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Mom fucks son, eats daughter, hairdresser and best friend

“Oh” Submission Town: Dutiful Mommy

Kimberly woke up and felt an arm wrapped around her which was strange as her husband was not one to cuddle. She opened her eyes and gasped as she saw her daughter sleeping beside her. In a rush, all of last night’s memories came flooding back to her. She had sucked her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock; she had licked her daughter’s pussy after it was filled by Tommy’s cum; she had come from her daughter’s tongue; she got sodomized by her son; she eagerly rode her son’s cock and got filled with his cum; she ended the night with a incestuous threesome in her own bedroom.

Kimberly was paralyzed by her actions. Mortified by the memories that continued to flash in her head, tears began to form at the reality of her horrific incest submission and the betrayal she had committed to her husband and the Lord. Yet, even as all her sins washed through her, the guilt overwhelming, she felt an undeniable wetness in her vagina. She cursed her weakness, wondered how she could turn back the hands of time and return to her world of oblivion and innocence. Yet, her pussy continued to beg for attention.

Ben felt his mother move and his cock instantly grew like it always did…his regular morning wood. He cupped his mom’s breasts and whispered, “Good morning, Mommy-slut.”

Kimberly’s eyes went big, her breasts, her most erogenous zone, instantly triggering another rush to her pussy. The name calling also triggered a reaction, one she could not explain. Yet, the morning after, this was the time to stop this before it got out of hand. She said firmly, “Ben, stop this right now.”

“Stop what?” Ben asked innocently, as he moved his finger and teased her nipple, his growing cock poking her side.

“This,” Kimberly said exasperated, getting more distracted as she felt her son’s cock poking her thigh.

“I am not sure I understand, Mom. You are our vessel of sin if I recall your exact words,” Ben whispered, moving to her ear and biting her ear lobe.

“I said that?” Kimberly moaned against her will, the hot breath on her neck, nipple teasing and cock poking all distracting her from the firm resolve she was trying to have.

“You also said ‘fuck my ass, Master,’ ‘come in my ass,’ and ‘come in Mommy’s cunt’ if I recall,” Ben said, listing just a few of the naughty words his prim and proper mother screamed and begged for during the throes of passion.

Kimberly remembered all these and so many more inappropriate things that came out of her mouth during last night’s sexual escapades. Shame coursed through her being at what she did yesterday, at not being able to squelch the serpent of lust that coursed through her and yet there was no denying the growing hunger to commit those sins again.

“Do you want to get fucked, Mom?” Ben asked.

“Yes, but we can’t continue this,” Kimberly answered, not realizing by the first word of her sentence the rest was redundant.

“Mom,” Ben chuckled. “The gates of sin have been opened and they are not going to be closed.”

Kimberly watched helplessly as her son moved on top of her. She could have protested; she could have resisted; instead she opened the gates of sin again as she spread her legs inviting her son to pull her deeper into the fiery pits of lust.

Ben placed his erect cock at his mother’s pussy and again repeated the question, “Do you want to get fucked, Mom?”

Kimberly could feel her son’s cock head teasing her increasingly wet pussy lips. She knew resistance was futile. She never felt more alive than she did last night, whether it be sucking Tommy’s cock, licking her daughter’s pussy or getting fucked in all three holes by her son. “Yes,” she admitted embarrassed by her answer.

“Yes, what?” Ben asked, moving his cock up and down between his Mom’s pussy lips.

Kimberly moaned, the tease driving her crazy. She wanted to feel his cock in her cunt and she admitted as much. “Oh Ben, please fuck Mommy. I need it sooooo badly.”

“As you request,” Ben smiled, loving the sexual power he had over his mother…his longest stroke fantasy before last night’s revelation and major shift in the family hierarchy.

“Yeeeees,” Kimberly moaned as her son’s cock slid easily inside her hot inferno.

“Fuck your cunt is tight, Mom,” Ben said, as his cock completely filled his mom.

Kimberly had no idea why she said it, but she purred, “As tight as my ass, baby?”

Ben laughed, “No Mom, not as tight as that firm ass of yours.”

For the next few minutes Ben fucked his mom. He looked down at her throughout the fucking. Her eyes closed, her lips pursed, only enhanced the pleasure as he knew she was getting off because of him. She was so beautiful and now she was his.

“Starting without me?” Cinthia asked, as she turned on her side and watched her mom and brother fuck.

“You are next,” Ben replied, knowing that he could shoot his first load in Mom and be ready to go a couple of minutes later for his sister.

“Better be. I realize now that you fucked Mom three times last night, but completely neglected my cunt,” Cinthia pointed out.

“I’ll rectify that error in a few minutes,” Ben promised as he could feel his balls beginning to boil.

Kimberly meanwhile just allowed the incredible pleasure of being fucked hard to flow through her body…her mind still may have protested succumbing to the sin, but her body had given in without reservation and it was her body that was currently running the show as pleasure pulsed through her very being. She moaned, “So cloooooose, baby.”

“Come for me, Mom,” Ben grunted, wanting to watch his mother’s facial expression as her inevitable orgasm hit.

“Yeeeees, Ben,” Kimberly agreed, allowing the last resistance to fade and instantly her body trembled and quaked, her screams echoed through the room and her juices flooded out of her.

Ben was close too, but held back until his mom had completely reached orgasmic bliss and had started to come down. Finally, he erupted, shooting yet another load deep inside his mom’s cunt.

“Oh yes, baby, fill Mommy’s cunt,” Kimberly moaned, as she tightened her cunt muscles around her son’s cock trying to milk every drop of his cum.

Once spent, Ben pulled out, pulled his sister up and shoved his cock in her mouth. “Clean Mom’s cunt juice from my cock.”

Cinthia had little choice but to suck his cock as her brother held her head, although of course she would have eagerly done so.

Kimberly lay on her back and watched her two children, still trying to come to grips with the reality of the past day. Watching her daughter suck her son she felt her mouth water. She wanted to suck his cock again; to taste his cum again.

After a few minutes of slow sucking by Cinthia, Ben pulled his cock out of his sister’s mouth; lay back on the king sized bed beside his mom and ordered, “Get riding.”

Cinthia didn’t need more than those two words to straddle her brother, lowering her cunt onto his flagpole.

Kimberly watched in voyeuristic awe at the incest act occurring just inches from her.

Cinthia rode her brother for a few minutes before her own orgasm hit. She continued riding throughout her orgasm, wanting to feel her brother’s cum fill her.

Ben, having just come in his mother, took longer than usual to come, but eventually he shot his second load of the morning and fifth in a few hours.

As soon as her brother finished coming in her, Cinthia got off his cock, straddled her mom’s surprised face and allowed cum to leak out of her and onto her mother.

Kimberly would rather have swallowed her son’s cum from the source, but craving his seed, after the first drop hit her forehead, she leaned forward and began sucking her son’s cum out of her daughter’s cunt.

Eventually, the second incest threesome in a dozen hours came to an end.

Cinthia asked, “Is anyone hungry for some breakfast?”

“Real breakfast?” Ben joked.

“Yes, bacon and eggs,” Cinthia laughed back.

“Yum,” Ben said, always hungry.

“Go make us breakfast, Mom,” Cinthia ordered.

Kimberly, suddenly feeling like a mother again, got out of bed, grabbed her robe and left the room her head still spinning from both the euphoria and shame of her actions.


It was after breakfast was done that Cinthia finally brought up her expectations. “So Mother, you understand that last night and this morning was not an anomaly. I expect complete obedience from you at all times.”

Kimberly no longer confined to her lust, tried to reason with her daughter, “Cinthia, please I am still your mother.”

“Yes, you are,” Cinthia agreed, pretending to agree with her mother before adding, “Your Motherly roles have just been expanded.”

Ben let out a chuckle.

Kimberly, already sensing she was losing another battle, said, “What about your father?”

“I asked the same question to you last night when your son was fucking you if I recall,” Cinthia retorted.

“Last night needs to stay between us,” Kimberly tried to argue.

“What about this morning?” Cinthia asked.

“Fine,” Kimberly sighed, catching on her daughter was playing a game with her. “Last night and this morning needs to stay between us.”

“What about tonight” Cinthia asked.

“No more, we can’t do this anymore,” Kimberly firmly said.

“Oh Mother, you are a silly woman,” Cinthia sighed. “Do you really think you have any say in this anymore?”

“I’m your mother!” Kimberly clarified.

“You’re my slut,” Cinthia corrected, adding a list of other terms to put her mother in place. “My cunt licker, my pet mommy, my personal sex slave and your son’s cum bucket.”

“Cinthia!” Kimberly gasped, even as she felt her pussy tingle which frustrated her even more. Why could she not control herself? Why did such disrespectful terms turn her on?

“Slut!” Cinthia mocked back. “Go shower. You have a haircut at eleven.”

“I do?” Kimberly asked.

“You have a new life, thus you need a new look,” Cinthia said, knowing her father insisted on Mom always having long hair.

“But I,” Kimberly began to protest but was quickly shot down.

“Now slut!” Cinthia demanded, raising her voice.

The defeated mother looked with pleading eyes to her son, the rational one, but he just smiled, seemingly enjoying the power struggle between the two women in his life.

Kimberly reluctantly went upstairs and to her bedroom shower. While washing away her sins, including sticky spots on her body, tears streamed down her face. What had she done? How could she have so easily submitted sexually? Why couldn’t she resist the temptation? What now? How could she get herself out of a predicament that could only end in forever purgatory in the flames of Hell?

Getting out of the shower, Kimberly decides she would pretend to obey the orders of her daughter, but go and see her best friend Lucy. She too had submitted sexually to her daughter, but hopefully she could understand the full depths of her daughter’s power and how she could stop it. Returning to her bedroom in a towel, her son was on her bed, lying down, his cock completely erect as if calling her name. She sighed, her fragile shell of resistance already delicate at best. Her son’s cock seemed to have a magnetic pull, drawing her against her will.

Ben watched, didn’t say a word, as his mother went through the many emotions in seconds: denial, resistance, hunger, and acceptance.

Kimberly sighed, as she let the towel drop to the floor and joined her son again on her bed, a bed she shared with her husband, “Damn you. Ben.”

Ben just smiled as he watched his mother give in again, this time without orders or name calling, but raw sexual hunger.

Kimberly couldn’t resist, her mouth watering for her son’s cock, forgetting instantly the strong will she had while showering, and took her son’s cock in her mouth again. Unlike last time she sucked his cock, this time she took her time, kissing it, licking it, making love to it. She wanted to worship her son’s cock and be the best cocksucker to ever worship his glorious cock.

Ben continued to just watch and enjoy. His mother looked so hot with his cock in her mouth. She took her time as she swirled her tongue around his mushroom top, she slithered her tongue down his shaft and then she shocked him by taking his balls in her mouth.

Kimberly didn’t know why she decided to suck each of her son’s balls into her mouth, but it just seemed the natural thing to do. She really didn’t know what she was doing, having never done such a thing before, but her son’s moans seemed to imply he was enjoying it.

The lengthy tease by his mother was driving him nuts and Ben finally spoke. “Mom. I want to see you deep throat my cock.”

Kimberly smiled, looking at her son, and purred, talking like a bimbo slut and not a dignified mother, “You want Mommy to gag on this big juicy hard cock of yours?”

“I want to deposit a load of cum deep down your throat, Mommy-slut,” Ben added.

Kimberly moved her tongue back up the iron rod and took it in her mouth.

Ben moaned, “That’s it, Mommy.”

Kimberly loved hearing her son moan because of her and she began taking more of his cock in her mouth, unsure if she could take all eight inches, almost three more than her husband.

“I want you to take it all, like a good Mommy-slut,” Ben moaned, watching his snake slowly disappear in his Mom’s beautiful lips.

Again Kimberly’s pussy burned at the name-calling. Her brief resistance was shattered again, and she just wanted to be a good slut, a good Mommy-slut. She continued taking more and more of her son’s cock with each downward bob.

“Oh yes, Kimberly,” Ben moaned, using his mother’s first name, something he had never once done before. “You are a great cocksucker.”

Kimberly moaned on his cock, loving the compliment. Seven inches in her mouth she paused getting used to having so much cock in between her lips.

“Take your time, cocksucker,” Ben said, enjoying the show as much as he was enjoying the blow job.

Kimberly wanted it all in her mouth; she wanted to obey his command; she wanted to be the best cocksucker he had ever had; she wanted to be better than her daughter. Going for broke, she moved her head up and then back down taking all eight inches in her mouth.

“Holy fuck, Mom, you did it,” Ben groaned, surprised his mother could take it all in her mouth.

Kimberly didn’t move, adjusting to having eight inches of her son’s meat in her mouth. Now that she had accomplished the seemingly impossible task, she wanted to swallow his load. She began bobbing up and down furiously wanting to milk her son’s cock dry.

“Oh fuck, Mommy, so good,” Ben groaned, this easily being the best blow job he had ever received and he had gotten quite a few from college coeds this semester.

Again these were words that were exciting to the eager Mother’s ears and she continued the fast-paced assault on her son’s missile.

“Oh God, fuck, Mommy, oh Mommy, oh, oh, fuuuuuck, Mommyyyyyyyyy,” Ben screamed like a child as his cum rocketed into his mom’s mouth and down her throat.

Kimberly was surprised by the full amount of cum that sprayed the back of her throat and she gagged a bit, some of the cum dripping out of her mouth. Determined, she kept sucking wanting to swallow, to taste, to savor, her son’s cum.

The pleasure so intense as his mom kept sucking, Ben had to push his mother’s head away as it began to tickle.

Kimberly’s eyes got big. What had she done wrong?

Ben, seeing his Mother’s facial expression, said, “Sorry Mom, that was just so intense and amazing that after I came I couldn’t handle the intensity anymore.”

“So you liked it?” Kimberly asked, somehow needing her son’s approval.

“God yes,” Ben smiled, still recovering from the orgasm, his cock twitching long after he shot his load. “That was the most intense blow job I have ever had.”

“Good,” Kimberly said, relieved to know she had pleased him.

Cinthia interrupted the brief moment as she walked in and said, “Enough sucking cock, Mommy-slut. Get dressed now, and you are not to wear panties or a bra. Is that clear?”

Kimberly sighed, hating the aggressiveness of her daughter, but agreed, “Yes, Mistress.”

“The rest of your outfit for today is lying on my bed,” Cinthia said. “Get dressed and meet me downstairs.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Kimberly agreed, even though she was already dreading what her daughter was thinking she should wear.

Cinthia left the room and Ben stood up, his cock beginning to return to slumber. He said, “Mom, don’t disobey her, she is ruthless to those who disobey.”

“How do you know?” Kimberly asked,

“I have seen it,” Ben admitted.

“When? Who?” Kimberly asked, curious just how involved her son was in her daughter’s complex web of sin.

“Mrs. Anger,” Ben revealed, before adding, “this past summer at the lake.”

“And?” Kimberly asked, drawn into the story and wanting to know more.

“Well she was already Cinthia’s pet and Cinthia ordered that she suck me off in her car,” Ben explained. “Mrs. Anger was mortified because her husband was at the beach as were her two children. She originally refused but after a lengthy talk with Cinthia, that I have no idea what was said, Mrs. Anger came and met me in the car and I got to fuck her ass instead.”

“Oh,” Kimberly said, thinking that wasn’t so bad.

“Then she had to go and find another teenager to cum on her face,” Ben added.

“Oh my,” Kimberly gasped, understanding the humiliating potential consequences.

“Don’t cross her, Mom,” Ben warned. “She is very loyal and can be compassionate if you are obedient, but disobey her and watch out for her wrath.”

“Hell hath no fury,” Kimberly quipped.

“Than a Mistress scorned,” Ben finished with a smile.

“I love you, Ben,” the mother said.

“I love you too, Mom,” Ben said back, pulling her in for a rather friendly hug, ignoring the reality that they were both completely naked.

Ben’s cock, hard again, poked his Mother’s leg.

“Does that thing ever shrink?” Kimberly asked, amazed at how quickly her son’s cock reloaded, especially considering he had come three times already and it was still morning.

“It’s always loaded and ready to go,” Ben shrugged.

“Good to know,” Kimberly smiled, no longer resisting the sin of incest but willing to go all in.

Kimberly grabbed a robe and headed to her daughter’s room where she saw an outfit lying on her daughter’s bed. She sighed again. On the bed was a plaid skirt, a white blouse and beige thigh highs that Kimberly instantly fretted would not be hidden by the short skirt. There was no one to protest to so she began getting dressed. She slid the silky thigh highs up her legs feeling decadent and sexy. She ran her hands up and down her legs, loving the touch of the soft silky nylon. She pulled the skirt up her legs and was thankful to see the skirt was longer than she thought and covered completely the lace tops of her thigh high stockings. She walked around a bit and was happy to see that the skirt had her lingerie hidden, as long as she didn’t bend down too much. She put on the white blouse and her face flushed, noticing that it fit rather tightly, her breasts impossible to not notice. If her nipples got hard they would poke out like headlights impossible to miss. One more sigh and the mother walked downstairs to see what else her daughter had in store for her.”You look delicious,” Cinthia complimented as she assessed her mother, the outfit making her look years younger.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Kimberly smiled; loving getting compliments something she never got from her old-fashioned husband.

“Do you like your new attire?” Cinthia asked.

“It’s okay,” the mother said, “although the blouse is a little tight.”

“It really brings out your figure,” Cinthia commented. “No more hiding your beauty behind conservative attire.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Kimberly agreed, feeling like a Barbie doll for her daughter to dress up.

“Go get your haircut now, Mom,” Cinthia ordered, “before offering to pay with your tongue.”

“What?” Kimberly gasped, this not remotely being a task she expected her daughter to assign.

“I think my instructions were pretty clear?” Cinthia said, her tone implying she wasn’t in the mood to bargain.

The mother and respected minister’s wife protested, “But Cinthia, I have a reputation to uphold.”

“No, you have a reputation to taint?” Cinthia corrected. “No more faking who you really are.”

“But I can’t offer that,” Kimberly pleaded.

“If it makes you feel better, Caroline already knows how you are planning to pay and she is looking forward to it,” Cinthia revealed.

“Oh God! oh God,” Kimberly repeated, mortified by the expectations of her daughter.

“Now go before I add to your orders and trust me the additions will be a lot more humiliating,” Cinthia threatened, implying the conversation was done.

Kimberly wanted to speak, but understood by the tone of her daughter’s last words, as well as the look in her eyes that the conversation was done and any further protest would have consequences. “Yes, Mistress,” the mother agreed reluctantly, unsure how she could ever possibly fulfil the task.

“Good, go slut, you don’t want to be late,” Cinthia ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kimberly agreed.

“I left you appropriate shoes for your ensemble at the door,” Cinthia added.

Kimberly reached the door and sighed yet again. The black heels were four inches and not something she would usually wear. Anyone who was already her daughter’s sub would be suspicious of her based on her new attire. She just prayed that none would suspect she was willing to commit incest.

Heels on, she headed to her car and drove to the salon, her brief idea of rebelling and talking to Lucy long done.

The salon was rather busy for a Saturday but Kimberly was greeted warmly by Caroline who smiled widely when she saw the Reverend’s wife. Caroline was told by Cinthia that she would be paying for her haircut in a creative way which intrigued her. Caroline submitted to Cinthia in this salon and was curious how much Kimberly had submitted to her daughter. Would Cinthia commit incest? She did pretty much everything else so nothing would surprise her…but Mrs. Martin was the most proper woman in the community.

Kimberly noticed instantly that Caroline, a thirty something women with a young three year old daughter was also dressed a lot younger than she used to. A tight red blouse, a black leather skirt, black nylons and matching four inch heels. She also noticed that Caroline’s breasts were very large and her nipples protruded ever so slightly.

“Take a seat, Mrs. Martin,” Caroline offered.

“Oh, it’s Kimberly,” Kimberly said, trying to make this as casual as she could.

Once seated, “I have a picture of the cut you wanted on my phone,” Caroline said.

“You do?” Kimberly asked.

“Yes, your daughter sent it to me. As well as the streaks that go with it,” Caroline revealed.

“Oh, okay,” Kimberly agreed.

“Is that what you want?” Caroline asked, showing Kimberly the photo.

“Yes, it’s time for a change,” Kimberly said, the thought rather true after years and years of the exact same hairdo.

“Well this will be a change,” Caroline agreed, curious as hell of what led to the sudden change in appearance…even though she had an inkling.

Over the next hour they chatted about the usual generic chit-chat like the weather, the upcoming Christmas pageant, holiday plans and so forth.

Kimberly couldn’t believe how much the bob haircut changed her look. She looked younger, she looked more hip and she looked radiant. The streaks in her hair also really changed her look. It was then that Mrs. Krandall, the school principal walked in.

Mrs. Krandall’s smile got big as she greeted, “Mrs. Martin, what a glorious new look. The outfit and the hair have shed years off your look.”

“Thank you,” Kimberly replied, appreciating the compliment even as the image of her leading the housewives lesbian club popped into her head.

Mrs. Krandall had received a text from Mistress Cinthia about coming and inviting Kimberly to a special housewives club Monday afternoon. The idea of adding the Reverend’s wife to their growing club was too exciting not to do. “You are very welcome,” she smiled back.

Kimberly’s anxiety hit her hard as she wondered what Mrs. Krandall knew, her smile seemingly to know more than just hello, also her time at the salon was almost over and she really had no idea how to approach Caroline and offer to pay with her tongue…even though her cunt was wet with the idea.

Mrs. Krandall answered the first of her concerns when she moved to Kimberly, bent down and put her hand on the reverend’s wife’s thigh and whispered, “I expect you at my house at two o’clock on a Monday, is that understood?”

“Y-y-yes,” Kimberly stammered, her head spinning from the woman’s touch on her thigh, hot breath on her ear and obvious implications that she knew more than she should know.

“Good, now go to the washroom and I will send Caroline back so you can give her a special tip,” Mrs. Krandall instructed, slyly biting the MILF’s ear before standing back up.

Kimberly’s head was spinning, but she stood up, nodded to Mrs. Krandall and headed to the washroom. Time seemed to stand still although it was really less than two minutes, before there was a knock at the door. Kimberly said, “Please come in.”

Caroline came in and said, “June said you wanted to speak with me in private.”

“I-I-I, um, can I lick your pussy,” Kimberly stammered, before just bluntly saying the words she was to say.

“Hmmmmmm,” Caroline purred. “She got you too, how deviously delicious.”

Kimberly blushed beet red giving away any pretense that she hadn’t submitted sexually to her daughter.

Caroline locked the door, hiked up her skirt, revealing she too was wearing thigh highs, hopped onto the counter, spread her legs and said, “Lick away, Mrs. Martin.”

Kimberly stared at the shaved cunt in front of her before her before awkwardly moving to Caroline, kneeling between the nylon legs and leaning forward.

As the reverend’s wife began licking she quickly shifted from ashamed to eager as the taste of Caroline’s cunt, although different than Cinthia’s, was still sweetly addicting.

Caroline watched and enjoyed with curiosity. How had Cinthia got her own mother to submit? Had there been any incest activity involved?

Kimberly kept licking, wanting to make it quick so others didn’t notice they were gone together for a long period of time and she wanted to get Caroline off and taste her full sweetness.

Caroline, turned on by the nasty act, her thoughts running wild of incestuous submission reached her orgasm quickly as she grabbed Kimberly’s head and shoved her face hard against her own cunt as the orgasm hit.

Kimberly could barely breathe, yet she kept licking as the river of cum exploded onto her. She loved the taste and her own cunt burned with need at committing the submissive act.

Once her orgasm had run its course, Caroline let Kimberly’s head go and said, not recognizing at all what had just transpired, “I should get back.”

Kimberly felt crestfallen. Was she so bad that Caroline didn’t say anything at all? She needed to know, as bizarre as it seemed, “Was I good?”

Caroline, who had just got off the counter and adjusted her skirt, smiled, amused at the insecurity of someone who usually walked with such an aura of pretentiousness, “You were not too bad.”

Kimberly wasn’t sure if that was good or bad but said, “Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” Caroline said back as she pulled Kimberly off her knees. “You may want to wash up a bit; your messed up make-up is a dead giveaway.”

Kimberly looked in the mirror as Caroline unlocked the door and left her alone. Her face was shiny and her make-up was a disaster. She quickly washed her face and applied new make-up before returning to the salon.

As she did, she felt as if everyone could see through her facade of propriety and into her tormented, sexual soul. That said, everyone just went about their business as Caroline paid for her haircut.

Once paid, Kimberly was just returning to her car when her cell buzzed.

Checking the text it was from Cinthia.

Pet Mommy?

I understand you completed task one…good girl.

Task two is as follows. Go to Bethany’s and get the FULL treatment. She knows you are coming.

P.S. she is not one of my submissives.

Kimberly sighed, both at another task, although a manicure was definitely needed as was a massage and with relief at going somewhere that didn’t know of her transgressions.

Kimberly drove the few blocks and went inside. Bethany brought her to the back where Kimberly was surprised again.

“I was surprised you wanted the full Brazilian,” Bethany said.

Kimberly had no idea what a Brazilian was at first, but faked it. “It just seemed time.”

“Are you and the minister going somewhere tropical?” Bethany asked.

“Not that I know of,” Kimberly joked, the last trip that wasn’t church related being their honeymoon and even that was literally anti-climactic.

“Oh, okay,” Bethany said, curious at the rather extensive waxing the minister’s wife was requesting. “Get completely undressed and lie face down on the bed.”

Kimberly had received massages before but they never included getting completely naked. Yet, once Bethany was gone, she got naked curious what a full Brazilian was.

A terrible painful hour later, Kimberly knew full well what a full Brazilian was. She didn’t have a hair on her body other than her head. Her cunt was still burning, the lotion only numbing the pain as she headed back to her car.

Kimberly decided she had a new hair-do, a new Brazilian and thus she also needed some new clothes. She drove a few blocks to a fashionable shop she had never been in before and purchased some new outfits. None were scandalous, yet each skirt was a few inches shorter, each blouse a bit tighter, the dresses showcased her curves and the shoes had higher than her usual conservative heels. She also bought some lace bras, a couple thongs and lace panties, a few pairs of thigh high stockings and even a garter-belt and stockings.

Kimberly felt like a different woman. Strangely, she felt liberated. As if the handcuffs of propriety and being a minister’s wife were unlocked and she could be a woman again…a living, breathing sexual being.

Kimberly returned to her car and drove home wanting to change into one of her new outfits.

Reaching home, Kimberly was surprised to see no one was home. She went to her room, had a quick shower and dressed in a black thong, black lace bra, matching black garter-belt and stockings, four inch heels, a black leather skirt and a colourful blouse that barely kept in her voluptuous breasts.

Kimberly couldn’t wait for Cinthia to see her new look. Her new haircut really changed her look even though she felt bald with so much hair gone. Down below she was as hairless as a new born baby and it still felt strange, although also sexy.

The mother started making supper like she usually would…making Ben’s favourite…her special homemade meatloaf.

Just after Kimberly put the meatloaf in the oven, she got a text from Cinthia:

Pet Mommy

Be home for supper. Bringing two guests. Ben won’t be joining us.

Mistress C

Kimberly sighed and quivered. Who were the guests? Where was Ben? Why was her pussy already tingling with anticipation? She made a salad, some dinner rolls and mashed potatoes for Cinthia and her unknown guests.

The mother was just pulling the meatloaf out of the oven when the front door opened.

“Mommy, I’m home,” Cinthia called out.

A chill went down Kimberly’s spine a mixture of anticipation and trepidation at what guests her daughter was bringing. Taking a deep breath, she put the meatloaf on the counter to cool as she went to greet her guests like a good host.

Turning the corner, Kimberly stopped as she saw the two guests. She had assumed, for some reason, they were going to be adults who were already in the web of sin Cinthia had created. Instead they were two of her high school girlfriends, Anna and Cleo. She instantly froze, paranoid that Cinthia was going to out her in front of her friends.

“Mom, you look amazing,” Cinthia complimented.

Kimberly replied, liking getting a compliment, “Well the hair was your idea, but then I thought I should also go and get some new, this century, clothing.”

“Well, you look very hip Mrs. Martin,” Anna complimented.

“Yes, I barely recognized you,” Cleo added.

“I barely recognize myself,” the flattered mother joked back, even though it was true.

Thankfully, Cinthia behaved herself and other than using her as a maid all night, she kept their secret.

Around ten, Cinthia and the girls left for some party and she whispered in her mother’s ear, “Lucy is on her way over.”

“Okay,” Kimberly said, nervous at having a conversation with Lucy after she had been so critical of her for sexually submitting to Cinthia. Now Kimberly had sinned way more than she had.

“And she knows what happened last night,” Cinthia finished, tugging on her mom’s ear as she left.

“Oh,” Kimberly said, distracted by the hot breath that was just on her ear and no other profound thoughts coming to mind.

Kimberly wasn’t home alone five minutes when there was a knock on the door. She opened it and greeted, “Hi, Lucy, it is great to see you.”

“You too,” Lucy replied, checking out the new look of her best friend. “You look…amazing!”

“I feel it too,” Kimberly admitted, a rush of youthful exuberance coming with her makeover and sexual submission.

“May I come in?” Lucy asked, Kimberly still standing in the door way.

“Sorry, of course,” Kimberly said, moving aside so Lucy could come in.

Lucy, dressed in a casual blouse, pencil skirt, thigh high beige stockings and six inch heels walked into her best friend’s house remembering how the last time she was here she was caught licking Cinthia’s cunt.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” Kimberly asked.

“Sure, if you are,” Lucy smiled.

“Of course,” Kimberly said, going to the kitchen.

Lucy followed her in, checking out her friend’s really tight ass, especially in that skirt.

Kimberly poured two glasses of wine, and suggested, “Why don’t we retreat to the living room?”

“Sure,” Lucy agreed, again following from behind. Lucy wasn’t sure what may happen tonight but was told by Mistress Cinthia that Kimberly wanted to see her.

Once both ladies were seated in the same couch, Kimberly said, “I’m sorry for what I said. I was very surprised at the time and hurt.”

“I’m sorry too,” Lucy apologized. “I never meant to get you pulled into this twisted community.”

“Led by my daughter,” Kimberly added, checking out Lucy’s legs.

“Yes, she is the initiator of a growing group of us,” Lucy admitted, noticing her friend’s distraction. Lucy allowed her left heel to dangle from her foot, seeing if she was right about Kimberly checking her out.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Kimberly said, downing over half her wine, staring at her friend’s dangling shoe like it was a hypnotist’s watch.

“Oh, it is unexplainable, but she just has a power that people can’t say no to,” Lucy said, allowing her heel to fall to the floor.

“So I have learned,” Kimberly chuckled, finishing her first glass. “Hmmmm, apparently I am thirsty.” Kimberly got up and went to the kitchen to grab the bottle of wine. She thought to herself, ‘What is becoming of me. I can’t even have a conversation with my best friend without getting horny?’

Kimberly poured herself another glass of wine and brought the bottle with her thinking maybe some liquid encouragement may be needed.

Lucy smiled, “Good, you brought the bottle.”

Kimberly laughed, “Two great minds thinking alike.”

Lucy laughed, standing up and walking to Kimberly, “Let’s see if that is really true.”

Reaching her best friend, Lucy leaned forward and kissed Kimberly.

Kimberly was only slightly surprised as she opened her mouth and responded passionately. The two friend’s tongues explored each other for a couple of minutes before Kimberly whispered, “Oh God Lucy.”

“You want to worship me, Kimberly?” Lucy asked.

“Every inch of you,” Kimberly admitted, the door opened to sin by her daughter not one she had any interest in closing.

“Worship away,” Lucy said, taking the wine and putting it on the table before sitting back on the couch.

Kimberly moved nervously to Lucy, fell to her knees, and took Lucy’s stocking-clad foot in her hands. She gently massaged it before lifting it towards her mouth and beginning to suck each toe through the sheer nylon.

Lucy moaned, “Hmmmm, that feels very nice.”

Kimberly loved the soft feel of Lucy’s nylons in her hands and on her lips. Once each toe had been sucked, she slid her tongue down the bottom of Lucy’s sole.

Lucy giggled, “That tickles.”

Kimberly kissed Lucy’s heel and then replicated the attention on Lucy’s other foot.

Lucy moaned, “No one has ever spent such focus on my feet before.”

“I want to worship all of you, Mistress,” Kimberly said, using the word that could change everything.

“Mistress,” Lucy repeated. “You sure you want to be my pet.”

“Just tell me what to do,” Kimberly said, loving the feeling of giving up control.

“Take off your skirt,” Lucy ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kimberly agreed, standing up and sliding out of the skirt.

“A garter-belt and stockings, delicious,” Lucy purred. “But good pets don’t wear underwear.”

“Even sexy underwear like this?” Kimberly said, turning around to showcase her ass in the thin thong.

“Well that is tough to argue,” Lucy laughed, before instructing, “Remove it anyway.”

“Of course, Mistress,” Kimberly agreed, slowly sliding out of the tiny piece of underwear.

“Do you like my heels?” Lucy asked.

“They are very nice,” Kimberly said.

“Six inches,” Lucy said. “They almost killed me the first time your daughter made me wear them.”

“Understandable,” Kimberly said, unable to fathom wearing such heels herself.

“But they do have another under-utilized purpose,” Lucy smiled.

“What would that be?” Kimberly asked curious.

“They make a good makeshift fuck-toy,” Lucy revealed.

“Oh my,” Kimberly said surprised by her friends words.

“Fuck yourself with my heel, my pet,” Lucy instructed.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kimberly agreed, her cunt soaked from just sucking on Lucy’s toes. She bent down, grabbed the heel and paused, unsure where to sit to do this.

“Fuck yourself standing up, Kimberly. Good little sluts can come anywhere, anytime and in any position,” Lucy explained.

“O-o-okay,” Kimberly said, thinking how awkward this would be. She moved the lengthy thin heel to her pussy and began to rub it between her pussy lips. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned, as the heel parted her pussy lips.

“Don’t tease that cunt of yours, fuck it Kimberly. Fuck it like you allowed your son to fuck your pussy,” Lucy said, purposely pushing her friend.

Kimberly blushed at her naughty, incestuous submission and the reality her best friend knew of her twisted obedience. She slid the end of the heel inside her burning box as she asked, “Don’t you think it was wrong what I did with Cinthia and Ben?””Oh God yes. It was sinful, naughty, immoral and fucking hot,” Lucy said. “Knowing behind your serious facade of respectability is a dirty incest slut is the hottest fucking thing ever.”

“You know just the right words to say,” Kimberly joked, even though the truth was Lucy’s words only enhanced her pleasure. She loved being called names, being seen for who she really was.

“You loved your son’s cock pounding your ass, didn’t you?” Lucy questioned as she came and took the shoe and began fucking Kimberly’s cunt faster with it.

“Please, don’t,” the embarrassed mother began.

“Don’t what?” Lucy asked, stopping fucking her friend’s cunt.

“Please don’t stop fucking my slut cunt,” Kimberly said, frustrated Lucy had stopped.

“Then tell me the truth. Did you like Ben pounding that tight ass of yours?” Lucy asked.

“Yes, dammit, I fucking loved it,” Kimberly admitted.

“Loved what?” Lucy questioned, wanting to hear Kimberly talk nasty.

“I fucking loved my son sodomizing my ass in church while I ate my daughter’s cunt like the incest mommy slut I am,” Kimberly answered, her own self-degradation sending chills of pleasure through her.

“That is hot,” Lucy purred, continuing to fuck Kimberly with the heel of the shoe.

“So is fucking my cunt with your heel,” Kimberly pointed out.

“Touché,” Lucy laughed, as she began to really pump the heel in and out of her friend.

“Oh God, Lucy,” Kimberly moaned. “I’m going to come pretty soon.”

“Come on my heel, my slut,” Lucy purred, kissing her friend’s neck.

“Oh yes, yes,” Kimberly responded, her orgasm close.

“Come now you dirty Mommy-slut,” Lucy demanded, biting on her friend’s ear.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck,” Kimberly screamed as her legs gave out and her orgasm hit her, accidentally allowing the heel of the shoe to go deeper in her.

Lucy held her friend up by the heel in Kimberly’s cunt as the orgasm riddled through her.

Eventually, Lucy pulled out the heel and put it on Kimberly’s lips. Kimberly opened her mouth and sucked her own pussy juice off the makeshift fuck toy.

Lucy said, moving back to the couch, “Now let’s see if your tongue is as amazing as Mistress says it is.”

Kimberly watched her best friend slide out of her skirt, revealing a shaved pussy and not surprisingly, thigh highs. Her mouth watered at the task she was about to commit no longer remotely caring about dignity or her role as a minister’s wife.

Lucy sat back down, parted her legs and offered, “Come and get it, my pet.”

Kimberly didn’t hesitate as she moved to her best friend, fell to her knees and buried her face in the shaved cunt. She began licking tentatively, wanting to explore and savor her friend’s pussy. Already wet, the taste was instantly addicting and Kimberly wanted to have it all.

Lucy watched, amused at her best friend, the most proper woman she knew, licking her cunt.

The next few minutes Kimberly continued to slowly lick and probe Lucy’s pussy while Lucy just closed her eyes and enjoyed having her cunt licked.

Lucy’s orgasm was building when she was startled by a voice.

“Well, Merry Christmas to me,” Ben said, as he walked in on his mother and his stroke fantasy Lucy having sex.

Lucy stammered, pushing Kimberly’s tongue away, “It’s n-n-not what it looks like.”

“It looks like my mother is eating your cunt,” Ben said smiling.

Kimberly, oddly not embarrassed at being caught, this wasn’t as bad as being caught in church with her daughter, said, “Are you going to join us?”

“Great idea,” Ben smiled, beginning to pull down his pants.

Lucy protested, “I can’t cheat on Donald.”

“You already have,” Kimberly pointed out.

“It’s not cheating if it is same sex,” Lucy illogically rationalized.

“That is absurd,” Kimberly said, as Ben walked to the two hot MILF’s.

Ben laughed too, as he moved his stiff cock in front of Lucy and said, “Is oral sex cheating then?”

As Lucy opened her mouth to answer, Ben slid his cock in-between her lips.

Lucy’s brief moral resistance ended, as she began bobbing back and forth on the big stiff cock in her mouth…a cock much bigger than her husband’s.

Kimberly resumed licking her friend’s wet cunt.

Ben said, “That’s it Lucy, I have fantasized about this for years.”

Lucy took Ben’s cock out if her mouth and asked coyly, “What did you fantasize about?”

“Making you my little slut,” Ben admitted.

Lucy looked up at Ben and asked, “What does that include?”

“Get on all fours on the couch,” Ben ordered.

Lucy quickly obeyed, her cunt burning from Kimberly’s tongue and the anticipation of a big cock in her.

“Good girl,” Ben ordered, as he moved behind her.

Kimberly moved to the couch to watch her son fuck her best friend.

Ben rubbed his cock up and down Lucy’s pussy lips as he asked, “Ready, Lucy?”

“God, yes,” Lucy moaned, as she was dying to have that big cock fill her cunt.

Ben moved his cock up a couple of inches and began sliding his cock in Lucy’s ass.

“Oh myyyyyy God,” Lucy screamed, surprised by the cock sliding in her ass.

“I just love fucking women in the ass,” Ben grunted, as his cock disappeared between Lucy’s ass cheeks.

“I have neeever had anything so big in my assssssss,” Lucy whimpered, through clenched teeth.

“Lick her cunt, Mother,” Ben ordered.

“Of course, Master,” Kimberly smiled, returning to the floor, crawling awkwardly between both Lucy’s and Ben’s legs and resumed licking Lucy’s very wet cunt.

The tongue on Lucy’s cunt slowly dissipated the burn in her ass as Ben continued to slowly fill it.

Ben groaned, “Almost all in, Lucy.”

“Okkkkkkkay,” Lucy replied, still clenching her teeth.

“Ready to really get ass fucked, Lucy,” Ben asked, once all his cock was in the MILF’s ass.

“Oh God, be gentle,” Lucy pleaded, worried he would rip her ass apart.

“I’ll go slowly until you are begging for me to pound your ass,” Ben promised.

“Okay,” Lucy agreed, completely at the mercy of Ben and his big cock.

Ben had taken a few girls’ anal cherry and knew the key was to go very slowly at first. To get the girl’s ass used to his big cock and eventually she would be begging to be fucked hard…just like his mother had.

Ben slowly moved his cock in and out of Lucy’s ass while Kimberly continued to slowly lick her pussy.

Lucy was slowly getting used to a cock in her ass, the burn was still there but it was simmering as a strange feeling of pleasure began to build.

A couple more minutes of slow ass fucking and Lucy wanted more. She wanted to be fucked…to be used. She begged, “Oh God Ben, fuck my ass, fuck it like you did Kimberly.”

Ben obliged with a confident smile as he shifted from slow to medium strokes knowing the MILF would be begging soon for harder deeper thrusts.

Lucy couldn’t believe the quivering pleasure that was coursing through her from the cock in her ass and the tongue on her cunt. She could feel her orgasm building and after a couple more minutes of getting ass fucked she begged, “Fuck the shit out of me, Ben, slam that big hard cock in my ass, baby.”

Ben thrust deep and Lucy screamed, “Fucccking, yes.”

Ben slammed into Lucy, his whole body crashing into hers.

“Yes, yes,” Lucy moaned, loving the complete submission at the hands of this sexy stud.

Kimberly sucked Lucy’s clit between her lips, sensing Lucy was close.

“I’m going to come,” Lucy declared.

“Come my little MILF slut,” Ben ordered, continuing to ream her tight ass.

“Oh yes, yes, oh, oh, oh, fuuuuck,” Lucy screamed as she came, flodding Kimberly’s face with her cum.

Ben grunted, a moment later, “I’m going to come in your ass my little ass slut.”

“Oh yes, fill my ass with your seed,” Lucy whimpered, as her orgasm continued to riddle through her.

“Aaaaah,” Ben grunted, as he shot rope after rope of his cum in the MILF’s perfect ass.

Kimberly kept licking and retrieving all her friend’s cum until Ben pulled out and ordered, “Suck my cum from Lucy’s ass, Mom.”

Kimberly didn’t hesitate as she moved behind Lucy’s ass and began to awkwardly retrieve her son’s cum.

Lucy moaned, “You really are one sick little slut.”

“Takes one to know one,” Kimberly quipped back.

A couple minutes later, Lucy turned around and sat down and asked, “So Ben, do you have one more load in you?”

“Of course,” Ben shrugged, his cock still semi-erect.

“I really want to see you fuck your mom,” Lucy said.

“I think that can be arranged,” Ben smiled, snapping his fingers and pointing to his cock.

Kimberly quickly moved to her son and took his cock between her lips, preparing it for herself.

“Fuck that is hot,” Lucy said, watching the incest act.

“Wait till you see this,” Ben smugly said, moving to a chair and sitting down. “Come ride me, Mommy.”

Kimberly glanced at Lucy who was smiling before moving to Ben, straddling his cock, and slowly lowering herself on it.

“That’s it Mommy,” Ben groaned, as she engulfed his cock in her hot cunt. “Ride me, Mommy.”

Kimberly eagerly obeyed, bouncing up and down on her son’s cock, all the while looking at Lucy. “Fuck, your cock feels so good in Mommy’s cunt.”

“Take it all in, Mommy,” Ben ordered, bucking his cock up to meet her downward thrusts.

“Fuuuuuuck, Ben,” Kimberly screamed, as his cock went deeper than humanly possible inside her.

“Take it all, Mommy,” Ben grunted.

“Do I have a choiiiiice?” Kimberly quipped as she continued riding her son’s cock.

Lucy was rubbing her clit while watching the hot incest act, her pussy on fire.

“Does Lucy want to see something even kinkier?” Ben asked.

“Kinkier than your mother riding your cock?” Lucy asked.

“Yes,” Ben smiled.

“I can’t fathom what would be kinkier, but fuck yeah,” Lucy replied curiously.

Ben ordered, “Mom, put your feet on my legs.”

“Okay,” Kimberly agreed.

Kimberly awkwardly got in that position, while Ben held her by the hips.

“Now lower that ass of yours on my cock, Mommy,” Ben instructed.

“Oh God,” Kimberly and Lucy both said simultaneously.

Kimberly obeyed, staring at Lucy the whole time, as she slowly, awkwardly, lowered her ass onto Ben’s cock.

“That’s it,” Ben grunted.

Kimberly continued to slowly lower her ass on her son’s cock as he held her hips firmly. In this position, her ass easily took his cock and it felt surreal. Once she had most of his cock in her ass, she began to ride his cock.

Lucy watched in awe before deciding to join the incest twosome, turning it into a threesome. She moved between both of them and took Ben’s balls in her mouth.

Ben groaned, “The only thing better than one MILF slut is two.”

Lucy sucked one of his balls into her mouth, while Kimberly continued riding her son’s cock.

Ben sat back, held onto his mom and enjoyed the pleasure both sexy sluts were giving him…in no hurry to come.

Lucy continued to pleasure Ben’s balls and Kimberly, finally comfortable, began really riding her son’s cock in her ass.

Kimberly moaned, “Oh God Ben, I love your cock sooo much.”

Ben grunted, “Come from getting your ass fucked, Mommy-slut.”

“Oh God, Ben, call me names,” Kimberly asked, knowing she was close.

“Come now, ass slut, Mommy whore, cunt licking dyke, come now, or I’ll finish off in your whore friend here,” Ben threatened.

“Oh yes, Ben, I’m your sluuuuuuut,” Kimberly screamed, as her orgasm cascaded through her.

Lucy moved to her friend’s cunt and began savoring her cum.

Kimberly collapsed on her son’s cock and just allowed her orgasm to flood out of her, Lucy’s tongue only enhancing her pleasure.

Eventually, Ben lifted his mother off of him, carried her to the couch, turned around and slid his cock in Lucy’s mouth. Close to coming, he fucked the MILF’s face roughly.

Lucy concentrated on not gagging, not used to having such a big cock in her mouth, or having her face fucked. Yet, it turned her on immensely as she continued to rub herself.

Ben grunted a couple of minutes later and exploded his load down Lucy’s throat.

Lucy eagerly swallowed all Ben’s seed while Kimberly watched from the couch.

Ben pulled out, bent down and kissed Lucy. Breaking the kiss, Ben went and kissed his mother. “Good night, ladies.”

As soon as Ben was gone, Lucy sat back on the couch and said, “Watching you two fuck was the hottest thing ever, now come finish what you started earlier.”

Kimberly returned to her knees, between Lucy’s legs and began licking.

“I can’t wait till Monday, Kimberly,” Lucy said.

Kimberly looked up and asked, “What do you mean?”

“The special housewives club where you are going to be initiated into our special group,” Lucy smiled, grabbing Kimberly by the hair and pulling her deep into her cunt.

Kimberly licked and licked as she pondered what would happen Monday. Her cunt tingled at the possibilities, even as she knew each of these decisions was pulling her deeper and deeper into submission. Yet, she knew she would be there Monday, ready to obey whatever orders she was given.

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