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Mom fucks the hired hand, then dad, then son

I grew up on a small farm in Tennessee where we grew tobacco. As I got older, I had to help my mom and dad with the chores. I quit school to help out and thats when things started getting good. My name is Billy and my dads name is Bill and hes in his fifties, same as my mom. Moms name is Ann and she’s very sexy for a farm girl with a medium build and big boobs. She has long brown hair with streaks of gray and wears glasses and always wears skirts or loose summer dresses. I’ve spied on my mom a lot since I hit puberty and I know she looks damn good naked. She’s very hairy with a big brown and gray bush on her pussy that goes all the way up her belly to her navel and is just as wide as it disappears between her legs. While spying on mom, I’ve also seen my dad naked so I know where my big cock and balls came from. He’s about 6′ tall and weighs about 270 lbs. with a big belly hanging over his big cock like a porch.

The first time I saw my dads big cock in action was one day when I’d skipped school and hid out in the barn. Mom dad and a black man named leon that worked for us were hoeing weeds, irragating and picking worms off the tobacco leaves as I watched from the barn loft. They were all talking and laughing as they worked. Mom was talking to Leon and I watched as my dad snuck up behind him and jerked his pants down around his ankles. Mom looked shocked as she stared at Leon”s huge, naked, black cock. It turns out, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock had to be at least 10 or 11 inches long and very fat with equally big balls that hung down and reminded you of a bull’s big cock and balls. Leon started to reach down and pull his pants up but my dad said something to him and he stopped. Dad said something to my mom and she walked over to them and after talking with my dad, she reach out and put her tiny hand around Leons big cock. Mom looked like she was in a trance as she stroked and stared at it. Dad said something to mom and she knelt down in front of Leon and reluctantly started licking his cock. Leon put his hands on moms head and helped her start sucking him.

Meanwhile my dad had lifted moms dress and was rubbing her naked hairy pussy. Seems nobody was wearing underwear. By now, I had my 10 inch fat cock out and was stroking along with moms mouth as she was taking more and more of Leons big cock in her mouth. Dad said something to both of them and mom abruptly stood up while Leon stepped out of his pants and they all started toward the barn. I panicked for the moment until I heard them talking in the tac room below. I made my way over to see if I could find a peekhole and sure enough the floorboards were spaced very wide apart. I quietly layed down on my belly and watched as they all silently undressed. When they were all naked, my dad told my mom “go ahead and get you a mouthfull of his big black cock cause I’m gonna fuck you like the nasty slut you are”. Mom dropped to her knees and Leon took hold of her hair and pulled her hot mouth onto his big cock.

As my mom worsipped Leons big black cock, my dad buried his 10 inch cock in my moms wet pussy from behind and began to pound her hard. My mom was moaning loudly and taking most of Leons big cock down her throat as my dad pumped his whole cock in and out of her hot hairy pussy. All of a sudden my mom pulled her mouth off of Leons swollen, drooling cock and let out a loud painful moan as she pushed back on my dads big cock and began to jerk as her orgasm took her. As my moms body jerked on my dads big cock, her eyes rolled back in her head and she just went limp. Dad had mom by the hair and was jamming his huge cock to her when Leon straddle her and stuck is big cock in my dads face and to my surprise, my dad started greedily sucking it as he moaned and began filling my moms pussy with his hot cum. I could see my dads ass and balls flex every time his big cock delivered a hot load into moms well used pussy. When dad was done, he pulled his red, wet, swollen cock out of my mom and stood up. He told Leon “if you want to fuck her with that big black cock of yours, your gonna have to suck my cock. Leon was already lined up to fuck mom when dad said that and stroked his cock in Leons face. You could see the lust on Leons face as he took half of my dads big sloppy cock in his mouth and slid all 11 fat inches of his big black cock up my moms sloppy old pussy.

When he hit bottom, my mom moaned like she was in pain and began to wake up. She was saying over and over “its to big please pull it out, oh my God its to big, your going to split me in half, please pull it out” but Leon needed to cum and my dad wanted to see my mom hurt for her sluttyness so mom had to take Leons brutal assault. Leon was burying his big cock every time now and my mom was moaning but pushing back and as he started fucking her even faster, she knew he was about to cum. Reality set in and my mom started struggling and telling Leon “you can’t cum in me Leon, I might get pregnant, please don’t cum in me stop please Leon”. With that Leon looked hurt but he began to slow his pace and then his big cock pulled out and dropped. I felt sorry for him, it was covered in my mom and dads cum and it looked swollen and angry and beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. My dad told Leon he was sorry and that he could take the rest of the day off. Dad had to help mom up to the house because her legs wouldn’t work. When Leon was sure they were gone he looked up at where I was laying and said “get down here boy, I know your up there”.

I stayed quiet for a minute and then Leon sounded angry and said “you better get your ass down here now, the longer I wait, the more you’ll pay for it”. I got up and went down stairs and Leon was still naked and all my parents cum was still clinging to his big black cock and balls. He said “do you like watchin your mom fuckin”. When I didn’t say anything he said “I guess you do, you still got a hardon” and even though I knew it, I still looked down. Then he said “as you can see, I’ve still got one too”. Then he said “since your mommy and daddy don’t know you were spying on them and I do, well I guess that means you owe me. He said “have you ever sucked a mans cock before” and I said no. Leon told me to get naked because “one way or another, your gonna take the load I was gonna pump in your moms big pussy”. He pointed to the floor in front of him and said “get down here and put your hands behind your back”.

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