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Mom and daughter share daughter’s willing husband

My wife Stephanie and I have been married for ten years and during that time we have taken many vacations to awesome beaches. Stephanie works for a car dealer and is their top salesperson. This could be contributed to the fact that she stands about five foot nine inches and had long dark hair. Her favorite clothes to wear consists of short dresses and stripper high heel shoes. Her dresses are usually low cut which gives her 36DD tits front billing with each deal she makes. She loves to show off her body as she sells cars and is free to let prospective buyers get a full show of what is under her hood. If their eyes meet she will wink at them and bite her lip. This drives men crazy and every once in a great while it revs the ladies engines.

I am a financial adviser and my business is doing quite well. My clients know me and my wife as we have attended many parties hosted by them. When we attend parties my wife gives anyone who wants a quick look more than they might hope for.

This past weekend, we took off our jobs early and drove 5 hours to spend the weekend with my wife’s mother. She has lived alone for many years and has gone on many vacations with us. She is a special woman who takes great care of herself. Beside my wife, the two could pass for sisters. She also loves to wear revealing clothing and when we vacationed together, in fact, her bikini was as small as my wife’s. I’m not complaining as her body is holding its own in a great way.

When we arrived at Linda’s house, we unloaded and made ourselves comfortable. Stephanie said she wanted to just soak in a tub for a little bit. I said I wanted to change out of work clothes so I put on a tee shirt and a pair of boxers. Stephanie took all of her clothes off while in the bedroom we were going to sleep.

Let me give you a layout of the house. When you walk into the front door you see the great room which is a large open family room with a large wrap around couch and several recliners. There is a very large screen TV on the left wall and there is a large ottoman in the middle of the room. To the left of the great room is the kitchen and a breakfast nook. To the back left of the great room is a laundry room with a full bath attached. The wall opposite the front door is full of windows. To the right of the great room is a doorway leading to a hall. The hall goes left to the master bedroom and right to the bedroom we were in. In the middle of the hall is a bathroom where Stephanie walked without any clothes on to soak in a hot tub. As she entered the bathroom, Linda saw me in my boxers and tee shirt and said that she was going to get comfy also.

She went into her bedroom and closed the door but left it partially open. I gathered up my wife’s clothes and sat them near our luggage. I turned and headed out of the bedroom; I could see in Linda’s bedroom and saw that she was in the master bathroom undressing. I paused and saw her strip naked and I have to say, her body is that of a 25 year old. She is smoking hot and as I said, her body is almost identical to my wife’s body. Before I could move, Linda turned and saw me watching and gave me a lusty look and blew me a kiss. Unsure what to do, I moved away from the door and into the great room. I sat on the couch and shortly after that Linda came in the room wearing a silky gown with spaghetti string shoulder straps and it was cut low in the front and stopped just below her cunt.

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“Like what you saw?” she asked as she passed by me heading towards the kitchen.

Without thinking, I said “absolutely.” After I said that word, my body had a warm, tingly feeling, like you get when alcohol enters your system on a cold day. I turned as she passed me so I could get a good view of her ass and I was not let down. Her ass wiggled under that gown in a rhythm that I had only seen on my wife. I was mesmerized until I realized Linda had turned and was asking me a question.

“Do I look good from that view?” as she stood with her hands on her hips. She gave a quick wink and disappeared into the kitchen. In my mind I was conflicted if she was offended or turned on, I know I was turned on. I sat there thinking about what had happened and I heard my wife rustle in the tub so I knew she was close to finishing her soak. I shook it off and turned the TV on to a mindless station.

Stephanie came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. This towel was doing all it could to contain my wife’s magnificent tits. It was covering just above her nipple and stopped just below her cunt and she had wrapped it so that if she bent over, and she did, the front would open to give open access to her body. She walked over to me and bent over and gave me a kiss. Her towel revealed her shaven cunt and almost her entire stomach. My cock lurched in my boxers and my wife noticed saying “looks like someone needs some attention.”

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“Absolutely” I said, and pulled my cock out of my boxers. Stephanie knelt down and began giving me a blowjob. My wife has a certain talent when it comes to giving blowjobs. She has said that she loves sucking cock and I believe her. I let her practice on me any time she wants. She takes my cock head in her mouth and somehow swirls her tongue around it in a way that gives more pleasure than anything else in the world. As she sucks the head, she fondles my balls with one hand and jacks me with the other hand. It doesn’t take long with her doing this that I cum hard in her mouth. She also loves to eat my cum, says she loves the taste and texture.

She has me on edge and about to cum when Linda comes back in the room. Stephanie doesn’t stop even though I am unsure what Linda is going to say. “MMM, that looks like fun” she said as she plops down on the couch next to me. She has a wine bottle, glasses and some beer for me in her hands. She opens a beer and hands it to me while my wife is between my legs sucking my cock. With one hand on my wife’s head, I reach for the beer. I felt like I was in a dream with my wife sucking my cock and my mother in law handing me a beer while she watched.

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