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Mom is blackmailed into submitting to her dominant daughter

In Part One, A POWER SHIFT: 39-year-old mother Michelle decides to try on her daughter Allie’s slutty cheerleading outfit. Once she has it on, she begins fucking herself with her daughter’s vibrator on her daughter’s bed. Caught by her domineering daughter and her friend Kim, she is forced to eat her daughter’s pussy and also Kim’s before being told she is now her daughter’s pet.

In this part: the training begins.

Cheerleader’s Mom: Creating a Slut

At supper that night, Michelle couldn’t make eye contact with Allie at the table.

When Michelle’s husband, Jeremy, asked how her day was, she could feel her cheeks burn.

The mother stammered, feeling Allie’s eyes bore into her, “I-I-It was fine.”

Allie asked, “Nothing out of the ordinary?”

“No,” the mom replied, looking up at her and trying to show that she wasn’t intimidated by her, even as she prayed she wasn’t going to out her.

“You really need to get yourself a hobby, Mom,” Allie said.

Jeremy asked, “Is there something you would like to do, honey?”

Allie answered, “Yeah, do you have any curiosities?”

Michelle noticed her daughter stress the word ‘curiosities’. She replied, “Actually, I have become the head of this year’s fundraising for prom.”

“Really? That’s great,” Jeremy said.

“Yeah, we can spend some quality time together,” Allie chirped in.

“I look forward to it,” Michelle responded, and then realized that Allie would likely take her answer to mean something it didn’t.

“Me too,” Allie nodded, her tone dripping with implication for her mother, that her oblivious dad didn’t catch.

An hour later, while Jeremy was watching the ball game on television, Allie walked over to her mother and squeezed her ass as she finished up the dishes.

“Please, don’t,” Michelle whispered.

“Tomorrow we begin your new hobby,” Allie whispered, her finger slyly rubbing her mom’s pussy over her panties.

“This has to stop,” Michelle involuntarily moaned.

“Oh, my pet Mommy,” Allie purred, as she tapped her finger on her mom’s clit, “we are just getting started.”

“Allie,” the Mom whispered, but couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Now go upstairs, get undressed and bring yourself off while you envision all I plan to do to you,” Allie ordered, as she slid her finger under the panties and directly inside her mom.

“Oh, God, Allie, stop,” Michelle moaned, overwhelmed, as her daughter fingered her while her husband was in the other room and yet not able to stop her daughter’s violation.

After just a few fast finger pumps, Allie added, as she pulled out, “And from now on, no fucking panties.”

Michelle was paralyzed, wet and dishevelled.

“Now go, and if you disobey I show Daddy the video of you munching Kim’s cunt,” Allie ordered, slapping her mother’s ass and enjoying the power she had over her usually nagging mother. She added, “Of course, leave the thigh highs on.”

Michelle walked away, feeling her daughter’s eyes following her, her legs almost giving away underneath her as she scurried to her room.

Horny, confused, and scared to disobey, the mother got undressed, lay on her bed and began pleasuring herself, stunned at how wet she already was. As she closed her eyes, this afternoon flashed back in waves, both visually in her head and literally in her body.

It took seconds for her orgasm to begin to build; less than two minutes before the pleasure was at full intensity and about to erupt.

The increasing pleasure eventually hit eruption and she let out a loud moan as she pictured perfectly Kim’s pussy and the exotic taste and scent that went with it.

Once her orgasm finished its lengthy journey through her, she got dressed again and went to watch television with her husband… guilt again hitting her.

This had to stop!!!


The next morning, Michelle was in her robe, making breakfast for her husband and daughter like she always did when Allie walked up to her and whispered, “That is a second punishment.”

“For what?” the Mom asked, although she should have taken on the mother role and took back control of her household.

“For not wearing thigh highs,” the daughter answered, before asking, “are you wearing panties?”

“Yes,” the Mom asked.

“That is three,” Allie added, shaking her head at the reality her mother was a slow learner.

“Allie, enough,” Michelle said, finally standing up for herself, just as her husband walked in.

“Later, Mommy pet,” Allie whispered and walked away, already deciding she was taking the first class off from school tomorrow to begin her mother’s training.

Michelle was rattled again, but tried to remain calm and normal through breakfast. Once Jeremy left, she went upstairs to her room to shower. She saw on her bed another pair of high thighs and a note.

Put these on, now.

Michelle picked them up and noticed they were slightly different than the pair yesterday, with a pattern on the back. She was about to go shower first, before considering obeying or disobeying her daughter’s order when her daughter’s voice startled her.

“Why are they not on yet?” Allie asked, angrily.

Michelle turned around and gasped. Her daughter was dressed as a complete skank and, worse yet, had something in her hand. “What are you wearing?” she asked, even as he eyes lowered to get a good look at her daughter’s shaved pussy.

“I ask the questions here,” Allie clarified, whip in hand. “Now, get the thigh highs on!”

“Allie, we need to talk,” the mom tried to rationalize.

“Mother,” Allie sighed heavily, walking to her mother, knowing this was a critical moment in the domme-submissive relationship, “This is black and white. I own you. I am your mistress, and you’re my pet, my submissive, my slut, my slave.”

Michelle trembled in fear and frustration, her pussy getting inexplicably wet. “Allie, you are my daughter.”

“And you’re my mother,” Allie shrugged, before adding sarcastically, “thanks for clearing up those family terms.”

“This is incest,” the Mom pointed out.

“They say ‘incest is best’ or ‘keep it in the family’ or ‘the family that plays together, stays together,” Allie listed.

“Allie, this stops now! I’m your mother and I make the decisions in this household,” the mother strongly responded, knowing she had to make the statement now.

Allie scoffed. “Mom, you really are not too bright.”

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that,” Michelle snapped, anger instantly bubbling at the condescending attitude of her daughter. Like most mothers and daughters, they often had such confrontations, but none that had been about something as taboo as this. Michelle understood this was a power struggle and although she had a moment of weakness yesterday, another one last night and yet another brief one this morning, she was done.

“I’ll talk to you however I want to, Mother,” Allie snapped back, walking to her, whip in hand.

“I’m serious,” Michelle continued, even though she didn’t feel as strong as she tried to be.

“And so am I, Mother,” Allie responded, now directly in front of her mother, “so I guess we will see who is more serious.”

Michelle said, trying for a rational approach, “Look Allie. This is wrong and it can’t continue.”

Allie again scoffed, her finger moving between her mother’s tits, “As I said before Mother, this is just getting started. I have so many plans for you… so, so, many.

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