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Mom And Son Enjoy In Dad’s Absence – Part I

Hello Friends this is Shravan here from Bangalore. I am presenting to you my latest story. The following story is completely a fiction. I thank My fried Ravi for his valuable contributions. I hope you all will like it.. Please mail your feedbacks to me at


Ravi is a 23 year old guy, who finished his degree and has been working from past 1 year. His dad Manohar is a cloth merchant and is usually involved in his business, staying away from home for long hours and also going on business trips to various places. Ravi’s mom Sheela is a 44 year old housewife. Sheela is a beautiful lady with a stunning figure of 38-34-42. Both mom and son are very friendly and they care for each other a lot.


During one summer weekend Manohar was out on business trip to Bangalore. Ravi came from office and on entering the hall he shouted “Hi Mom. I am Home”.


Sheela came to the hall and looking at her son said “Hey son. How was your day?:”


Ravi replied “Mom it was very boring. Too much of work.”


Sheela consolingly said “Oh poor son of mine. Don’t worry son. Get fresh now. I will prepare tea for you”


Ravi smiled and said “Hmmm sure mom” . Ravi went into his room, got fresh and went to the kitchen where his mom was preparing tea. He went behind her and hugged her, as he had always done.


Sheela laughed and said “What are you doing Son? Leave me. Your tea is ready”


Ravi made a silly face and said “Mom. Don’t you like me hugging you? Ok I will go”. Saying this Ravi went to the hall and sat on the sofa.


Sheela came to hall with tea in her hands and said “Are you angry at me? I am sorry son”


Ravi smiled and said” It’s ok mom. Come and sit here, next to me”


Sheela sat down on the sofa next to Ravi and handed him the cup of tea.


Ravi decided to play with his mom. So he said “Mom this tea isn’t sweet at all. Check it “


Sheela took the tea in her hands and took a sip and said “Son its sweet”


Ravi told her to give him the cup of tea and took a sip. “Yes mom. Now it has become sweet”


Sheela looked surprised and asked him “What do you mean son?”


Ravi laughed and said” Now the tea has become sweet as it has touched your sweet lips”.


Sheela too laughed and said “You are very naughty”


Ravi laughingly said” Hehe. I am innocent”


Sheela laughed and said “No, You are not”.


Ravi smiled and after sometime asked “Hey, mom shall we dance together”


Sheela laughed and said” Dance? I don’t know to dance son”


Ravi got up and played a Romantic song from the stereo and assuringly told “Mom I will teach you. It’s easy. Mom Come here.”


Sheela blushed and got up from her sofa and went near her son.


Ravi “Don’t worry mom. I will teach you how to dance. Put your arms around my shoulder. I will keep my hands on your waist. Do as I tell you. Mom when I move my right leg front, you move your left leg behind. Ok”


Sheela took in what Ravi said and she started dancing with her son to the romantic tune that was being played in the background.


Ravi was enjoying holding his mom close and dancing with her. He moved his hands lower to sides of her ass and teasingly said “Mom along with leg movements. You will have to move this also “. Saying this he patted on his mom’s ass.


Sheela slapped Ravi’s hand and smilingly said “Hey leave it. You are very naughty”


Ravi replied “Mom its Common in dancing. Come closer to me”. Saying this Ravi pulled his mom closer to him and they both started dancing to the music.


Ravi asked his mom “Mom how are you feeling?”


Sheela smiled “Nice beta … Feeling very happy”


Ravi felt happy “Good, then come closer to me Mom. You will enjoy more”. He pulled his mom closer to him. Now Sheela’s breasts were crushed with Ravi’s chest.


Ravi looked into his Mom’s eyes and said” Wow mom. It feels so nice”


Sheela questioned him “What feels so nice beta?”


Ravi gave a mischievous smile “Something hot and soft is on my chest mom. It feels so nice. What is it?”.


Sheela smiled and pinched Ravi and told “You have become very naughty. Is this the way to speak with your mom? You shouldn’t speak with mom like this”


“So what mom? I am your best friend too. Mom tell me na, what is it that I am feeling so hot and soft on my chest “


Ravi kept his hands on Sheela’s waist and pulled her close to him with a jerk.


Sheela blushed and told her Son “Ouch..You know what you are feeling. I am feeling very shy. You are very naughty”


Ravi: “No mom. Tell me please. Promise is on me”


Sheela: “Son don’t put promise on yourself”


Ravi: “Then tell me mom. Don’t hesitate.”


Sheela: “Son you are feeling your moms breasts “


Ravi: “It’s so soft and it’s big too …”


Sheela:” Shut up beta … I am your mom. You are very bad”


Ravi: “What can I do mom? You are so beautiful”


Sheela: “Hehe. Thanks beta. But I am becoming old now”


Ravi touched his mom’s face and said “No mom. What makes you say that? You look very young. Dad looks very old in front of you. Hehe“


Sheela: “Son, I have only you who cares and loves me. Your dad doesn’t have time for me. I feel that I am old now; you keep me happy and make me laugh. I love you son”


Ravi: “Don’t worry mom. I will always be there for you. I love u more than anyone and I will always love u, my beautiful Mom.


Sheela: “Thank you so much Beta”


Sheela rested her head on Ravi’s shoulder and they continued to dance.


Ravi moved his hands from his mom’s waist to her ass and let his hands roam over her ass for some time.” Mom you are so nice, so caring, loving, and so soft”


Sheela giggled “Thank you beta. Now remove your hand son.. I m your mom not your girlfriend”


Ravi: “Ok mom. But I like it. It’s so soft just like your boobs.” saying this Ravi squeezed her ass softly and giggled.


Sheela laughed and said “You are very naughty. You shouldn’t speak with your mom like this and you shouldn’t touch her like this”


Ravi hugged his mom tight and said” Sorry mom. You are my love, my best friend. You are the best Mom”


Sheela felt happy hearing her son and said “I love you my boy. You are my very sweet son”


Sheela and Ravi danced for some more time, hugging each other and crushing each other’s body.


Ravi knew that his mom was tiered so he held her hand and took her to the sofa.


Sheela tried to sit next to her son on sofa. But Ravi stopped her and said “Hey mom wait. Please sit on my lap”


Sheela laughed at her son’s request “Hey why should I sit on your lap. I am your mom and also I am very heavy. Hehe”


Ravi: “Oh come on mom. Please sit on my lap.” Saying this Ravi pulled his mom and made her sit on his lap.


Sheela blushed and sat comfortably on her sons lap.


Ravi held his moms waist and said “Wow mom. I feel so nice you r heavy but so soft”


Sheela hit Ravi on his shoulder and said “You are very bad. What has happened to you?”


Ravi: “Hehe. Nothing Mom”


Ravi dropped his eyes to his mom’s breasts. Sheela’s cleavage was visible as pallu of her saree had slipped a bit from its place”


Sheela: “Hey what are you doing? Where are you looking?”


Ravi felt embarrassed, but composed himself soon “Just looking at how big your breasts are mom. They are so soft and big. Hehe”


Sheela felt embarrassed “Idiot. You are very bad. Don’t speak with me.”


Ravi defended himself “Mom what is there to be angry in it? I just spoke about your breasts. I have seen them when I was young and you have fed me from it. There is nothing wrong “


Sheela laughed at her sons words and patted his face.


Ravi: “Mom I have got one wish. Please don’t get angry. I want to do something which I used to do when I was baby. I want to do it again”


Sheela: “What is it son? Tell me”


Ravi: “Mom when I was a baby, you used to cover my face in your pallu and used to breastfeed me. Mom I want to experience it again. Please mom”


Sheela was shocked at hearing her son and said” Son what are u saying? This is not possible. You have grown up now. I can’t do it now. It’s not right”


Ravi pleaded “Mom please. I am still a kid for you. I am your son. I have drunk milk from them. I want to do it again. I have right on them. Please don’t say no mom”


Sheela: “Son you are not a kid anymore. I can’t do it.”


Ravi: “Mom please. I am your son. I love you a lot. Think of old days, and how good it was for you. I don’t remember it .Please fulfill my wish mom. I love you a lot. I am still your kid”


Sheela recollected the old memories of how she breastfed her son and how nice it felt looking at her baby drink her milk. Sheela was overwhelmed now. Sheela heeded to her son’s request, after all she loved her son and she knew he loved her more. She felt nothing wrong as he was her son. So Sheela agreed. “Ok beta. I will breastfeed you”


Ravi was overjoyed and hugged his mom and kissed her cheeks. “Thank you mom. You are so sweet. I love you. Ok let us go to the bed, there you can breastfeed me comfortably like old days”


Sheela giggled and got up. Ravi held her hands and took her to her bedroom. Sheela sat down with her legs cross folded. Ravi came on the bed and kept his head on his mom’s lap. Ravi looked into his moms eyes and told “Mom I love you”


Sheela smiled at him and she unhooked her blouse and then unclasped her bra and removed it. She kept her breasts covered with pallu. Sheela brushed Ravi’s hairs with her hands and took his face inside her pallu and told “Son fulfill your wish. I love you my baby”


Ravi looked at his mom’s breasts and he was thrilled “Wow mom they are so beautiful and white. They are so big. And your nipple is black and hard. It’s awesome mom “


Sheela blushed at her son’s comments and brought his face closer to her breasts.


Ravi looked at his moms breasts up close. He kissed her boobs at first and then he opened his mouth and covered his mom’s breasts with his mouth and started sucking on it.


Sheela was thrilled and moaned at her son’s actions.


Ravi started sucking harder and started chewing on her boobs. He took his hand and covered his mom’s free breast with it and started squeezing them and pinching her nipple.


Sheela moaned a bit and said “Aaah. Son please be gentle.”


Ravi started biting his moms nipple and kept on sucking and enjoying the thrill of being breastfed


Ravi moaned “Your boobs are so soft and warm. Mom I am feeling good”


Ravi kept on sucking his mom’s one boob and squeezing the other. Sheela was enjoying the feeling and was biting her lips, controlling her moans of pleasure.


Ravi pulled his mom’s pallu aside and Sheela’s naked breasts were now in front of him in full glory. He enjoyed the feeling of sucking his mom’s breasts.


After sucking his moms left breast for some time, Ravi started sucking his mom’s right breast with enthusiasm. Both Sheela and Ravi were enjoying a lot. After sucking and massaging Sheela’s breasts for almost half an hour, Ravi sat up and looked at his mom and said “Mom that was wonderful. Thank you. I loved it and want to do it again and again”


Sheela blushed and replied “Hehe. You are my son and you can have my breasts whenever you want son. You are very naughty”


Sheela’s boobs were still exposed and she didn’t cover it. Ravi moved forward and hugged his mom tight and crushed his mom’s naked breasts onto his chest. Sheela moaned at the feeling. Ravi looked into his mom’s eyes and saw love in them. Ravi brought his face near his mom’s and kissed her lips with his lips.


Sheela pushed Ravi away “Son this is not right. Stop it”

“Mom I love you a lot. There is nothing wrong in what I am doing. I love you and I am going to show how much I love you”. Saying this Ravi crushed his lips again into his mother’s lips and started kissing her passionately. Sheela started enjoying and she too started kissing Ravi with equal enthusiasm and passion.


Their tongues played with each others. Sheela played with Ravi’s hairs and Ravi squeezed and played with Sheela’s breasts. Sheela and Ravi were now totally consumed in love and lust.


By now they both were feeling less inhibited. Now they both knew that they wanted each other.


Ravi pushed his mom to the bed on her back. He then undid the knot of her petticoat and pulled it down her ankles with help of his mom who raised her ass so that the petticoat is removed. Sheela was feeling very shy and she closed her eyes. Ravi looked at his mom’s panty and he was spellbound at what lay beneath it. With shivering hand Ravi eagerly began to pull her panties down. He swallowed hard as his mother’s bush revealed itself. Between the bush lay his mother’s cunt. It looked beautiful and he wanted to touch it.


Ravi paused for some time and looked in awe at his naked mom. Sheela looked gorgeous lying naked on bed. Ravi looked at his mom’s cunt and he took his face closer to the bush and put his face close to her cunt.


He then put his lips upon his mother’s cunt lips. Sheela moaned as her son’s lips touched her pussy. Ravi started licking his mom’s pussy eagerly making Sheela moan out loudly in pleasure. Ravi inserted his tongue inside his mom’s pussy and licked its full length. Sheela was enjoying immensely now. Soon the excitement was unbearable for Sheela and she exploded with loud moan and grunts. Ravi eagerly drank all the cum and he licked his mom’s pussy clean. Ravi looked at his mom’s face and saw the look of happiness, pleasure and excitement.


Ravi stood up and started undressing himself. Soon Ravi was naked in front of his mom.Sheela was awed, her heart beating faster as her eyes stayed fixed upon her naked son, his hard cock standing proudly in front of her. Seeing Ravi like this before her turned Sheela on.


Ravi smiled at his mom and being fully naked he got on top of his mom. Ravi pressed his naked body tightly against her. Sheela shivered as a surge of sexual excitement went through her body; this forbidden embrace with her son almost making her cum.


Sheela put her arms around Ravi’s neck and they kissed passionately, using their tongues to fully explore each other’s mouth. Ravi rolled over and told “Mom I have something which you will love. Just look at”.


Sheela rose up giggling and took a moment to examine Ravi’s impressive cock with her hands. It was long and thick. Sheela started shaking Ravi’s cock. Ravi was enjoying the thrill of his moms touch. He blurted out “Mom Please kiss my cock. Suck it like a ice candy. Please”.


Sheela had never given a blowjob before. She hesitated a bit, but then she decided to do it and she bent down and kissed his cock. Ravi moaned loudly at this touch of his mom’s lips on his cock. Ravi started moaning loudly, and told her how great it felt, and Sheela grew more confident, using her full lips to suck the tip of his cock. Ravi wouldn’t let her stop at that, though. He groaned, instinctively pushing his hips upward. Sensing it was OK with her, Ravi held Sheela’s head in his hands and began to fuck her mouth. Sheela loved it, and encouraged her son further.


“Oh, Oh mom I am Cumming!”Ravi yelled he came. Sheela felt his hot cum spraying in her mouth. She had never done that before, but she relished his taste, hungrily squeezing his cock for more.


Ravi lay back, drained. “Oh god Mom, that was so good. I never dreamed it could feel that good.”


Sheela blushed. “I’m glad you liked it baby.”


Ravi sat up on bed and pushed Sheela on bed on her back. Sheela smiled and knew what her son had in mind. She wanted it more than anything now. She voluntarily spread her legs wide for her son to explore and she braced herself for the onslaught on her pussy from her son’s young cock.


Ravi held his cock in his hand and brought it near his mom’s pussy. Ravi pushed his hips forward causing his cock to lock itself between her closed thighs. She gasped, and then spread her legs wide offering herself to Ravi. He pushed his cock further ahead and felt her warm wet pussy begin to open up to his cock.


Sheela gasped again. Then in one quick upwards thrust Ravi entered her. His cock slid in to her easily. As soon as he was deep inside her cunt, she let out a loud low moan.


Sheela: “Fuck me son, fuck your mom.”


Ravi enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside his mom’s pussy. He reached down, grabbed her ass cheeks and began slamming his cock in and out of her as hard and as fast as he could.


Sheela’s loud moans caused Ravi to pound into her faster.


Sheela:”Yes baby, Fuck me, I am Cumming. That’s right baby, come on, fuck me harder. Make Mom cum. Oh baby, please keep on going, fuck me faster.”


Sheela couldn’t last longer and she had an intense orgasm. This made Ravi to cum and he deposited all his cum in his mom’s pussy.


Both were grunting and moaning while they had orgasms as Ravi collapsed on top of Sheela.


Sheela looked into Ravi’s eyes and said “Oh baby you have just made me so very happy.”


Ravi looked into his mom’s eyes and kissed her again; confirming himself that he did fuck his mom just now and he would get to fuck her again from now on.


I hope you all liked the story.

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