strokes. She was moaning very badly. After 10 minutes I was about to come so I take out my penis and stared to give hand strokes.

But she stopped me and said, “I want your son. You please come into me.”

Then I again inserted my penis into her pussy. Within 2 min I cummed into her. She also reached to the climax. We both slept nude in each other’s arm. In the evening at 6pm I wake up.

Mom was not in the bed. So I searched her in the house. She was in the kitchen making some breakfast for both of us. I moved closer to her and hugged her from behind and started kissing on her neck. My tool become erect and I pushed it between her legs.

Mom: oh god..!! Can’t you wait for some time? I am busy.

Me: no mom. You look very beautiful and sexy while cooking. That’s my fantasy to fuck you while you cooking.

Saying this I lifted her night gown and pushed my penis into her pussy. She started moaning. Then in 15 minutes I ejected into her pussy. Then I left her and went to my room. After 15 minutes she came into my room and sat near me.

Mom: you are so hungry all the time.

Me: yes. And now I am going to fuck your ass.

Mom: no. please. I am not ready for that. I have never taken it into my ass. Your dad also doesn’t like this.

Me: but I like it very much.

Then I fucked her ass very hardly. She can’t even walk properly for 2 days.

I will narrate the rest of the story later on. Do you like my real life experience? Please send me your feedback on Ladies and girls from pune are most welcome.

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